here’s the latest transl/a/tion of the yuyuyu 4koma!

pg 1: Abduction

Yuna: “This walk might be part of rehab, but thanks to the good weather it feels amazing!”

Togo: “Fufu…I made botamochi, so eat all you want.”

Y: “Yay! I’ll have som-”

Y: “Eh? Botamochi? What? Botamochi?”

Karin: “How many times are you gonna repeat that?!”

((putting more under the cut bc this is hella long)))

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princessbrando asked:

Jotaro Eats grilled cheese sandwiches weird??? Like he pulls them into smaller pieces and eats the smaller chunks and it's really soothing anyway he looks up once and everyone's staring at him


uiitiosam asked:

Waves hand. Alex is 5'9" and Leonardo is like 5'6.5"--

Send your character’s height and I’ll compare it to mine. || accepting! { x }

Alex :

             5′11′’     vs      5′9′’

omg look they’re almost the same height~

Leo :

          5′11′’    vs    5′6.5′’

and there’s her height coming back into play again

anonymous asked:

Can you give me advice on how to ask my girl friend to marry me? She has social anxiety tho

OMG AWWW!!! I would do it privately just the 2 of u so she’s more comfortable. Do something simple so she’s not overwhelmed maybe slip the ring on when she’s asleep and wake up before her so when she wakes up she sees the ring then u can ask her I think that’s cute. Or make her a cute lil breakfast and ask her.

Don’t do anything over the top.

ewtbhno asked:

HOW DOES ZENDAYA WALK IN HEELS THAT HIGH WITHOUT STUMBLING??? Can she teach me? Omg haha but fr tho she looks flawless.

she literally is my queen I CANT

reallifeloser asked:

yo I can't stop reading the part of the Ashton's kissing excuse where she calls jack got because that is deadass me omg

hahahaha omg same tho, jack is hot idc if i’m dating ashton irwin jack is still hot

laughing - i made two friends in tos in a terrible game today. one was maf & the other was town with me, but i was impressed by the maf because he claimed jailor and got real jailor to reveal. but gf didnt kil jailor (afk?) and town won

then in the second game the same person ended up being maf, but town was not intelligent and maf won. ppl started shippinh me and the other girl in our group. we discussed how great zendaya always looks.

then, last game i got assigned gf. serena (the girl) didnt suspect a thing and TOLD ME WHO THE MAYOR WAS, AS WELL AS A BUNCH OF OTHER TOWN. She even told me one person who was mafioso, and one who was framer (but actually framed). I suggested we kill framer first because she got mafioso right - and she did. She didn’t even suspet me after that. I felt bad. even after we killed the mayor, she didnt guess it even though she only whispered it to me. We left her alive until the end and then I betrayed her dramatically - she never even thought to investigate me.

The other member of our squad was really mad too even though he was maf last two games

okay so my mom visited me today without any warning and she saw how miserable i was because of my cat , she insists on adopting me a kitten 

i don’t want any kitten , I WANT MY CAT , I WANT AUDIT, UGH

*gross sobbing*

anonymous asked:

Is there some place where I can read that story of yours that was giffed by seviqny?

no, it isn’t anywhere. it’s not even finished (i have two chapters to go, it’s taking me ages) but if you know some publisher that would like to publish a book about “alexandra, just graduated photographer, going on holidays to place she visited when she was little where she meets edmund and amanda. two months of deep shit, not really funny jokes, cheesy romance, and hopefully a good representation of problematic family, abuse, depression, ptsd & the joys and miseries of life (and pansexual and bisexual two main characters)” let me now. to quote the queen of bm fandom seviqny16/10 would cry again

(here is the gifset if you are confused what are we talking about)