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I did all the deadric quests and got all the artifacts. No trophy. This stinks. Do you know what might have caused it? And I promise I did not glitch or anything, and made sure all of them are an actual deadric artifact

How can you know for sure it didn’t glitch? Because there is a glitch related to the achievement, not sure if it was ever fixed or not. But if it didn’t then check this list here and make sure you have the right daedric artifacts. Not all of them count towards the achievement, like e.g. the skeleton key!

- Katrin

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how well do u trust the anon about amber tho..... bc i' know people who have met her and are all taken aback by how charismatic/excited/nice she is?

Anonymous said: but amber was good friends with bambam, jackson and mark even prior their debut. so idk what you talkin about. i mean you cant be friends with EVERY trainee sm has. sm is like a giant city.

nah guys don’t worry, a message won’t change what i think about amber, ofc there will be people who will like us and people who will dislike us, and that applies to idols as well, plus we all have bad days so maybe she was having one

i still think she’s amazing!

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You are my sunshine

“No! Oz no! No! NO!” Elphaba cried as she held Glinda close. It couldn’t end like this! NO! NO!!! 

“Please Glinda hang on, hang on please they’re coming to help.” sorrow broke her voice as fire tears burned down her face. She held her hand firmly to the wound on the blonde’s side. 

No! NO!! 

“Please Glinda hold on my sweet!” She looked up and screamed for help again. Guards rushed by the burning buildings not hearing her screams among all the others. 

“Someone Please Help!” she screamed, before looking back down to Glinda. 

“they’re coming dont worry my love.”

“You know, there are pros to being famous. There really are. You get fashion endorsements and free shit and famous friends and–… all that nonsense. I’m just not quite sure it’s worth it anymore, though, considering the cons–… The major cons that are tabloids. Look, it’s not as bad as you might imagine, just– stay away from the newsstands for a couple’a days, yeah? French may be a beautiful language, but those headlines won’t be pretty in any language.” 

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I just wanted to say thank you. I cosplay Aradia, and I'm a bit chubby. I always get mad at myself when I'm in cosplay, but then I remember how you draw her a bit chubby, and it makes me feel better. thanks for that.

Oh you’re welcome, I’m glad my art has helped you feel better! Here’s a chubby Aradia with thick thighs and cute tummy rolls just for you u3u

I’m not too good with poses so I hope this doesn’t look so awkward lmao?

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Hey, I wanted to ask you on your thoughts about the Taylor/Nicki situation?

i like taylor, i enjoy her music, but i think she missed the point that nicki was making. it was about inequality and racism in media, not directly about the nominees. the fact that taylor fits into the approved type of person that media celebrates isn’t something she can change, but she should try to recognize her own privilege and use it to help shed light on what nicki was saying. 

nicki’s success, and the success of other women of color, are seen as outliers and ignored because they don’t fit what media deems worthy of praise. so when taylor throws out a ‘you should support other women’ barb, she’s dropping the ball. if she wanted to support women, she should recognize that some women need more support than others. women of color are being overlooked and told to just accept it. and by her speaking out and making it about herself, taylor turned the attention to something unnecessary. she also gave the media more fuel to paint black women negatively. 

what taylor should have done was retweet what nicki was saying, support her, really spend some time thinking on the inequality happening, and recognize that there is an imbalance of power and recognition not just between men and women, but that women of color especially are at a disadvantage.