5SOS be like
  • 2014:She looks so perfect
  • 2015:She's kinda hot
  • 2016:She's okay, I guess
  • 2017:She's joke, stop pretending we're friends, no one knows you
  • 2018:I'm into guys
  • 2019:Muke af

I am super spacey right now since I´m actually really tired, but I gotta learn for an exam, but…

Where does Garnets nose come from? I mean, if she shares the features of both… That´s one half nose between the two of them tops!

Yet Garnet has a nose (it´s only there to keep the glasses in place, isn´t it?)

.. fixed…?

I guess…?

(okay she looks pretty frggin adorable like that)

anonymous asked:

No worries lol I found some :). BTW your May drawing is precious <3

Oh, good! I’m glad you can get your fix. We all need that every once in awhile!

And thank you for the compliment on my May sketch. She’s… okay-looking, I guess. Better than most other attempts I’ve made at her tbh. Lol.