I have sprayed my father with water he was being bad

lanteke  asked:

Hi! First I want to tell you how amazing you are! I really like your posts and writings! And well, I have a question for you... Do you know how to handle a broken heart? Because I don't and that sucks.

Honestly…No, like I only had a couple of boyfriends/girlfriends and I was young so I was like whatever. Then my EX I was actually happy she broke up with me because it meant I got to hang out with Maxine🙈 But if she ever left me I would get that feeling I know because I’m so in love with her.

But please message me, probably get some ice cream and get a few friends round and watch a TV series OITNB or PLL💗

I promise I’ll be back soon, it’s only for 2 months. I love you.” I hugged her tightly in her driveway “I love you too. I’ll miss you.” She smiled at me and kissed my cheek and got in her car. I wave at her as she drove off.

It’s been a year and she still hasn’t come back to me.

—  S.L. // Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write // #1