• transphobe:*calls caitlyn by bruce and uses he/him even tho theyre aware of her new name*
  • transphobe:*actively says that caitlyn is just like a nickname and that they want to see "a legal name change" for her identity to be valid*
  • transphobe:don't call me transphobic!! im not being disrespectful!!! you don't even know what transPHOBIA means!! i dont have a fear or hatred!!! gosh!!! respect me and my beliefs
  • me:talk shit get hit
So that’s it? You’re just going to spend your life hiding down here. In this cave. Waiting to die? I’m sorry. I’m not going to wait with you. Because if there’s one thing that today has taught me is that life is precious. And I want so much more in mine than this.

- Felicity Smoak

I am so proud of Felicity Smoak for this moment.  

We all want her to stick around with Oliver and pull him out of his darkness for him.  But she loves him so much, watching him self-destruct is not an option to her. She refuses to be pulled into the darkness with him.  And that’s what makes her so special. 

When he decides he wants to leave his darkness, Felicity will be waiting for him on the other side.  She might not know it yet, she will try moving on with other people, but she is waiting.  She’s chosen to live.  And now she is waiting for Oliver to choose to live. She isn’t his light.  She is the one who harnesses his light.