You think a girl would say no to the gorgeous, dangerous, brooding man who offered her his kingdom and his love?
All she had to do was take a bite of the delicious fruit that would damn her and at the same time, let her ascend.
A heartbroken mother and a world she never felt quite right in was hardly a downfall for what she would gain.
“Be my queen, forever.”
Not only did he promise love and jewels, he offered her the power to make her own decisions, a sense of freedom in a world made of rules and chains, and any woman would take it.
—  Persephone ate the fruit and never looked back (b.a.s)

Having my Aaliyah day…. You know, one of those days when you’re missing her like crazy and listening to her songs all day long while singing along her voice so loud, when you’re reading your old scrapbooks for the 100 000 000 time and that, whitout any stops….  I made this blend while listening to her songs, she is my queen forever. I put officialtimbaland and missyelliott in her crown :)


So ummm hi? It me. Paige. Im okay ayetroyler (who i cant link on mobile go follow her she slays and is forever my queen) has been calming me down the past few hours ive been gone…
The post about me pushing back my suicide has so many notes i love you all and im in tears bc you all care so much :’)
I just wanted to say thanks for all the kind messages i love y'all