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I feel like even though Damian was a hell of a lot worse in the pre-flashpoint universe, his character is weaker from not having interactions with Steph as Batgirl. She seemed to be winning his respect and making him rethink his prejudices, towards the end of her run. then, phffffp. no more steph. Thanks, DC.

That’s a good point!

Their relationship development was a pleasure to watch, and it’s a shame that we lost that in the New52. 

God, I miss Pre52 Steph so much. With Steph and Dick’s efforts combined, who knows how Damian would’ve turned out as an adult?

Jena Malone (The Hunger Games Franchise), Scoot McNairy (Argo) and Callan Mulvey (300: Rise of the Empire) roles of are in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been revealed.

According to a French Magazine called Cine’ Saga, Jena Malone is playing Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Scoot McNairy is playing Jimmy Olsen and Callan Mulvey is playing Anatoli Knyazev/KGBeast.

Earlier on fans were convinced that Jena Malone would be playing Robin, the Carrie Kelly version from The Dark Knight Returns, but later many were on board of speculating she was playing Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, more so Barbara as Oracle.

It was also speculated that Scoot McNairy would be playing Jimmy Olsen and his friendship with Superman was connected to the fact that Superman saved him in the Metropolis fight by defeating Zod.

It was already speculated that Callan Mulvey would be playing the Batman villain and Suicide Squad member KGBeast, however could this be where a crossover with Suicide Squad could occur.

It’s also revealed at the bottom that Jared Leto will in fact have a cameo as The Joker in a flashback.

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This is probably a dumb question since I have never read it personally, only a summary: I'm confused about the transition from Cass to Stephanie as Batgirl. I know Cass gave the mantle to her and then Tim asked Cass to still wear the Bat symbol, but what I don't get is the whole eventually finding out Cass's mentor told her to do it? Unless I'm off?

Yeah this is a bit of a tricky one. 

As much as I love the Dickbats run, Cass really got the short end of the stick for that era– as soon as she retired the batgirl costume, she basically disappeared. 

This is the transition scene

Basically Cass decides she’s out and runs off in her underwear. Kind of sudden, right? Also that speech from above is pretty much the exact opposite of what Cass has said in the past.

So my answer to your question is yeah, it’s confusing– because it’s kind of a ridiculous thing for Cass to do. Her role as Batgirl was very important to her, too important for this particular scene to be left standing. That’s why they came up with this bit a lil later on:

According to these panels, Bruce asked Cassandra to pass on the mantle in case of his death. I guess it makes a little bit more sense this way– it gives Cass some motivation. (Although now I’m really questioning Bruce. Why only after your death? Did you just… not want to deal with it? And why were your daughter’s instructions to give up her identity, move to China, and vanish from the storyline except for one crossover and a couple of RR cameos? That’s a lil shady, man.)

But I think the real explanation for all of this is that after they “killed off” Bruce, the writing crew saw an opportunity for drastic change. New Batman? New Robin? New Batgirl. I imagine in the excitement of the “but what if Stephanie became batgirl??” idea, Cass’s characterization became secondary. 

Anyway here’s Cass and Tim

listen as much as i wish that bruce had treated steph better and adopted her too, that isn’t what happened. steph deserves better than to have that all terrible shit swept under the rug so that she can be considered one of bruce’s children. 

she is part of the batfam, she is the fourth robin, and she is the third batgirl, but she is not bruce’s kid.

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❛ — –  i could’ve have sworn i told this dark haired
  woman – wearing a cowl, stubborn as hell, tall-ish
  – to stay OUT of the slums tonight. Care to explain
   WHY i can see her through one of the downtown 
   security camera’s right now ? ❜

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Imagine Batman! Wilson and Catwoman! Willow flirting while chasing each other on the rooftops across Gotham City she he,Robin!Webber and Batgirl!Wendy patrolling that night

I see where you’re getting at, Anon, and I like where you’re going with this, but in my head it’s just…

Suave billionaire playboy Wilson P. Higgsbury and BatWilson sure seem to share the same hair and bad posture.

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Hi, I think you are mixing something up in your Batwoman Post. The original Batwoman Kathy Kane and the new one Kate Kane are different characters. Kathy still exists and appears currently as Agent 0 in "Grayson", and iirc it was even pre flashpoint canon that Kate was Batwoman Nr.2.

[context] Hi, no worries. You’re not wrong, but I wasn’t trying to equate them as the same person. I included that quote from Paul Dini because Golden Age Batwoman was their inspiration for creating Kate Kane in Pre-Flashpoint. I know that those continuities are too distinct to consider them the same character

When it comes to the New 52 canon, I just don’t keep up with it and it’s usually not relevant to whatever I’m talking about. I was just pointing out that the writers were inspired by the original Batwoman but that I didn’t think that was a good basis for giving her the Batwoman mantle. Even if we call Kate Batwoman #2 in Pre-Flashpoint, we still don’t have the modern context of Batwoman #1, which is why I’m saying it doesn’t click well from a storytelling perspective. Regardless of the in-canon explanations, that’s who Kate was being framed off of, but yeah, I agree that they’re not literally the same people 

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#rI WANT TO SCREAM ABOUT THAT STUPID LINE LIKE WHY THE HEL ARROW??? what line? :OO I don't really know the comics, so... :$

In the comics there is a character named Barbara Gordon who is a girl who was a vigilante. She got tortured and i also think rapped by the joker and his band and they broke her spinal cord. 

She was the vigilante called Batgirl and after the accident she had to stay behind. She then later become Oracle , a computer genius who helped everyone in the Dc universe but mostly we see her with the team called Birds of Prey, Dinal Laurel Lance was part of that team together with Helena Bertinelli.

Arrow has tried since the  beginning to give that name to  Felicity and it’s totally disrespectful to the character. 

In the show when Oliver gives the name to felicity he says “Oracle was taken” whic implies that if dc has given them the green light the writers would have disrespected Barbara’s character and given the name to Felicity without any hesitation. 

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Why don't you like barbara as batgirl? I mean it's not like she is in the same position as dick when he became nightwing. She has never really been too attached to batman as his sidekick like she does her own thing, kinda like batwoman, why would she outgrow that?

Oh I ADORE barbara as batgirl she was probably the first batfam character that i fell in love with as a tiny child and I love seeing her get to new audiences (like i know many peeps who got into batgirl comics with burnside babs) but she like…evolved as oracle, she became a leader and a mentor and i really miss that
The later batgirls made the mantle more rich and diverse, cass and steph where so different from babs but they where still ‘batgirl’ it became more than a one person thing :-(
and it’s also really lame that babs and dick started as teen vigilantes at a pretty similar time and dick gets to be nightwing ,and batman , then nightwing again, and a spy. like he gets to grow

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okay so mulder not knowing that batgirl and barbara are the same person is literally so hilarious to me. we're talking about the special agent who was the best at criminal profiling and he can't tell this at all. like he calls barbara on the phone like "i just saw batgirl she was so cool"

Tell me what kind of relationship you could see our muses having, and I’ll give my opinion on it.

that’s actually really hilarious tbh!! she just answers her phone on a rooftop somewhere “oh…uh yeah!! she’s totally cool!!” meanwhile having a small panic attack and hoping he doesn’t just hear her talking from a roof lmao

we should thread more tbh i…ended up rly inactive for a while on this blog cries but i’m trying to be back here more

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- Surprise Batgirl hug! -

                                ( @prefertoimprovise​ )

          surprise reels through her as she stills – counting herself quite
            lucky that the small blonde was not looking in her direction. Babs
            wouldn’t want her to see the s l o w smile quivering at the edge 
            of her lips. But her hand has lifted up to rest gently on the back
            of the girls head now, her fingers gently weaving through her hair
             with a fondness she really couldn’t hide. This was her Batgirl after 
             all. ❛ – – this your way of bribing me, Brown ?  it’s working.