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D, I keep running into this problem in my dating life: I'm really attracted to and end up talking to really nice girls with their shit together that are either already in a relationship or way too busy making their careers a possibility to be able to date. I like them a lot as friends too, they're great people, it just feels like everyone I make a personal connection with is taken or busy and it's bumming me out.

I hear you on that. The older you are, the tougher it gets too- by your late 20s the good ones are mostly married.

That said, you gotta hold out for quality. If you settle for a girl who isn’t really what you’re looking for (especially if she’s the perpetually single party girl) then that is just a one way ticket to the zone of pain.

No matter how old you are, there IS a quality girl for you, you just need to a) make sure you are a quality guy and b) be patient and don’t settle for less.

  1. They met with the parents after she’d been born, no orphanage, through an adoption agency. They take her home when she’s four months old after the parents pick them.
  2. She’s actually not much like EITHER of the in terms of “personality” but fundamental qualities? She has Tony’s enthusiasm and his selfless nature. She has Steve’s stubbornness, which causes many situations throughout her life that makes her parents want to pull their hair out. Personality though? I think she’s a bit like her uncle Clint. She’s actually a complete little shit but is as loving as humanly possible. 
  3. She’s a track star in high school. 
  4. No super skills to speak of. She has no interest in the superhero biz at all, but later in life she does end up somewhat a part of it. She’s trained extremely well in terms of her fighting skills - something she actually enjoyed learning and often spars with her Dads and extended Avenger family - but she never wants to be a SHIELD agent and she has no super abilities. 
  5. She is a demisexual/demiromantic lesbian. 
  6. Okay a random fact… hmmmm. She has her Uncle Clint’s character trait of accidentally picking up strays, and that’s how they end up with their first dog. 

H A P P Y 100th B I R T H D A Y  Ingrid Bergman

August 29, 1915 — August 29, 1982

I have no regrets. I wouldn’t have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about what people were going to say.

She had an extraordinary quality of purity and nobility and a definite star personality that is very rare.
— David O. Selznick

Do you know what I especially love about you, Ingrid, my dear? I can sum it up as your naturalness. The camera loves your beauty, your acting, and your individuality. A star must have individuality. It makes you a great star. A great star.
— George Cukor


HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY, INGRID BERGMAN (29th August 1915 - 29th August 1982)

‘I’ve never sought success in order to get fame and money; it’s the talent and the passion that count in success.’ - Ingrid Bergman

‘Women liked her because they saw that matter-of-factness about her. She did not wear high heels. She would say: ‘It hurts my back, why would I want to wear it?’’ - Isabella Rossellini

‘There are only seven movie stars in the world whose name alone will induce American bankers to lend money for movie productions, and the only woman on the list is Ingrid Bergman.’ - Cary Grant

‘She had an extraordinary quality of purity and nobility and a definite star personality that is very rare.’ - David Selznick


Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman (August 29, 1915 - August 29, 1982)

“I have had my different husbands, my families. I am fond of them all and I visit them all. But deep inside me there is the feeling that I belong to show business.”  - Ingrid Bergman

“She has a combination of rare beauty, freshness, vitality and ability that is as uncommon as a century plant in bloom.”  - film critic Wanda Hale

“There are only seven movie stars in the world whose name alone will induce American bankers to lend money for movie productions, and the only woman on the list is Ingrid Bergman.” - Cary Grant

“She had an extraordinary quality of purity and nobility and a definite star personality that is very rare.” - David O. Selznick

Force Girl Jackie Von Spanks she runs or men’s Facebook page!

“To be honest I don’t know what Star Wars character best represents my personality. I hope that I come across as a strong female character like Leia or Hera Syndulla. They fight for what they believing in and I find that an incredible quality in a character that I try to have in my day to day life.
I would totally wield a sith light saber like Asajj Ventress.
Han Solo shot first.
One of my favorite characters in the universe in Salacious B Crumb! I have a nice collection of everything crumb including a tattoo! I also love to collect Star Wars artwork.
I would personally love to cosplay as a twi'lek! It’s on my list of must do cosplay.”

Photography by @etherealvisionz

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lucas announces to the gang that he's leaving for texas forever. everyone's sad and he has a leaving party. but there's one more person he has to say goodbye to. maya. he sneaks into her window just when he's about to go and they have a heartfelt convo. just before he has to leave, she has one final question. "Lucas, when zay talked about you describing us to him, you described everyone else..but me. why?" and then they go into this convo where he talks about all of her good qualities and kiss.

Send me a prompt + couple! :)

Here it is! :) It’s slightly different, but it’s there.


“Surprise!” everybody yelled, when they saw Lucas enter through his door.

Lucas jumped, closing the door. When he turned around, he chuckled before letting out a genuine smile. “Thank you guys,” he said, looking from right to left across the room.

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I was on a cruise this week and most of the passengers were Southern Americans while the staff was about half South/Southeast Asian and half European.

The first instance of racism I heard was when I was on deck standing next to a white person tanning. There was an announcement that was very hard to understand due to the quality of the speakers so my friend and I were making confused noises. It was also obvious the person had a non-European accent. That was enough for the white person to make a comment though about how the person should “speak English.”

The second instance was when we were about to disembark, there was another announcement, again from someone with a non-European accent. A white person behind me said to their child, “Wonder how many times she practiced that.” And then they laughed.

This could easily be excused as xenophobia but I didn’t hear these sorts of comments when the main announcer, who was white with an English accent, came onto the speakers. 

The cruise company even proudly announced on the first day that they had a very diverse staff hailing from many different countries. Sorry you didn’t get your expected white staff with “sexy” accents. 

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lets talk about fusion for a sec

i feel like people dont tend to think of fusions as separate from their component gems enough. like, after jailbreak people were having this issue with garnet, ruby and sapphire but we’re mostly passed that now and back to recognizing garnet as her own person instead of just two tiny lesbians piloting a garnet mech. but people are still having this issue with the other fusions, i think.

lets take rainbow quartz for example. she got a couple minutes of screen time, no lines and we’ll probably never see her again. but think about her as an individual person, qualities of both rose and pearl, but separate from them. what could SHE be like, personality wise? what does she enjoy? what does she hate? what does she think of garnet and amethyst, or of greg? 

or let’s take a fusion that’s been given WAY more on-screen personality, sardonyx. people seem to think that the more gems in a fusion, the less personality, based on alexandrite, but we got to see sardonyx strut her stuff and show off her charisma even more so than garnet, who is a two gem fusion compared to a three gem fusion, technically. however we never got to see what she really thought of what pearl did or how garnet reacted to it.

which brings me to even more questions like:

  • what do fusions think of their component gems? do they have favorites?
  • do fusions get any say in their own outfits and designs when they regenerate? 
  • do fusions wish they has less ‘abnormalities’ like extra eyes and limbs? 
  • do fusions wish their components got along better/they were a more stable fusion?
  • can fusions affect how their components get along, positively or negatively?
  • can fusions be a part of their component’s headspace conversation as an individual (in reference to when fusions talk to themselves, like stevonnie at the dance, garnet in the kindergarten and malachite at the beach) or just basically listen in on it? 
  • how much information does a fusion instinctively have and how much is willingly given by their components?


Hall meeting|| Lidia & Open

Lidia clutched a rather large book to her chest, her eyes pointed towards the ground as she moved through the hallway. She never liked the idea of looking someone in the eye, that normally was a show of some dominance a quality that the woman simply did not posses. Though looking down did have its benefits, she noticed a long white scuff on her black flats.

She turned the corner without looking, her mind lost in things she needed to do it her room to keep it tidy and neat. Instantly she ran into something hard and fell to the ground dropping her book, loose pages flying out in every direction. Quickly she tried to grab some of them, but her eyes fell on a set of legs. “I’m so sorry.” She mumbled from the ground not daring to look the person in the face, “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Want to know why taylorswift won so many VMAs?

It has nothing to do with the fact that she is white or skinny

It is because she is an incredible person, passionate performer, genuine musician, and dedicated to creating music videos that tell the story of the song in every detail.

Not only does taylorswift make quality videos but she spends hours investing in her fans, and prides herself in sharing the final product with them.

So if her success bothers you so much you need to step up your game.

But don’t you dare try to drag her down to your level.

Important Passeridae Notice:

We’re extremely sorry to announce that the release of the Koujaku fanbook will be delayed due to some very unfortunate circumstances regarding a personal emergency with one of our artists, aryll. Thus, the two pages she was in line to contribute will not be included in the book.

However, instead of releasing a product that is unfinished and sub-quality to our paying customers, we will be keeping preorders open for an additional two weeks, as we have found two very talented artists to contribute in her place. 

I’m proud to welcome keepcalmkeepdrawing and weenie-kun to the project! 

In addition to this, we will be including a new free sticker to every purchase, regardless of which bundle you ordered.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

my grandmother turns 93 next week while my grandfather turns 95 next month. they just celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. and they are amazing. grandma always has great stories while grandpa always has great one liners. i’ve never done a day (or in this case weekend) in the life session and i knew that if i was ever going to do one, it will be for my grandparents.

and it was memorable and special. i spent time being immersed in their day to day life, hearing stories of the past, laughing at their jokes and spending quality time with them all while capturing them. and my grandparents loved having me there too. every person we met at their home, grandma would say proudly, “this is my granddaughter. she left her two little girls at home with their father so she could vacation with us. can you believe that?!” it was the cutest!

i’m not sure how i will finalize the video and photos (i’m thinking a nice big album with the quotes laid out) but here are just some of my personal favorites that just gives a little insight into their weekend. and boy did my mind and body work crazy for it. having the camera attached for 2 straight days made my wrist flare up. and my mind was working overtime remembering all the quotes. but it was all worth it!

and this was just perfect. the newspaper headline one morning. just perfect.

“oh shoot, you’re taking pictures already?! but we’re not doing anything but watching jeopardy” - gma

“i never did propose. i asked her to move in with me into the barracks” - gpa

“what a stinker, he never proposed. and he asked after the third date!” - gma

“you know where i met your grandmother? at her boyfriends” - gpa chuckling

“you know your father started walking at eight months. and he was everywhere. he hasn’t stopped.” - gma

“these were my mother and father’s. they got them shortly after they were married which was 1917. i really treasure these.” - gma

“i didn’t take a nap today? i was too busy to nap” - gpa

“what time are we going to bingo?” - gpa

“i’ve never won bingo here before.” - gpa

five minutes later “i got bingo!” - gpa

“have i shown you the library? it’s nice. they have all these books that you can borrow. and puzzles” - gpa

“i don’t do puzzles. i’m too busy and don’t have enough time” - gpa

“i always like the art and paintings here” - gma

“we’re in the national wii bowling competition starting next week. we need to practice” - gma

“we won bowling?! we won!” - gpa

“my makeup? just blush. i always need my blush.” - gma

“i love you” - gma

“ditto” - gpa

“did you just ditto me?!” - gma

“i did. ditto” - gpa chuckling

“my favorite memory growing up? swimming in the hudson river. oh and there was a place we used to go too. b.a.b. you know what b.a.b was? bare ass beach. funny how memories are triggered.” -gpa

“i like it here. but i miss having our home.” - gpa

“Well, my darling I know you’re used to having him but his prices haven’t changed. Unfortunately….” Sonya placed her acrylic nails over the bottom of her phone gesturing for the bartender to take the other customers order before hers. “Unfortunately this isn’t a frequent flyers type deal. My boys are used to all the amenities that come in their contracts. Sure, I’ll hold your reservation until tomorrow. Goodnight.” She spoke in a perfected sultry accent, the origin almost undetectable, a subtle mixture of all the qualities she found were most appealing to customers. The Madame closed her eyes, ended the call and ran her hands through her blonde hair in frustration. Green orbs opened only to see the bartender’s expectant gaze. “Sorry, baby. Vodka tonic please.” Her Chicago accent finally slipping through due to exhaustion. It was only then that Sonya turned her attention to the person seated next to her. “Shit, sorry did I hold you up?”

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what do u think about Disney changing Anastasia's character in the sequels? Personally i think it's pretty apprehensible that they would try garnering sympathy for a character who is at best a bully...

I’m not gonna lie, I like Anastasia’s arcs in the sequels… I get where you’re coming from: she has no redeeming qualities in the original film, so it does feel like retconning.

I’ll say this much: I like that they make her redeemable in the sequels because it shows that you can move past your terrible behavior; you can want to be better.



                  It was the third night shooting that they were having that week, the first one had actually been nice, and she had shoot with Sean, Jared, and Jen. They had shoot at Regina’s mansion but the second and tonight was supposed to be in Camelot, which meant they would be doing the shooting in the park. Unfortunately, Sean was not schedule for that shooting and she had thought that he would be at home, more than likely resting. They would be wrapping up that episode tonight which meant new scripts would be delivered today or sent to them during the weekend. The weekend oh how she was looking forward for the weekend. Don’t get her wrong, Lana loved her job and loved when they were able to meet the fans that had travelled all over the world just to see them on the set but the week had been rough and she like any normal person was looking for two free days and specially be able to sleep until a bit later and spend some quality time with Sean.

                   Not many knew about their relationship, they kept it a secret only letting their close friends and family in, of course, their co-workers knew, was after all hard to hide it from them. However, due to certain hate and threats that they got just because of their characters they had decided to keep it a secret, which wasn’t easy. They had to be careful about how cozy they got when there was public around but on set, they could always simply blame it on the fact that they did played lovers on screen. Already dressed in her red medieval dress and with a few pins on her hair to keep it in place until the time of the shooting, Lana walked to her trailer to place her bag down and maybe call Sean to see what he was doing and if he would be willing to pick her up once they had wrapped up but to her surprise the moment that she had stepped in her trailer she saw the man in question, the British man that had stolen her heart and who she was crazy in love with.

                  “Sean? What are you doing here love? I thought you would be home.”


So I got my collar today from littlepinkkittenshop and I absolutely love it. Its so well made and super cute, it fits and feels so comfortable. The little bell is just so cute and the quality is amazing. The bag it came in is really cute and it was wrapped very nicely. You can tell she puts a lot of time and care into making them and even shipping them. I highly recommend buying something from her she’s amazing.