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since there are quite a few underappreciated fics in this fandom, i thought it would be cool to rec some! some of these may be the same to another rec list i made awhile go, but this one should be easier to find than that one. (List is long so click the see more for it)

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Okay, but what if Bianca had lived?

I don’t know, I just have all these feelings and I wanted to write it so here’s a Bianca Lives AU

  • Bianca goes into the giant Talos robot but just before it crashes she feels something pulling her, then she’s falling…
  • there’s a rush of darkness and her stomach flips before she lands on her knees in a dimly lit room
  • she looks around, confused but strangely unafraid- there’s an odd sense of familiarity- a subtle feeling of being at home
  • looking around she finds herself in a room with a throne made of bones, and who’s sitting in the throne but her father Hades himself? He stands, telling her not to be afraid. He tells her who he is and where she is.
  • For a moment Bianca is terrified, because it’s Hades, and she’s in the Underworld and she doesn’t want to die or leave Nico, she doesn’t want to be dead (not to mention it’s headcanoned that  like Thalia, Hazel, Leo, and eventually Percy and Nico, she was afraid of her element- death- which would give her another motivation to joining the Hunters and extra fear now as she’s before Hades)
  • But as Hades explains that she’s not dead and that he has shadowed travelled her to the Underworld to protect her, just as Zeus turned Thalia into a tree as she was dying. He claims her as his child, and tells her that she’s going to stay in the Underworld for a while in order to protect her from Zeus, and he doesn’t care what his little brother says about it because-
  • “If he gets his daughter back because he intervened then there is no way in Tartarus I am letting you die right now. Not after he tried to kill you already once.” (also because it’s canon Hades was a bit of a jerk and liked Bianca better- if Zeus and Poseidon broke the oath and still get their kids, there is no way Hades is just going to sit by and let his children, both of whom were born outside of the oath, die so easily- not to mention the prophecy never used the words ‘dead, death, or die’ only “One will be lost in the land without rain” and she is lost… the others have no idea where she is)

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hey! just thought u should know I saw somewhere that pi/nkl/ilies has a ddlg kink? since u don't like that n reblogged a post of theirs thought u should kno

i have seen several posts claiming that she is supposedly into ddlg…and I’ve also seen several posts, coming from pinklilies herself, arguing that she isn’t into ddlg and doesn’t understand where those rumors are even coming from…so………idk…

Too much to listen to just for a few band-aids.

(As for my thoughts on who’s right, it depends. You’ll note that all Izzy said was that the bullies were making fun of her ears, and that there was a fight–she never mentions who threw the first punch. If the bullies attacked first, as Inuyasha presumes due to his own past, then he’s right and she was fully within her rights to fight back and kick their butts. But if Izzy attacked first (provoked or no), as Kagome presumes due to Izzy’s hotheaded and highly reactive personality (this wouldn’t be the first time), then she’s right and Izzy should have been the bigger person and just walked away.)

(Wooh, haven’t done one of these in a while, so sorry. But here you go, hope you enjoy!)

DA:I Companions Reactions to meeting the Inquisitor’s Ex.

Cassandra: She is a little shocked at first, wondering why exactly the ex is coming around right now. Cassandra makes sure to drag the Inquisitor aside in private to ask if they are OK with the ex being there, or if she should make plans to have them leave. She cant help but wonder if the ex is only there to try and take advantage of the Inquisitor, and she is very protective. If romanced: She actually puffs up and gets a little heated, but she walks off and takes out her frustration on her practice dummies. She refuses to let the Inquisitor see her jealous in any way, and she is definitely not used to these kinds of feelings, so she tries to bottle them up. It helps a lot when the Inquisitor comes up behind her, pulling the sword from her hand and wrapping their arms around her, whispering in her ear just how much they love Cassandra and how their ex is very much not a part of their life anymore.

Varric: He cannot help but laugh, and jokingly talks about how he is going to have to take the ex aside and get all the juicy details of their relationship. It would make for an excellent addition to one of his books! But, seeing how uncomfortable it makes the Inquisitor, he meets up with them in the tavern by themselves and asks them how they are doing. He nudges them with his elbow and asks if they would like him to write a not so flattering commentary on the ex; just say the word and it’ll be done! This earns him a laugh and a half armed hug from the Inquisitor.

Solas: It doesn’t really interest him too much, but he does try and make polite conversation with the newcomer. He later asks the Inquisitor politely about their relationship, and if they need anyone to talk to. He is not a stranger to the ways of passion, he says, and he knows the stresses of when things go sour. If Romanced: He is apparently very good at the passive aggressive game, and he makes sure to appear whenever the Inquisitor has to be around the ex. He doesn’t actively show his affections, but he tends to stand closer to the Inquisitor, brushing his hand against theirs or brushing their hair back away from their face, enough so the ex gets the point.

Sera: She laughs and cackles, and demands to know how Quizzy is in bed from the ex, which causes blushing and awkward shuffling all the way around. When she notices this, she very bluntly asks if they had a rough breaking up, and offers to slap the ex for the Inquisitor if they want (much to the surprise and angst of the ex, who is standing right there for this!). If Romanced: She very actively pranks the ex; spiders in their clothes, snakes in bedrolls, pies dropping on them from high places. Needless to say, the ex does not stay around for very long, and it gains Sera some much appreciated affection from the Inquisitor.

Vivienne: She is very polite and communicative with the ex, asking them all kinds of questions about themselves and their past. She then invites the Inquisitor up to her parlor and sits them down to talk all about the gossip that was their relationship. If it ended badly, she offers to spread distasteful rumors of the ex through the royalty. It’s the least she can do for the darling Inquisitor, after all.

Iron Bull: Being ex Ben Hassrath, he immediately picks up on the tension between the Inquisitor and their ex, and he makes sure to hang around (within interrupting distance) to let them know he is there to support them. He also has his chargers keep on eye on the ex, just in case the ex turns into a problem. If Romanced: He hangs around his Kadan for moral support, but he goes off of their cues, not wanting to interrupt unless he is needed. If he notices things are getting too heated between his Kadan and their ex, he simply walks over, picks them up, and takes them away, up to their room for a more…enjoyable use of their time. He does not feel at all threatened by the ex, and his only concern is making sure the Inquisitor is ok.

Blackwall: He tries to be jovial and friendly, inviting the ex for a drink at the tavern, not fully picking up on the tension between them and the Inquisitor. His ulterior motives, however, are to get a feel of the ex. If you want to get to know someone, get a few drinks into them first. If Romanced: He does the same; takes them to the tavern to get a few drinks into them, then takes them for a nightly stroll where he very firmly and sternly tells the ex that if he has any ideas about the Inquisitor…any at all…and he better damn well leave right then and there, because Blackwall won’t put up with any kind of bull shit that upsets his Inquisitor. Then he pats the ex on the shoulder, and never speaks of it again, except for the occasional dagger glare behind the Inquisitor’s back.

Dorian: He is very good at backhanded compliments, and the ex is left with never knowing really what exactly was said. Dorian goes off of the Inquisitor’s cues, and he makes all sorts of comments about how the Inquisitor has caught the eyes of this fancy person or that fancy person, or how well off the Inquisitor is doing nowadays. He is the best wing man any Inquisitor could ask for, making the ex feel as small as possible. If Romanced: His snarkiness is increased ten fold, and he actually ends up being somewhat cranky and irritable while the ex visits. Until the Inquisitor wraps their arms around him, swaying gently and laughing at his jealousy (which Dorian is adamant he is NOT jealous), until they are a cute, laughing heap in Dorian’s chair.

Cole: Tight, red burning embarrassment. Anger and hurt, not wanting to be here, why are they here, just want to disappear. Cole can feel the tension from the Inquisitor, and he tries to help as best he can by steering the ex away from the Inquisitor as often as possible. He really wanted to help the Inquisitor and Ex forget, but he knew it wouldn’t help in the long run, so he does what he can from the shadows, being there for silent moral support when the Inquisitor has to deal with the ex.


Leliana: She already has collected a frightening amount of information on this ex, and she has no problem using it against them. She meets up with the Inquisitor and walks through the past of the ex since the two had broken up, and the two sit talking and gossiping away, which is not normal for them but actually kind of nice. Leliana makes sure that the Inquisitor knows if they want or need anything to happen to the ex, all they have to do is give the word.

Josephine: Being the nice, diplomatic person she is, she tries her hardest to make the ex feel welcome. She gives them a tour and makes sure they have good food and good quarters to stay in. If Romanced: She is almost sickeningly sweet and nice, but it can’t help but be noticed that she puts the ex as far away from the Inquisitor’s quarters as possible. When she gets the Inquisitor alone, she asks them about their ex and their past (even though she could have that information from Josephine, but she wants to here it from the Inquisitor.) They spend a lovely evening going over each other’s pasts and dreaming about the future.

Cullen: He shakes hands with the ex, and offers to show them around, show them the training grounds and everything. He isn’t too experienced in the field of love, but he does embarrassingly ask the Inquisitor if they need anything, they can always come to him. If Romanced: When shaking the ex’s hand, you can tell it is somewhat more forceful than it needed to be. He somewhat forcefully invites the ex to a sparring session, so they can see just how well the Inquisitor has been commanding the forces. The ex, seeing the hard gleam in his eyes, respectfully declines, but it gains Cullen a lovely evening with his Inquisitor as they imagined him fighting in their honor.

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Wait, so the autistic chick is suddenly following you now? Did she sob for your forgiveness?? How pathetic lmao. You should have just left her to kill herself.

Tell me you arrogant piece of shit, how would you know if they followed me or not? You cannot check anyone’s followers list, so I’m guessing you have talked to them and you know them, or you’re one of us and now you’re just wearing those stupid ass black glasses because you’re too afraid to come out and say it right to my face like a pussy bitch. Sorry to disappoint but I’m not stupid, even if I seem so for my age.

You don’t know who follows me, and I’m not gonna tell you who is following me either.

I will not, will never, let anyone kill themselves. Even if you call me names and I get pissed off because of it doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore suicide. Because, you see, I’m a decent human being that believes in second chances and saving a soul that is better than you are and far more of importance.

Oh, and I also don’t hide behind anon to tell anyone what I think like a pathetic fuck. :))))

You heartless cold bitch can sit on a cactus and suck my giant fucking dick. Good talk.

Britney Spears brought her Vegas show to London and London pretty much couldn’t cope.

How has it even been five years since she last performed here?
Well whatever, Brit took to the stage as part of the Apple Music Festival and proved she really should never have left.

There were at least six costume changes within the hour and a half slot, sequins, half naked men, fireworks, the lot as she basically brought her Vegas show to our humble little Camden Roundhouse stage. Hit Me Baby One More Time, Crazy, Womanizer, and Toxic all featured, as did tracks from her new album, and it was In.Sane.

‘Let’s break the motherf**king ice!’ she announced, turning the air blue as she broke into her song Break The Ice. Later, she tried out her Brit accent: ‘Do you guys want to get naughty? Alright let’s get really naughty in here. I can’t believe how many naughty people there are!’ She even pulled out a full on circus for her track Circus, of course. It’s fair to say fans loved it.

Oh and she brought some guy called Dave on stage, trussed him up in dominatrix gear and made him walk across the stage like a dog as she held his lead. Because it’s Britney. Celeb fans turned out in force too – Rita Ora, Nick Grimshaw, Millie Mackintosh, Mollie King to name a few. Sam Smith was also spotted rocking out beside pal Poppy Delivingne, so we were in good company. It’s Britney, b*tch. Welcome back.

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Hello! In these 2x04 photos, is Oliver Kind giving Jane what seems to be his card or a piece of paper with his number? And Jane's smiling like she's flattered? (well, why not?) Am I reading too much in these pics? What will Weller do? Being a triple spy in constant danger and having a new love interest may be too much, but at this point and with all the recent family developments maybe she should just have some fun? I mean, I don't know... What are they doing??? I guess, we should wait. Thanks.

hey!  granted we don’t know exactly what’s going on, but just judging by the pictures and knowing that oliver is meant to be a “friend” to jane, it seems pretty obvious what’s going on…

hahaha look at jane’s smirky face like she was just paid a compliment and weller’s angry one.  that looks like some jealousy to me.  


somehow i doubt that oliver will be an actual love interest, he’s probably a bad guy somehow, but it’s amusing to see jane happy (or least pretending to be happy with a smile) for once.  no more frowns, especially caused by kurt.


Ruins of Camelot - Chapter 95

art by the amazing kamden

Ruins of Camelot: Alternate Season 5. Merlin is long dead, Camelot destroyed. Emma is the Dark One, without an easy answer. Rumplestiltskin becomes the Sorcerer, but magic alone cannot save her. An age-old war against darkness revives in Storybrooke, in which the fate of all the realms will be decided forever—and the final battle begins.  

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Chapter Ninety-Five—“Red Ruin”

She should have done more.  She should have told Regina and Robin to run, or something.  Emma had delivered the stupid chain, but Danns’ had dismissed her right away, leaving her to hate herself more and more by the moment.  Regina was her friend. She was Henry’s other mother, and she and Robin were both family.  Do not spare your family, Danns’ had ordered, and Emma hadn’t.  She’d wanted so badly to stop herself, but her worst nightmare had come true.  She’d hurt her family.

Don’t just stand here hating yourself, a voice that sounded a lot like her old self said. Do something.  But what? Emma had already screwed things up, had already hurt them.  She couldn’t go back and heal them; there was a better than even chance that Danns’ would summon her again, and what if that happened when she was trying to help them? She’s also likely to command you to kill them if you try, Emma thought gloomily.  Her stomach was rolling with self-disgust, and she wasn’t sure if she’d ever hated herself more than she did in that moment.  Just when Emma had thought she was getting a handle on things, just when she’d started to hope and the other Dark Ones had started to cooperate—

Oh.  Of course. That was what she could do.

Quickly, Emma yanked her phone out and dialed a number she’d called depressingly many times back in her days as sheriff.  After three rings, the recipient picked up.

“This had better be better than that snow globe you brained me with, dearie.”

Great.  I knew this was a bad idea. But Emma overrode her own grimace to answer. “Regina needs your help—she and Robin do.  They’re in her vault.  I…I hurt them.”

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Granted I understand that a lot of people hate Jo and don’t like her. Personally I don’t like her but she is not to blame for what Alex did nor is Deluca. This is all Alex’s fault, he could have listened to Deluca or he could have walked away instead he beat the shit out of Deluca. Yeah I know all the people that don’t like Jo can agree that she’s not a compelling character or is not well written but she is a domestic abuse victim, so have sympathy. Some of y'all saying she should die because she is not good enough for Alex and got him in trouble are really disgusting. I don’t blame her for Alex’s actions but I do blame her for being in a relationship with Alex knowing full well she couldn’t trust him with her past. She really did waste his time. These are the same people who said April should die when Samuel died because she is annoying . Or couldn’t have sympathy for her when she experienced tragedy. I find this appalling. Fine you don’t like a character but that should not stop you from sympathizing with them.


“Hey there! Here, take my hand. What happened? Have you fainted? I might call the ambulance,” the woman offered. She was even too caring.

“Thank you,” Kyle grabbed her hand and tried to get up from the ground. “The problem is that I don’t remember. Anything at all.”

“Maybe I should call your family?” she suggested. Kyle shook his head.

“I have no family,” he replied. “And no home. I don’t even know how this town is called. I know, sounds crazy, but yeah.”

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A cold, calm voice came from nearby. "Where's your little paladin friend, captain?" Skyspirit stood leaning against one of the pillars, one of her daggers in hand. She smirked slightly, looking towards Belysa.

Belysa turned, her hand finding its home on the hilt of her cutlass at her side. “Which one?” She questions, keeping her tone cool but narrowing her eyes. Bells knows who this newcomer is talking about. But if this is the person she thinks it is, Sky should really have a good reason for coming up to her while she’s armed.

She’s tense, of course. A potential enemy has come to her side. But she’s not at her best. The Old Gods are consuming her slowly. Hopefully, Sky doesn’t know Belysa enough to notice it. The blackening hair and the royal purple eyes might give it away, though.

I love how they omitted Illidan sniping at Maiev about how she was nothing without him but left in the “I should have slaughtered you and your malformed brethren long ago” because that was??? Okay?? Somehow?????

These Xe’ra quests are just… so fucking baffling.

The hand in text for that quest was insulting. You felt hatred in Keleria’s heart did you? I wonder why.

*looks pointedly at the ruins of Nendis*

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U need to understand, heartsy oc is based off who she is, the fact that ur going off the show for the oc is kinda bull u need to relise u are judging PEOPLE also, she should have gotten a thirty on alot of accounts, because ye..

no i am judging OC’S not the people who make them. and its an oc review blog for mlp it is stated in the description that i review oc’s based off of canon AND noncanon you just need to ask. and she shouldn’t have gotten 30 because i see indecisiveness in her making.

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My girlfriend broke up with me suddenly for seemingly no reason and blocked me on all social media without an explanation. After knowing her for over a year I know this is abnormal behavior for her. I'm so heart broken and I can't stop crying. What should I do?

I’m really sorry but I’m no good at relationship advise ; ;;; Honestly I’m no good at advise in general but ;;;;; If you have her number you can try text her? If she’s blocked you there too she might be having a hard time and maybe you should leave her be for a bit and try again later ; ;;;; This happened to one of my friends recently and in the end it was the other person who was having their own problems so you shouldn’t try blame yourself too much because its not your fault ;;