Emma was sitting outside at Granny’s, the sun was burning like fire and it looked like it’s going to be a perfect Summer. But Emma couldn’t help feeling that something in this town was not right, after all this time strange things happened. And somehow Henry kept believing she was some kind of hero. The blonde woman didn’t believe anything of that, how could she be the hero when she was living with someone that looked a lot like snow white and had literally no social life ever? Mary Margaret was the nicest person though, without her the blonde wouldn’t even have a place to stay. And it wasn’t like Emma had a social life either, she was highly sexually frustrated and wanted nothing more than just having her normal life back. But the one thing keeping her here was worth staying a little longer, Henry. 

Let me introduce...

Last night new tulpa joined our system! 

Who is she, you may ask. 

Do you remember Corrie, little white wolf that joined our family on Christmas? Yep, that’s her.

Igni has been asking for another tulpa for so long, that I couldn’t ignore that anymore. We discussed it and decided, that Corrie should be next tulpa in our system. And I really like that. 

Corrie is really cheerful, happy, energetic and optimistic. She is now a human, and she looks just like snow queen. She has short, white hair and pale skin. She also has heterochromia. Her right eye is in deep red, left is bright green.

She developed much faster than Igni. Maybe because she is second tulpa and I kinda know what to look for. 

Anyway I’m really excited about this! 

And quick information: I’m going to Germany for a week tonight (airplanes, woo-hoo). I’m pretty sure I’ll have internet, I’ll try to update. 

So, I’m going to pack my things up. 

Stay Safe!