Wait, Wait, What? Harley Quinn Solo Movie with Other DC Female Characters Coming

Reports today say that DC/WB are going forward with a solo Harley Quinn movie starring Margot Robbie. I’m pretty excited to see Robbie in the role so that sounds good (even though I’m not the biggest Harley fan) but then there is this via the Hollywood Reporter

Details are being closely guarded but names such as Batgirl and Birds of Prey have surfaced, although in what capacity, it’s not clear. Warner Bros. isn’t commenting. There is also a scribe penning the script but those details, too, are being kept secret, although it is known that the writer is female.

Wut? Jena Malone has been confirmed to be playing Barbara Gordon in the Snyder verse but not Batgirl. Could she come back as Batgirl or will she be, as many suspect she is in the director’s cut of BvS, Oracle. That would certainly fit in with the mention of the Birds of Prey.

And apparently it is all Robbie’s doing

Sources say that Robbie was the impetus for the project, adding that when she got the part for the movie, she dove deep into the comics to learn as much as possible about the character. In the process, she fell for DC’s female characters. She brought on the writer to help develop the project and brought it to Warners, which snapped it up.

This is great. What could go wrong?

Okay. But still POSITIVITY!!!

Further problems with New!Cass

So, here’s the thing: I feel like Batman and Robin Eternal managed to capture Cassandra better than Beechen, but still didn’t have what really makes her great. While some of this, especially her relationship with Barbara Gordon, is prevented by the absurdity of the reboot, other parts are entirely the writers’ fault.

So, let’s talk about Harper Row.

I am not against Harper Row on principle. She seems like an interesting character, and she definitely has a cool look. But she’s shoved into Cassandra’s story at the expense of everyone but Bruce, and it just doesn’t work. For starters, let’s talk about the fact that she and Cass are apparently BFFs now. 

I’m not against giving Cass new friends, of course, but the issue is that they’re doing this before rebuilding her friendships with Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Kon-El, Brenda Miller, etc. These interactions are what gave such life to Cassandra’s original book. Hell, if they want to give her someone to interact with, Steph, Tim, and Jean-Paul are all in the story. My point is that, this is essentially a reboot of her character, (something which I’ll talk about in another post) but this reboot is forgetting to reestablish what made Cass great in the first place.

So while I think Harper has a lot of potential in her interactions with Cass, having them be the focus of Cass’s arc was a big mistake, and I’m hoping that the Rebirth Detective Comics reestablishes the old dynamic between Cass, Tim, and Steph.

Over the weekend, I was *finally* able to complete my collection of Gail Simone’s Batgirl. She’s my favorite version of Batgirl, and the version that made me love the character so much.

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“So—you and sexy batman, what’s the deal?” Spoiler asked curious, a teasing stare at the slightly elder girl, her elbow nudging Barbara’s side, a big smile placed on her lips. She doesn’t know all of their identities so yes, she will just use the nicknames she made for them, however lame they are. “I mean—you two made really intense eye-stare. Almost felt awkward to be on the same room with you two.” Stephanie smile, dropping herself into the couch, she doesn’t mean to bother of course, but given she was an unofficial member of the team batgirl, she just wanted to gossip.


[couldn’t think of anything for “fusion” and i’ve been on a Young Justice kick lately, so here have this]

Danielle was aware that there were other superheroes in the world – superheroes who were actually humans with weird powers, or aliens, or Atlantians or Amazons or whatever. Anyway. Dani knew that other superheroes existed, outside of Danny Phantom in his secluded, ghost-infested Amity Park, but she never thought that she would meet them.

Or, rather, their…younger hero partners. Not sidekicks. They made that very clear to generic villain of the week and his minions.

She recognized Robin right away – how could anyone not know of Batman and Robin, no matter where in the world they lived? Then she saw Batgirl, and for a brief moment wondered if Batman himself was going to show up, but instead a boy in blue armor that vaguely resembled a beetle followed them, his arms morphing into a sonic canon that caused the bad guys to scatter. A small shape flittered by the trapped Dani, and she could just make out that it was a woman in an outfit resembling a bumblebee, firing off energy blasts from her hands.

Then the S-shield that represented Superman was in her line of sight, but it was on a black shirt instead of a blue suit. A younger-looking Superman was looking at her with concern as he easily cast off the energy net that had her pinned to the wall.

“You okay?” he asked. At her nod, he said, “Good,” and then turned and launched himself into the battle.

She just floated there and watched for a moment. She hadn’t meant to get caught by Generic Villain, she had simply been looking for a suitable place to sleep for the night. Which led to her looking in the wrong warehouse, and when she attempted to use her powers to escape again they captured her with the glowing energy net. While she was pretty sure she could have used her powers to escape, she was so exhausted that she didn’t have the energy to spare, and the net had shocked her when it pinned her to the wall.

The heroes must have been waiting for a perfect moment to strike, given how quickly they appeared from the shadows once she was captured. They made quick work of Generic Villain and his minions, leaving them tied up for the police. As they finished their work, Robin approached.

“Are you alright?” he asked. Danielle nodded, still a little awestruck. Robin smiled gently, before adding, “What’s your name?”

Should she tell him? She didn’t see the harm in just giving him her first name. “Danielle,” she responded, “but my friends also call me Dani.”

He nodded, slowly, as the other heroes approached. “If you’re comfortable sharing, do you have a last name? Or even a superhero-name?”

“Um.” She bit her lip, then said, “I’m…related to Danny Phantom. The ghost hero from Amity Park? He’s not that big, you might not have heard of him. But, uh, yeah, Danielle Phantom.”

Robin looked to Batgirl, who shook her head. “Never heard of Danny Phantom, or Amity Park, to be honest,” she admitted, “but we might have to look into it.”

“You have somewhere to go? You gonna be okay?” This question was from the bumblebee-girl, who had grown to the size of a normal human. Beetle-boy also looked concerned behind his weird armor, and the question made Robin, Batgirl, and young-Superman look at her with similar expressions of concern.

“Um. No,” she admitted.

Before she knew it, they were authorizing her to use some teleporter-thingy, and were introducing themselves (beetle-boy was called Blue Beetle, and bumblebee-girl was actually Bumblebee, and young-Superman was called Superboy), and then they were talking to some guy called Aqualad who was apparently the leader of this group of young heroes about her being able to stay on the Watchtower (the Justice League headquarters, she later learned, which was in space) and then they wanted her to join their team, and-

And it was weird and strange but that was fine, because they were offering her a place to stay and a place to train and a chance to do good and a chance to make friends with others like herself, and that was all Dani really needed.

anonymous asked:

Best Batgirl: Barbara (we can count OG and Burnside as two separate entities), Stephanie Brown, or Cassandra Cain?

Well, first off is Stephanie Brown. I’ve always had a soft spot for characters who are super tenacious and that’s Stephanie. Plus, she’s sorta the fun Batgirl. 

Next would be Cass Cain. Badass with a capital Bat.

And then, of course, the original. The first one. The girl who started it all…

Bette Kane.

And last, but not certainly least, Barbara. I love Barbara Gordon, but outside of the cartoons I mostly know her as Oracle. AND ORACLE IS SO FREAKING AWESOME. I haven’t really read much of her as Batgirl. Apparently her new series is really good, but I still haven’t gotten around to reading it.

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have kara and steph been hanging out recently they Are so cute

YES!!!! They’re Teenagers..,,,always fighting crime and doing each other’s nails!!!!! Stephanie kicked . Connors.,,,, butt last .,,, time because he said she ., wasn’t the strongest batgirl!!!!!! SHE SURE .SHOWED HIM!!!.,,

dc’s disconnect from their audience is WILD. its so WILD they have no idea what kinda fans they have. like oracle is a beloved character and everyone agrees shes outgrown batgirl like dick outgrew robin?? babsgirl is back fuckers!!!! everyone thinks watchmen should be left alone as it is?? lets integrate them into the main continuity!!!! everyone thinks the joker is losing his effectiveness bc hes overused??? lets make three whole jokers!!!