“I thought we were happy. We had two kids. She was a great mom. But three or four years into our marriage, she started playing that Sims game online. You can be anyone in that game. She could be the perfect wife or whatever. She was always on that computer. Then she started playing this other game where you can marry, date, and screw people. All of it is fake, but people actually develop feelings for each other. In real life these guys are probably 450 lbs. but online they look like Superman. There was actually one guy that she called ‘her Superman.’ He even started mailing Superman trinkets to the house. She wouldn’t quit. I even tried to break her cellphone with my hand. I just wanted her to live her life with us. But we weren’t enough for her.”


Just like her cousin, Kara’s first instinct is to punch first, ask questions later; but because of her DEO training she’s slowly becoming more sensible.

And if she doesn’t already, she’ll soon fight better than Superman, because she’s actually having proper training :x

…Somewhere in the distance Batman is shaking his head…

consider: clark does the thing where you sarcastically imitate the noise a pet makes, except he has the ability to precisely mimic sounds and his pet is krypto so long story short lois walks into the kitchen one morning and her boyfriend and the space dog are just stuck in this endless loop of horrible eldritch screaming and she walks right back out

‘you made superman cry’ just becomes a thing that you say when you’re arguing with batman. it doesn’t even have to be slightly relevant to the conversation. you just say it.

‘flash stop using the watchtower’s computers to run 10 simultaneous overwatch matches’ ‘you made superman cry’

‘wonder woman you can’t just use your lasso on every politician’ ‘you made superman cry’

‘hawkgirl i’m looking over this bill for the damage you caused and-’ ‘you made superman cry’

and then one day bruce is telling tim it’s past his bedtime and tim doesn’t even hesitate before replying out ‘you made superman cry’ and bruce is going to find the league member who taught him this and end them

(clark, for his part, thinks it’s hilarious and is waiting for the perfect moment to drop his first ‘you made superman cry’)

clark actually definitely needs to eat. he can’t run on sunlight alone. plants can’t run on sunlight alone, and the daily activities of a plant involve way less energy expenditure than the daily activities of clark kent. he has to consume so many calories. he’s at a justice league meeting powering though a box of cliff bars. the contents of his desk at the daily planet are like 10% actual journalism equipment and 90% snacks. there would never be any food in the breakroom if not for clark’s inability to digest lots of common earth ingredients. he goes through a giant-sized jar of peanut butter every few days.


Had a blast at Special Edition NYC 2015 today! Met a whole bunch of cool people, amazing cosplayers, and hung out with weinersoldier and sometimesyoufly, both equally lovely ladies. You two rock. I was very happy that people dug the Spider-Woman costume and that it came together pretty well for a first try. Still time to improve on it before Dragon*Con! :)

If I saw you at the con today (Saturday) and/or you’re in the photo above, please let me know! Thanks! :)