Once Upon a Time Positivity Challenge: Day 19 ➝ honour

Mulan deserves to have her story told.

Originally posted by onceabc

If any character has been given unfair treatment by the OUAT writers, it’s my girl Fa Mulan. This BAMF warrior princess is one of the best recurring characters on the show. She has proven herself to be brave, strong, loyal, fierce, honourable, clever, resourceful and a straight up boss. At yet, she’s been denied a storyline of her own.

A Mulan-centric episode is definitely on the top of my OUAT wishlist. And it better not be a filler episode, like “The Bear King” or “Ruby Slippers.” I yearn for the early days of OUAT when every character–whether a major player like Regina, a recurring character like Jefferson, or never heard from again like Hansel & Gretel–had a backstory tied into the overall arc of the season.

I suspect that Mulan’s story involves fighting in the Ogres’ War. If this is correct, telling her story would also provide opportunity to delve into a portion of the Enchanted Forest’s history that has been yet to be explored (ie what caused the wars, who fought its battles, what effects did it have on the kingdoms and the characters we know).