lexa probably talked about clarke all the time behind her back. not like in a bad way just in a “indra indra isnt she such a good leader indra i admire her leadership skills look at her shes so young but so commanding and the people love her shes so brave and pretty and amazing and… a really good leader dont u think indra” kind of way like i reckon the grounders all knew who clarke was way before she even arrived in polis

(other version of this)

sharon’s had a shitty day at work. the whole govt is up her ass bc shes close to steve and they want info on him, and want her to get it. and they keep shitting on her aunt and saying him being a vigilante, working outside the law isnt what she would’ve wanted. which makes sharon angry af and feel a pang in her heart bc she misses her dear aunt peggy so much. besides, they really don’t know peggy to say stuff like that… then, she had to go on a last minute extraction mission or something. which meant she couldn’t come home early to natasha, as planned.

natasha knows something is wrong by the way sharon answers her texts. throughout the day. i mean, sharons super tough, shes not the kind to be discouraged that easily.

so she picks her jacket up and makes her way to her gfs favourite burger place in the city. they don’t deliver but it’s not like two superspies were gonna let anyone know where they live, though.

anyway. she buys a bunch of burgers and runs back home, hoping she’ll get there before sharon so she could set up her little surprise. that’s when she receives a text from her, saying she’ll probably be late because of some “extraction mission bullshit”. natasha curses, and hopes sharon will be alright. shes had so much on her plate lately… 

natasha has trouble sleeping that night, for there is still no sign of sharon.

sharon misses natasha and wishes she didn’t have to do this. all she wants is to cuddle and make love to her girlfriend and take a perfumed bath with her. with some bath bomb or shit.

the next morning, natasha receives a text from sharon, saying she’ll be back soon.

ten minutes later, sharon is stuck into traffic. she curses under her breath.

then, one of her tires goes flat, right after she got out of the monstruous traffic jam. she yells the profanities, this time.

but she finally makes it home. where natasha awaits her, and takes her hand and leads her to their bedroom.

“I made some food, we’ll eat and you’ll rest a bit. you deserve it.”  

sharon is so tired and wrecked she doesn’t say a word. she just follows natasha, who ends up carrying her on her back, her head rested on her small shoulder.

when they get to the bedroom, natasha gently puts her on their bed. sharon remains slilent, lost in her thoughts. that is until natasha brings the meal she cooked.

“what the fuck is this, natasha.”

“well I got some burgers and fries yesterday for when you’d come home but they got cold, so I made some mac and cheese this morning while you were on your way home and mixed everything. thought it might be interesting.”

sharon doesn’t say a word for a minute or so. then she just. burst out in laughter. with tears coming out of her eyes. and she doesn’t even care her ribs start hurting. her girfriend looks clearly fake offended but sharon just keeps laughing, evacuating all the pent up stress and tension.

“well…. im glad to see my efforts are so greatly appreciated,” natasha says, smiling, still faking outrage.

sharon keeps laughing until she just cant anymore and has to stop to catch her breath. she kisses natasha and says “well let’s see how this tastes.”

they eat, mostly in silence, sometimes reaching to hold hands, their bodies pressed against each other, lying in bed, enjoying this peaceful moment. this mac and cheese/burger combo is probably the weirdest thing they’ve ever tasted but they enjoy it nevertheless. it’s so good to finally be home. 

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im a bit lost i watched this weeks episode does it show of more of it next week? jenelle said when the episode air will show what really happens and isnt as bad. i saw Babs walk into jenelles house with a piece of paper calmly asking for her daughter jenelle where are you, then she was outside the bedroom door being ignored (it does look like the crew had said oh they are in the bedroom) door locked she was still calm asking her to come out them david did, it was a lot worse than the sneak peak

Jenelle is either full of it or she’s completely delusional thinking she would come off looking better than Babs in that scene. It was awful.

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43 if so do tell

43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?

Straight to the meat of it eh anon? Um, so as far as crushes go i dont think i ever had one in highschool (i was in an all boys school, with people i grew up with so no feelings there) but i do remember that one time we were having an event in school where kids from other schools came and competed with us in debates and stuff right (i wont kid you, it was literally the most boring weekend ever, if i have to hear the word caucus one more time i will cry). So its day 2 of the event, im bored my friends are bored so we’re just hanging in the courtyard wallowing in self pity of why we ever signed up for this, when i saw one of the most beautiful people ive ever laid eyes on, she had that mix of girl next door, badass bitch, and quiet wallflower aura about her so i was instantly intrigued but cause im a f*cking pansy i kept looking away cause i was scared that she’d think i was staring but the problem with turning my head away was that i never got a good look at what her face actually looked like only glimpses.

So for the next i think 2 hours? or something, i kept trying to get close enough to see what she looked like but id get too scared and then turn away (at one point i used my friend as a wall to hide me) and im 100% sure that she knew what i was doing cause according to my friends she’d keep smiling in our direction and stuff BUT I NEVER SAW CAUSE I WAS TOO SCARED CAUSE I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE WEIRD TO STARE AND JUST AAAAAAAAAAAAA

Case in point abt my previous post…im like really homo for her..and also disappointed to learn this isnt even near what she usually looks like but even then like. What a goddamn doll. She made my fag heart flutter

i usually dont talk about my trash ocs but recently i made a cartoony one thats less for Personal Projects and more for doodling and fucking around
and her whole backstory is that shes a child (prodigy?) who cursed herself to never grow older
and im like
… why
so she stays age 8 for like 13 years until she meets an older wizard whose respect she MAD WANTS and then she realizes like oh. im in love w him. (but this manifests as a precocious crush even tho theyre.. technically the same age) so shes like shit. gotta break this experimental curse on myself so i can get the boy
but im looking at it and im like
isnt this really fucked up

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Who buys the groceries & who cleans the house to make the other happy after a hard day at work.

out of lucaya, lucas definitely buys the groceries bc if it were up to maya they’d be eating ramen every night and lucas wants nothing to do with that so he’d take her grocery shopping and try to teach her about all of the healthy foods and then they’d take cooking classes together so lucas wouldn’t be the one cooking every night (bc u know he lowkey would be great at cooking) but then she’d still hoard her ramen and eat it when he wasnt home. lucas would clean normally because he is the king of domestic living but if he had a really hard day and like texted maya about it or called her and was clearly irritable she would try so hard to clean and make every thing look nice because “i love you” isnt the only way to say “i love you” :)))))))))))

out of riarkle, riley buys the groceries because she loves going into the flower section of the grocery store on her way in and out and farkle always gets the wrong fruit snacks ://// and farkle would normally clean bc he likes everything to be at lab specifications so whenever farkle would come home on a day he had a stressful meeting or whatever riley would spend the whole day tidying up

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randy is licensed to do botox and Juvéderm it says so on the list of treatments on his dental websites and yes i agree they are all adults but i do think its ridiculous that a man would do that to his own young daughters and again arnt they ment to be 'teen moms' the whole show is a joke but the show aside it is up to them and at least she isnt pretending she isnt getting it as ridiculous as it is lets hope she doesnt look like farrah by next year

I don’t think it’s a big deal. She is young and probably doesn’t really need it but to each their own. I feel the same though - I hope she doesn’t go too far and ruin her looks like Farrah did.

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i just checked and he really did bring the homewrecker to the premiere

Link me a pic of this bitch, even if she might not really be the side hoe– I still don’t like her personal assistant ass lmao



Edit #2:

WAIT, lmao false alarm that’s not her. She might be the nanny for the kids actually she looks familiar.

actually tbh i think if kristi was bi/pan (or even lesbian – id be into lesbian kristi too tbh), shed be either really closeted or in denial about it. her family just seems like the type that wouldnt be the supportive type, and that kristi would be very insecure about noticing other girls in a way that isnt just “i want to look like them” and constantly be battling in her head like “no, that wasnt inappropriate, i was just comparing…” or “i cant be gay, im a christian!” and that, perhaps, if kristi was bi/pan, that she doesnt know that those terms exist until much later and when she finds them it makes her heart go a little quieter and her eyes widen because “oh my gosh, it’s me.”

i also think that, in terms of kristi exploring orientation and finding that she actually really likes girls a lot, natalie subconsciously seems like a good source of experimentation, and that she seems like a very open girl who would trust and talk with kristi if kristi maybe-sort-of-happenedtohaveacrush, because nat loves everybody! and even if natalie isnt into her, i feel like kristi would feel a little safer exploring her own mind with natalie around, and itd create a good bonding experience for the girls, whether platonically or romantically

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this ep showed how effed up halime is.. so they gave her a desicion: they kill/hurt dilruba or mustafa gives up his throne and they are all forgiven and go in exile. & then halime chooses the throne over dilruba and orders exeution of the sehzades. even davut told her that "dilruba is your daughter" and she said "mustafa is my son" like ?? mustafa isnt going to get killed hes just going to give up his throne. does she care about power that much??

O M G  it’s looks like she really does. 

Urban Dictionary

Note: I honestly almost forgot about this 😂 I wrote it so long ago. This isn’t really meant to be taken seriously just some Mukami bride crack @mysweetdiaboliklover and I came up with a long time ago. THIS IS TOTALLY CRACK I SWEAR MIZUKI ISNT LIKE THIS!!! On another note, please enjoy!❤️

Mizuki rushed up to her room and quickly threw her school bag onto her bed. All her notebooks and papers flew out as she frantically looked for her history notebook. Then Mizuki pulled out her laptop and started typing. She had a ten page essay to write about the history and origin of the Puritan religion. Mizuki sat at her desk waiting for inspiration to hit her so she could type away. She stared at the blank document before her.

“Uwaaahh why did I wait so last minute for this essay?” She whined.

She decided to kill a bit of time by doing more research. However, instead of searching through her topic she started googling different manga series she was interested in looking into. While she couldn’t think of anymore mangas she took the time to type her name into the search bar and see what came up. She saw the usual “Beautiful Moon” definition but another website caught her attention. Urban Dictionary it read. She clicked the link to that website and typed in her name once more and up came a definition she’d never heard for her name before.

“Mizuki: A sexy sexy Japanese girl who can, without trying, being the coolest, hottest, smartest, and funniest FEMALE on the planet. Males are on a completely different, higher, level.”

Mizuki couldn’t help but burst into laughter. While she was quite flattered at the definition, she thought it was exaggerating. She quickly peeked out to the hallway and called for Akane.

“AKANEEE!!!” she shrieked, still giggling.
“Ah! Coming Mizuki-chan!!” Akane called back.

As soon as she heard Akane’s light footsteps walking through the hallway she ran back to her computer chair and waited patiently for her friend.

“Mizuki-chan, shouldn’t you be working on your essay?” Akane said ask she came into the room.

“Ah I am but quick come look at this!” Mizuki said excitedly. Akane scanned the computer screen reading the definition however just as she was about to respond to it Ruki showed up standing at Mizuki’s bedroom door.

“Livestock, what trivial things are you wasting your time on now? Have you forgotten you are here to serve your master?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“R-ruki-kun!! My apologies, but Mizuki-chan called me to her room to read this-”

“Ruki!!! Haha come read this!!” Mizuki interrupted with amusement plastered all over her face.

Ruki sighed hesitantly but walked over regardless. He scanned over the computer screen just as Akane did previously, however both Akane and Mizuki watched as his face contorted to confusion and slight disgust. He rubbed his temples trying to process what he had just read while Mizuki stifled a laugh.

“This looks like something only Yuma could ever say about you” Ruki finally said.

“Hey!!” Mizuki protested.

“True” Akane agreed. “This has Yuma written all over it”

“HEY!!” Mizuki protested again pouting.
“Other people totally find me hot, funny, smart, and sexy!!”

“Mizuki, you have the body of a 12 year old child.”

“Not even!! I’ll have you know I am a C-cup!” Mizuki stated pouting once more.

“Regardless, the only person who would ever find you attractive, smart or funny is Yuma” Ruki stated bluntly.

“NANI!?! Tch fine, I’ll call Yuma in and we’ll ask him ourselves if he came up with this definition” Mizuki scowled.

“YUUUUUUMAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” Mizuki screamed from her bedroom. “YU-”

“I heard ya the first time Sow, damnit!!” Yuma called back from the hallway. He walked in to her room slightly irritated but curious as to what Mizuki wanted.

As soon as she saw Yuma she ran to him complaining about Ruki and Akane bullying her.

“Geez Sow just tell me what you want already.” He sighed.

“Oh that’s right. Yuma-kun, come read this!” She motioned towards the computer screen. “Tell us if you’re the one who wrote this or not!”

Yuma complied without much complaining. After reading the definition he howled with laughter. “HAHAHAHAHAHA SHIT”
“Well whoever wrote this wasn’t wrong” he grinned holding Mizuki close and casually slapping her butt.

“YUMA!!!!” Mizuki shrieked. Her cheeks grew slightly red embarrassed of his behavior in front of Ruki and Akane.

“See guys!! I told you guys others would think of me that way!!” Mizuki stated satisfied. “Anyways, since we’re all here, let’s look up Akane’s next!!!” She added enthusiastically.

They all grouped together in front of the computer as Mizuki typed “Akane” into the search bar.

“Akane: 1) leads you to seeing naked girls on google images when u type in Akane
2) Akane the sweet, hot and sexy orange-haired girl from Hentai series. She is raped by men, women, or aliens. Her physical form is like Saki from Capcom.”

All their faces were left blank as they stared at the computer screen. Akane’s face slowly grew more and more red until she resembled one of Yuma’s tomatoes.

“..I’m not typing it in on Google images…” Mizuki said finally breaking the silence.

“What the fuck..” Yuma whispered with a confused look on his face.

“Livestock, I think this deserves punishment” Ruki said, turning to an already flustered Akane. He grabbed a shameful Akane & hastily left Mizuki’s room.

“Uhh Sow I gotta go now. I still have a lot of work to do on the garden I left behind before coming here. I’ll be back as soon as I’m finished.” Yuma said as he awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

Mizuki sighed as she turned back to her computer screen, alone in her room once more. Once again she found herself bored…until it finally hit her she needed to finish that report.

“AHHHH MY ESSAY!!!!” She screamed.
“UWAAAAAH HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS!?” She whined to herself as she finally got started.

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i used to love Chelsea but this season she really irritating me shes coming across and shallow and annoying. not sure if its just MTV trying to make her seem not like the 'golden child' i feel leah is getting the best 'edit' as shes isnt nodding off or looking a mess like last season i think mtv make it look whatever way they want they feel like it. as for jenelle yeah love your looking so much better this season doing so much better, no its not the edit they cant edit things in that dont happen

My opinions of the moms haven’t changed at all this season really.

My step mom called me out of my room with the wrong name sk I purposefully took my time to get up. She called me again as I was walking out and asked what I was doing. I said watching parks and rec and she says “Are you really still feeling that sick??? Do you need to see a doctor” like she was accusing me of making myself have a cold even though it isnt affecting anything since im on vacation. I said no im probably going to clear up soon im just conjusted and she gives me this accusatory look like im bullshitting her and like im faking being sick even tho I dont have a reason to be at all, since its not getting me out of amy work or responsibilities
She always does this shit when something else is irritating her. She passively takes it out on me any way she can because she knowns I wont fight her back since I dont believe in starting shit with the person who pays for my food

A few days ago we got our car drawing back that needed to have a 6 words related to the car and i did a more simple/minimal thing still hited what was needed while i friend of my mine did it focused on a couple in the grass with a car and the text repeated 1/3 of the paper while I had it written once and the other girl who sat with us in another class said i should have gotten a lower grade because it wasn’t as detailed as hers like??? busy =/= good

just because mine isnt busy af doesnt make it bad or worse because i dont have an anime couple on it it really pissed me off that she slaps some fish eyed anime girl on it becomes the best thing ever like every teacher praises her for it while i i mean mine isnt the best but at least it looks fucking different and diverse she draws the same thin anime girl like what about chub or a black girl or latina girl idk it just makes me mad when i draw and everyone in class puts in 2 cents while she just gets endless praise

Jagged Edges

Jagged Edges by underkelsierwetrust (aka Balerion on AO3)

Part Nine

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: JamesxSeverus

Soulmates AU featuring snames (aka james potter x severus snape) Going with the fun little soul marks trope, that soulmates have matching marks they’re born with.

Written just for fun and the snames could be unrequited, platonic or romantic, still haven’t really decided. I like to toy with the idea of platonic soulmates, because romantic love isnt the only way people could love each other. I guess it’s really up for my inspiration.

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Well nobody else of course can decide for you if it's worth it. I personally think they look beautiful on you. But if you have serious problems with dragging them around and feel like they limit your life, go for it. But why she isnt happy with the surgery is because afterwards, she felt it weren't her boobs anymore. The look, the feel. Yes they did made life easier for her back. But she felt sexier when she still had big tits and is seriously considering of making them bigger again.

Sorry I took so long to reply I’ve been kinda looking at it then back and forth and I wanna say thank you, I really do understand that, I think that’s what I’m worried about too, but on the other hand I have large trust issues on the fact I’m pretty sure I’m only liked for my boobs so it makes me very self conscious, I didn’t even wear tight fitting tops till last year at 19 and even then I was super self conscious. But the main main reason I am truly considering it is because I have struggling with really bad back pain for about 6 years now and it only seems to be getting worse :/ so I’ve decided I’m going to speak to my dr about it to see what they say I mean I know the risks but if it’s becoming a seriously health problem which is what I’m worried about then I would wan to do something about it now (: