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I'm positive the radio story it's legit, I was on the ship and I've heard the recording of the woman who told about this argument, she wasn't kinda gossiping and she didn't sound like a shipper either, in fact it seems to me she found the altercation kinda funny, LOL! (Part I )

The recording was briefly storaged on the radio site (my former shippers group alerted me about it, haha! ) I remember pretty well the woman laughing and saying Cait’s badass and was likely uninvited or she wasn’t supposed to attend but showed up by surprise. Also some autograph/pic hunters were there while they left the event together and they said Cait looked annoyed. 

haha DAMN wow. then I guess it wasn’t the Globes party since Cait was invited to that one. I was just entering the fandom around that time so I didn’t get to hear the recording or find out any details until later. thanks anon!

There are so many people upset with the new costume of Supergirl because she isn’t baring any skin at all. People say that her hands/midriffs/thighs should be bare, and the tights make her look like a grandma. Well, first of all, no. No. Stop sexualizing female superheroes. There are comments on IGN where men say that “supergirl is meant to be sexually attractive to men and now they won’t want to watch the show”. Don’t. Women do not exist to be sexually attractive to men.
For the record, this costume looks pretty badass to me. In an age where everyone has a decent camera phone, Supergirl can hardly afford to be flying around in a miniskirt that literally makes it impossible to fight without flashing someone. The bare midriff? Not professional, or practical. That’s like expecting Superman to be shirtless, and wearing boxer shorts instead of tights. The costume is form-fitting and conservative, like they’re meant to be. It’s street smart, dark, and practical. And it completely complements Henry Cavill’s Superman costume. That one, if you remember, outlines all his muscles, but plays it conservative in the crotch area, unlike the comics where he literally wears red underwear outside his suit. I don’t see why Kara Danvers should be overly sexualized with boobs and bare skin when Clark Kent isn’t?
Black Canary, The Huntress, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Gamora, Black Widow, Mockingbird, these are the female characters from the comics on TV right now, and they all have 21st century pragmatic outfits that help them. Hold the women in the same standard you hold men. That’s what equality is.




Dian Mu [電母] is the Chinese goddess of lightning, who is said to have used flashing mirrors to send bolts of lightning across the sky. It is believed that she can distinguish good from evil in order to uphold justice.

The legend of Dian Mu goes that, in ancient times, there was no lightning during thunderstorms. One night, the God of Thunder killed a good woman by mistake. He blamed himself for a long time. Then he told the Jade Emperor about this woman. The Jade Emperor commiserated with the victim and conferred the Goddess of Lightning on her.

From then on, the God of Thunder and the Goddess of Lightning worked together to chase away the evil spirits and punish the criminals. In order not to kill the good people, the Goddess of Lightning would use her mirror to judge first and then the God of Thunder would make thunder to punish the evil. Therefore, we can always see a flash of lightning before hearing the thunder during the thunderstorm.

So shiny! So chrome!

Why we need Wayward Daughters

The episode last night was fantastic, for so many reasons. I’ve been thinking about exactly why Wayward Daughters is the spinoff we need, and it’s not just because Jody, Alex, and Claire are amazing. It’s not just because we could see more of other beloved characters (like Donna!). It’s not just because these women represent what so many of US have found through fandom: a family of choice who are here to take care of each other and look out for each other no matter what comes our way.

We have a LOT of history with Jody Mills. Despite being pulled into hunting years ago through a horrifying personal tragedy, she’s managed to stay pretty grounded. She’s still a level-headed mom struggling to fit her knowledge of the things that go bump in the night into her domestic life and her job as the badass Sheriff of Sioux Falls. Not the other way around.

She’s become a rock to two lost girls who have also had their lives all but destroyed by the supernatural. It’s a job she struggles with, but ultimately finds reward and satisfaction from, even when she has to face harder situations than most parents ever will. Yes, the sex talk at the dinner table was funny, but shortly after that her entire family was kidnapped by vampires… and she didn’t blame or punish the girls for it. She supported them through it. She apologized for not having believed Claire’s assertion that there were monsters in town. She’s trying to build as normal a life for her little family as she can. She’s basically the anti-John Winchester.

The previous attempt at a backdoor pilot failed in large part because it tried to create a direct parallel between the hunter origin story we’ve become most familiar with– the tragedy of Sam and Dean’s lives since they were children, and the revenge mission they set out on– but we’ve already been watching that show for 11 years. We don’t need a Supernatural reboot. We wanted something new, something better, something more grounded, but something still familiar. And with Wayward Daughters, we got that.

All three of these main characters have a long history of character development on the show we already know and love. Jody’s been around since season five, and we’ve had a long time to watch her grow. She’s been in 10 episodes now since 5.15, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, and has been mentioned in others. She’s never been far from our minds (or our hearts, let’s be honest).

Claire was introduced even earlier, way back in 4.20, The Rapture, as a young girl. We may not have seen her again until season ten, but she’s now been in five episodes. She also has a hunter origin story unlike any other we’ve ever seen. Not only did she spend ten minutes as the vessel for Castiel, but she has an ongoing complicated personal connection to Cas (being that he’s still wearing her dead father’s skin).

Alex was only introduced back in late season 9, but the way she immediately bonded with Jody gave her a chance at a normal life after spending most of her childhood being brainwashed and abused by monsters. All she wants is a chance at living free of the burdens of her past, but she’s still grounded in the real world AND in the world of the Supernatural. She knows it’s out there, and she knows how to protect herself, even if she doesn’t want it to become her entire life. Sort of like Jody, in a way.

So these three women with very different backgrounds have come together, unified in one thing: they’re going to stick together no matter what. no matter if their problems involve school and dating or vampire kidnapping.

The best thing about their dynamic is that none of them are a perfect parallel to any one Supernatural male lead character. They have issues, they face a lot of the same problems Sam, Dean, and Cas have gone up against, and suffer with a lot of the same emotional trauma they have suffered. But you can’t say Alex is ONLY a parallel for Sam’s desire to live in the real world and stay out of hunting, because she’s ALSO a parallel for Dean’s struggle against the Mark and the Darkness because of her unwanted connection to the monsters from her past. She also fills the Cas parallel in his current arc with Lucifer, volunteering to sacrifice herself to the monsters if they just agree to let her family go.

Same with Claire. She’s usually paired with Dean as far as character development goes, but she’s strongly paired with Cas for obvious reasons. She feels caught between two worlds, hunting and normal life, and she’s just beginning to realize she can find a balance between them and doesn’t have to choose one over the other. She desperately wants to fit in with the family she chose, despite still feeling outcast. She wants to hunt, but has generally failed at it until now, and Jody has offered her a chance to really learn the ropes of good investigative work (potentially setting Claire up for a “real world” career in law enforcement who could sideline in hunting, like Jody Junior).

Jody herself has had to fill so many roles over the years that we know she’s never going to be boring or predictable. We love her, and we always know she’s going to do what’s in the best interest of her family no matter what. She’s the parental figure most hunters can only dream of.

And THIS is why this show, the spinoff we’ve dreamed of and begged for, has a chance to become something we can all love. It’s not a cardboard cutout of our original beloved show dropped down in a different setting with paper-doll cutouts of the Winchesters. It’s something familiar enough, with characters we’re all invested in already. Instead of living a rewrite of the Winchesters’ story with girls instead of boys, they’ve turned the script inside out and backward.

There’s a real chance to explore an entirely different kind of family that doesn’t end in blood, who don’t see hunting as the family business but as something they need to do once in a while when it interferes with their real lives. Instead of letting it become their revenge or their obsession, instead of taking the weight of the world on their shoulders and struggling to keep it from crushing everyone around them, they’re there to lift each other up.

And isn’t that what most of us are trying to do for each other? This show, in more ways even that Supernatural has been, has the opportunity to lift us all up. This is why Wayward Daughters is so important to me.


For serious though, thanks for dealing with my fumbling over little things. Rhian looks so badass, and I LOVE IT. (The expression also reminds me of Shiro, which is like, a super plus, because your Shiro is my favorite, and I’m basically just in love rn.)

And you’re doubly awesome in the fact that you used a reference I just sketched out for the hell of it and SHE.LOOKS.SO.GOOD!

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I give up - Sam Wilson

Could you please do something with Sam Wilson? Maybe the reader is some pretty badass avenger who doesn’t really show her emotions and then there’s Sam all different from her, and he is always around her, trying to get her attention, but she avoids 

N/A: Sam Wilson marry me please? Oh, okay osrry that it took so long! and i hope that all this crazyness here makes sanse!!!!


“Close your mouth, you’re drooling”

Steve muttered as he approached Sam, that was paralyzed looking at where you fought with Bucky, or rather, where you were giving Bucky a tko with a precise kick in his private parts and then a quick move involving his neck while you pulled his right arm. Really, it was no wonder that Tony had introduced you as Nikita, you took everything seriously. Bucky, who didn’t have the same cold and assassin thought  as the Winter Soldier, soon fell unconscious into the ground while you were up gracefully. Steve clapped, a little surprised because he had never seen you fighting, but soon came to see if his companion was fine.

“Relax, Steve, wait 10 minutes and he’ll wake up as if nothing had happened.” you chuckled, wiping the sweat from your brow with the back of your hand.

“What do you mean by wake up as if nothing had happened?” Steve grumbled because of the light effort he was making to support Bucky on his body to get him out of there.

“It was a joke, Captain.” you shrugged, jumping off the ring and heading toward the exit, passing through Sam you greeted with your head “Falcon.”

“Just ‘Falcon’ today?” Sam asked sullenly, walking beside you as you two walked down the hall to the elevator.

“Would you rather be called a little bird or bird man?” you raised an eyebrow, staring at him waiting for an answer.

“Miss (Y/N), Sam. You’re being called to a mission” Friday interrupted the two of you and making Sam quit talking, because as soon as the elevator door opened you ran toward you room.

“Shit, Nikita, I said I would work it out!” Tony grunted in the comm, but you ignored him, continuing to pace the room now with 14 fallen men on the floor until you reached the wall with a huge safe box.

“Stark, just tell me the password.” you took a deep breath, trying to control your impatience and quickly typing the numbers that the billionaire told you reluctantly, when you opened the safe box your entire body froze and you grunted annoyed “Boys, it’s a false safe box and have a fucking bomb. ”

“I said I would work it out!” Tony grumbled but again you ignored him.

“Sam, pass in the window of the room where I am and try to get me in 6 seconds.” you hissed when you heard him call your name.

You took the papers that were in the safe and ran as fast as you could, using your arms as a shield in time to jump against the glass, while the whole room exploded, you didn’t open your eyes when you felt your body falling, just clutching the papers in your hand. So you felt strong arms hold you in a hug and then you weren’t falling, you opened your eyes and looked up finding Sam’s relieved smile.

“In 4 seconds, honey. I’ll always be where you need me.” Sam hugged you tight before leaving you on solid ground next to Steve that was waiting.

“Okay.” You answered uncertain, but deep down Sam had once again reached your weak point. You sat back and handed the papers in Steve’s hands, shrugging “I got this inside of the safe box, but don’t know what it’s.”

“Thank you, (Y/N). I think we’d better go now.” Steve smiled, giving a small slap on your shoulder and looking at Sam who was already at your side “Unless Sam gonna give you ride? ”

“Hm? No, quinjet is great for me.” you answered confused, but making Steve laugh and a Sam smile like a idiot.

Another party, seven months being an avenger and you hadn’t get used to it yet. In fact you felt gradually losing the rhythm of your old life and carried away by the avengers, or being more accurate, by Sam. You were softening, as much as you tried to avoid, it was hard to contain your emotions. Now you could understand Natasha.

“Hey, Nikita, I’m actually seeing a bottle of whiskey in your hand?” Tony crooned surprised, raising his eyebrows as he sat beside you on the balcony, away from the party.

“What? I’m finally drinking in front of you and you’re complaining?” you shrugged, drinking straight from the bottle and smiling at the billionaire’s perplexed expression.

“You snapped at me and you’re laughing… Wait, when you got this bottle, it was closed?” he tried to take the bottle from your hand to see, but you turned your hand to the other side and grunted annoyed by his attempt, making Tony raise his hands in defense “Okay, I won’t take your bottle.”

Tony got up, leaving you alone again, but you didn’t care. You liked being alone listening to the music playing inside, enjoying the small breeze caressing your face as you drank the hot liquid. Sundelly you felt someone approach, but instead of sitting beside you, the person stood in front of you, leaning on the balcony and crossing his arms. Sam stared at you incredulously, trying to suppress a smile, he frowned and shook his head seeing that Tony was telling the truth.

“Hey, Sammy.” you smiled fondly, the bottle of whiskey almost at the end indicating that you had lowered your guards finally, you patted the seat next to you “Sit here, please?”

“You look beautiful as always, you know?” he said casually, obeying your request and turning slightly to face you, you giggled and left the bottle at your feet before getting up, Sam prepared to do the same “Where are you going?”

“Shhh!” you held his shoulders forcing him to stay where he was and then sat on his lap, Sam took a few seconds to process the fact that you were so close and you giggled, resting your forehead on his “What’s it, bird? Are you afraid of the cat?”

“Never, my dear.” Sam swallowed slowly, involving your hip with his arms and pressing you against him, taking the opportunity to steal a quick kiss from your lips and then look apprehensive at you, waiting for a reaction.

“Okay, I give up.” you smiled shy involving his neck with your arms and hiding your face there, “Can we get out of here?”

“Where do you want to go?” he asked gently, using the position that you two were to hold you in his arms and then get up.

“Wherever you go, Sammy. That’s where I’ll want to go.”

“That’s my wife”

So there’s a lesbian couple at work right now, and I love them a lot. One of them has the PRETTIEST PURPLE HAIR and the other is a badass former army chick. 

The badass will always talk about her wife as “my wife.” She probably says that phrase more often than any other phrase I’ve heard her say. At first I was like, ‘that’s strange, but whatever.’

Then I realized that it’s probably only recently that they’ve been able to be married. They live in Texas, and, while I love my state, it’s not exactly known for its tolerance. 

And now, she gets to proudly tell anyone who talks to her that, “that’s my wife.” And sometimes she says it like a dare, asking someone to say something to this army chick who could definitely kick their ass. But mostly, it’s a gentle, sweet sentiment. 

“That’s my wife,” she said to me, shaking her head at her wife’s antics, probably reveling in the joy of that little four-letter word. 

Yeah, that is your wife. And you’re both pretty great.

#1.“She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive.”

Once Upon A Time: Will Scarlet

“Quite a lady, isn’t she?” Hook said downing his beer and nudging Will Scarlet.

“She’s bloody perfect,” Will Scarlet took a shot and wiped his mouth.

You were all at Granny’s diner celebrating the defeat of the snow queen.

You were at a table laughing along with Emma and Belle. “Y/N, Will has been looking this way ever since we got here,” Belle whispered.

“Really? God the back of my head must be so unattractive,“ You shake your head and laugh.

Hook orders another drink. "Y/N is a badass. It’s like she’s not afraid of anything, never seen someone with so much strength,”

You leave the table to get another root beer, when you overhear Will and Hooks conversation.

“How well do you know Y/N?” Will glances at you.

“Pretty well. We have had our fair share of adventures and let me tell you this. She never misses, she never quits, and never loses. If you’re alive, it’s because she wants you alive,”

“Sounds like me dream girl,”

“I am?” You slipped up and panicked.

“Well how about you take out ‘your dream girl’ on a date and actually find out,”

“Are you asking me out?” Will puts on arm on the back of his chair and faces you.

“Of course not. That’s your job,” You get your root beer and leave with a little sway in your hips.

Will scoffs, confused at what just happened. “Like I said she’s bloody perfect,”

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Send in a # from 1-100, the fandom you want, and the person


The (female) Artisans by @mbtianimegifs (a submission by them)!!
I still envy ISTP as being so cool and then I see a picture of HOW cool ISTP is!! She’s pretty badass and I can’t stop loving her hair! *rubs her hair*
But the most beautiful here is ISFP for me! She looks so unique (or I’m just one of the humans who don’t see such type of woman). She looks like an academic with a streak to literature and art!
I find it kind of cool that you tried drawing ESFP in an unusual composition which makes her a bit more dynamic!
ESTP’s hair fits her really, really well! Such charming girl!

Please have a look at their blog! @mbtianimegifs, thanks so much for sharing!
They also drew The Individuals - The Rationals - The Guardians !!

#OBOrigins (The Trailer):

In a world, where procrastination limits our abilities to be introduced to kick ass content.

Friend: Hey, you should watch this show!

Me: Ehhh…*procrastinates*…

There lived a girl, whose sole purpose one day was to cure this incredible curse.

Me: I’m so booooored! 

-goes on tumblr-

-notices post of Delphine Cormier swiveling in a chair-

Me: Hmm, whose that? She looks pretty badass.

Little did she know, her life was about to be changed forever.

Me: Hey, what was that show again? I think i’ll try to watch it.

-watches show-


Follow the journey of a girl, who wanted nothing more than a cure for her procrastination, but found so much more….

Me: This is the best show I’ve ever witnessed! The plot, the characters, the acting, the tatiana maslany, the connection, the journey! 

Join her on *insert time you are reading this* and follow her as she goes through





And Love…

Me: Hypothetically, can one marry a TV show?

A Fan Who Should Be Studying For A Final But Instead Is on Tumblr, Presents:


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