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I was walking towards the bleachers near the lacrosse field, getting ready to watch the guys practice. Lydia told me that I needed to come because she wanted to set me up with someone and at first I didn’t like the idea. I’ve told Lydia that I’m way to shy and would never be able to talk to the guy she’s trying to set me up with. All she replied with is “don’t worry I got it covered.” So here I am, walking towards the bleachers trying to find Lydia and Malia when I bump into someone.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry!” I immediately reply bending down to pick up their lacrosse stick.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t really paying attention. Are you okay?” The guy asks me,  I look up and immediately froze.

This boy that I just bumped into is so gorgeous. He’s got these really nice whiskey colored eyes, pink lips that look so soft and so kissable, and these moles that scatter across his left cheek. Even though he looks like a god he still has some flaws. Some acne spots around his face that are faintly noticeable and his eyes hold a darkness that’s really intriguing. I snap out of my thoughts as I feel his hands on my arms.

“Hey? Are you okay?” He asks me with a look of concern.

“What? Oh yeah, sorry I spaced out a little,” I say giggling embarrassingly.

The guy chuckles replying, “that’s okay! I space out all the time. My friends are probably annoyed with it by now.”

As I’m about to say something back to the guy, Lydia yells to me, “Y/N c’mon!” I look over the guys shoulder at Lydia to see her waving her hand for me to head over to her.

“I uhm-Lydia needs me so…” I stutter a bit rubbing my arms as it’s almost freezing outside.

The guy looks behind him to see Lydia and waves to her than turns back to me. “Yeah, she can be a bit demanding. Uhm are you cold? You can borrow my sweatshirt if you want?” The guy says smiling at me as he hands me his sweatshirt.

“I want to say no keep it, but I didn’t bring a coat, so I’ll gladly take it,” I smile up at him taking his sweatshirt from his hands. The guy returns the smile as Lydia comes up to us.

“Sorry Stiles I need to borrow Y/N,” Lydia smiles at “Stiles” as she drags me away.

I look back at Stiles as we’re walking away looking back at Lydia and asks, “his name is Stiles?”

“Yeah, his real name is way more complicated so he goes by Stiles,” Lydia says sitting next to Malia.

I nod my head a few times giggling slightly replying with, “ah I see. Nice to know.” I pull on the sweatshirt Stiles let me borrow bringing the cloth towards my nose smelling it. My god this boy smells amazing. He smells like vanilla, and I absolutely love the smell of vanilla.

Lydia and Malia watch me smell the sweatshirt grinning as Lydia gets up quickly heading over to Stiles as I watch with furrowed eyebrows. I look over at Malia and ask, “what is she doing?”

Malia looks over at me with a smirk on her face replying with, “uh who knows it’s Lydia!” I look at her suspiciously as Lydia comes back over sitting next to me.

“So, that guy I wanted to set you up with agreed!” She says smiling like a Cheshire cat. I nervously look at her playing with the ends of my hair as I ask her, “uhm wh-who is it?”

“Well it so happens to be the person who lent you that sweatshirt,” She says smiling at me.

I blush slightly playing with the ends of the sleeves as I look back at Stiles to see him already looking at me. Once we made eye contact he spazzed out waving at me slightly before turning around on the bench. I giggled quietly biting my lip slightly.

“Alright Lydia I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m glad I let you set me up,” I say looking over at her and Malia to see them already looking at me with the same smile on their faces. I giggle at them looking back at the field watching the guys practice.

**After Practice**

We were all walking to Lydia’s car when I heard Stiles call out my name.

“Y/N!” Stiles yells as I turn around seeing him run towards us.

The girls kept walking to leave Stiles and I alone as he stops right in front of me leaning over slightly panting.

“Are you okay Stiles?” I ask rubbing his back slightly.

“Yeah. Just not used to sprinting,” he says chuckling while standing back up. I giggle as he breathes heavily trying to catch his breath before looking at what I’m wearing. I look down to see what he’s looking at I realize I’m still wearing his sweatshirt.

“Oh gosh. I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was still wearing this,” I say beginning to take it off when he puts his hands on mine stopping me. I look up at him confused as he smiles looking at our hands before saying, “uhm keep it. You look better in it than I do,” he smiles.

I blush and smile lightly, “are you sure?” Stiles smiles down at me nodding his head licking his lips. “Would you maybe wanna go out sometime?” He asks me nervously.

I blush even more with my mouth slightly parted, surprised. “Y-Yes! I mean uh yeah sounds fun,” I say stuttering a bit.

“Great! Uhm I’ll pick you up on Friday? At 6?” Stiles asks with a big grin on his face.

“Sounds great Stiles. Can’t wait!” I say smiling as Stiles nods waving goodbye. As I turn around to walk towards Lydia’s car, Stiles calls my name once more. I turn around once again as he stops in front of me.

“I forgot something,” he says nervously playing with his fingers.

I look at him confusingly asking, “what’d you forget?”

He stares at me for a minute with a contemplating look on his face, and before I ask him if he’s alright he plants his lips on mine. My eyes go wide as I feel his lips on mine, and after a few seconds they flutter closed starting to kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck. After a few minutes of kissing this beautiful boy, we pull away breathing slightly heavy as Stiles whispers against my lips, “I have to go now.”

I nod slightly opening my eyes looking up at him also whispering, “goodbye Stiles.”

He turns around to leave once again and when he turns back to wave at me one last time he runs into his jeep. I giggle slightly seeing him stumble and blush a little as he get’s into his jeep and drives off. I smile to myself walking towards Lydia’s car seeing them smirking at me.

“Don’t even!” I say giggling getting into the backseat and she drives off simply replying, “I didn’t say anything.” Laughing slightly I reply with, “yeah well your face did.”

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she's unbelievably cute and adorable and her blonde hair is so fluffy and soft and her eyes? oh god they're a gorgeous faded green. she wore a fake septum piercing and all i could think about was how fucking beautiful she looked. she's started to style her hair again and wear earrings and jesus fuck is she a goddess. i adore her.

(oh my gosh anon you’re in deep, they sound amazing!!!)

  • Yang: Blake! You'll never believe it! I've met the most gorgeous girl in the world!
  • Blake: Oh, really?
  • Yang: Yeah! Gosh, she's so beautiful. She's smart, calm, funny and an incredibly talented huntress.
  • Blake: She sounds...nice.
  • Yang: You alright? You look like you're about to rip that book in half?
  • Blake: I'm fine, it's just an intense moment in the story.
  • Yang: Ohh okay. So anyway, do you think I should ask her out?
  • Blake: If that's what you want to do.
  • Yang: Yeah I do! I'd love to ask her out...kiss her...ask her to be my girlfriend.
  • Blake: Well go ask her, what are you talking to me for?
  • Yang: ...Blake, will you go out with me?
  • *Blake throws her book across the room and hugs Yang.*
  • Blake: I'd love to!

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oh gosh there’s so many brilliant blogs on my dash, so i’m just gonna do a bunch of ppl since i’m not expecting a ton of these !!

@matriarches // ammy is literally my greatest friend on tumblr dot com. her OC is so beautifully written out & the universe that she has created is so detailed !! i could listen for hours about the story of the Diehrs & where they came from. her writing is drop-dead gorgeous & i honestly don’t know what i’d do without her here.

@absoluteneed  // haley !!! is s o great !! she’s blunt & straight to the point (which i srsly love on this site) & she’s so amazing at writing the characters that she does. it’s exciting when she gets excited sldkjhfg. i love seeing her happy & i love seeing her on my dash.

@steelbonded / @floiice // the alphonse to my edward !! i love our 2 AM chats about dumb roommates & horrible microwaves. i love spamming you w/ dumb puns that hurt our hearts because FMA honestly loves to tear us to pieces. i l o v e talking to you !! i love your alphonse ! lskdjhfg i’m so happy to call you my friend && i love seeing you on my dash !

@hakkome / @ashcharm // a hh i really love sabrina & her no nonsense attitude. it was so refreshing to seein the nar/do fandom & it’s still refreshing to see here. every single character she picks up is just flawless ( & honestly they can all step on m e ). her writing is simply amazing & it’s so beautifully sown together sldkjfhg. i really love seeing her on my dash.


OMG! Look!!!! I got Seliph!!! It was only a 3% possibility to get him and I did!

He’s gorgeous! And amazing, kind and so on X3

And then I got Niles, Nino, Wrys and Virion (again… like for the 3rd time).
Niles is such a witty person, his comments are great.

Nino is so adorable! X3 I love her! She asks summoner to read to her so she could learn and I’m like “Oh my gosh! Of course I will read for you!”. She is to precious!

Now I am wondering if I should try summoning again (I have 22 orbs). I’m afraid that I again will have the same heroes. I want a blue mage because I have only red and green ones but unfortunately I wasn’t succesfull in this

Taylor is sick so she coulsnt talk in order to perform her show. Usually they would cancel the meet and greets but Taylor insisted they do them so we weren’t supposed to talk to Taylor otherwise she would want to talk to us. But we were walking back underneath the stadium and Andrea came out and told us about Tay waking up with a sore throat and everything I just said above. And then we had to leave all our stuff out on these tables and then we walked down to this area and it was the entrance to LOFT 89 and we waited in the loft room and it was so cool. Then it was our turn and I walked in and she was so gorgeous and tall. Like oh my gosh. And she hugged me first then my mom and then turned back to me and I started crying and she hugged me again and did her cute little laugh and said I love you even though she wasn’t supposed to and then she said I looked beautiful and then we took a picture and got an autograph picture. And even though we couldn’t really talk back and fourth just hugging her and seeing her in person was enough. I’ve been waiting 8 years for this and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you Taylor Alison swift. Thank you so much for everything you do. You are amazing and I love you. I love you. I love you. taylorswift tree-paine