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hey soren what do you love abt oboro also whos your least fave fates character and why

she’s so much more three-dimensional than most characters! she’s well-rounded, badass, but empathetic and kind despite her ptsd regarding nohrians (look up her Beruka supports, they’re great) and her design is fantastic. Plus it’s a bonus that she came in one of my favorite class lines and her animations/lines are excellent too.

least favorite fates character is probably… Ryoma because of one particular idiot on the fire emblem subreddit who keeps insisting he’s gods gift to everyone despite being a pretty boring and sometimes outright dickish character. Even among the messy fates writing I think he’s a standout for ‘wtf is this’

k i loved Zootopia but can we maaaybe talk about the motherclucking designs in the Kung Fu Panda series, particularly the women? specifically tigress???

Like she totally reads as feminine and elegant but at the same time she’s completely buff and animal-shaped like the rest of the characters there aint a tiger titty or Fluff Cleavage™ in sight

And thats how the rest of the animals are treated too?! like the females and males of every species are pretty much shaped the same, besides the peacocks who obviously have males and females looking different. and then the third movie comes out and we’re treated to MEI MEI

she’s this crazy panda lady ribbon dancer who legit things she’s the hottest shit on planet earth and she is a total badass once she figures out how to use nunchucks. and like theres just so many beautiful and diverse designs for all these characters and I kinda feel like too many people praise this franchise just for its comedy when its got some killer artistry behind it as well. 

I’m so in love with the badass, highly trained Rey, who still scavenges. But instead of scrap metal and parts it’s beautiful, colorful things that are red and orange and green because she never saw those on Jakkuu.
So, sometimes this highly trained Jedi who takes down villains left and right comes up to Poe or Finn and is like ‘look what I got u’ and puts something in their hands and they’re like 'Rey, it’s a rock’ and she smiles at them and just says 'yes but it’s a pretty rock. It matches ur jacket.’ and just walks away.
I live for that Rey

AU where Fareeha and Angela live next to each other in an apartment complex and one day it snows pretty heavily.

So Fareeha’s getting home from work and walking to her apartment and she’s following footprints left in the snow by someone else in the complex on the way to her apartment (in the back of the complex where only she and Angela’s apartments are) and because Fareeha really only looks like a badass stoic soldier, she’s kind of being a dork and stepping in the other person’s tracks and kind of chuckling or whatever.

She gets to where they deviate toward Angela’s door and looks up. And Angela’s just kind of standing outside with a mug of hot chocolate or maybe coffee having clearly caught Fareeha being a dork and laughing a little behind a hand.

And that’s when Fareeha, embarrassed and covered in snow, first introduces herself.

They’ve probably been living next to each other for a solid year at this point.


I was tagged by @xlea-vx to make my aesthetic. Thank you! ^_^ This game looked so interesting that I couldn’t wait to get home and make the graphic. ^_^

Then halfway through I saw another post and realized I was supposed to use pictures I had already saved on my device, so I made another one. :D Let’s just say the first picture represents all the things I love and/or dream about and the second one represents the lack of non-meme pictures I have on my PC. :D

So yeah. ^^

I’m gonna tag @magerain, @asrainoyume, @miscellaneousramblings, @faelise, @kamiiyamas, @moonlustelara, @ilovethefuckinganime, @papalogia, @chiyala, @natsuh and anyone else who want to do it. ^^ I’m really looking forward to seeing your posts, but of course, don’t do it if you don’t want to!

#1.“She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

Once Upon A Time: Will Scarlet

“Quite a lady, isn’t she?” Hook said downing his beer and nudging Will Scarlet.

“She’s bloody perfect,” Will Scarlet took a shot and wiped his mouth.

You were all at Granny’s diner celebrating the defeat of the snow queen.

You were at a table laughing along with Emma and Belle. “Y/N, Will has been looking this way ever since we got here,” Belle whispered.

“Really? God the back of my head must be so unattractive,“ You shake your head and laugh.

Hook orders another drink. "Y/N is a badass. It’s like she’s not afraid of anything, never seen someone with so much strength,”

You leave the table to get another root beer, when you overhear Will and Hooks conversation.

“How well do you know Y/N?” Will glances at you.

“Pretty well. We have had our fair share of adventures and let me tell you this. She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive,”

“Sounds like me dream girl,”

“I am?” You slipped up and panicked.

“Well how about you take out ‘your dream girl’ on a date and actually find out,”

“Are you asking me out?” Will puts on arm on the back of his chair and faces you.

“Of course not. That’s your job,” You get your root beer and leave with a little sway in your hips.

Will scoffs, confused at what just happened. “Like I said she’s bloody perfect,”

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Send in a # from 1-100, the fandom you want, and the person

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Wait why are there GOOD 3d models for Nicole and Bunny…did Sega finally realize people love the characters in the Archie comics?Or are they just awesome fan done ones…I just want Sally in a game so bad, and to play as Bunnie cause she’s so fucking badass and strong and gdi I want the awesome characters from the comics to be in a game so bad, even if it’s a more broken game than sonic boom I would buy it and play the shit out of it.

those are 3d models @rafaknight-rk did for Archie Comics..

hehe i know they happend to look pretty official eh? she’s excelent 3d artist  but these are just for comic covers and such, not for official games..

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Feel free to not answer this. But I'm rewatching season 3, and that scene at the end of 3x03 REALLY bothers me. The one where Bellamy tells Clarke that she should come back to her people and L butts in and pulls that ambassador shit out of her ass (because imo, KANE should have been their ambassador. Not Clarke, she hadn't even been around her people for 3 months). It was like L was consciously trying to keep C & B apart and that really bothered me. Bellamy looked pretty pissed himself at L


L was jealous of Bellamy even though they were decidedly not romantic at all. She made a point of clarifying Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy way back in season 2, didn’t she. Clarke said he was just one of her people, didn’t she? No one special. Right? Never mind that L could see that Clarke cared more and worried more for Bellamy than anyone else. That was the panic you see in L’s eyes when he comes in. Her quick look at Clarke when she realizes Bellamy has come for Clarke. 

You see, Clarke was hers. She went out got her, she took her, she won her. She kept her safe. Clarke was hers. Wanheda was HERS. Her trophy. She kept her to show the coalition leaders and Azgeda that L could control the commander of death. She wanted Clarke. And she wanted Clarke to want HER.

She kept saying she was free, but there was always something getting in the way of Clarke leaving and she just HAD to stay. For her people, you see. Because otherwise they would die, you see. Kane would have been a much better ambassador, all the way around. So why did Clarke need to stay instead?

Very suspicious from the beginning. But, hey. 

That’s love, right?

The Flowers in James's Ribs

A/N :  Mentions suicide so if that isn’t your thing then the next thing will be happier, promise. For  @picassowasblue because she likes badass Lily as much as me  ///

Eliza Potter is not stupid.

She’s almost seven now, and can put the bread in the toaster without Sirius picking her up, so she can see that James is friends with the pretty new neighbour. 

And she is pretty, as in, interesting pretty. Like she looks like she could punch someone in the mouth, which Eliza actually saw her do one time to Jimmy Ogden during school when he told her to turn around for him. Eliza isn’t scared of her though, because once she fell over when she was riding her bike on the sidewalk outside the house and the pretty girl ran over and helped her up. The girl said that her name was Lily and helped Eliza inside. James smiled when she opened the door even though Eliza’s knee was bleeding into her sock.

James smiles a lot when she’s around, Eliza’s noticed. She tells Lizzy, her best friend, and Lizzy snorts, and says seventeen year old boys don’t smile a lot. And Lizzy would know, she has twin brothers who are seventeen and is the only one in the class who has a raincoat without any mud on it. Lizzy just understands these things. But James really does smile a lot when the girl- Lily- is around. Like when he was mowing the lawn and she waved at him from where she was picking flowers in her yard. James nearly took his foot off when he tried to wave back and Eliza remembers Mummy yelling at him to watch her flippin’ hydrangeas.

But Lily really is nice, plus she has cool hair. Eliza once asked who poured all of that red paint on her head and Lily laughed while James glared and told her not to be such a nerd. But it really did look like paint on Lily’s head, and when she told Eliza that it was just how her hair was. Eliza got annoyed; because she wanted hair that looked like blood so that she could scare sway stupid Fabian Weasley who keeps staring at her in class. Lily laughed again and said that she liked Eliza’s black hair, that black hair was really cool. James smiled really hard when she said that.

Lily is painting her fence on Saturday and James gets out of bed at nine in the morning (he never gets up that early, not even for cartoons) to help her. Eliza brings them sandwiches that she made herself and when she walks over James is talking, “…Yeah but that technically didn’t count as a suspension because Mum never found out about it, she would have fucking shot me if- oh, hi, ‘Liza”. Lily is grinning when Eliza hands her the pickle and jam sandwich. If she really thinks about it, Lily smiles a lot when James is around too. 

Lily also has a sister, but Eliza doesn’t like her at all, because she yells at her when she’s riding her bike on the road and she made Lily cry that one time, when they were outside and the mean sister said that she hated her. Lily cried and Eliza wanted to hit the other girl, because she didn’t have nice red hair or pretty eyes and she hurt Lily. But she didn’t, because mum said she shouldn’t eavesdrop anymore and she was meant to be practising her printing.

But she can tell Sirius about Lily, because Sirius is the best at listening and he likes her pickle and jam sandwiches. Sirius grins so big his face might fall off and says he won’t tell anyone, but she hears him teasing James about it later. Oh well, James deserved it. He called her a nerd.

Lily comes over a lot more now, sitting on the couch watching TV with James and sometimes he even lets Eliza watch with them. Lily leans on James’s knees and Eliza leans on Lily’s knees and it’s like a cool kneeling train. She likes it, because she gets to see James and Lily, who are her favourite people in the whole world. Along with Padfoot, Moony, Wormy and Mummy, of course. Eliza thinks her Dad might have been one of her favourite people to, even though he’s in the ground with the stone on top. Mummy says he was really sad and couldn’t take it anymore. Eliza still doesn’t know what ‘it’ is, but she’s going to find out and punch it, because it makes Mummy sad and James all quiet whenever they talk about Daddy.       

She tells Lily this while she’s waiting for James to get back from Remus’s house and Lily gets really sad, so Eliza tells her not be and gives her a hug, because she doesn’t like it when Lily is sad, it makes her hurt inside.

James comes to her that night and asks if she’s ever sad about Dad, so Lily must have told, but Eliza doesn’t mind because she and James stay up all night talking about him, and Eliza likes that because talking to James is nice. James is her favourite person to talk to ever, she thinks. She tells him so and he hugs her. James is the second best huger, next to Sirius, of course.

She tells Lily this and she says she must test that theory sometime. Eliza doesn’t know what a theory is but she sees Lily hug James a few weeks later after they do their big people school homework in his room. That makes James smile a lot, and he doesn’t even yell at Eliza when she tells him she broke his headphones by accident.

On the day that they always go and visit Daddy’s grave Lily comes with them, Mummy never goes. She just stays in bed and won’t make Eliza breakfast like normal, so James does it. But he’s really quiet and puts too much milk on the cornflakes, so it’s not the same. They borrow Peter’s car because it’s nicer and they drive to the rock in the ground with “ROBERT ELLIOT POTTER’ written on it in big letters. Eliza gets to put the flowers that they brought down, and she arranges them in a smiley face so that maybe, wherever he is, Daddy won’t be so sad anymore. Lily holds James’s hand and Eliza holds Lily’s other hand and it’s like when they kneel on each other on the couch but not fun. Not fun at all.

Lizzy tells her James wants to kiss Lily and Eliza tells her that’s gross, because kissing is yuck and you aren’t allowed to do it until you’re at least twenty-one. That’s what James, Padfoot and Moony all told her. Lizzy tells her she’s just a big baby and Eliza punches her in the mouth just like Lily did to Jimmy Ogden, because Lizzy’s always calling her a baby now and just because she wears a raincoat without mud on it doesn’t mean she’s the queen of the world. And she still doesn’t feel bad about it when she’s sent home early and Mummy yells at her. She tells Lily what Lizzy said and Lily goes really red and mixes up all her words, which is weird because Lily never does that.

One night the phone rings in the middle of the night and Eliza answers, because the phone is on the desk right outside her room and it’s Lily on the other end. She’s crying a lot and tells her to just go get James please and Eliza is really scared because she sounds really sad and what is she’s so sad that she leaves like Daddy. Eliza doesn’t want to see Lily’s name a stone in the ground so she runs to get James really fast. James is mad when she wakes him up but Eliza shoves the phone at him and watches him as he talk to Lily. He says things like, “Calm down” and “I’ll be right there” and then he’s putting on his t-shirt and running for his car. He says he won’t take Eliza and that makes her mad because she wants to see Lily and give her a hug and tell her to not leave, please, because Lily is hers and she loves her a lot. She tells James not to let Lily leave forever and James looks at her real hard and promises he won’t. And then it’s okay, because James doesn’t lie to her, ever. So it’s okay.

Eliza asks Remus why Lily was crying when he comes over the next day because Remus is smart and knows how to explain things so that they make sense, he always helps her with the stupid math homework so he will help her understand why Lily called in the middle of the night. Remus looks at James for a minute and James just gets up and leaves, which is confusing. Remus tells Eliza that Lily had been at a big people party and one of the boys had tried to hurt her, so she called James to come and get her. Eliza asks if James punched they boy and Remus smiles, saying he doesn’t know, but he should have. Remus then makes her promise to tell him or Peter or Sirius or James if a boy ever tries to hurt her and Eliza does, because why wouldn’t she tell? Peter, Remus, Sirius and James are her best friends, even better than Lizzy. Remus hugs her when she tells him this and she hugs him back, because Remus is the third best hugger of all time.

Lily gets a rabbit and Eliza likes to go over and pet him, but when James tries the bunny bites him and Lily laughs so hard that she falls into her pool. She pulls James in by his foot and he yells and gets really wet. Eliza laughs because they’re laughing and then James is pushing Lily’s head under the water and Lily is splashing him and Eliza is grinning and grinning because her older brother is laughing and Lily wasn’t lying about her hair, because the paint doesn’t come out in water so it must be real.

James gets asked by Lily to go to her mean older sister’s wedding and when he leaves in his fancy pants and jacket, Sirius stays and watches cartoons with her. Watching cartoons with Sirius is fun, because he yells funny things at the characters and makes popcorn. Sirius says that James might be in love with Lily. Eliza doesn’t know what that means, because she loves Sirius, so is she in love with him? Sirius laughs and pauses the Power Puff girls. Then he looks at Eliza real hard which means he wants to tell her something really important so she looks back at him and tries to look like she’s listening really hard, because she is.

Sirius says being in love and loving someone isn’t the same, because Sirius loves her but isn’t in love with her. Eliza still doesn’t understand and wishes Remus was there to explain it, but Sirius keeps talking. He says that being in love with someone is when your ribcage feels like a flower garden whenever the other person is around. Eliza doesn’t know what a ‘ribcage’ is but she likes flower gardens and hopes that James has one in his body always, so she says she doesn’t mind if James is in love with Lily, just as long as they don’t kiss until they’re  twenty one, because that is illegal. Sirius smiles and tells her she’s right. Then he makes popcorn and uses lots of salt, just like how he knows she likes it.

When James gets home later Eliza walks up to him and tells him it’s alright if he’s in love with Lily. James stares at her for a minute and then throws his wallet at Sirius’s head, who catches it and smiles, chewing on the nice mint gum that he gave Eliza a piece of.

A lot of days later, she sees James and Lily kissing on the sidewalk. But she doesn’t call the police, because James is smiling when he pulls back and Lily flicks him on the nose and laughs. Eliza lets them do it this one time, but next time she really will call the police. Because she’s not stupid and Peter told her that if she kisses anyone before she’s twenty-one she will have to go to jail. And Remus said they don’t have the Power Puff girls in jail. And that would suck.  

So shiny! So chrome!

There are so many people upset with the new costume of Supergirl because she isn’t baring any skin at all. People say that her hands/midriffs/thighs should be bare, and the tights make her look like a grandma. Well, first of all, no. No. Stop sexualizing female superheroes. There are comments on IGN where men say that “supergirl is meant to be sexually attractive to men and now they won’t want to watch the show”. Don’t. Women do not exist to be sexually attractive to men.
For the record, this costume looks pretty badass to me. In an age where everyone has a decent camera phone, Supergirl can hardly afford to be flying around in a miniskirt that literally makes it impossible to fight without flashing someone. The bare midriff? Not professional, or practical. That’s like expecting Superman to be shirtless, and wearing boxer shorts instead of tights. The costume is form-fitting and conservative, like they’re meant to be. It’s street smart, dark, and practical. And it completely complements Henry Cavill’s Superman costume. That one, if you remember, outlines all his muscles, but plays it conservative in the crotch area, unlike the comics where he literally wears red underwear outside his suit. I don’t see why Kara Danvers should be overly sexualized with boobs and bare skin when Clark Kent isn’t?
Black Canary, The Huntress, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Gamora, Black Widow, Mockingbird, these are the female characters from the comics on TV right now, and they all have 21st century pragmatic outfits that help them. Hold the women in the same standard you hold men. That’s what equality is.


Because… WHY NOT? hahaha SO I wanted to make a video with Daisy’s awesome fight scenes and I found in this the perfect opportunity to do so :D So Here’s the trailer of Atomic Blonde (WHICH LOOKS FUCKING AWESOME I CANT WAIT) in a Daisy Johnson version…. because she’s also fucking awesome. The coloring was a nightmare, because it’s AOS and everything is dark, and the original uses a lot of color lighting, which I love, so I tried to emulate that a little bit. I just wish Daisy actually had romantic scenes with a girl so it could be more faithful hahaha so I had to put Lincoln in there, but it still turned out pretty good.

The important thing here is… Daisy Johnson is such a badass.

Please let me know what you think!

Okay, but imagine, a Punk!Marichat AU 

  •  Adrian leaves his house regularly to get away from being the “perfect person ever” and actually getting to express himself with out getting caught/insulted
  • Running into this small bakery because damn, does it smell amazing
  • Finding a girl and her family working there, saying that he was new and he was checking out all the sights in France 
  • Him saying that his name was Chat, and the family just going along with it. 
  • The girl introducing herself as Marinette, who Chat finds pretty cute. 
  • Her looking super badass but still being kind and kinda shy. 
  • Chat lowkey flirting with her in front of her parents 
  • Chat continuing to go the bakery every day. 
  • Getting to know Marinette and then bonding over being punkish dorks
  • Chat running into her in the middle of the street and highkey flirting
  • Marinette getting a bit annoyed and yet flustered by his flirting 
  • Chat asking her to lunch as a lowkey date because this girl was just so perfect and amazing and he just had to try 
  • Marinette says yes, mostly because she’s hungry, but also be why the hell not  
  • Both of them having a great time and start dating 
    • Chat leting Marinette wear his leather jackets 
    • Marinette being a little bit shorter then Chat and putting my her arm around his waist and putting her head into the crook of his neck 
    • Both of them being intimidating af but also cute dorks 
  • Marinette designing punkish cloths and all of them being badass and cute 
  • Marinette being basically fine with him leaving dates early, never removing his hood/sunglasses/whatever else 
  • Chat not wanting to reveal who he is because Marinette may start acting different/treating him different/ absolutely hating him if she knew that he was Adrian Agreste 
    • Chat being very protective of Marinette around everyone 
    • Chat getting jelaous easily 
    • Chat putting his head in Marinette’s laps as she plays with his hair 
    • Marinette being stylish af in dark red and blacks and in beanies and combat boots and leather jackets
    • Chat calling Marinette “Princess” in private 
    • Marinette referring to Chat as her “Little Kitty Chat” because it makes him so flustered and he’s so cute when he blushes 
    • Them straight up being the ultimate power couple 
  • Chat making friends with Nino who has great band recommendations and knows really cool places to hang out in 
  • Adrian actually being happy for once in his life with his beautiful girlfriend and her amazing family


The 100 (as told by my friends who have never seen The 100)

tSo I asked a couple friends to identify characters from The 100, even though they’ve never seen the show and don’t know anything about it. 

“People underestimate her because she’s pretty, but she eventually proves herself to be a total badass.” 

“I’m getting a vampire vibe. Is this a show about vampires?”

“He falls in love with the main character. Probably the blonde girl, but I’m not sure.” 

“He looks kind of dumb, like he has no idea what’s going on. But he’s probably funny, so.” 

“She’s the bitchy popular girl that everyone learns to love.”

“She probably wears too much bronzer. And three push-up bras at once.”

“Ariana Grande. That’s all I have to say.”

“The quirky best friend who’s loyal to a fault.” 

“Totally gay for each other.”

“Are they stoners? They’re probably stoners.” 

“He’s the bad guy. Right?”

“That intense glare, though.”

“Ohhhh shit.”

“Can that one be me?”

“She’s the quiet one who hides in the forest and kills a lot of people.”

“She’s the chill emo one.”

“They’re somebody’s parents.” 

“They’re totally in the dark for like half the series. Then, when they find out what their vampire kids are up to, shit hits the fan.” 

“One of them dies. I’m calling it.”

“Hair game so strong.”

“The bad boy with a heart of gold.”

“The main love interest.” 

“He’s either a total calculating killer or a total sweetheart.”

“He looks shady. I wouldn’t trust him.”

I challenge everyone to do this. It’s hilarious. 

This blonde beauty is among one of my favourite within the Spriggan 12. When Fiore is reconstructed I just loved her battle armour. She looks so fucking badass and ready to fight but when it comes to fights there’s a little bit of a problem. She doesn’t seem to kill anyone. She challenged Kagura to only dice up her clothes. Then she did the same to Sherria. I don’t know Hiro but I can’t live with the fact that her powers didn’t result in at least a side characters death. Wendy and Sherria vs. Dimaria was pretty lit even if it was rather convenient that Ultear showed up. Her powers are fucking amazing. I mean she can control time and use a god take over. It made sense for E.N.D. to move freely through her magic otherwise it would’ve been too overpowered. That aside I like how Hiro incorporated Sherria’s sacrifice of magic to beat her the first time. Was still hoping to see her fight Brandish or have some backstory revealing the reason behind their rivalry. When she was holding Lucy captive she really kept me on my toes and brought out some NaLu moments. Once again why is this Spriggan serving Zeref? How did she get the God Chronos? Please Hiro take one chapter to explain. That’s all it takes. That click of her teeth, though.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Agree or Disagree? Let me know.

Just a rough sketch and basic coloring of these lovely fiction couple.

Yeah, I gave AkuHomu some shift-shape ability (so she can turn into a badass salamander).

Madokami looks pretty serious(?) here.

I seriously need more MadoHomu in my life.

Seriously cannot wait for the concept movie.

I’ll stop here while I can.