Dating NCT Johnny
  • Dayum
  • Ok this is happening
  • stay calm
  • stay fucking calm
  • He is like a literal boy friend material.
  • Ok lets just get into it..
  • Being besties with TNT
  • You shipping him with Ten
  • Ten smirking at you.
  • You blushing hard, cause who wouldn’t
  • Cheesy lines
  • That Bad ones too
  • Always laughing.
  • Pepe meme is life
  • Waking you up at 3 freaking AM just to show you that rare galaxy pepe.
  • Clicking your pics while you are asleep and sending it to TNT.
  • TNT editing it, making you the angel and him a devil.
  • Going out with TNT and Him together.
  • You being the Third wheel lol.
  • Compliments, compliments and compliments.
  • Loves you with all his might.
  • Not that jealous type..
  • You being jealous instead.
  • But he has no intentions to make you jealous.
  • If he does, then its just because he wants to give you a surprise. lol
  • Taeyong shouting at you because you were too loud.
  • Renjun and Jisung fighting over you.
  • “Noona looks like Cinderella”
  • “No!! She looks like snow white!!”
  • “Cinderella”
  • “Snow white!!”
  • Yuta asking you to buy him food.
  • You can’t say no..
  • Cause that dick head knows all of your secrets.
  • Yuta Throwing dirty looks at you.
  •  Because Chenle asked him about all the marks you got lol.
  • Hansol and you going to the library.
  • But johnny lifting him up instead of you.
  • TNT laughing hard cause you look like a walrus when johnny lifts Hansol. Jealous you~
  • Ten laughing like a kookaburra with asthma.
  •  Johnny always reminding you how beautiful you are.
  • Him showing you off.
  • Running around the dorm along with Haechan and Jaehyun.
  • Making memes.
  • Dubsmash is always a thing.. with Lucas. lol
  • Johnny always being touchy.
  • More like Taeil being uncomfortable.
  • Taeyong asking you and Johnny to get a room.
  • Never ending smile
  • And laughter is your bestie besides TNT.
  • Overall, Johnny being a knight in a shining Armour. 
  • Lol 
  • He is such a sweet guy!!
  • Please love him and support him!!
  • He deserves this world!!
  • He deserves All the happiness..
  • He owns the laughter
  • Bitch he owns your grandma lol

Ladies of The Dark Artifices - Livvy Blackthorn

‘“Here.” Livvy stood up, scooping an apple from the table. “Have this instead.” She went forward and held out the apple to her brother. Emma thought she looked like a latter-day Snow White with her long dark hair and the apple in her pale hand. “You don’t mind apples, do you?”
“My thanks, gracious sister.” Mark bowed and took the apple, while Livvy looked at him with her mouth partly open.
“You never call me ‘gracious sister,’” she said, turning to Julian with an accusing look.
He grinned. “I know you too well, runt.”’

Probably the most specific weird AU I’ve spent extensive time thinking about is the one where Jessica Jones is working a food service job, and Luke Cage is making some extra money by being a secret shopper, and after about a minute of talking to Jessica, two things are very clear: 1) this is the coolest woman he has met in a long, long time, and 2) in a rare case of Luke siding with management, this woman desperately needs to be fired from any job that requires her to interact with customers.

A day after Luke comes in, he gets a call on his cell. “You got me fired,” Jessica says.

“How the fuck did you get this number?” he replies, not quite as mad as he thinks he should sound.

“You wrote it on the form where you called me aggressive, unhelpful, and quote, ‘weirdly threatening.’”

Luke’s one hundred percent certain she was not supposed to see that form. “You tracking down my personal information so you can berate me is not making me rethink that assessment.”

“This isn’t me berating you. You’ll know when I’m berating you.”


“Yeah. Because you’ll like it.”

Luke laughs. “Maybe I would. What the hell was a girl like you doing at a shithole chain anyway?”

“What’s a guy like you doing getting girls like me fired from shithole chains?” she asks. Luke isn’t sure himself.

“Let me get you dinner,” Luke says instead. “You can yell at me in person.”

“You’re paying,” Jessica replies.

“Course I am,” says Luke. “I’m traditional like that.”

“Good. Cause some asshole got me fired. Really cut into my spending cash.”

When Luke pulls up to the curb Jessica’s waiting at, she’s still wearing her work uniform, a garish button-down flecked with ketchup and coffee. With the streetlight washing her out even more than the fluorescents in her former workplace, she looks like Snow White coming down from a bender. She finishes off her cigarette like she’s angry at it and says, “Nice ride.”

“Nice shirt.”

“Fuck off,” Jessica says, but with a smile, and she gets on the motorcycle behind him, her arms sliding around his waist with a surprisingly strong grip, and Luke can honestly say that he’s never been happier with his job.

Sulli and Minho look good together. I mean Minho has this prince-like features and charisma. Sulli’s face is innocent, charming, and sweet and she looks like Snow White. They’re both visuals and the tallest member in their respective groups. They’ve got such good genes because of their pretty faces. They’re both Choi. Isn’t it destiny? (anon)

This is an offical pic of ONE (there are more appropriate/correct looking Moana’s that I have seen) of the “friends” playing Moana. Deep breath, okay listen Disney PARKS CASTING (AND NOT THE FILM STUDIO BECAUSE THESE ARE 2 DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS RUN BY VERY DIFFERENT PEOPLE) department I know how you guys like to work. You like to get girls who can do more than 1 “Friend” that way you have a performer who is versatile and can pick up on hours and help out when need be I get that. But you are going to have to face that some characters (COUGH JASMINE, ALADDIN, AND NOW MOANA) are not apart of that “one size fits all rule” you seem to love so much. Moana is this color 

Meaning any and all “friends” of Moana should also surprise surprise be this color as well. You know how you wouldn’t get a girl who can play Belle to play Tiana? Well the same should go for Moana, Aladdin, and Jasmine. The girls playing Moana should not contrast their hair color like the girl in the image above to the point where she looks more like a Snow White instead of a polynesian Princess. Fix this mess and cast appropriately it’s not hard.

Oneshot: Keep Me Warm

Summary: Emma finds a frozen Regina in the woods. A SwanQueen oneshot.

I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy :) 

Emma’s heart thumps wildly in her chest as she runs through the trees. It’s been twelve minutes since she got a panicked phone call from Henry. The seconds tick by like hours and she wishes she could move faster and just find him. It was one of the worst phone calls of her life. She had been sitting at the Diner when her phone rang. She was expecting Henry to ask to be picked up or that he was going to a friend’s place. She wasn’t expecting her world to fall to pieces.

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