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Pinocchio, Yoon Yoo Rae & Hwang Gyo Dong (Cap), What are you doing to me Thanks! I look forward to this round of request so much ^^

what are you doing to me?

“Yoon Yoo Rae!” Cap’s voice barked out over the newsroom and she tried not to wince. She rose to her feet and picked up her phone to stick in her pocket. She bent over and looked at Ha-Myung with a bit of desperation.

“Call me pretending to be a source if I’m not back in five minutes.”

Ha-Myung nodded solemnly and looked faintly concerned. “Is this about your section interview?”

“I didn’t tell him.”

“Cap is going to kill you.”

“Hence the phone call in five minutes.” She patted him on the shoulder before making her way back to Cap’s office. Yoo-Rae kept her eyes wide and her expression innocent when she closed the door. She snapped a perfect salute. “Yes, Cap!”

He was not amused and she struggled not to grin. “Why is the director over the entertainment division calling me about you? She said you interviewed with her for the open reporter position on her team.”

“One of her very nice ladies is going on maternity leave. They need the position filled while she’s gone. I like entertainment news so I offered to transfer. We did the interview over dinner last night. Did you know, I might get to interview all sorts of celebrities? She says I have the right look.”

“You…” His face was turning very red. “I’m denying the transfer.”

“Why?” Yoo-Rae tilted her head and prepared to show it what it was like to be on the other end of her questioning. She was better at this than Ha-Myung. He’d be better if he took cues from his wife. Choi In-Ha was really good at interrogation flow.

“I need you here.”

“No, you don’t. If you needed me, you would treat me better. You would choose my items. You would stop giving my items to Ha-Myung when you do choose them. It’s been like that for two years.”

He gaped at her. She smiled sweetly back. “Do you have no loyalty?”

Her smile faded and she let her arms fall to her sides. It turned out she didn’t need Ha-Myung to fake a call for her. It was time to walk out. “Do you even know who you’re talking to?”

She got to the door when he blurted. “I like you.”

Yoo-Rae paused with her hand against the door, ready to push it open. She half turned and wondered if she looked as confused as she felt. She’d suspected of course. He’d helped her sleep off way too much alcohol in the reporter room on several occasions. She was adorable and quirky and even though he refused to acknowledge it, she was incredibly good at her job.

He just yelled at her a lot.

None of her favs ever yelled at her. It was annoying and she didn’t like it. He would have to stop that if he liked her.

“You don’t even know what it means to like someone like me.” She crossed her arms under her chest and gave him all of her attention. “Do you think being sasaeng just disappears overnight? Do you know what could happen if I liked you back?”

“Yoon Yoo-Rae—“

“Agree to the transfer.” She walked out.


hit the stage epidose 5 . i’ve been hearing hateful comments about bora since the start of ‘ alone ‘ era and i can’t even tell how many times i prayed for her shining days to come. finally, she’s showing her passionate side as a dancer and - most o all - she’s proving to everyone the talent she’s been hiding because of her company’s cheapness. i can’t help but being proud of her way of affording this show. she performed only two times but the fact that really matters is that so far she didn’t go on stage with a whole crew. she danced with a partner only. that’s something i need to emphasize. showing off what she can do on her own is what really matters, to her. also, she’s bringing out a unique style.  i think tap dance requires a really good tecnique and a lot of practice since being perfectly in sync with your partnner is hard. she really did her best and i’m sure receiving a 10 out of 10 score from the judges filled her heart with happiness, even if the audience didn’t make her win, it doesn’t matter at all. she seems to have enjoyed this stage! we can see it in her eyes. we can tell from her smiling face that she’s proud of herself. and i am, too.


In honor of all the Dominator fan art that’s already appearing, I thought I’d post her theme.  You know, so you have something to listen to while drawing her.

Craig and I started talking about her music well before season 2 began.  Since she’s such a big part of the season, she needed her own sound.  Craig showed me some art, described what she’s all about, and suggested her theme have an industrial feel to match her big scary lava suit and robot army.  And as with everything about Dominator, we wanted her music to be WAY tougher and more menacing than Hater’s music.

Here’s the original theme demo I worked up, which we used pretty much unchanged all over The Greater Hater.  Enjoy!

-Andy Bean

P.S. There is a more playful variation on this that plays when she’s not in her suit.  You’ll be hearing more of that as the season progresses!

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After rewatching Couch Steven, it occurs to me that it might be really painful for Sugilite to be Sugilite. 

I find it relevant that Sugilite starts her fight with Pearl by saying “I’m bored.” I don’t think Sugilite is mad at Pearl. Pearl, after all, did pretty much nothing to her. I think Sugilite really needed something to hit, and Pearl was there. Sugilite doesn’t seem casually bored, but really desperate to have something outside of herself to focus on. She needs that adrenaline to live with her own head.
Two lines in the show stick out: the fact that Pearl apologizes to Amethyst and Garnet for not being able to protect them, and the fact that Garnet, once separated, explains her inability to move with “Sugilite just overworked our bodies.” Not “that punch hurt,” but that Sugilite herself was exerting so much energy she was destroying Amethyst and Garnet inside of her. Sugilite was so desperate to distract herself from her mind that she was willing to trade “boredom” for adrenaline intense enough to kill her. 

If Sugilite is so painful, why is she so determined to remain herself? A lot of theories I’ve heard focus an Amethyst, and the fact that she’s thoroughly attached to the new-found self-confidence and power. I think that this is really valid, but I also don’t think it’s the whole story. I want to talk about why Garnet might be so attached to Sugilite.

Garnet is very attached to goals she can achieve and easily see results to, to the point that she can easily become addicted to them (Arcade Mania, anyone?). As powerful as Garnet looks to others, she is very aware of how helpless she is. Garnet has future vision; she frequently sees bad things she knows nothing she does can prevent, and bad things that rely on the actions and decisions of others. She needs to be patient, and responsible, all the time, in order to get the best results, and even then, she is not sure things she cares about will be safe.

Garnet wants Steven to grow up into a strong person, but she knows that this requires Steven to learn how to make decisions, and for Steven to choose to become this. No matter what Garnet does or what Garnet wants, she is fully aware of the fact that Steven’s development is largely in the hands of Steven. In fact, one of the things that’s so frightening about Future Vision is that Garnet sees multiple ways Steven can die in normal, everyday circumstances. How often do you think Garnet sees Steven dying in circumstances where there is actually danger, like in gem missions? Even though Garnet is very concerned about Steven and who Steven becomes, she has to be patient, she has to accept that there is risk.

While Garnet wants to protect the Earth, she knows gem missions are dealing with the problem in small pieces. When she goes on a mission, she knows that there is still danger in other parts of the world, that there will be more danger later. She knows that people will not thank her. She knows that her energy is only making small differences, and that she may never actually help the Earth to the extent she wants to; that homeworld might come back and destroy everything she’s worked for. She has to be patient, she has to accept that there is risk.

Garnet knows that helping in the wrong way could make the situation much worse. When Garnet is aggressive to potentially good characters (Lapis, centipeedle), or hides things from Steven, I think she knows that she is doing something morally questionable. But what else is she supposed to do? What if Steven got hurt? She has to do things she thinks are bad because the alternative outcome might be so much worse.

But when Garnet is Sugilite, she doesn’t have to be patient. She doesn’t have to hope things turn out okay, she doesn’t have to ignore things she wants to make better. If something is in her way, she can just punch it. And it will fall down, immediately. She can finally do something. And I think that this is exceedingly incentivizing for her, in the same way videogames are.

Here’s the thing, though: when you’re Sugilite, you have to be doing something all the time, or else you start to remember. You remember all of the problems you can’t fix with punches, you remember that your actions have consequences beyond yourself. You remember Steven, and how much you care not only about his safety, but that he can grow up into a good person. And I think this is why Sugilite exerts so much energy to distract herself. Garnet and Amethyst’s concern for Steven is still in there, it just hurts like hell. Sugilite can offer a way to get away from this pain, although an exceptionally dangerous one. I think this is why Sugilite is so afraid to split up; she can still feel that pain, what it’s like to not be distracted, and she doesn’t want to be in a situation where she can’t get away from that anymore.

Why I will always stan for Fitz

Fitz could have let all the pain and hurt Olivia Pope has cause him cloud his judgement make him unsympathetic to her but he didn’t. He did what he always do put her needs above his own show her love and compassion when she needed. Fitz isn’t perfect but he is the only true man on that show.

“The book I just started is Atonement by Ian McEwan. One moment early on in the book struck a chord with me and has been sticking with me through the last couple days as I warm up and perform each night.  I thought I would pass this moment of the book on to you other actors and artists and lovers of stories and theatre needing some inspiration to keep creating and watching and listening and singing.  Enjoy!” 

‘She need not judge.  There did not have to be a moral.  She need only show separate minds, as alive as her own, struggling with the idea that other minds were equally alive.  It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding; above all, it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you.  And only in a story could  you enter these  different minds and show how they had an equal value.  That was the only moral a story need have.’

Unscripted by Emily Kinney - January 13, 2010.