I can’t believe Wren was Beach Hottie and was the person in control from the beginning. I can’t believe that lil amish girl was Alison’s daughter that she had after running away That Night. I can’t believe Aria had multiple personalities and was the second Black Veil alongside Melissa who was the original BV. I can’t believe Bethany was Wren’s little sister who got killed That Night because Alison lured her out of Radley as part of a heinous prank.

I’m listening to Evermore from beauty and the beast (the Dan Stevens version) and I’m crying because it doesn’t even occur to him that she would come back.
It never occurred to him that she could care about him.
It never once occurs to this pure, silly man that the fact that he did what was in her best interest, and not his would mean something to her
She could have run away that night. But she saved him. And then he let her go and it didn’t occur to him that she would save him again.

My poor beast.


Do it for her. 

She loved running. 

She loved tuesday night practices at the track on Grand Ave.

She loved being the anchor in the boys relays.

She loved her first pair of racing spikes when she was 9.

She loved making people proud.

She loved feeling like she could be good at something.

Imagine quitting on that little girl you were.. with big dreams and expectations.

She wouldn’t give up.

Do it for her.

I think what pisses me off most about Weiss’s detractors is that they don’t recognize that she learned from her mistakes. Yes, she was racist, she was born into an incredibly racist family and taught very bigoted things from a young age (it’s even referenced in This Life Is Mine) but she grows out of it in less than a year.

Heck, even at her most racist the only things she actually did were say awful things about the Faunus. She had no control of SDC and was not responsible for her father’s disgusting business practices. (Again, that’s brought up in This Life Is Mine with the lyric “I was not born guilty of your crimes,”).

But in less than a year, she went from echoing her father’s words (literally comparing them to objects and calling them thieves and scoundrels - I’ll bet anything Jacques said these exact things in front of her as a little girl) to risking her life to save a Faunus and unlocking a new power in the process.

Hell Volume 4 takes it a step further because she actually stands up to her father and we get a front row seat to the kind of consequences that brings her - physical abuse, being stripped of her inheritance, and being made a prisoner in her own home. She runs away in secret, at night, knowing she may probably never be able to go back to that home ever again.

I thought the goal was to get racists to see the error of their ways and turn them into allies, not beat them up long after they corrected themselves because “It doesn’t matter, you still said X and you are forever branded as problematic.” Don’t get me started on Tumblr’s attitude towards people in real life, but Weiss detractors fail to see her obvious character development and the sacrifices she’s made to continually call her an “abuser” to Blake because of things she said and did back in Volume 1. Volume 1 Weiss was afraid to stand up to her abusive father and walked on eggshells in her own family, she mimicked what he said because it appeased him and kept him from slapping her around. Volume 4 Weiss rejected that fear long ago and decided to stick a huge middle finger to Jacques Schnee and everything he stood for to become her own person. Shame on anyone who fails to recognize any of that.

Yellow (Peggy x Fem!Reader)

Hello lovely people! My name is Angelina and this is my first imagine for Hamilton! I’ve been wanting to start a Hamilton blog for a long time but I’ve never worked up the courage. I have another writing blog for girl meets world, but since it ended I figured I should start this. I’m really nervous, but I hope you guys enjoy this! Please, please, PLEASE give me feedback. I would love to know your thoughts and any criticisms you may have. So, without any further ado, here is a cringe-worthy Peggy x Fem!Reader imagine :) (I know this sucks, but honestly I’m just trying to get a feel for writing for this new set of characters) 

(Y/E/C)= your eye color

Prompt List//Request Something//Masterlist

Prompts used: 

5) You’re cute when you’re jealous.

83) Are you drunk right now?

155) Do I look okay? I don’t normally wear things like this.

Warnings: alcohol/ getting drunk, cursing

Summary: Peggy slowly starts to realize that she loves Y/N, but will jealousy and one too many shots ruin her chances?


Originally posted by elo-art

Peggy’s POV

“Open up please! It’s freezing and your food is almost as cold as I am!” I hear her voice from the other side of the door to my New York apartment. I rush to open the heavy wood door and immediately drag her inside.

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Hi! I just wanted to quickly tell you how much I love all of your writing, you are seriously so talented! I have a prompt for you, I'm not sure if it's any good though so feel free to pass on it! Basically I have really bad social anxiety and sometimes I'll get panic attacks if I'm in a social situation with a ton of people so maybe you could write something where that happens to Alex or Maggie? Like they go to a work function together or something and one of them panics? Thank you!!

It hasn’t happened in a long time.

It hasn’t happened because she’s avoided situations where it can happen.

She hasn’t gone to social spaces that aren’t the bar – where it’s never super crowded, where it’s always people she’s comfortable with, where people are more than happy to leave her alone to do her own thing – and she hasn’t let her parents talk her into coming back for the huge family gatherings.

She’s been proud of herself for avoiding her triggers.

But she can’t avoid them forever, and certainly not now, because her captain tells her, with the order very clearly underlying his words, that her presence would be sorely missed if she neglected to go to yet another one of the precinct family outings.

Alex beams when she asks her to go with her, and Maggie can’t bring herself to tell her how terrified she is about the whole thing.

Hard-headed. Insensitive. Obsessed with work. Borderline sociopathic.

Yes, quite the opposite, yes, and no, just dealing with extreme social anxiety.

And she knows Alex, she trusts Alex, but Alex likes her because she’s tough, because she’s calm, and she doesn’t know how to tell her that on the inside, she feels none of these things. That on the inside, especially when there are so many people around, so many people who want to small talk her and touch her without asking and ask questions about her family that they would never ask a straight person and tell her so many racist things that they would never say to someone darker than her, she feels quite the opposite of tough and quite the opposite of calm.

So she just smiles and she thanks her and it’s settled, then.

But the morning of the precinct’s annual family picnic, she can’t get out of bed.

Alex is surprised that she refuses to go on their morning run, but she figures it’s the frantic, late-night sex and the early morning chill that’s keeping Maggie in bed.

It’s not until she gets back from her run and Maggie is still in the same position, still in bed, but with her eyes wide open, that Alex realizes something is wrong.

“Babe?” she asks, and she kneels by the bedside inside of sitting, because she’s sweaty and doesn’t want to mess up the blankets.

“Hey, how was your run?” Maggie smiles, but her voice is too high, her smile is too pinched, and Alex strips off her running jacket and watches her girlfriend carefully.

“Mags, what is it?”

Maggie bites her lip and finds that she can’t answer.

Alex runs through last night, through Maggie’s last week’s worth of cases, and she can’t find anything particularly disturbing, can’t find anything out of the ordinary.

The only new thing on the radar is the picnic today.

“Babe, are you nervous about today?”

Maggie sits up like a shot and she swings her feet off the bed mechanically. “Why would I be? Come on, it’s just a stupid picnic.”


She chances a look at Alex, and she doesn’t find judgment and she doesn’t find irritation. She finds love and she finds concern and she finds respect.

“Just… don’t leave my side while we’re there, okay?” She doesn’t explain further because she can’t. And, she hopes, she doesn’t have to.

Alex stares at her for a moment, a moment that lasts a lifetime to Maggie, but Alex’s eyes stay soft, stay kind, stay open, stay loving.

“I won’t leave your side for a single moment,” she promises, and Maggie’s chest opens up slightly, she can breathe a little more than a moment ago, because Alex isn’t asking her to explain, she’s just helping her to her feet, helping her to the shower, helping her into her clothes, helping her eat at least a little something, helping her out the door.

Alex helps. Alex helps a lot.

Maggie keeps her hand in a vice-like grip the entire time she introduces her around, the entire time Alex makes old white men laugh and young hot women blush.

Alex routinely runs her thumb over Maggie’s hand, and Alex routinely leans down to kiss her temple, picks her hand up to kiss her knuckles. Alex somehow figures out how to get them food without letting go of her hand a single time.

Alex helps. Alex helps a lot.

But Maggie’s panic spills over anyway.

Her chest constricts and her breathing quickens. Her eyes sting and her abs tighten. Her knees shake and her lip nearly bleeds with how hard she bites it.

“Alex,” she whispers, just once, because it’s all she can choke out, and Alex leads her away immediately, brings her to the single-stall family bathroom, ignores scandalized glances from people milling nearby, and locks the door behind them.

“Do you need space or do you need to be held?” is all Alex asks, calmly, soothingly, lovingly, no trace of irritation in her voice, and Maggie reels, because she’s looking at Alex, and she’s looking for signs of irritation, and she can’t find any, and she doesn’t understand why not, but she lets her body collapse forward into Alex’s, and Alex’s strong arms envelop her, and she lets herself go.

She shakes and she sobs and she forgets how to breathe and she rocks and she grabs at Alex’s jacket desperately, desperately, needily.

“I’ve got you, Maggie. I’ve got you, I’ve got you, I’ve got you,” is all Alex says as she holds her, as she rocks her, as she kisses her hair, as she kisses her forehead, as she rubs small circles into her back.

Right when Maggie can’t see, right when Maggie is scared she’ll pass out from lack of oxygen, Alex pulls back, and Alex puts a hand on her chest.

“Breathe into my hand, Mags. You can do it, babe, just breathe into my hand.”

And Maggie does, does, does, focuses on pushing her chest out slow, slow, careful, calm, into Alex’s hands, and oxygen floods into her body again, and she steadies again, and she calms, calms, calms.

“Good girl, Maggie, you’re so brave.” Alex presses her forehead to Maggie’s and breathes with her, slow and steady.

“You’re so brave, my love.”

“Your love?” Maggie asks raggedly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you not mine?”

Maggie smiles shakily and looks up disbelievingly into Alex’s eyes. “Of course I’m yours, but I… love?”

“Of course I love you, Mags. Of course I love you. Is that not okay?”

“Yeah, of… of course it’s okay, just… I just had a complete breakdown over a fucking picnic, Al, I…”

“Yeah. Yeah, you did. And I love you. Problem?”

Alex is stroking her cheeks with her thumbs and Maggie has never felt so loved, so cared for, so wanted.

And suddenly, she laughs. “We’re in a bathroom.”

Alex grins. “We are.”

“A single-stall bathroom.”


“And I’m sure I look like a mess.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Okay. But, a mess. All the cop wives are going to be scandalized.”

Alex’s grin deepens. “Nah, they’ll just be jealous that I get to get alone time in single-stall bathrooms with the most perfect girlfriend ever to…. girlfriend.”

“The most perfect girlfriend ever to girlfriend, Danvers?”

“Listen, you didn’t start dating me for my way with words.”

“No, you’re right. I started dating you because I was falling in love with you.”


“Yeah. Now I know I’m in love with you.”

“Excellent. Because I’m in love with you, too, Mags.”

Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) After story

I must have been crazy. To go against the village. Or at least that’s what Kiyohiro told me. But for her, I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

I don’t even know when I fell in love with her. Was it when she came to my door asking for help? Or when she yelled at me how much she hated me? When she asked to come with me because she thought being with me was safer than being by herself? When she refused to let go of me in the tree? When she gave me her coat, even though she was cold and terrified?

Now when I look at her, when she talks with Masaru and Ryuuzaki she has that smile on her face. That smile I got a glimpse of when she went to say goodbye to that fool of a dragon. And at some point, I realised she was giving me the same smile too. And for that smile, I would do anything.

The village elders must have known, they aren’t stupid. But still, they chose to go after her just after Ryuuzaki was born. Demanding her to give them the newborn. I have never been more proud of her when I heard from Sasuke how she had drawn her blade and told them they would have to pry the baby out of her cold dead hands.

I don’t know what the elders had expected, thinking a woman would just give up her baby without a fight. And what they certainly didn’t expect was for the staff of my restaurant to defend her against them.

Their plan was good, I was away for a long mission at the time, but at that point, there was already several children she was looking after. The first one had been Hiyori. Her mother had worked at the restaurant and she had asked her to look after her. So, when she was killed Hiyori stayed. Some other children ended up under her wing when they were sent to the restaurant as aid. She wouldn’t hear of it, even though I tried to tell her ninja children were used to working as soon as they could, but she insisted and I didn’t have the heart to resist. We trained them of course, but other than that they were her responsibility, a responsibility she took on gladly.

So, when the elders tried to take away the newborn baby of their beloved ‘mother’, they defended her with the rest of the staff. It must have been quite a sight, her carrying a baby and a sword, surrounded by children so loyal they would rise against all they had been taught for this one woman.

The elders thought this was due to her youkai powers, that she had somehow tricked all of them. What they failed to see was that each and every one of them was there because she had moved something in them, that it had nothing to do with supernatural but with love and trust. Something they will never understand.

When I saw the graves their visit left behind and heard what they had done I had only one choice. I went to the village. And I told them if they ever come after her or the children again I would kill each and every one of them. I made my emphasis by leaving behind some dead bodies of my own.

Hearing her laugh now makes all I have done worth it. The first time I realised how much I loved her laugh was when I could no longer hear it. That time Yukimura thought I was crazy too when I talked to him about it. But seeing how her smiles turned dead and the look in her eyes hollow after we returned to Tsutsujigasaki, I had to do something.

I don’t even know why I let her tag along in the first place. Why had I even spent time with her, when my orders were only to make sure she wouldn’t run away. But something pulled me to her, was it the eerie resemblance to the girl I remembered from my childhood or my curiosity about ayakashi, I don’t know. I let her get under my skin even when I knew she was toying with me.

Getting her out of the temple wasn’t part of my orders, I was there just to spy on the Date army. But bringing her into Tsutsujigasaki palace was a mistake. I should have taken her to Ueda, but Yukimura was waiting for me in Tsutsujigasaki with Shingen. I saw the predatory look Shingen got in his eyes when I told who she was. There was no point in hiding it, many people had seen her and knew who she was if I were to try to hide her identity it would have gotten her killed. Still, it felt like I had thrown her into the tiger’s den. I guess that was the first time I realised I felt something for that silly girl I had watched and trained for months.

I kept telling myself she was better off without me. That she’d be happier if I kept pushing her away and let her become Shingen’s pampered plaything. Even when she half asleep confessed her love after I had taken her innocence I thought she should go to Shingen. But after that one night, she spent hidden in my closet I knew I was too far gone, that I would do anything to make her smile again. I should have known better than to lose myself when I saw that bruise on her arm. I hadn’t realised what he was asking of her, what she was offering because she felt like she had no choice. I wanted to kill Shingen for making her suffer.

When she told me, she was with a child, possibly with my child, my first thought was that she was lying. Trying to trick me into whatever schemes she was up to. It didn’t take me long to realise how wrong I had been. I should have seen the signs earlier, how she was feeling unwell, didn’t have an appetite and how tired she was.

I knew I had to get her out of there. The whole way to Kyoto I was afraid she’d get sick because I was asking too much of her. The spring air was even colder at night and every night she shivered in my arms. But somehow we made it and Amaya took her under her wing. I don’t think I’ve ever been interrogated so thoroughly than when she asked me what had happened to her.

I had no objection when Amaya wanted her to work at the restaurant. She seemed to enjoy it, every time I saw her in the kitchen she had a genuine, happy smile on her face, a smile I had longed to see.

When I returned to Tsutsujigasaki I could tell Yukimura was angry, but I just shrugged him off, telling I had lost her, that she had run off to the night and I had been unable to find her. I was willing to be punished, even killed if it meant she was safe. Shingen was upset after he had lost his plaything, but he had another war to fight so he couldn’t go search for her right away. Not that he would have found her even if he went to Kyoto. I had told Amaya he might be after her and she had promised to keep her hidden. I could see Kansuke knew what I had done, but his desire to keep her away from Shingen had kept his lips sealed.

When Masaru was born, she was so torn. When I got to Kyoto, she was begging me to forgive her, holding a beautiful red haired baby. I told her there was nothing to forgive, that it didn’t matter to me whose the baby was, as long as she was safe and happy. That she’d always have a place to stay at the restaurant.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the word about her got to the village, but when they saw her baby wasn’t mine, they let her be on the condition I’d have a child with her too. I agreed, even though I had no plans of having children of my own. Masaru, Hiyori and the other children were enough for me and the last thing I wanted was to force her into anything after what Shingen had done to her.

Every time I visited Kyoto she looked so happy to see me. I asked if I could sleep next to her and she said yes. I couldn’t get enough of her sleeping form, I stayed up most nights stroking her hair, just looking at her, falling for her harder every time. I saw how confused she was, how much she wanted to please me, how she would do anything I asked because she still thought she was ‘mine’. I knew it was selfish of me to ask her to sleep next to me but even the couple nights of the month I could spare made me so happy. I loved her so much I felt like dying every time I had to leave Kyoto, but she wasn’t for me to have.

I had told myself I would not get any more involved with her. That she didn’t deserve it. That she was better off without me. That eventually she would find someone else, someone safe. But when she kissed me one night, whispering how much she had come to love me, how she missed me every time I went away, I realised I didn’t want to let her go either. That I wanted to be the only man she would want and wait for, even if she’d have to wait to join me in next life.


A/N: This is finally the end! Thank you so much for reading, for all the likes, comments and reblogs! And thank you so much again @belxsar for giving me comments so I could actually finish this story.

I have something to do later today and tomorrow and I didn’t want you to have to wait for the ending until Sunday, so enjoy for the two chapters posted early ^^

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so i rlly wanna know what you think of this. while Saeran is going through his healing process, what would his dynamic be like with everyone else in the RFA? like how would he feel towards/interact with them?

Wow thank you!!!! My passion is Saeran healing!
I didn’t do V but I am happy to if anyone wants?? Fuck that secret end canon ahaha
I love talking about Saeran healing so so much ahhhhhhh thanks!

🖤I said this before but hobbies! Experiencing new things and finding calming hobbies to get involved in would be something they all did with him!! It’s easier on both Saeran and whoever is there too to have a task at hand.
🖤Yoosung would be a tricky start for Saeran. He’d feel quite jealous at first, everyone treats Yoosung as a younger brother, and Saeran would feel like Yoosung was getting and had gotten everything he missed out on, even though he already had a loving family home.
🖤This would slowly clear up, and Saeran would try and reign in the bitterness of his jealousy and Yoosung would try and understand and not take it to heart.
🖤Rika would be another tricky ground to navigate. At first Yoosung and Saeran would regularly need someone else to keep their conversations on track so that they didn’t end up making the other step backwards. Yoosung trying to consolidate what he knows now with the Rika he loved, and Saeran trying to get out of idolising her etc. But the two would learn that it wasn’t that good for either of them to talk about her at least for a long long time.
🖤However! He would like doing homework with Yoosung, helping out if he could and taking on board things he missed out on learning, or just doodling while Yoosung read things.
🖤Also definitely enjoys playing games with Yoosung especially if he can take on his brother’s score. Always writes “the top choi-ce” or something as his name if he wins! Later he will add a black star to the end and Yoosung would be ridiculously touched.
🖤Saeran would find Jaehee interesting I think. She works so hard which is very admirable, but complains about her boss? He finds it interesting.
🖤Happy to sit in coffee shops with her when she has any free time! She buys him cake and he tries something new each time and she tells him about it, her work, anything.
🖤He thinks it’s amazing that she can do Judo and he’s impressed and supportive.
🖤lots of sitting, zoned out, looking out the window while Jaehee works in usually comfortable quiet, though Jaehee checks in on him from time to time, drawing him out of his thoughts to see if he wants anything, or to ask for help with the computer.
🖤I think he’d find that he appreciated Jumin’s honesty. Even though Jumin would be the most likely to say something brash, and probably the least good at understanding or accepting Saeran’s emotional volatility, Saeran would like that he could rely on Jumin to be upfront with him.
🖤really pleased when Jumin lets him catsit, plus he can relieve Jaehee of some stress.
🖤Just sits and watches Elizabeth 3rd do her own thing, letting her come give him affection as she sees fit but really enjoying the feel of her when she does.
🖤Late night runs with Zen when he can’t sleep!!!
🖤Zen takes him on as a little brother type too
🖤Sometimes finds Zen too readily affectionate towards him, but Zen learns quickly his boundaries and respects them.
🖤Saeran would either fall asleep at Yoosung’s house playing games or at Zen’s after a run.
🖤Zen would probably be the best for hobby finding. Pottery? Candlemaking? Watercolour? Ice skating? He’ll try and get Saeran some new hobbies because he knows how helpful he found it himself to have dreams and talents to pursue and things to throw himself in to.
🖤Zen is very emotionally aware and is one of if not the best at spending time with Saeran because he feels like he can understand somewhat.
🖤Takes Saeran to rehearsals sometimes, and Saeran really likes watching the set design etc. Maybe sometimes he likes to help paint backdrops etc?
🖤I think Saeran would struggle to sleep at the best of times, but probably better if he wasn’t alone, so plenty of times he’ll just… pass out in Zen’s living room while Zen was cooking and humming a song or something. Zen, knowing he needs the rest will just get a blanket and let him rest there.
🖤Zen would take him clothes shopping to find what made him comfortable~
🖤Seven would be over eager but still his hot and cold self. Either trying too hard or being like oh I’m not good enough!!! and it would take some pestering from the others to help him chill it.
🖤He really loves his brother and decides to just be himself and let his brother heal around the him that he’s missed out on.
🖤Will drop anything and everything if Saeran needs, but is happy to see him healing slowly and spending time with the RFA. It makes their relationship less tense to have time apart but still know that he’ll be there when Saeran comes home.
🖤Ridiculously good hacking team!!! Not that he’d ever admit it, but if 7 has work and finally passes out, Saeran will sometimes go to his computer and help finish the work to take the load off his brother.
🖤Saeran tries not to laugh at some of 7s antics and 7 tries not to get disheartened when Saeran snaps at him, though this does soften over time to be less hurtful.
🖤"What are you drawing? Can I seeeee?? We can put it on the fridge!“
“No. Go away. It’s me killing you”
(It’s probably a picture of flowers or something nice like that)
🖤7 likes to give him space when he’s with others plus he is busy! But comes along if Saeran invites him which he does more over time~

For the first few week after she left, Kurt had Patterson running facial recognition programs on every video feed, every surveillance camera and every social media video posted from every airport, bus station, train station and port around the country. And Patterson could not say no to him, not when he was so scared, so worried, so… heartbroken. And so she did just that. She had her systems running over night trying to help him out.

But they got nothing. And at some point, despite his insistence, she had to stop doing it.

But she knew that he stayed at the office after everyone had left, staying until ridiculous hours, watching the videos himself, trying to do what the facial recognition programs failed to do.

And then, when all that failed - including calling in favors to the likes of Keaton and Rich and others he’d crossed paths with before who had always seemed to know more than anyone else - he took matters into his own hands. In the beginning it was just on weekends. He would book a ticket to a random country - Patterson figured eventually he was going through alphabetical order - and travel on Friday evening. He would spend every weekend in a new country, reaching out to anyone and everyone trying to find her.

And then weekends weren’t enough anymore, and he started calling in sick, and using up his vacation days, and literally scouring the world for her. 

By the time he had reached the letter N, almost an entire year had passed. And so much had happened. And he needed her then more than anything.

spacelance  asked:

gruvia or nalu- atla au!

I’ll do Nalu bc I actually already have an outline saved for that! :D

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

  1. Lucy as the Avatar!!! And northern water tribe royalty.
  2. Everybody except her knows she’s the Avatar, her father shields her away from the world, but she runs away on the night of the new moon, thinking it’s her best chance because the guards will be powerless.
  3. She runs into Natsu, who is also running from the guards. Thinking he wants to rob/attack her, she instinctively reacts by bending, but because her water bending powers are subdued, her body taps into firebending instead, the same power her “enemy” is using.
  4. Both of them are confused to no end, but dont have time to think into it because the guards are coming for them. Ttogether they escape on a mercenary ship.
  5. She needs to find and collect the 12 spirit keys.
  6. Female!Zeref as villain: Natsu’s older sister who was banished from Sun Island after meddling with evil bending styles. Natsu was brought up by one of the temple guards, Igneel.
PJO Headcanon #15

Annabeth and Percy both have PTSD after the war with Gaea, but they cope with it in different ways. Annabeth takes out her anxiety with one thing she still has a hold on - her body. She runs for miles at night when images keep her awake. She goes to the gym and doesn’t stop punching until her hands cramp up. She lets her body expel so much energy that she can avoid what’s going on in her head. Percy goes straight to therapy, but since he can’t really talk about what’s going on with mortals, he shuts down and he begins to become depressed. The other five of the seven notice what’s happening to their friends and begin to help them through it. Hazel gets the idea to start a new wing at the Hospital in New Rome for therapy, both physical and mental. There they have demigod doctors with degrees who try and help the patients through their illnesses.


Golden brown, texture like sun,
Lays me down with my might she runs
Throughout the night, No need to fight,
Never a frown with golden brown or this jacket I might add.

A beautiful subtle 120 wool with a hint of silk in this jacket from Reiss, it’s always a killer.
Similar to hurricane Harvey and Irma, coming in like a whirlwind to shake thinks up a little, only without all the death an destruction and mayhem.

This certainly makes a statement, but unlike ones made from snake oil and pixie dust that seems to make up the climate change deniers this one is actually grounded in reality.

I actually saw the Mayor of Tangier island just off Virginia stood on a boat in water where a house used to be an having lost two thirds of his island to rising water levels. Look the camera dead in the eye and say “climate change isn’t real, I just can’t believe the sea levels are rising, it looks the same as when I was a small boy” as he’s floating 12 feet above where he used to walk as a boy in a boat on the new ocean. How can you argue with that level of ignorance?

But then I remember that some people genuinely believe the world is flat, there are more than 2 genders and Amy Schumer is funny…although? No, no there are only 2 genders from a scientific point of view which I will always support over zeitgeist flavour of the month ‘facts’.

I’m not against people identifying with whatever gender or mix gender they want, or whatever you want, heck feel free to identify as a 18th century French potato if it makes you feel better and I’ll happily call you ‘La Lord Spud’ as such but don’t expect your government to give you preferential treatment and acknowledge it nor your other life choices.

Until you’ve gone full 18th century potato and had the required surgery and time travel experience then shut the fuck up an go potato in your own time. On paper your still a sad 45 year old fat man who still lives with his mum. I prefer flavour of the month style tastes an mine this month is this brown jacket, which weirdly doesn’t have two buttons only one, could it be? The illuminati denying a 2nd button its rights to exist…

I Don't Wanna Be On My Own Tonight → Emison

Prompt: Ali is all alone christmas eve and decides to go for a walk. She runs into emily and they end up making up. Happy ending with a snowfight and kisses

Notes: Alright, so this is my first prompt response obviously and I’m a little nervous about it, so I hope everyone enjoys it and if you’d like to give me some feedback that would be great! :) And this ended up a bit longer than I intended, lol.

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Kekipi walked through the forest, looking around. It was quiet, too quiet. She then looked up at the sky,. The she-wolf was losing daylight. She would have to find somewhere to take shelter for the night. She couldn’t travel while she was on the run at night, knowing they were still after her.

She would walk for a few ways further before spotting what appeared to be a warehouse. She tilts her head, walking towards it. It appeared abandoned from where she was, so she would go investigate. Once she found an entrance, she would explore inside the dark warehouse. If it was truly abandoned, she would take shelter there for the night.


overflow, a mikasa/sasha fic

A birthday fic for Mikasa and tumblr user thatonepersonoverthere who, coincidentally, shares a birthday with Mikasa. She asked for fluffy femslash and I aaalmost made it. We’re on the fluff side of bittersweet.

(also this isn’t editied because I have to go to bed in like fifteen minutes and i wanted this up on their actual birthday.)

There was a limit to the number of people Mikasa could care for.

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Whoever wants to become a Christian must first become a poet. That’s what it is! You must suffer. You must love and suffer–suffer for the one you love. Love makes effort for the loved one. She runs all through the night; she stays awake; she stains her feet with blood in order to meet her beloved. She makes sacrifices and disregards all impediments, threats, and difficulties for the sake of the loved one.
—  Saint Porphryios