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What if the only people WM actually succeeded at killing were Gerard and Mondatta and the rest were faking it to make her feel better about herself

OH SHIT oh my god… when she saw ana come back she was probably like ‘wtf??? didn’t i kill u….’ and ana’s like ‘look sweaty :) i felt pity for u’ and widow’s just salty af

Wonder Woman made her first comic book appearance in 1942 and she is just now about to get her first live-action theater film. She’s been around for 74 years and this is just now happening. Batman and Superman each have about 10 of their own films and this is just now happening. Marvel’s Howard the Duck got his own live-action film in the fucking 80’s and this is just now happening. This is the first female-led superhero film that has the potential to break box office records so you bet your sweet ass I’m gonna see it as many times as I possibly can. Ten more years and we literally could have used the Titanic gif.


between my friend’s 21st birthday a few days ago and on my 21st birthday which was yesterday, i ended up a little inebriated and decided to find out what my art style looks like under the influence of alcohol.

so i decided to draw my friends, as well as gaby’s and my fallout 4 ocs and their respective boyfriends. because why not??

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have you considered peasant piper being the leader of a pack of thieves. like a thief queen. having a reputation for never getting caught and always talking her way out of arrest. rich people are scared of her because she steals from them and gives it to the needy. maybe she lowkey hates nobility or something after a titled lady broke her father's heart and abandoned him with a baby to look after? *throws this at you and runs*

NO OKAY ANON HONESTLY I WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS idk if you’ve ever seen the show once upon a time, but damn. she is like snow, without the whole royalty shebang. absolutely 100% robin hood-esque.