can you believe the same people in the taylor swift fandom calling kanye west the donald trump of music avidly support calvin harris, who has nasty receipts just like kanye does? kanye west is terrible but if you’re going to preach about how disgusting one is, don’t ignore and excuse the nastiness of the other on the daily.


Nami’s silent panels from the first 100 chapters.

I don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but every time I reread One Piece I keep noticing that Nami has a lot of panels dedicated to her not saying anything while putting an emphasis on her expression, usually in scenes where she’s not involved but clearly has thoughts on what’s going on. She does have moments where her thoughts are expressed in those light bubbles but these always caught my eye. They’re interesting to me because One Piece chapters are usually filled to the brim with dialogue, that Oda would sacrifice a panel just to show Nami’s expression during a scene (and it’s just her too, no one else). Sure, other characters had these sorts of panels but Nami’s were the most frequent.

Morning Coffee and Bunny Ears

Kaidan Appreciation Week, Day 3: Family

The soft whisper of tiny feet padding very carefully along the floor woke Kaidan up, and he opened his eyes to a darkened room, the barest hint of light filtering along the edges of the curtains. He very carefully rolled over so as not to give himself away to face Olivia, and found her eyes open as well. A little smile on her lips as their daughter attempted to sneak into their room.

A mess of curls slipped along the edge of the bed, barely visible over his wife’s shoulder. They came to a stop just short of the nightstand.

Isabel stood there, silent, and when Olivia looked almost like she was about to laugh, he pressed his finger against his lips and mouthed, Be quiet!

Olivia’s eyes crinkled with barely restrained laughter.

Both of them stilled at the sound of a cup sliding onto a table, followed seconds later by retreating feet. Once the coast was clear, Kaidan propped himself up enough to peer over Olivia as she rolled over to get a look, too. A coffee cup, filled to the brim, sat on her nightstand.

“How full is it?” Olivia whispered.

He glanced down at her, a smile on his lips. “Very.”

She poked him in the ribs and mouthed, Get down! just as the sound of tiny feet returned in the hallway. He collapsed on top of her, wriggling until they might conceivably appear as if they were still asleep - until he remembered the investigating party could barely see over the edge of the bed.

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We need to talk about this because like
When you’re five years old, that’s pretty damn impressive.
I mean, I’m sure Dipper knew how to spell his own name so he didn’t tell her how, and their parents definitely didn’t either
Mabel sounded that out. Sure it’s not spelt right, but she had the right idea, and she clearly figured it out herself

The Zen of Jett, Week 36

Life is hard. We all know this. Even puppies know this, and their main jobs are to eat and poop. It’s a dark lonely road we walk, with only our wits to guide us. Jett understands, and she’s here to help. Every Friday, Jett will share with you her wisdom in your neverending lifequest for inner peace and fulfillment. This is The Zen of Jett.

Shit Aph Belarus Does #73

Goes out and enjoys the nightlife of the different nations every time she goes to a world meeting. She really loves to party.

Another day another elfy skin tone practice!
Now with pores!
Or some hella fine shimmer lotion, whichever narrative floats your boat.

Emily's new show

So Emily has been cast on a pilot. I’m happy we’ll get to see her on our screens again. This is, however, a pretty big blow to TD. At least for me it is. I’m going to hold out for Beth until the season finale, but assume if she doesn’t show up by then she’s never going to. It’s sad to think a show could screw up as much as it did with Beth’s death. It’s certainly was the most poorly made decisions/story/special effects I’ve ever seen on a TV show. Beth Greene will always be alive in my book.