Can we take a moment (or several) to appreciate our Goddess and Warrior Queen? Felicity Meghan Smoak...

1. She faces down, yells at and threatens Ra’s al Ghul. The most dangerous man to ever walk the earth. And he respects her “fire”. 

2. Drugging Oliver. I couldn’t stop laughing. She wasn’t letting him go without a fight. Misguided? Yes. Desperate? Definitely. But still awesome.

3. Ordering Malcolm Merlyn around and Malcolm’s look of surprise and respect is everything.

4. Taking down an LoA member. Badass!

The Olicity scenes were amazing but Felicity as a stand alone character is the freaking a BAMF! She really is Oliver equal in every way and in some ways his superior. LOL!

I said it over on Twitter: This is proof that Felicity would make an amazing Bratva wife. :)

okay okay okay l i s t e n,  the angelic gift Lara Pulver is currently filming Underworld 5 (don’t even get me started on how gloriously bamf and gorg she’ll be as a vampire)   B U T   that’s definitely gonna wrap up production by April and lara hasn’t got anything else scheduled publicly and  *grabs your face and pulls you close to whisper* do you know what starts filming in April?? DO YOU??

“hail the queen”

ya’ notice Nala snarles/growls more than Simba in the movie?  She’s a great heroine, but she’s so under-rated as a BAMF.

Oh yeah, by the way, Simba, I was holding all the shit down back at home while you were Hakuna Matataing your problems away.

I don’t hate Simba–not at all–I don’t really think he’s weak, either (I’m sure seeing your father die right in front of you and thinking it’s your fault would definitely have some lasting psychological scars) I’m just saying Nala should have been praised as a hero as much as he had.

SDR2 Overwatch headcanons

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A/N: As the title suggests, these are my headcanons of which hero the sdr2 characters would play as in overwatch. Some would play more than others, but still writing them all for headcanon purposes. ~ Anonymous

  • Hajime: He varies depending on the team/game, but if he were to choose, he’d choose a defense hero such as Bastion.
  • Komaeda: Probably Zenyatta or Lucio, probably because they “make others shine with hope” by boosting their stats/lowering the other team’s stats.
  • Chiaki: Varies as well, but would choose Tracer because of her maneuver ability
  • Souda: Junkrat. Definitely Junkrat.
  • Sonia: To Sonia, there’s just something about Widowmaker that intrigues her. Whether it’s her abilities or her character itself, she always plays as Widowmaker whenever she plays as Overwatch.
  • Fuyuhiko: Hanzo, but this is probably because of his design/backstory. If not Hanzo, it’s “BAMF” McCree.
  • Akane: I’d say she’d pick Soldier 76 or Winston because of their easy controls, but this is based from my experience.
  • Peko: Genji, not just because of Fuyuhiko, but she’s actually really good playing as someone as tricky, yet rewarding as Genji.
  • Nekomaru: He’d play as a tank, taking the damage for others. This leads to him playing primarily as Reinhardt.
  • Hiyoko: She’d play as Mei, building walls here and there to frustrate everyone, including her team. But if she’s feeling really competitive, she’s actually really formidable as Mei.
  • Mahiru: Not really comfortable as an offensive player, she’d main as either Symmetra or Mercy.
  • Twogami: Varies. He never chooses a favourite, leaving him decent at playing as any he sees formidable for the game.
  • Teruteru: Either the “waifu” characters (Mei, Tracer, Widowmaker, or D.Va), or Tjorborn because of his perfect height for looking at digital butts. But D.Va is his waifu, no doubt.
  • Mikan: She plays strictly as support, not knowing what to do in video games. She mains as Mercy.
  • Gundam: Reaper. Is that even a question? He’s the epitome of darkness, which is perfect for the dark lord known as Gundam Tanaka.
  • Ibuki: She loves Lucio for his “fun” character, but she finds him rather difficult when it actually comes to playing. Therefore, she’d main as Pharah, or Tracer, reciting their lines the same time as the characters. (This annoys everyone, because Ibuki WILL JUST NEVER SHUT UP)
Why the Walking Dead was the best TV show of 2014

Because zombies. Duh.


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One woman army Carol was undoubtedly The Walking Dead’s MVP in 2014.

She liberated a prison camp with only a sniper rifle, some fireworks and a poncho covered in zombie gloop, and continued to aid in Daryl’s long process of self-help. I’m definitely Team Carol.