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keep your faith and guard your heart

Pairings: Rucas, Corpanga (slight), Joshaya (slight)
Word count:
3530 words
Chapter: 9
Summary: Riley Matthews walked out of her own wedding when she realized that the man at the altar would never love her the way she deserved to be loved. Since then, she has guarded her heart. And she does it well – until the day she meets Lucas Friar.
A/N: Writer’s block is over! Hope you guys enjoy this chapter :) 

Chapters: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight 

He fidgets with the helm of his shirt, tugging at it for the umpteenth time that day. Lucas heaves out a nervous breath of air, and rubs his hands together. His heart is racing a mile a minute as they wait at the elevator of her parent’s apartment.

A small hand laces through his, giving it a comforting squeeze. He turns to look at the owner, feeling his racing heart calm when she gives him a fond smile.

“You’re going to be fine,” she brings him closer to her, leaning her head on his arms as the elevator doors close in front of them. “Auggie really likes you. My dad’s bark is worse than his bite and my mom will be polite even if she doesn’t like you!”

“Comforting,” he snorts.

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This is Kida and she likes to steal my spot on bed but she’s too cute to move once she’s sleeping. For a request… Uh anything with Akaashi or Oikawa if you don’t mind ☺️💕 (via @suga–wara)

i love her!!!!!!!!! pls give her a kiss for me and tell her that she has won my heart;;;; this is also v….. self-indulgent and embarrassing but here it is fam

anonymous asked:

Which blogs/friends would you like to shout out and tell why you shouted them out

okay i had this whole thing all typed up and then my dumb ass refreshed the page but yes!! i was going to wait until i hit 100 followers to do like a little follow forever type thing but what the hell i’ll do it now

@dxniel-saunders - am i biased? maybe. does that take away from the utter talent zo possesses? not one bit. she has been my friend for years now and is easily the best writer i have ever had the honor to write with! she’s amazing with each and every one of her characters and is so fun to plot with because she rips your heart out has great and creative ideas! go follow her

@txrncoat - l i s t e n, tali is one of the coolest people on this website and easily the best friend i’ve made since making this account. she’s hilarious and sends me so many memes and is so!! fun!! to write with!! she has such a tight grasp on her character and knows dorrian so well and you can tell how much work was put into creating him idk i appreciate her a lot

@interdiit - we don’t talk ooc (though i’d like to!) but this is SUCH A QUALITY LAFAYETTE. okay listen sophie is so so talented at what she does and every single reply she posts is always in character. i can hear her dialogue in laf’s voice every time and she’s clearly worked incredibly hard on her blog (made her own icons and everything!!)

@guerirsorciere - one of the best ocs i’ve ever rped with! i love colette to death and i love the utter love and care that went into making her. she and thomas have such deep chemistry and it makes me happy rping with her <33

@sacrifiicium - this angelica. i swear. i have never seen a better written angie and ana really gets into depth with her character! shes one of my favorite blogs and she always comments on my stuff and sends me memes which i appreciate so so much

@hammything - THE SMOLEST alexander i have EVER seen. i swear. and ur 14??? wtf????? i want to SQUISH UR CHEEKS????

@patriotread - we only just started talking but bee ur already one of the most laid back, easy to talk to people on this website. i’ve never seen somebody so closely knit with their character, its like you and alexander just… click. talking to you ooc is wild because your alex is so vastly different from you but you portray him so wonderfully

@misseleonora - any girl who will punch thomas in the face deserves respect tbh

@idiedforyou - i LOVE their john so so much???? every time we talk or interact ic i’m blown away by how well they write john and how amazing their formatting is and ugh theyre who i aspire to be

@ambitionisfolly - SUCH A GREAT GRASP ON ALEX’S CHARACTER I LOVE THEM and i LOVE plotting with them and just. ugh. they have such wonderful ideas

The Final Problem F*cks My Heart Into Beyond Recognition

Johnlock revives. After the big gap of time, the duo now is back in action in a “more solid-as-rock than ever” way. They’ve turned into soldiers. We’ve seen much lately that the mysteries they encounter no longer come from outsiders. And this time, the most terifying one has come. The one that drives Sherlock to put his heart above his brain.

The Final Problem cuts my fagile emotional state into pieces and no one picks them up. I was mentally not up for the great game it offers. From the moment the three musketeers enter Sherrinford, until the scene where Mr. & Mrs. Holmes watch their children playing violin, I was weeping like a baby. It got uncontrollably worse when Eurus makes Sherlock beg Molly to desperatelly say “I love you” WHO HAS A HEART TO DO THAT? And then, she continuously makes him choose between family and friend. Mycroft’s nobel attemps to make Sherlock shoot him by insulting John tears up my poor heart. Now it’s f*cked up beyond all recognition. It’s just that… at that moment, my emotinal competence hadn’t yet achieved the stage where it can cope complexity of a problem, but it was hit so hard.

Eurus. What a damaged psycho! The actress portrays it so well. So well that everytime she smiles, it’s hella frightening. She posseses all capability and insanity every criminal mastermind and sociopath want. Her cognitive ability is describes as beyond possible. It is uttered by the genius, Mycroft, himself. However, psychological damage can and will happen to anyone at all as a result of abandonment, jealousy, & betrayal. And when it happens to someone like Eurus, we know we are all doomed. Mycroft misses his calculation that there will be huge-terrifying things coming if “the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted one” escapes and finally comes to the surface. It confirms the saying: “a mosters is not always born, it is made.” How could you, Myke?

There’s no way I don’t comment on the lord Moriarty’s entry. With the super ‘necis’ look: suit, glasses and earphone, he pops my ovaries like popping bobas. Like burfst…croott…gone. Despite the fact that he’s dead, he still can manage to trouble his bromance-nemesis BIG TIME. His fund is only FIVE MINUTES meeting with ‘the other one’ MWAHAHAHAHAAWESOME

The last 20 minutes is intensely thrilling with exhalerating ending. Eurus, again, is the over-intelligent holmes with damaged soul inside. Her methaphorical plane game depicts what she’s been feeling and through all these years. She needs nothing but someone to bring her home. Ugh 😭 What makes me wonder is: How does it feel exactly to give birth to three children who have brains that are like the levels of richeese factory firewings: the spicier the less bareable. In this case, the smarter the less human?“ 😞

Yay! I finally got to see John-Rosie scene again. ADORABLE. So endearing that Sherlock and John decide to raise their child together 😂😄 And Mary, she just doesn’t want to stop making pre-death videos, does ahe? 😄

I don’t mean to brag, but three of my theories are confirmed: Eurus teams up with moriarty, Sherrinford is not a person, and Moriarty is really dead (so far) 😎

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Jessica Jones meme: [2/3] characters • Trish Walker
“I want justice for my friend. For that girl in prison. For you and me. I want Kilgrave to live long and alone and despised until he wants to die, but can’t. Because that’s justice and I’ll fight like hell for it.”

Lena Luthor’s agenda:

- take back family’s company; success
- rename it “L-Corp”; success
- make it a force for good; wip
- invite Kara to the party; success!
- contain the gay; failed
- ask Kara to invite Supergirl; success
- send mom to fuck herself; failed
- ask Kara out; too soon
- find out what’s mom’s new hobby; the actual fuck
- fool everyone and save the day; success
- make plans for the future of the company;
- find new excuses to see Kara; wip


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman




5:11 / 3:10 How to get turned on by girls if you are gay? I get drunk and try to focus on what is attractive about the girl. Works for me. 


HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.