it’s actually really easy to get me into something sigh

just tell me there’s a strong female character who is a warrior and helds her ground no matter what and that there’s a male character who would do anything to protect her like throw himself in front of danger even though he knows she can do it herself and that loves her to the moon bac

and i’m in


(bonus: he is a troubled guy with possibly a sad past and he’s too embarrassed to confess in order not to ruin the friendship)

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Dude my girl is super insecure about herself about her weight and looks and no matter what I say she gets really depressed and moody and it ruins are nights because she gets irritated really fast and then I get upset and depressed that shes upset and idk I feel like im holding her back some how like she deserves someone who can make her feel good about herself and that isnt me no matter how hard I try :/

in my personal opinion and from experience I’ve learnt that there’s only so much you can do for someone.
you can tell someone they’re beautiful over and over again but it’ll have no effect if the person you’re telling it to is so deeply stuck in their way of thinking that they’re not. no matter how often you tell her, I doubt it’ll change her mind because she needs to learn how to start loving and accepting herself before what you’re saying makes any sense to her but you shouldn’t feel like you’re holding her back because you’re definitely not.
the only thing you can really do is start encouraging her to love herself and accept herself or support her whilst she changes herself to become more comfortable eg. changes her hair or loses weight, because otherwise she’ll stay miserable and then you’ll both just be miserable and what a waste that is.

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bechacie threesome anon back- stacie and chloe start excitedly talking abt doing it in public like surreptitiously at a bellasdrinking night or st and beca is just like 'dude no, have u met the bellas, there's no way we will get out of that unscathed' and so its dropped until like a month or so later chloe is acting way weirder than the few drinks she's had allow and beca is really confused until chloe bites her lips and hers eyes flutter closed and oh fuck she knows that look (1/2)

(2/2) & she starts to notice that even though stacie isnt sitting with them she’ll dance in and out and press close to everyone to hug them or sit in their lap & its this huge fkn cover so next time stacie’s around chloe she just watches so fkn intently and amy thinks she’s jealous & starts teasing her but beca is just slack jawed watching stacie laugh at a joke someone said before turning & staring at beca dead on and sucking her finger and goddamnit if beca doesnt know exactly where thats been

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"and-then-she-proceeded-to-try-and-justify-her-girl-hate-lmao" Which episode is this, and which girl was she hating on? (Between Jaz, Paulina, Valerie...I'm trying to remember if there was a central girl Sam's age on the show that she DIDN'T hate on.)

its a really early ep so its paulina. i rewatched their first interaction and i have no idea why im supposed to be on sam’s side lmaaaoo

its like

paulina: looks up at danny

danny: drops pants

paulina: laughs and says he gets points for originality

sam: walks up and calls her shallow

me: ?????

Lapis X Blue Pearl Ship Thing

Who proposes: Lapis

Who cries at the wedding: Lapis, but just because Blue Pearl looks so beautiful in her dress and lapis is just so happy 

Who carries the children: 
Blue Pearl

Who cries when the kid is born: Both 

How many kids?: just one. They don’t want a huge family 

Who takes 100000 pictures: Blue Pearl totally loves trying to take picture of lapis when she isnt looking lapis thinks its kinda annoying but really cute 

Who wakes up first and then lays in bed for several minutes admiring the other’s face: 
LAPIS THO LIKE OMG. She just loves looking @ her wifes cute lil face everyday 

Who cooks:  Blue Pearl Does. Lapis Is A Klutz In The Kitchen 

who has the worst in-

Who calms the other down from more panic attacks: BP tries to help Lapis calm down by taking to her or playing with Hair anything soft and gentle helps her. 

Who tried to make the other breakfast in bed but blew up the kitchen: Lapis. Again not so good in the kitchen 

Who initiates the nasty: Lapis Tbh. shes a lil horndog 

Who tells the kids they’re just playing Twister: 
LAPIS. Blue Pearl Lectures Her After Tho 

Who takes the family to like four movies a month: Lapis does like to spoil her fam 

Who dies first: Lapis. I Wouldn’t Count It As Dying But Being Trapped In A Mirror Sucks 


Walking for quite sometime without really minding her surroundings, it seems Edna has ended up in another division. This one had a pleasant breeze blowing by and was situated higher then her home division.  Edna wasn’t particularly interested in this place but it did have beautiful gardens.

Upon walking into one she finds another girl looking at some of the flowers.

“Those flowers there are called peonies they’re pretty aren’t they?”

& also can we talk about poor helene… like why would she want to married some ugly rando, this is helene were talking about?

also sexist much? like ppl here and there are ‘satisfied that she got what she deserved’ like what are her “”crimes”” exactly?

  • she married for money, just like 90% of other ppl back then holy shit, just like everyone’s fave nicky (!!)
  • its implied she had a thing going on with her brother (which i mean is really no one elses business tbh tbh)
  • cheated on her good-for-nothing husband (just like everyone’s fave nicky - here we go again, only golden boy was also being a dick about it & sonya didnt deserve it)
  • wanted to get an abortion?? and a divorce ??

like look at this list and try to fucking argue that your hatred of helene isnt a pile of sexist crap i fucking dare you

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TO SPREAD POSITIVITY. I challenge all of you to send me URLs!

  • how does she have one of those shitty closed-off themes and make it look so nice?? i hate those but hers is easy to navigate and read and figure out where stuff is and it isnt like a teeny text box in the corner
  • seriously bless u for that for taking the time to find and tamper w/ one and make it legible and not the worst
  • also since i did not follow them i had to go look through their blog and ended up getting rEALLY CAUGHT UP AND ENGROSSED IN THEIR WRITING
  • im following them now it was a mistake not to be before this
  • secondly their powerful thirst for lore is something i feel on a deep emotional level and its nice to see that theyre so passionate and interested in their muse
  • have i mentioned how clean and fluid their writing is??? i should its fucking excellent
  • winks


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get to know niravi ahhhhhh

01. Full name: niravi seshat!
02. Best friend: uhhh.. idk….
03. Sexuality: pansexual panromantic
04. Favorite color: she says orange or red but she does really like purples
05. Relationship status: single in <> and <3, courting in <3< 
06. Ideal mate: someone who knows about and accepts her anxieties and wont push her to do anything she isnt comfortable with but also knows that sometimes she needs a push.. and also someone who respects her work
07. Turn-ons: lingerie… intimacy… probably some body worship shit lmao shes gay
08. Favorite food: fuck does she love some falafel
09. Crushes: HAHA.. LOOKS AT CIBRAN….
10. Favorite music: she likes music in languages other than alternian, like arabic stuff?? hell yeah
11. Biggest fear: being killed for being a mutant
12. Biggest fantasy: finding eleutheria and the tomekeeps library holy Shit
13. Bad habits: isolating herself, being rude w/o warning..
14. Biggest regret: not leaving her master sooner
15. Best kept secrets: MMMM at this point.. her slight red feelings for cibran….
16. Last thought: some jumbled thought about a book her thoughts r a mess
17. Worst romantic experience: none.. so far…
18. Biggest insecurity: probably her skin and mutation?? it’s worse than she tells ppl a lot bc she doesnt want to see weak
19. Weapon of choice: her books/her psionics.. and she has a khanjar
20. Role Model: her ancestor..

thinkin about ocs and pokemon

dreyan would have a luxray definitely, bc they’re EDGY AND BADASS and also bite enemies with LIGHTNING so its perfect. i just wish they were also a dark type bc electric/dark combo would be awesome,, (alternatively poocheyna bc dreyan + anger puppy = adorable)

gwaith would probably have a bird pokemon, perhaps a pidgeot? nothing flashy but something fast and proud that can fly with her and guard her back. also pidgeot are pretty noble looking i think

for tansy, it makes SENSE that she would have a zorua but there’s no way she would pick one that isnt pink as heck so probably something like vivillon or swirlix, really cutesy and such (or maybe kecleon?? who knows)

nimh would want a mamoswine initially, but when she went to catch it she’d end up with a little swinub because it was too cute and would swear to raise it into the strongest pokemon ever. also nap buddies.

i could probs see benji with a baby riolu that he like.. hatched from an egg. raised it like it was his own kid and it mimics him in every way, even wearing a fake little eyepatch. gotta be “cool” like dad u know

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Oh my gooodddd there is this aries in my friend group and shes really starting to piss me off because she thinks so big of herself but when you tell her something that isnt even meant in a mean way (like your hair looks a little messy today, or like stop being so dramatic) she starts to act like everyone is attacking her and that no one likes her like sit your damn ass down damn no one asked for this


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Shigune and Eruna (Mikagura Gakuen) ♥ - family headcanon - can you give me like, more than one??

i was going to do that anyway lmao you’re talking to a person who loves terrible characters

when shigure was younger he was really kinda bitter about eruna being from the ichinomya clan and since he was a ninomiya he was forced to look after her and he Hated it so much. but as a kid he was also being bullied or like was some type of loner(??? im pulling this outta my ass but this might be true since there are a few things on akinas pixiv and a thing she bookmarked but bleh) and eruna was like hEY THERE COUSIN HOW ABOUT I PLAY WITH YOU ILL PROTECT YOU FROM BULLIES, and he’s like. hey this kid isnt so bad even if she has way too much fucking energy.

shigure isn’t actually in love(or maybe he just thinks he is) with eruna but he still cares about her deeply and doesn’t really wanna let her go so, instead of being rude and mean to distance her from him, he over exaggerates his feeling by a ton to get her to try and keep her distance due to that whole prophecy thing (im not up to date so im not sure if its true so??? orz) because it’s easier to get her to hate him than to actively be rude.

eruna punches shigure when he gets too excited and smacks shigure when she gets too excited but like this is canon why am i putting this hear

when eruna was younger she had a Huge sweet tooth and shigure being the Cool Cousin spoiled her and brought her treats whenever he could while his aunt watched in complete and absolute Terror since eruna turns into a little monster. shigure got his allowance shortened but still saved up anyway.

they slept at eachothers houses a lot. shigure was mortified of the dark and dark places until mid-middle school so he couldn’t be eruna said hero and protect her from scary night time monsters. so they wrap thick blankets around themselfs and hug and he holds her hand(more for his benefit than hers) until she falls asleep. eru is an awful sleeper though and she snores and kicks and drools. erunas mom warms him some almond milk to help him sleep and pulls out another futon for him to sleep now

eruna gets sleepy during the warmer months and dozes off while holding iced sweets and shigure has to Run and be swift like a hero to catch it.

also!! baby eru liked to try and and tie his hair up(sometimes w her nasty sticky candy coated fingers. shigure dies inside) during warmer months but she’s super bad at it and it never stayed up so shigure had to do it himself. he also dressed erunas hair up while he was at it.

I love love love love the idea of hijab for girls. Not just the covering up but the physical scarf as well. I was watchin dina torkias vlogs and i found myself wondering how she must look w/o her scarf and i then thought, well thats how its supposed to be, isnt it? Im not supposed to know, it should be a mystery. And i think its wonderful that only her husband, brothers, and father can see her w/o it. I think that its good because then no one can sexualize her. Like people see her and know her for her talents and intellect. I love that. I think its really amazing, Allah swt always has a meaning, a reason behid everything He has said.

I dont wear one yet but InshaAllah someday I will find the courage and full motivation to wear one. :)

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I think AG's answers to the press are purposefully vague because it didn't work out with TH. Yes, saving face is all she can do now.// IA, that she is desperate, bc she isnt what she like to be (a very famous person) She is probably not a very confident person, I even could believe that she is/was really into Tyler, but for him it was only a hook-up. I don´t sideeyeing for that she tried to boost HAG, but with pretending all the time she makes it worse and makes her look bad...

True. Right now even though they both participated she’s coming out looking worse.

ALSO i had a huge sit-down think about my current healthcare team and ive decided that i want to switch up my team members completely. like. move to another provider completely (except my therapist because she’s new and so far i really like her). im just…..exhausted of fighting for my own health, i guess. like its fucking draining to spend at least one hour a week, every week, talking to the same people about the same things and getting nowhere on them because they’re not willing to change my treatment plan. and this treatment plan isnt working. not being on meds isn’t working. and its fucking bullshit that a licensed psychiatrist would look me in the eye and dead-ass tell me that 1. im never going to be stable no matter what we try, and 2. that, based on the three specific and very similar medications ive been on, there’s no hope in meds for me and its’ not worth it to try a new one. that’s ridiculous and unprofessional and not something i’m willing to tolerate. one of my mantras going into this year was  that you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and i fully extend that to my healthcare team. and they’re all wonderful people and i dont doubt for a second that they care about me, and it sucks to think about leaving them. but at the same time, this isn’t working. and its’ not like this is a small thing, you know? this is my entire life and my future that we’re talking about, and i cant afford to put my health in the hands of people who genuinely dont believe that i have the capacity to have anything less than a fucking incredible future where i can achieve every goal i set for myself, you know? thats just not something i can handle in my life- i hear enough doubt coming from my own head and some of my family members etc, aka people that i really dont have the option of removing any more than i already have. at the end of the day, my treatment team’s job is to help me live my best life. and yeah, im sure its exhausting to treat me– right now it looks like im treatment-resistant, therapy is really hard for me, i have a lot of unresolved repressed issues that get in the way of treatment, etc etc. but its a hell of a lot harder to actually be me, you know? i dont care if its hard for them. i dont care if its frustrating or exhausting or whatever– its their job to help me and to do everything within their power to enable me to live my best life, and i dont feel like they’re doing that right now, and i dont know that they really ever have. and maybe thats not their fault, maybe they’re just not equipped to treat me or people like me or whatever, but it really doesnt matter. this isnt about laying blame or being bitter or whatever, this is about me deciding that im tired of being angry and stressed and fighting with the people who are supposed to be on my side. this is about the fact that my biggest experiences with self-advocacy have been with the people who are supposed to be advocating for me. and theyre not. 

CH was in my dreams… Idk maybe he has been before but it really terrified me. I just remember walking uptown with him and AM and then we were at an apartment that looked like my ex Kyle’s and he brought up this girl named Kasey (friend of a friend from BC) and I brought up how she wanted to fight my friend (which isnt true) and that my friend was talking to her on the phone like “FUCK ME UP SIS!! HIT ME!! HIT ME!!” And he was laughing and mocking me in a silly way, and then I woke up. He had really long hair and was wearing a black hoodie. I just wanted to post this so I could remember it, because I never want to let him go, but its about time I do but Im so fucking in love with him and I dont know why… I bet AM does though. He’s her everything. Her world. Id love to have something like that, but it could only ever be with him… Which brings me back to how its time to let go. Ugh.

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Alena without that contour and highlight and her mug beat is just Alen. // OMG, I just saw the backstage pic of her - is it really her? Wow, how much you canlook different with a good make - up! I should try a professional make up too. I mean, it isnt like she is ugly without make up, but she looks really like the girl next door. Do you know this pic where she claims, that she hasn´t used a filter and no make up, though she doesnt say no make up, just that you still can see her dark circles eyes

No, send the link. Thanks, Egor

Thxs mom

I showed my mom a drawing i did, i was really proud of it and thought that it actually looked good and i guess i showed it to her for validation or something and she then proceeded to make fun of it and call it creepy for 5 minutes. I’ve been trying to be proud of my art and not hate the things i make bc people say its really good (even though ik there are proportion errors) im more critical of it and its just really really disheartening when people do that. Constructive criticism is welcomed but for fucks sake making fun of it and looking at it like its disgusting isnt constructive.