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Reading all these kind words and prayers literally made me cry. I still can't believe how generous she is. And just to let everyone know: she is incredibly happy. I won't tell any details about Joe but from what she told me, he absolutely is the love of her life and while talking about this entire subject she even said that she sees herself having children with him as well for the first time. This makes me, personally, very happy because she's not just a great person, she'd also be a great mom!

Omg this woman deserves everything good in this world 😭💕🙌🏼

This scene is so simple and fleeting, yet so meaningful. Here, we see two people in love; two people who want to be there for the other. Rick, we see, is being so gentle with Michonne; he cups her face lovingly and holds on to her. He is careful, because he knows she is still healing, but he still wants to be close to her.

Michonne looks at him ruefully; she wants to be by his side as they mount their attack, but her injuries won’t allow it. I imagine they had a conversation much like the one they had in S4; only this time it is he who would have told her to rest one more day.

Then there is the fact that the whole company of ASZ fighters are waiting patiently while their fearless leader says goodbye to his beloved. It is a very public scene, yet a very private moment between the two. I always feel like when Rick and Michonne are near one another, it’s as if they are the only people who exist anymore.

There’s so much emotion in this scene: An overwhelming sense of love, devotion, and a hint of disquiet, given the profundity of the situation. There’s a pleading in Michonne’s eyes for Rick to return to her; there’s promise in his, that he will.

okay but andrew minyard found a mom, he found a woman who loved him and wanted to /keep/ him and he wanted it so desperately that he was willing to see his abuser as a necessary evil??? he got himself locked up, to be away from drake but also to test whether cass meant it, she would truly keep him.

and then drake finds out about aaron, a brother andrew barely even knew he had, the one their birth mother kept, the one who had been /wanted/ their whole life, he shouldve resented aaron but instead he cut him off because he wanted to PROTECT him from drake and he gave up cass to do it. the only place andrew ever felt wanted he GAVE UP for aaron and then he protected aaron from their mother, and when she didnt stop he killed her.

He made aaron a promise that no person, no WOMAN would ever touch him again and even when he was laying there, traumatised and off his face on meds, just having been r*ped by the very man he spent juvie time to escape, his only priority is to hold onto aaron for dear life and make sure he isnt hurt.

he almost killed allison because she slapped him and its aarons words not neils that pulls him from that edge, its the first time, talking about that promise that neil sees a sober andrew FEEL something. aaron is the reason andrew agrees to joint therapy, to talking about their issues, neil may be the catalyst but its aaron who finally makes the step. when aaron grows a spine and asks for things, andrew gives them even with reluctance.

dont tell me andrew minyard doesnt understand the concept of family, dont tell me he doesnt know how to love something that isnt neil, because hes been protecting aaron since hes known he existed. andrew minyard loves his brother aaron minyard and he always has.

Depaysement conclusion

Basically what happens in the rest of depaysement is OC/Hoseok start seeing each other and Jimin catches on and puts a stop to it almost immediately because he’s like five and can’t process emotions but he reminds them both of the deal to which Hoseok starts actively seeking out girls. OC gets jealous and Hoseok explains that it’s just for show and always comes back to her to sleep with her and for a while things are good she thinks she’s winning because he always ends up st her place at the end of the day but it gets old fast. OC hooks up with Jungkook at a party because he offers and the sex is good and when OC’s birthday rolls around he buys her a puppy because he remembered that her dog died except Hoseok also bought her a puppy a stuffed one and thus begins the unspoken competition and feelings of inferiority between him and Jeon. Soon though Jungkook gets tired of trying to get her attention and confesses to her to which she rejects him and then Jimin confesses but she doesn’t reciprocate or heed his warnings about Hoseok. Hoseok eventually takes her to meet his friend to which Sana is a bitch because she likes Hoseok and looks down on OC. OC gets fed up and leaves Hoseok and this continues on for a month or so until graduation strolls around and he realizes they’re all going their separate ways and is a complete dick who honestly doesn’t deserve her but can’t live without her. In the end the OC is still a ball busting badass who’s not trying to put up with his shit and i really thought it was obvious she was going to end up with Hoseok but I guess not


Everything always begins or ends with a single bullet. 

But for her? He took more bullets than he had ever expected. Died twice and yet when she needed him again he wasn’t there…

It only takes one bullet. But Lucifer wasn’t there. Marcus was…

It only takes one bullet….

Craving You

(Requested!) Lysaedion :) Enjoy!!

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Lysandra was drunk. Very drunk.

Of course, she came to a frat party knowing she was going to be eventually, but in this state, she couldn’t think straight, and she also couldn’t think before she did things.

Aedion stood across the room playing beer pong with some of his fellow frat members, and it took everything in her not to storm up to him, take his gorgeous face between her hands and kiss him just like she’d always wanted.

Okay, she was way too drunk.

“Lysandra, stop staring at him and do something,” Aelin slurred from next to her, taking another sip from her cup.

Lysandra ignored Aelin’s suggestion, and instead continued to stare at him. She knew he didn’t feel the same way about her, or at least that’s what she had convinced herself. The two of them had been friends for years, and if she told him how she felt, she was worried it would ruin that friendship.

Aedion glanced across the room to where she stood, and as soon as their eyes met, Lysandra looked away, ducking through the crowd to get to a room with more space.

If he came close to her in this state, she was scared she might say something she’d regret. Or do something she’d regret.

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Loving You|P.Parker

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Song(s):All I Ever Need by Austin Mahone, You’re Perfect by Jacob Whitesides, Grave by Thomas Rhett
Warning:Light smut
Summary:Where the reader and peter lose their virginity to each other

It was dark outside her window, the wind blowing through the trees as the occasional leaf would fall finding its new home on the ground. The chatter of the city crowd, sounds of tires hitting the pavement as they made their way to their destination. Everything was alive but the two souls were too wrapped up in each other to take notice of the outside world. A soft breeze was blowing into the room from the slightly open window, her eyes were lazily open as he felt his hands under her shirt, and his lips press soft open mouth kisses onto her neck. He smiled softly as her eyes fully opened, spending a undeniable warmth through his body. She giggled softly as he muzzled his face into her neck.

“God, I love you so much..” He breathed out before connecting their lips in a passionate kiss. Sighing into the kiss, she tugged him closer as her hands traced through his messy brown curls tugging lightly at the ends. A soft moan escaped his pump lips, causing a shiver to run through her body.

Their lips detached momentarily as he tugged at the end of shirt looking up at her with nothing but love in his eyes. She melted as she nodded her head rising her arms. Slowly he lifted her shirt admitting a sigh at the site of her bare chest. Smiling he softly placing a kiss onto her lips and pulled away looking into her eyes, as she nodded her head answering the unspoken question. Smiling he placed a soft kiss onto her lips before trailing a path of kisses from her lips down to the valley between her breast.

Her head tilted back she tugged on his curls as he took one of her nipples between her lips. He smiled at the gasp that escaped her lips. He worked his way between both of her breast before trailing a hand down between them looking back into her eyes. Her eyes were wide with desire, as she was quick to get her self out of her shorts as he nibbled on the inside of his cheek taken her in before him.

You’re so beautiful..” He sighed dreamily as his hands ran up and down her sides. She smiled softly as she tugged his body down to her missing the warmth he was giving her. “I’m so lucky to have you sugar..”

“I need you Pete..” She breathed out toying with the waist band of his boxers. Nodding his head he slipped them off looking back at her slightly nervous as she sat up slightly connecting their lips and laying down bringing him with her.

It was slow, it was passionate, but it was them. It was something so intimate that they were sharing, her pain was there but it was something that was slowly disappearing with each thrust of his hips. His eyes were wide open starring into her owns as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. She closed her eyes as he stilled inside her, their breathing heavy and sweat forming on their hairlines as they both reached their peek.

Laying down besides her, he tugged her closer to his body as she smiled placing a kiss above his heart. “You’re so perfect, and I hope you love me half as much as I love you..”

“I love you just as much Peter Parker, if not maybe even more..”  

He was baffled to know that apricot trees existed in, of all places, our orchard. On late afternoons, when there was nothing to do in the house, Mafalda would ask him to climb a ladder with a basket and pick those fruits that were almost blushing with shame, she said. He would joke in Italian, pick one out, and ask, Is this one blushing with shame? No, she would say, this one is too young still, youth has no shame, shame comes with age.
—  André Aciman, Call Me By Your Name

Astrid casually picks up the bf before he gets himself into trouble. Again.

Poor Astrid, being this young man’s partner is a tough job. Good thing she shares the custody with Toothless, hahaha

Also, i’m aware that her braid and her bangs are on the wrong side but when I finally noticed it was already too late… oh well.

Anyways hope you guys enjoy~

I’m watching the good doctor with my mum tonight and she said she thinks he shouldn’t be allowed to talk to patients since he’s so blunt and straight face now we debating lol I’m about to swing on her no shaun slander allowed in my house

Jeon 07 / Jeon Jungkook (fuckboy,smut)

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🐰 Warnings: smut, makeup sex I guess?

🐰 Previous chapters: chapter 01  •  chapter 02  •  chapter 03  •  chapter 04  •  chapter 05    chapter 06

🐰 Note: next chapter will be the last one (probably)

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Proud Father

Pairing: Robert Downey jr x daughter!reader, Bill Skarsgård x reader

Request: Can you please do a Robert Downey Jr. imagine where the reader is his daughter and she/he is an actor??? You are a slaying queen girl!!❤️❤️

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Gif Not Mine

Summary: Reader attacks bucky when she thinks he’s an intruder.

Warnings: cursing, Bucky the pervert, slightly sexual, that’s it?

I awoke with a start. Someone is in the house. My brain wouldn’t register anything else. Someone was inside and they needed to leave. I crept from my bed and grabbed the knife I keep in my bed side table. I had to be ready. My door creaks when opened and if the person was good enough to break into here they would certainly be able to hear that.

I gripped the knife harder as heard their feet shuffle. The footsteps were heavy and that’s how I knew they didn’t belong on this floor. This level belonged to the females of the avengers. Each of them were light on their feet even when not on duty.

When the steps had just passed my door I pulled it open and flung my body at the intruder. He was quicker than I anticipated. He dodged every hit and every kick.

“Who the hell are you?” My knife was ready for a wrong answer, should he give one I didn’t like.

“My name’s Bucky. What’s yours?” He was smirking. How annoying.

“What are you doing here Bucky?”

“I live here.” He was laughing now. I wanted to smack the grin away.

“I’m fairly certain I would know if someone moved in next door.” With that I attacked again. I moved with more force, but still didn’t push to 100%.

“You’re holding back,” he noted.

I could hear in his voice he was impressed. His face was hidden by shadows, his expression unreadable. “If I am?” I asked.

He grabbed the fist that was about to hit him in the face, and held me at a stalemate. “Don’t.”

He pushed my fist away and I stumbled but quickly regained my footing. I charged forward, if he didn’t want me to hold back I wouldn’t. My fists were flying and still I couldn’t land a hit. He was so fast. I doubt even quicksilver could keep up with this guy. Still I pushed on and fought with vengeance.

A glint in the light caught my eye. It distracted me for a split second but it gave him the opening he needed. He pushed me against the wall and pinned me down with his hips. His hands held my wrists above my head. He snatched my knife away and threw it down the hall so it stuck in the wall.

“So what’s your name?” He acted so placid, it pissed me off.

“I don’t tell my name to burglars and thieves.” I mouthed off.

“I’m not a thief, cupcake.”

“And I’m not your cupcake.” I pushed him away and tried to hit him again, but he only dodged it and pinned me back to the wall. This time my front was against the wall and his knee spread my legs to help keep me against the wall. I made a frustrated huff and he chuckled.

“It’s not often I meet someone who can handle me,” he said into my ear.

I didn’t say anything, I was too busy planning my escape.

“Seems you’re making friends already Buck.”

Steve had walked into the hallway and had a look of amusement on his face. “Steve, you know this guy?”

He nodded. “Y/N this is my childhood friend Bucky. He moved down the hall from you.” Steve looked between us. “You didn’t know?”

“If I did know do you think I’d have jumped up in the middle of the night, not put my pants on, grabbed a knife, and attacked him?”

Steve blushed. He was trying to ignore my night clothes but mentioning them meant he had to acknowledge it.

“I happen to like these clothes.” Bucky lifted his knee upwards and pushed against my most intimate area. I let out a yelp when I felt his jeans rough material brush against the delicate cloth of my panties.

I elbowed him in the ribs when he loosened his grip and he let me go from the wall. “Pervert.”

He laughed deep, from his belly. I sent him a harsh look.

“Maybe we should go talk in the living room,” Steve suggested.

I had pants on now as we sat on the couch. My arms were crossed as I stared over the table at Steve’s friend with a disparaging look. He only held a smug grin. I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes. Steve was looking very uncomfortable.

I had to admit this guy was very handsome. His chin length hair looked so soft, and I wanted to reach out to touch it. He has a jawline that could cut you and his stubble made me ache. The metal arm that distracted me, was intriguing, the way it shifted made me wonder what it would be like to feel that hand.

He laughed loudly. Fuck, he caught me staring. I rolled my eyes and looked at Steve, who was also smirking.

“I’m going back to bed.” I stood up. “Oh come on Y/N, stay,” Steve said. He had those puppy dog eyes, that I couldn’t say no to, shining at me.

I huffed angrily but sat back down.

“Y/N I’m sorry I thought you knew. There were no other rooms available,” Steve tried to defuse me.

“Steve,” I sighed, “it doesn’t even matter. I’m going to bed.” I stood back up, kissed his cheek, gave Bucky one last glance, and went to bed.

Twice in one night I woke as if from a nightmare. The screams were echoing through the walls and again I jumped up, grabbed my knife, and ran to the source. I didn’t bother knocking, I just opened the door.

Bucky was thrashing in bed violently. His fists clenched the sheets and his eyes were shut tight.

My stomach twisted. I ran to his side and shook him awake. “Bucky! Bucky, wake up, it’s just a nightmare!”

He jumped forward, and out of instinct, grabbed my hand.

His eyes were wild and his hair tousled. I smoothed it out with my free hand and when he finally let go of my wrist I held his face. “Bucky deep breaths.”

He nuzzled my hand and closed his eyes as he tried to even his breathing.

He spoke after a while. “I’m ok. I’m alright.” His eyes opened. “Thank you, I’m sorry I woke you- again.”

“It’s not a problem. You really scared me.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” He looked ashamed. “Bucky really it’s fine.”

He nodded. “Umm, I’m gonna go back to bed.” I blushed deeply. This was the second time he had seen me nearly naked, only this time it seemed more intimate.

“Right. Thanks again.” he said. I nodded.

Back in my room I dropped face first onto my bed and groaned. This man had me in my underwear twice in one night. Having him here would be very interesting.

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Head cannon where Ivar is sick, maybe got a cold, and he’s whiny,needy and just wants lis to take care of him,give him attention and baby him but he’s still grumpy and pushy all through it 😂😂

She knew something was off when he sneezed in the library.

Lisbet was fairly certain she’d never even heard Ivar sneeze before. But what made her look over in concern was the sound of his throat clearing after - filled with congestion, followed by a heavy swallow. Ivar sniffled, eyelashes fluttering, as he kept his glossy eyes on the bright screen of his laptop.

“Are you all right?” Lisbet asked. 

It seemed as if he was trying to avoid her eye when he nodded. She let it slide… But it wasn’t much longer until he was sniffling a couple of times per minute. Lisbet eyed him wearily; he was clearly trying not to bring attention to it. His eyes were steely, glaring into his laptop as he insisted on finishing his work.

“Have you been like this all day?” she followed up with.

“No -” he froze, and Lisbet heard it, too. The frog-like croaking his voice had altered to.

Before he could stop her, she was reaching over to set a palm on his face. He was clammy all over, both forehead and cheeks. “Ivar, how long have you been feeling this way?”

“I’m fine,” he insisted, smacking her hand away. “Just have a stuffy nose.”

“You’re burning up.”


Lisbet rolled her eyes and abruptly closed his laptop, almost catching his fingers in the process. He sputtered unintelligibly, glaring at her - breathing through his mouth since his nose was completely stuffed.

“We’re going home.”

… He whined the whole way to the parking lot, the entire drive home, even managed to get his two cents in as he trudged through the Estate behind Lisbet as she led him to his bedroom.

As soon as she got him on the bed, she took away his crutches and started pulling off his uniform.

“M’fine!” Ivar snapped. 

“You are not fine. I recognize a sick person when I see one.” She checked his forehead again; he was definitely running a temperature and his complexion was turning ashy. “You’re looking worse and worse by the minute. Take off your clothes.”

She turned to leave when he snatched her wrist. “I have to go see if I can find you medicine!”

“Help me get undressed,” he said nonchalantly, already releasing her to shrug his blazer off.

“You just told me -”

Lisbet,” he whined childishly. 

Lisbet stared at him in disbelief. Her boyfriend. The notorious gangster. Fussing like a hungry babe. Avoiding another outburst, she helped Ivar out of his clothes until he was only clad in boxer briefs. Once he was all tucked in, she sidled off the bed to see if she could go find those meds.


“Yes, Ivar?”

“Lay with me.”

She tried containing her laughter, had to admit he was kind of adorable all helpless in bed. He had another bout of sneezes, then coughed up a portion of less adorable phlegm before groaning. 

“I’ll be right back.” 

He was muttering something about disobedience as she retreated… 

When she returned, he was exactly where she left him. Sprawled in bed, eyes closed, breathing noisily through his lips. 

“Sit up, Ivar.”


Unbelievable. “Ivar, sit up now, so you can take these pills, then you can lay back down and I’ll fuck off.” She tossed a box of tissues at him just in time for another outburst of raspy coughs as Ivar did as she said and sat up, leaning tiredly against the headboard. She handed him two pills which he plopped in his mouth, but when she offered the glass of ice water, he simply parted his lips and looked at her expectantly. 

“You gotta be fucking -” He evidently wasn’t kidding, didn’t budge an inch as he sat there waiting. Lisbet huffed, but rose the glass to his mouth anyway. He eagerly sucked it down. “You don’t get sick often, do you.” It was more of a statement than a question. Ivar glared at her over the rim of the glass. 

Once he finished, she set everything down on his nightstand and reached for her car keys.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

“I’m letting you rest -” Ivar smacked the keys from her hand and grabbed her wrist again, gave her an abrupt tug and practically dragged her onto the bed. “Ivar!”

He ignored her protests, turning her over so she was propped up against his pillows just the way he wanted. Lisbet was somewhat impressed that he could be so forceful when running such a high fever, but then he nuzzled his face into her stomach. Wrapped both arms around her waist. He was so congested that it sounded like he was snoring just from the way he lay on top of her.


I’m going to get sick, she thought. But at the same time, he was so utterly pathetic, she felt it near impossible to tear herself away from him. 

She buried her fingers in his hair, slightly dampened from sweat. He was like a fucking oven, splayed on top of her the way he was. Hopefully, he’d at least fall asleep soon…

“Fine, I’ll stay.”

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I work in a toy shop so everything is fixed price a man tried to barter with me and I said no she he walked away and brought another product £15 more expensive and needs batteries.


This is a second part to Hello.

Y/N had never expected Bill to be as handsome as he is.

She thought he would have been less attractive, which in her case would be a thousand times better because then she wouldn’t be crushing on her sisters boyfriend.

She thought he would have been less charming as well and though he isn’t as charming as some of the fuckboys she’s met,she realises that he’s good with his words.

(She also realises he’s got a beautiful smile.)

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