You know, when I casually decided to watch the series “Bones” from start to finish because it was on Netflix, I honestly didn’t expect to sell my soul for it. I can’t believe I’ve gotten so aligned with these characters.

I mean, yeah, Hodges has always been incredibly attractive to me, and Angela is such a sweetheart (her relationship with Temperance slays me every freaking episode), plus Zack is adorably awkward (just the way I like ‘em)…

But Temperance. Temperance Brennan. This chick. I mean, how do I - I can’t even… What are the words to describe the connection I feel with this woman who felt isolated and abandoned, who tends to think logically but… under certain conditions… will just find herself unable to do so? She defies the stereotype that cripples anyone who’s ever been in the foster system (reminds me so much of my own reality), and she has such strong opinions on how others from a similar background are viewed.

I held myself back during season one but but I’m only on episode three of season two and I’m already ending episodes in tears. You guys.

(And before anyone asks, I’ve seen random episodes of this show in the past so I knew Brennan was a foster kid, I know some of what’s coming for her and Booth, Angela and Hodges, and I know what happens to Zack. What happens to Zack is probably the thing that will make me stop watching this show for a good month or two when I get to that point but I know I’ll be back so I can, you know, experience the rest of what happens to the other aforementioned characters.)