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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - Chapter 12

He looked in the mirror again. A woman standing right behind his reflection was smiling at him and waving. He reached out a hand and felt the air behind him. If she was really there, he’d touch her, their reflections were so close together, but he felt only air - she and the others existed only in the mirror. 

She was a pretty woman. She had dark red hair and her eyes - her eyes are just like mine, Harry thought, edging a little closer to the glass. Bright green - exactly the same shape, but then he noticed that she was crying; smiling, but crying at the same time. The tall, thin, black-haired man standing next to her put his arm around her. He wore glasses, and his hair was very untidy. It stuck up at the back, just like Harry’s did. 

Harry was so close to the mirror now that his nose was nearly touching that of his reflection. 

“Mum?” he whispered. “Dad?“ 

They looked at him, smiling. And slowly, Harry looked into the faces of the other people in the mirror and saw other pairs of green eyes like his, other noses like his, even a little old man who looked as though he had Harry’s knobbly knees - Harry was looking at his family, for the first time in his life.

I'm obsessed with the states rn but...

Little Hawaii coming up to America with her hair frizzed out and she’s holding a brush and flowers. Then she gives him the most pathetic look like “Help me. I can’t go out like this.”

So America ends up braiding her hair into this really pretty fishtail with tropical flowers laced into it.

California sees and asks him to curl her hair and put red and pink star clips in it.

Then next thing he knows he’s got like 23 girls asking him to do their hair, each a different style.

Tbh now everytime the girls have a slumber party they invite him and make a massive braid train with pillows and stuffed animals surrounding them as they comment on eachother’s hairstyles.

Just imaging America going to the world meeting with braids and bows in his hair the next day. And not giving a fuck what the other nations say because “My baby girls made me look fabulous.

“I wish that I had a Disney princess or character that I looked up to or related to when I was little.My favourite Disney princess was Ariel but I never really liked her for what she did. I only really liked her because she had pretty red hair and that she was a mermaid. I never really related to her or looked up to her in a different way. But then again I was just a kid and all it matters was that the movie made me happy and I dressed up as Ariel for Halloween and I don’t regret that.”

Can I get teen Steven layin around on his bed thinking about how awesome and amazing connie is and he sighs the cutest lil happy sigh while his cheeks get all pink and he gets a really goofy grin.

Then he starts thinking about how pretty she is and how her hair falls across her face and shoulders. The way her eyelids lower when she looks at him, her eyes sparkling n stuff. The way her lips curve when she laughs. All that cute stuff.

Then his cheeks turn bright red and he covers his face with a pillow thinking “WHY IS SHE SO PERFECT!!!” then groans.

Teen crushes are the best tbh.

Bonus: Sometimes the gems catch him.
Pearl always quirks an eyebrow and tries to stifle a smile. Amethyst giggles and rolls down the steps. Garnet just smiles super big and crosses her arms.

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Akko accidentally calling Ursula "Mom" in class one time and a rumor starts spreading about Akko being Ursula's daughter and a whole debate brakes out around the topic and whether or not it's legit because Ursula and Akko have the same eye color and act very similarly and isn't Ursula constantly treating Akko with a lot more patience than most students? Who knows the truth? Will we ever know?


(but im pretty sure she’s not akko’s mom lol we already saw her in a flashback and everything she has brown shoulder-length hair not short Chariot-red hair).

[Septimus, age sixteen, has a rare free day and has somehow ended up spending it in the Manuscriptorium helping Beetle. Hearing the bell clang, he looks up to see Rose walking through the front door. He watches as she places an order at the front desk and gives a start when she catches his eye. She smiles at him and waves before walking out.]

Septimus *Staring distractedly at the spell he’s supposed to be double checking*: Beetle, you know the sick bay apprentice, Rose?

Beetle: Sure, the one with the big smile and brown hair. What about her?

Septimus: D'you think she’s pretty?

[Beetle looks up in surprise. Septimus continues to stare at the spell, ears turning steadily from pink to red]

Beetle *Carefully stifling a grin*: Eh, she’s all right.

Septimus: Really? That’s it? Just all right?

Beetle: *Shrugs*

Septimus *Rolling his eyes*: What am I saying? You don’t think any girl’s pretty besides Jenna.

Beetle *Entirely unashamed*Are there any girls besides Jenna?

Septimus *Glancing at the door*: There’d better be.

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Hi! Can I have a cast ship? Hi! Can I have a ship possibly? Female or male is fine! My name is Olivia, I'm 13, Hufflepuff, Horned Serpent, INFJ. I'm 5'2, red haired and blue eyed. I love to write, learn French and Irish (I also want to learn Latin), dogs, traveling, debate, write poetry and standing for what I believe in! I don't like much about myself and I don't really want to mention why. I can get flustered super easily and my face gets red and I start grinning. I hope this is enough info!

I ship you with Jasmine Cephas Jones!!

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Reasons why:

  • She loves your red hair
  • She thinks you look so pretty and just ahh
  • She always asks for you to speak in French or Irish cause she thinks its so cool
  • She also loves dogs, it’s a match made in heaven
  • She will literally travel anywhere with you
  • Wanna drop everything and go to Paris? She’ll go, as long as she’s with you
  • She loves to read your poetry
  • She thinks you’re an absolute genius
  • She is a very smooth when it comes to flirting
  • So she’s great at getting you to blush
  • She just loves you sooo much and will do anything and everything for you

(this is my personal opinion, it may be different to other people!)

(also, ships are closed)

headcanon: isabelle always feels guilty when clary draws all these nice pictures of her, so one time she tries to draw a picture of clary and it’s pretty bad: it’s wonky, not proportional and it doesn’t really look like clary at all. and when she presents it to clary she’s really nervous but clary is like ’!!!!’. because it looks adorable anyway (her hair is coloured in fire red and clary laughs for 1000 hours because that’s such an izzy thing to do). and clary loves it and her brilliant girlfriend so so much, so she hangs it up on her wall to look at it all the time.


It was a cold night in Gotham City and Mocking Jay found herself patrolling it, she couldn’t really explain why she just felt drawn to the familiar large city. Similar to the citys local hero and his sidekick Mocking Jay was sticking to the highest rooftops to avoid Gothamities spying her, it was pretty quiet and she was kind of on red alert despite this not really being her turf.

“Bats sure has a nice town” she said perching atop the Wayne Tower in the city, “it’s beautiful at night” she smiled looking out over the golden glow of Gotham City. She looked down at the street and went wide eyed seeing a tall man with Black hair in a suit exiting the Waynce Co. Tower,
“LOOK OUT!” a lare moving truck had been at the top of a nearby hill had started rolling back. Looking around Mocing Jay dove shifting into a Gorrila catching herself on a lightpost and sliding down it throwing her weight against the cab of truck denting it a little and causing it to slowly come to a stop before it could hit him,
“sir are you alright?” she asked him after having switched back.

Bruce blinked in surprise, looking at the familiar figure and then realizing he was unrecognizable. Right. Of course, he’d been about a second away from breaking persona, so it had been good for her to stop by. 

“I’m fine. Thank you,” he said, sincerely, stepping forward and regarding the truck with slight interest before looking at the other with concern. “Are you? How can I repay you?” Also, what was she doing here? Was there anything in particular? Questions he couldn’t rightly ask, but wondered regardless. 

Sometimes Houses Don’t Really Matter...

I’m a Hufflepuff, I cry easy, i’m shy, I protect my friends, I give them more than I give myself, I’ve got low self esteem, but i’m not the nicest person in the world, i’m bitter and I hold one hell of a grudge, if you’re not a close friend, I couldn’t care less about your problems with your boyfriend or friends. I’m pretty antisocial, i’ve got one friend that i’d do anything for.  I’m not dumb, just because I suck at math and science, I have As in art and English, but no one really counts those, do they? 

My best friend’s a Gryffindor, she’s pretty snarky and sarcastic a good bit of the time, she’s got bright red hair too.  But she’s not social or outgoing, she’s got more friends than I do but she keeps to herself mostly. She’s an amazing artist and gets good grades, I look up to her a lot.  She spends a lot of time online and it took a lot of time to earn her trust, but whether she feels the same or not she’s my best friend and i’d honestly hurt anyone who hurts her. 

My boyfriend’s a Ravenclaw, he’s sweet and loving, he treats me like a lady and is so adorable and shy. But he thinks he’s the most terrible person in the world, and I can’t stand it. He thinks he’s stupid and ugly and fat when none of it’s true, I love him with all my heart.  We talk about the future a lot, and he’d never do anything to hurt me.  He thinks he’s a pervert for liking my body and reminds me everyday that’s not why he loves me. 

And then a girl who I used to be friends with is a Slytherin. She doesn’t deserve to be in the house. She’s selfish and loud, she hits me and threatens me, she blames me for her problems and whenever I need to talk to her she tells me how she has so many more problems and doesn’t want to hear my shit. She wants everyone to give her what she wants and she gets angry if you tell her she’s wrong.  But on the other side, I have a close friend who’s also a Slytherin, she’s amazing.  she dyes her hair bright colors, she’s short and adorable, she cosplays and listens when I need her, she’s utterly amazing.  

So sometimes Houses don’t matter, they don’t really define who you are I guess.

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(He'd probably put in all the flowers he can find so it's really pretty, but if he had to pick:) Apple Blossom, Pink carnation, Red chrysanthemum, Geranium, Pink rose, and Sunflower.

What would your muse put into a flower crown for mine? - Accepting

Apple Blossom: A promise

Pink Carnation: Gratitude

Red Chrysanthemum: Sharing

Geranium: Comfort

Pink Rose: Admiration/Appreciation

Sunflower: Adoration

// This is gorgeous and would look really good in Emelia’s hair lol. She would wear the hell out of this. 


Legacy kids: Amber showing off her cactus fingers; Sunny on the monkey bars; Bear REALLY enjoying a cracker. They all had red hair courtesy of their mother Tessa, but I switched Bear’s to brown for variety.

Amber is kind of a funny looking kid, but I peeked in CAS and she’s cute as a teen - a little odd looking, but cute. Sunny’s face looks pretty normal now but I have foreseen its future too, LOL. I am trying to keep from checking how Bear will turn out. He’s pretty adorable now. Gonna wait till they’re all teens to choose the heir…

so judging by the pilot, kara p much has really bad luck with dating so can you imagine the first time kara came to work after a failed date, or the fact that cat needed something and kara had to bail early , and cat’s just going on and on, not looking up from her work until she does, and there’s kara in cute clothes and her hair down (because it’s only really until she becomes supergirl does she really make sure to keep her hair up as further distinction between her two lives) and cat’s just like oh fucking no her assistant’s both hot and adorable goddammit

I’m ridiculously sorry for the bout of inactivity that my writing has taken. Here, have an AU

Dean feels a shudder of anticipation as a familiar woman walks onto the small stage. Despite its small size it’s the center of the bar and what gives The Fallen Angel any real sort of distinction from any of the other places in Sioux Falls. Dean feels sort of bad whenever he comes here, because he knows that the Roadhouse doesn’t get nearly as much attention as this place does, but all outside concerns fade as soon as this woman walks up on the small stage.

He thinks her name is Hannah—he can’t really be sure, as he’s never met her. She’s pretty, definitely Dean’s type with shoulder-length dark brown hair and kind blue eyes that sweep through the crowd. He’s got a thing for brunettes, that’s always been evident, but he barely gives Hannah a shallow look as she leans her red lips toward the microphone stand and gives the crowd a grin.

“I hope everyone’s having a good evening,” she begins brightly, and basically obligatory applause come from his side of the room. Dean hardly joins in.

Hannah talks for a while, but Dean doesn’t pay attention. He instead looks behind her, at where the curtains draw to form a makeshift backstage. There’s a crack in the black drapes and Dean thinks that he can see him peeking out.

“Without further ado,” Hannah exclaims after what feels like forever. “Give a warm welcome to Castiel Novak!”

Now the bar breaks out into an enthusiastic applause as the afore-named steps out from the curtains, bearing an easy smile and a brown acoustic guitar. Dean has also never spoken a single word to him, yet a sense of familiarity floods his entire body. Twinkling blue eyes in stark contrast to mussed dark hair (he looks an awful lot like Hannah, yet the girl has never captivated Dean as much as Cas somehow managed to) and a voice that makes Dean forget everything that’s going wrong in his life: the lack of customers at the Salvage Yard, his ongoing and messy divorce with Lisa. It may be stupid, but Dean’s found a respite at The Fallen Angel with Cas Novak performing an entire lineup of songs that Dean had never cared to know about before.

This evening, the set starts with a classic: 4 Non Blondes’ What’s Up. Cas’ voice flows smoothly over the lyrics, going over the lilts and pitches with ease that only comes with practice. His fingers seems to be moving on their own accord, hardly thinking about the chords as they’re fingered and strummed. Dean doesn’t tear his gaze away as he takes a swig of his beer and lets himself enjoy the beautiful recreation of the ‘90s rock song. It’s over too soon, and after a brief and mundane (yet Dean has trouble attaching that word to anything Cas does) commentary, the next song starts.

Dean never really knows how long he spends there, in the back booth of that bar watching Cas sing his heart out, and just knows that he always leaves there feeling sated and content. And though it’s a fairly short feeling, it’s nice to have a radiating warmth run down his spine every time he thinks of Cas belting out, And I scream from the top of my lungs, “What’s going on?”.

Once Cas’ set is done and he makes his way off of the stage, Dean realizes that there’s no reason why he’s still here. His beer is still a quarter full though, and he takes short sips from the mouth of it to pass the time. There’s no reason why he’s here, but that doesn’t mean he wants to go just yet.

Dean watches Cas across the room, his guitar is slung over his shoulder by its straps and he’s greeting a couple of people, friends or admirers probably. Some generic radio shit is playing throughout the bar now, hardly an upgrade from Cas’ performance.

Dean doesn’t realize how intensely or how long he’s been staring until his eye is finally caught. A wave of embarrassment inevitably washes over him as Cas glances at over with an inexpressive, yet curious look. Dean immediately averts his eyes and feels his neck burning, because apparently he’s back in middle school where he can’t look a crush in the eye. And he’d be lying if that’s not exactly what Cas is to him.

“Hey there stranger.”

The voice jolts Dean and he doesn’t have to look back up to see that yeah, Cas has decided to walk over and give him the time of day for whatever reason. He’s staring at Dean with a sincere smile and Dean doesn’t know how to react to that.

“Hey,” he says and mentally hits himself. Because really? Hey?

But Cas doesn’t seem to care, as he puts his guitar on the table and slides into the rounded booth beside Dean. All of his attention is then given to Dean; Cas faces him completely with one leg propped under his other for better access. “You’re always here,” he points out, and it’s an observation that Dean’s not expecting.


“Yeah, always in the same seat at the same time for the same amount of time.” Cas pauses, eyes flicking across Dean’s face in a way that makes him feel a little self-conscious. “Thank God I caught you before you left this time.”

This time, as if Cas has been waiting forever or something.

“Castiel Novak.” He sticks out his hand and Dean wants to tell him that he already knows that. But he keeps his mouth shut for comfort’s sake and takes the outstretched palm.

“Dean Winchester.”

They give it a firm grip and shake before letting their hands fall back to their respective bodies.

“Would it be too much to wish that you’re here because of me?” Cas asks and Dean freezes, because he’s been too obvious, too telling. Cas seems to sense his discomfort and quickly adds on. “I notice you, you know. Was just sort of hoping that you notice me too.”

Dean swallows a lump in his throat that just doesn’t seem to want to go away and plays with the label on his beer. “Notice me how?” He tries, because it’s the safest thing he can ask right now.

Cas supplies a warm smile. “The guy in the back booth with the green eyes and a tendency to buy a single beer for two hours worth of songs?” He chuckles. “My boss sort of hates you.”

“Do you hate me?” Dean regrets the question immediately because that is not a safe question at all. But Cas just cocks his head quietly and long, thick eyelashes layer over his eyes as he glances down.

“So very far from it.”

If Tokyo Ghoul was on Nickelodeon

Yo, Kaneki, he was just 19
when he met a really (odd) beauty queen
It was like she was from world unseen

(He’s gonna catch ‘em all cause he is Kaneki Ken)

The date didn’t quite work, so they thought they’d just quit
Then Ken took a look, and he just got bit
There was a great big crash, everything just changed
His organs got all rearranged

(Ghoul, ghoul)

When he first woke up he realized
He had snow white hair and a glowing red eye
He could eat people, regenerate, and fly
He was much more unique than the other guys

It was then that he knew what he had to do
He had to stop all the ghouls that were commin’ through
He’s here to fight for me and you!

He’s gonna catch ‘em all cause he is Kaneki Ken
Gonna catch ‘em all cause he is Kaneki Ken
Gonna catch 'em all cause he’s (Kaneki Ken

Today I was getting some of the ripe tomatoes off our plant and two of my neighbors, young girls about 11 and 9, were walking down the path carrying the rabbit I saw the other day and I was finally able to touch a rabbit for the first time in my life and I am overjoyed

I gave them some tomatoes and told the younger girl I loved her hair which is highlighted in fluorescent red and said I would love to dye my hair pink and the older girl gave me a high-five and the younger girl said that she’s seen me before, she remembers that her and her friend once came over to talk to me because I looked so pretty and remarked that I’m really nice, and then my six-year-old neighbor saw me and RAN to give me a hug and my heart is swelling so much it no longer fits in my ribcage


The walk from the bus stop to Lin’s took 17 minutes. 17 minutes that Jian Yi and Zhan Xi spent in total silence, both wondering if the other was angry but too scared to ask. That would have lasted hours.

[ Kingdom come-coldplay ]

Jian Yi rang the bell and after about a minute Lin yanked the door open, already talking. She pulled both of them through the door, kicking it closed and dragging them to the kitchen. Leaning against the counter, shirtless and eating an apple, was Lin’s assistant. Zhan Xi wondered if he was her boyfriend. Normally that’d be clear, considering, but it seemed like everyone was shirtless around Lin.

Zhan Xi hadn’t really gotten a good look at him the last times, he was actually pretty handsome. He wasn’t one to think that about other dudes that way, but…

He was about Jian Yi’s height. Long-ish red hair pulled back messily. He and Lin actually made a pretty cute couple.

It was only when Jian Yi tapped his arm did he realize he’d been watching Lin bouncing around and talking animatedly, but not hearing a word she’d said.


‘Sorry, what?’

Lin laughed as Jian Yi smacked him lightly on the back of the head.

‘Long story short…’ Lin began, smiling through her look of mock offense. ‘This is my house, that is my boyfriend, my cat is somewhere. Probably.’

‘Probably.’ echoed her boyfriend, dodging the grape she threw at him before continuing to point at things.

‘Anyways, I have everything kind of set up in the spare room, it’s my studio away from studio.’ Her boyfriend and Jian Yi groaned at her awful joke.

‘That is a case of beer for you to drink while i finish setting up.’

‘Can I have a beer?’ her boyfriend asked her with a grin.

‘No. I don’t need you drunk.’

‘How do you need me?’ he asked seductively, pulling her to him..

‘Quarantined to the living room, you pervert.’  She pushed him away gently. He snagged a bottle on the way out of the kitchen.

‘Alright, follow him and make yourselves comfortable. I apologize in advance for everything he says and does.’’ She whirled around and closed herself in the room.

[ Sheep in wolves clothes - little hurricane ]

Zhan Xi followed Jian Yi into the living room. Lin’s boyfriend (if Lin had said his name, he hadn’t been listening, and he’d feel like a huge dick if he asked at this point) was sprawled out on the couch playing with his phone. The only other piece of furniture that wasn’t covered in expensive looking photography equipment was an over-sized arm chair next to the couch.

He looked at Jian Yi, who made a face before lunging for the chair, he grabbed him by his upper arms and spun him around so he lost his balance and Zhan Xi took the spot.  Jian Yi pouted and perched on the arm of the chair, grabbing the remote control off the table.

Zhan Xi wrapped his arm around Jian Yi’s waist and pulled him down onto the chair. Spacial awareness and geometry had never been his strong suits, so he barely moved his hips to the side so only Jian Yi’s legs landed on his lap. Jian Yi laughed and lifted himself up to swing his legs off but, without have any plans to do so, at all, Zhan Xi placed his hand on his friend’s thigh.

Jian Yi froze and snapped his head up to meet Zhan Xi’s eyes. He didn’t even know what facial expression to use at that moment, he settled on incredibly embarrassed as he watched Jian Yi’s own face turn beet red. The moment was interrupted by the sound of a camera shutter. Zhan Xi whipped his head around to see Lin’s boyfriend pointing his phone at them .

‘Losers.’ He winked at Zhan Xi.

He wanted to look at Jian Yi. He wanted to know what he was thinking. But he couldn’t. He took several deep breaths and tried to will his blood back into normal circulation.

He waited for Jian Yi to do what he normally did, to freak out and make a big deal out of it, but when he finally did look at him, the expression on his face, for the first time in a very long time, was unreadable. He reached out to place his hand on the side of Zhan Xi’s neck and opened his mouth to speak, but in a true movie fashion, they were interrupted.

‘Please tell me you got a picture of this. You have the perfect angle.’

‘Yeah, babe. I got a picture. Look.’

Lin walked into the room and plucked the phone out of his hand. After a moment she gave it back and kissed him. ‘You’re the best.’ He smiled at her and went back to his previous activities.

‘Ready, boys?’

[ renegade - the qemists ]

to be continued.