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Pinocchio, Yoon Yoo Rae & Hwang Gyo Dong (Cap), What are you doing to me Thanks! I look forward to this round of request so much ^^

what are you doing to me?

“Yoon Yoo Rae!” Cap’s voice barked out over the newsroom and she tried not to wince. She rose to her feet and picked up her phone to stick in her pocket. She bent over and looked at Ha-Myung with a bit of desperation.

“Call me pretending to be a source if I’m not back in five minutes.”

Ha-Myung nodded solemnly and looked faintly concerned. “Is this about your section interview?”

“I didn’t tell him.”

“Cap is going to kill you.”

“Hence the phone call in five minutes.” She patted him on the shoulder before making her way back to Cap’s office. Yoo-Rae kept her eyes wide and her expression innocent when she closed the door. She snapped a perfect salute. “Yes, Cap!”

He was not amused and she struggled not to grin. “Why is the director over the entertainment division calling me about you? She said you interviewed with her for the open reporter position on her team.”

“One of her very nice ladies is going on maternity leave. They need the position filled while she’s gone. I like entertainment news so I offered to transfer. We did the interview over dinner last night. Did you know, I might get to interview all sorts of celebrities? She says I have the right look.”

“You…” His face was turning very red. “I’m denying the transfer.”

“Why?” Yoo-Rae tilted her head and prepared to show it what it was like to be on the other end of her questioning. She was better at this than Ha-Myung. He’d be better if he took cues from his wife. Choi In-Ha was really good at interrogation flow.

“I need you here.”

“No, you don’t. If you needed me, you would treat me better. You would choose my items. You would stop giving my items to Ha-Myung when you do choose them. It’s been like that for two years.”

He gaped at her. She smiled sweetly back. “Do you have no loyalty?”

Her smile faded and she let her arms fall to her sides. It turned out she didn’t need Ha-Myung to fake a call for her. It was time to walk out. “Do you even know who you’re talking to?”

She got to the door when he blurted. “I like you.”

Yoo-Rae paused with her hand against the door, ready to push it open. She half turned and wondered if she looked as confused as she felt. She’d suspected of course. He’d helped her sleep off way too much alcohol in the reporter room on several occasions. She was adorable and quirky and even though he refused to acknowledge it, she was incredibly good at her job.

He just yelled at her a lot.

None of her favs ever yelled at her. It was annoying and she didn’t like it. He would have to stop that if he liked her.

“You don’t even know what it means to like someone like me.” She crossed her arms under her chest and gave him all of her attention. “Do you think being sasaeng just disappears overnight? Do you know what could happen if I liked you back?”

“Yoon Yoo-Rae—“

“Agree to the transfer.” She walked out.

i seriously wonder why i don’t keep a camera handy at all times while i’m with my mom

we’re about to make chocolates and who knows what might happen

a couple years ago we were making chocolates and she dropped 2 trays of unset chocolates while she was trying to put them in the fridge freezer. melted chocolate dripping all down the front of the fridge and on the floor. why did i not take a picture?

or like the time she dropped the jar of miracle whip on the floor in the kitchen and a huge glob flew up and got stuck on the ceiling

or like yesterday when we were going for coffee before i went to work and the alternator on her car died right when we were in the middle of the intersection

why don’t i take more photos!!!?

Hotel was looking good until the news of Emma returning and having a thing with Evan was revealed. Are you stupid, Ryan? Or are you stupid? Their on screen chemistry is more stale than a moldy piece of bread. Emma has her own show, she doesn’t need to be in on Hotel too. Especially since she doesn’t have a relationship with Evan anymore.

Dumbest fucking move to date.

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"A great thing" doesn't necessarily mean that the two of them will be in a relationship again, in past seasons Emma's character got killed off and Evan ended up with someone else. Maybe their characters will be enemies in this season. It's still shitty that he might end up having to work with his abuser again but there's no guarantee it'll be a shitty love plot yet.

Yeah I know.

It’s beside the point though. If this is confirmed, then Ryan is a fucking idiot. Doesn’t really matter if they’re love interests or not.

She has her own fucking show. She really does not need to ruin ahs again with her generic brand acting.

[ billie badcock ]  voted most likely to be able to survive on a deserted island. cool cat who’s really into the jazz scene but she can’t play or sing or dance for shit so she just watches with a big smile on her face. the youngest of three. her family owns a diner in town where they’re famous for coleslaw between the oldies. just graduated high school and is taking a year off. it’s not that she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, it’s just that there’s too many things she does want to do. she’s got a mind for business. future entrepreneur etc. she’s a bit machiavellian. like chaos and getting people in trouble. 

[ haya al-masri ] jewish mum, muslim dad, five siblings, all who have a perfected ‘i don’t fuck with you’ facial expression. is under the impression that she needs to have her own reality t.v show because her household is out of line. literally fight her. she’s queen of arguing. is aggressive about everything. drink some fucking water. martha stewart if martha had anger issues. has a journal where she writes everything down. wears pearls. tupperware containers are your friends. 

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emojellal, stingsglowingdick, and blackholenipples (btw wendy-is-adorable was minnies old blog my dear, she deleted it last night though)


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What I think about their blog: ALL MIGHTY HOLE QUEEN BOW DOWN TO THEE. GOD BLESS MY DADDY. MY OTHER NALU BUDDY. Really great person I love her!!! she’s really fun and nice to talk to ;v; YOUR NEW THEME IS RRLY COOL ROSE.


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What I think about their blog:  ALL HAIL THE GLOWING DONGER GOD BLESS. Michaella is one of the smarts people of the squad. We’re all loosers compared to her mightyness-ess ness yeh. She needs her own TV show ASAP.


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I did the whole squad except for tin can. FRICK U TIN TIN. NO BOYS ALLOWED.