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Hi! I've been searching for a video for a while and I wonder if you or someone else know which video it is or what fansign (date) it is. It was a long time ago I watched it so I don't remember it clearly but it's at a fansign and J-hope is like looking at a fan next to him who's about to go to him next or something in a way like he found her really pretty, he couldn't take his eyes away from her. She had coloured hair, I think it was pink or a faded red colour but I'm not exactly sure.

Someone knows?


HAIR-DO’S & DONT’S:  Hello fashionistas. Today we’re talking about hair 101!

UP TOP: We have Sam sporting his red hair in an old-fashioned side-part. Sam is looking like he walked right out of Happy Days. Sorry Richie Cunningham, but that is definitely a DON’T!

BOTTOM LEFT:  Marisa and her silver hair, though her roots are showing, with her badass attitude she shows us she really knows how to rock them. This is definitely that’s a hair-DO! 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Lil Lilly is pretty in pink with her elegant curls. From the looks of it, it looks like a DO, but guess again. This is DEF a hair-don’t! What is this, the 90′s??

Well, that’s all for now my fashionistas.

I’m outtie,
Charlyne (Queen of the Fashion)

Team RWBY Reacting To A Pixie Cut

* She would be like “AAAA WE’RE TWINS”

* She would always ask if she could dye the ends red so you could match

* She would put lil accessories in your hair and giggle when you pout

* She would squeal when she first sees you

* She’s really happy about this XD

* she’ll show everyone like “guy look at her/his hair! Isn’t is pretty!!!1!1one”


•she would smile affectionately and tell you how wonderful it looked

•weiss’ soft side would come out

•she would try and style it and stuffs. Using schnee products ofc

•she would always glance at you more than usual, like she’s still adjusting to it

•she’d always tell you the pros to having a pixie cut like “it frames your face very well” and “you’re hair colour contrasts with your skin nicely”


* she would always run her hand through your hair

* Blake will just gaze at you lovingly, she would be so happy with the fact that you seem so confident with your new hair

* When you two are alone, she’d place her bow in your head sometimes then blush at how confused/cute you look

* She’d inform you of how having short hair is a good thing, especially on the battle field.

* Like weiss’, she would style it also.


•yang would be a bit surprised at first I think, seeing as she loves long hair so much. But she’s adapt fairly quickly and compliments to endlessly

* yang would curl your hair and style it (I know they all do this but it’s so cute XD)

* She’d be a mixture of Ruby and Blakes probs

* She’d tell you things like “it’s gonna grow back super healthy you know?” And “you’re hair is so pretty, it doesn’t even matter if it’s long or short”

* She’d be bragging about it to everyone at school as well XD

This came out more couple-y than I intended but oh whale, I hope it’s okay anyway :))
- Nika

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hello I'm trying to start a thing please tag all of your friends that have a Tumblr. Basically just tell us about your friends. Thanks!

ok i think i get this


NAME: Bella

AGE: I don’t think she wants me to say it……

TUMBLR FOCUS: She has a EXO/BTS blog, i think she writes scenarios/reactions

SKILLS/PERSONALITY: She’s pretty quiet around strangers, but she’s outgoing around people she knows. kind of like sehun (idk?) She’s AMAZING at fan fiction and all writing really. if you want a good drabble/fanfic/whatever PLEASE GO TO HER you will not be disappointed. She can seem a bit insensitive at first (lol) but she’s really nice. she’s oldest of my friends

BIAS: Kyungsoo although her bias list is like 20 people it goes some thing like D.O, Jin, Xiumin, etc. 

LOOKS: she has brown hair which she dyes red. She’s really pretty (my little sister calls her ‘the pretty girl’) but from what i can tell she’s also insecure. Her skin tans really easily but it looks nice on her.


idk if she has a blog or not but she wasn’t really active so whatever

NAME: Judy

AGE: also not telling

TUMBLR FOCUS: idk if it even exists anymore used to be alanus-something


LITERALLY GOOD AT EVERYTHING. not as good at writing as bella tho. She is seriously doing math 3 levels above. very high-high-archiving but sometimes she gets really stressed.  However, when she’s with her friends she’s really hyper and we laugh at everything, so its really fun to hang out with her. 

BIAS: Seungri (BIGBANG) but its changed so much in the past 2 days idk if thats up to date enough

LOOKS: She’s asian (lucky girl) Also very pretty. Her hair is always perfect even tho she never washes it. one of those people that doesn’t even try to look good but still looks good. I don’t think she’s super insecure.


she doesn’t have a blog but imma write about her anyways

NAME: Aiza (eye-za)

AGE: not telling

SKILLS/PERSONALITY: She’s a really creative person who comes up with all sorts of cools games and other stuff. She’s super calm and always helpful. Also she’s always mature, but not in a boring way. I have emetephobia, and once a kid in our school was sick. i completely lost my shit but she was really nice and it really helped so thanks aiza :) 

BIAS: she’s not really a kpopper but i ship her with lay

LOOKS: She’s chilean and filipino i think so really exotic-looking y’know. She’s really pretty too but i think she’s also insecure. She recently had a huge growth spurt and now she’s taller than me. Anyways all of my friends are really pretty.


i hope you know more about my friends and please check out bella’s tumblr.

I’m gonna tag 10 blogs to also do this.

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Part two of this long thing I have been putting off, there are about 25 I gotta do ahh @adelaine-cassidy

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Imma start with how pretty my little sister is. Her hair is such a nice shade of red, like it is the only red hair to rival mine, it is not fair. Also, she has really nice eyes and always does her eyeliner well so it looks good. Like, she got all of the good genes in the family, it isn’t fair. She got the nice red hair and beautiful eyes, but the soft skin and big lips like how? Her cheeks are also super cute and pinchable, but she never really grew out of it from when she was a kid. Her cutie little button nose is perfect for booping and I just love that about her so much. She looks absolutely adorable in cute dresses, you know the ones with the collars and have that little vintage look? Yeah those. Any guy - or gal, I don’t judge, you do you, as long as they are nice I will play nice - would be so lucky to date her, just based upon her body. Mentally, she is great too. She is super peaceful and tries to make everyone feel better when things are in a mess, and plays a mediator role. She really cares with her whole heart, which is something none of our douchebag family really seems to do. I really appreciate her constant presence too, never really gone. Also, have you received a hug from her? Because they are in the territory of some of the best squeezes you will ever get, I swear it. She tries really hard, and that is what matters the most to me, is that she puts in an effort. It’s sweet, fun, and makes her such a good and likable person, I swear. My sister is incredible, pass it on.