Just a rough sketch and basic coloring of these lovely fiction couple.

Yeah, I gave AkuHomu some shift-shape ability (so she can turn into a badass salamander).

Madokami looks pretty serious(?) here.

I seriously need more MadoHomu in my life.

Seriously cannot wait for the concept movie.

I’ll stop here while I can.

Maia Roberts Pt. 5

Justine Skye!

She’s 20 (Like Kat) and seriously drop dead gorgeous.

Besides the purple hair (which could be covered-or not, it looks really good) she fits the description really well. 

And she’s a singer/songwriter in addition to being a model, so as a bonus maybe Maia ends up being a good singer or something. 

Seriously though, she looks exactly like the badass Maia who fled to Manhattan and fought for herself that I read in the books (Let’s just not get her back together with Jordan pretty please)

Killjoy Lynz Headcanons

Because Killjoy Lynz is what I live for

•She is super secretive about everything even her appearance and legit only two people know what she looks like
•When she left Battery City, she was pretty clueless about what she needed to do to survive
•She met Party and he assumed she was like a total badass because of how tough she looked
•but she’s a real softie
•They like talked for an hour and she kept saying she was an Experienced Joy™ so she didn’t need his help
•She stubborn af
•so basically after than hour she left him and ever since then they’ve both wondered what it would’ve been if they stayed longer
•they never met again sadly
•She never stays anywhere, hell she sometimes just ends up sleeping on top of a shack
•She is chaotic neutral

I genuinely want to Thank you guys for showing your support for my Starling drawings, I really appreciate it so much. I love Starling so much and I relate to her alot and it may sound weird but a lot of my heart and soul goes into the drawings of her, they’re like extra special to me. So All I want to say is that I really appreciate you showing your love for her, even though she’s not a ‘real’ character. I’m honestly always squeaking like a little schoolgirl when I see you guys commenting that she looks pretty or that she reminds you of a badass lovely lady from other media. I just means so much and blaah I know I sound corny but thank you so much

soulsonder  asked:

3 4 5. Iam so tired right now I can't even read the meme properly ORZ.


3: List 3 characters you dislike.

previously answered!

4: What’s your favorite quinque? 

- i adore akira’s fueguchi quinque mostly because she looks so badass while using it!! DAMN!!

5: What’s your favorite kagune?

- karren’s original kagune is so pretty i love it it reminds me a bit of wheat?? 

- i mean i also LOVE eto’s kakuja but i feel like karren’s kagune is really underrated 

from the tokyo ghoul ask meme

Danganronpa 3 Future Arc Episode 7: ???

I was so confused???

Leader Monoca who’s voice suddenly got way too deep for someone her age (at least, for how she looks)

Have I mentioned how much I freaking love cameos from different games in the same franchise?

Okay, but where on earth did Komaru get her green hair??? Their grandma???

I love Toko and Komaru’s friendship.

Damn Toko, back at it again with those disturbing fantasies with Byakuya 

Looks pretty badass, not gonna lie

wait wat

the hell

Uh…Oh no?

yeah, that’s cute and everything but what just happened???

oh boy, here comes The Edgelord himself, Munakata, to kill us all.

Overall: I’m confused. I was happy for all of the Danganronpa Another Episode elements (even the different bullet effects was really cool!) and I LOVE cameos, but I’m seriously baffled. Like…what is Chunsoft planning to do now that they just got rid of the only villian that was perfect for the role? And what in the world is with this sudden out of characterness for Monoca?? The hell???

I feel like Danganronpa made a HUGE mistake. I have a vague feeling that this is just to set up for the new villain for V3,but idk. I just..really don’t like this. Even if you want her out of the picture, that is by no means the correct way to do it…

So many questions.


I’m officially done with Stranger Things and there are a couple things I now need:

  • I need to play Charlie Heaton - preferably in a plot inspired by what Jonathan/Nancy totally would have been if all the shit hadn’t been going on, where he’s this quiet, withdrawn ‘school weirdo’ and she’s kind of with the ‘in crowd’ but she and the weirdo are y’know ~drawn to each other and idk, i just need lots of sneaking around and cute first love kinda feels and cute secret love kinda feels and all the angst that comes with. 
  • I need to play or play against Natalia Dyer because look at that precious little badass.
  • I need some kind of mystery/supernatural/adventure type plot because PLEASE.

So pretty please do me a solid and like this or message me if you’d be down for either of them in a plot!

anonymous asked:

So is Leila going to be a character that others say is badass, or is she more of a character that proves she's badass herself?

I’m not sure I understand the question, but if I’m interpreting it correctly, she’s the latter. What good is a character who simply has a reputation of being a badass and never once proves it? That’s pretty lame. Besides, nothing about Leila looks badass. She doesn’t appear intimidating in the slightest, and thus people treat her accordingly. They come to regret that decision almost instantly. 


7 Steps to the New Me: No. 4 - Say What I Want to Say

“The person I am now… this is me!”

OMG! I LOVE YU SO FREAKING MUCH!!! SHE IS PRETTY MUCH EPIC AND ONE OFTHE BEST JDRAMA FEMALE LEADS EVER! She is utterly badass when she confronts her tormenters in front of a room full of people and tells them how they bullied her while the whole time she is looking them straight into their eyes; she’s standing up for herself and fighting for herself. Yu’s character is one of the main reasons, which make the drama such a hidden gem and also why I got so obsessed over it - while it might be a swoonworthy romance, in its center is a girl who used to be bullied viciously, but she still found the courage and strength not to be defeated by it. I think that what makes her so appealing and what attracts Haruto so much to her isn’t that she’s totally brave or that she’s totally weak, but that one doesn’t preclude the other. She can be both, and being brave in the midst of your fear is actually more powerful than if she’d just flipped a switch and challenged him without fear. 

“You’re the weird one. Who cares what she looks like? She’s still the same person!”

This is so perfect! His words echo hers! And I’m pretty sure it isn’t because Haruto heard her (because he didn’t), but because they express exactly how he feels about her! I love how he makes Yu fight battles she’s been running from, but when it becomes too much her he rushes in not only to help her fight them but also fight for her! And just notice at the the way he looks down with so much anger and disgust at the douchebag who dared to threaten her! But otherwise he is only looking at Yu, completely indifferent to the room full of people who don’t hold a candle to her! AND THE WAY SHE IS LOOKING AT HIM! AS IF HE WAS HER GUARDIAN DEVIL ANGEL OR HERO! BECAUSE FROM THE TWO MEN IT’S HARUTO WHO SAYS EXACTLY THE WORDS SHE NEEDS TO HEAR, THE WORDS WHICH MEAN SO MUCH TO HER! BE STILL MY SHIPPER HEART! DRAMA WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN PERFECT?!

I’m finally watching the Psycho Pass movie rn, and man Akane is such a pretty/badass character. I mean she was in season 2 also (even tho season 2 is meh), but the movie so far (i’m almost 40 minutes in) dannng. I’m glad I bought her figure back then too. Her character development is just prettyyy dang good. The action in this movie so far is great too, and I torrented it so it has hella good sound/it looks great.

I was too lazy to watch it all this time, but I preordered the limited edition of the visual novel game that comes out next month. So….it wouldn’t feel right to play without the movie being watched already and stuff. I have nothing better to do right now anyways so lmao. I might watch Tamako Love Story or play FF9 if I’m not too tired after this too I guess….But I already am kinda tired yikes lmao.

Just read Supergirl Rebirth and it was good but i would like to draw your attention to this :

Agent Eliza Danvers ! Eliza works for the DEO and she’s a fucking badass ! Look at her !

Also she only have one hand for some reason but anyway i love this and you should go read it, it’s pretty good.

nightelf37  asked:

Mane 9, BLU Team, which Overwatch characters do you think fits your styles best?

Twilight Sparkle: Truthfully?  I think I’d try Symmetra.  She seems to require the most strategy to use effectively.  

Rainbow Dash: Reaper!  He looks so badass!

Pinkie Pie: Oooh!  Oooh!  I wanna be Winston!

Rainbow Dash: …The nerd gorilla?

Pinkie Pie: He’s a GIANT MONKEY with a ZAP GUN that wears GLASSES!  How silly-awesome is that!?

Twilight Sparkle: Technically, he’s…

Pinkie Pie: Less talky, more giant monkey!  

Twilight Sparkle: Winston’s not…

Pinkie Pie: Giant monkey!

Twilight Sparkle: Actually, I’m pretty certain he’d be offended if you…


Twilight Sparkle: …Let’s move on, shall we?

Applejack: Well… Most folks are probably expectin’ me to say McCree because we sound like we’re from the same region, but to tell the truth I kinda like that Zarya gal.  She looks like a hard worker.

Rarity: I confess an interest in Widowmaker.  She has a venomous elegance about her that I can appreciate.

Fluttershy: Um… Maybe Ana. She can heal people, which is always nice, and because she’s a sniper, there’s an excuse to stay away from the scary fighting. 

Zecora: I confess that the character for me would probably be the cowboy McCree.  His quick-shooting ways seem quite fun, as does his High Noon putting foes under his gun.

Trixie: …Contrary to what one may think, Trixie tends to prefer more straightforward approaches to her games.  That being said, Trixie would prefer to play Soldier: 76.  

Derpy: I like Mei!  She looks bubbly and fun!  Plus, I like her freezie weapons.  

Scout: Tracer.  And not just because she’s got a great-lookin’ ass.  I like the idea of usin’ time jumps to avoid trouble.


Pyro: Lucio! Drop the beat and boogie down!

Demoman: Aye, Junkrat plays pretty close te how I do things.  

Heavy: Heavy likes Reinhardt.  I have no major problems with Zarya, but Heavy likes to try new things.  Heavy likes the idea of crushing leetle baby men with giant hammer.

Engineer: Little Torby speaks to me, honestly.  We’re both short little turret builders.  Plus, Bastion looks like he’d be a great defender.

Medic: …Probably Mercy.  She looks like she understands ze frustration of vurking vith schweinhunds who blunder into zeir deaths…

Sniper: Hanzo, probably.  We both use a bow.

Spy: Genji.  I confess a fascination with ninjas, or at least the Hollywood version of them.

Bohemian Rhapsody Prompts- Testament

Note: So we have some new RP prompts from one of the best Queen songs ever (Though I love Killer Queen and I want to Break Free)

Asides from that line which is so badass

Well, this is pretty short but it is a little drabble fo Eone as requested by @empiresofwater which  I wrote last night on her and that recovery,so cues the tears.

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