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You are obsessive over the Dark Swan but you don't like the Evil Queen? You seem like one of those fans that want their favorite to play the hero and the villain. Lana/Regina got a lot of critical and fan love the first season. Half of Swen still resent her for it today. When Regina's badass, heroic, or the EQ she gets more praise from non Swucklings. If JMo had won a Teen's Choice Award Swen would still be celebrating. Swucklings only like Regina if she doesn't steel the spotlight from JMo.

Once upon a time there was an evil villain who set up the most evil scheme of all. He used movies and television to brainwash everyone into thinking all women were interchangeable and nothing more than their gender while men were allowed to have diverse personality traits. He made people believe on every movie and every television show there was only room for one woman.

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Many people fell for the evil ploy, but some resisted. With all the strength they could muster they held on to the truth - the knowledge that women are more than their gender. That they all have different personalities and different talents for which they could be appreciated. That it was possible for television shows to have more than one female lead. All of them compelling for different reasons, simply because they are complex people. Just like the actresses who portray them.

Their fight is still ongoing, but in the end they will prevail and the entire world will remember that you don’t have to choose between female protagonists. You can embrace them all… and also wish for them to have a family together and to confess their undying love for each other. In that order in this case.

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…also what are you talking about? Swen is still celebrating the Parrilla. We can’t wait until they take chemistry and liplock home together next year.

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Famous Series: Snapchat Be Lit

Famous Series |One Direction|

Preference 2

Prompt: You and the One Direction lad are joking around, dancing and doing silly things like that. When he takes out his phone and records you on snapchat.

Warnings: Adult Content Adult Language

Celebrities being referenced: Rihanna One Direction Drake Vanessa Hudgens

POV: His Point of View


I watched (Y/N) as she swung her slowly to a random song that blared through the speakers. Her smiled was small on her face as she swing her hands up before letting them fall slowly to the beat.

I laughed softly at her as she threw head back, I loved it when she got wrapped up into the music when she wasn’t being the cocky, sexy girl that they want her to be on stage.

Suddenly “One Dance” begin to play, her eyes snapped open at she giggle softly to the music

“Baby! I like your style!” She screamed as she swayed her hips more proactively things time, I quickly pulled out my phone as I fumbled over the apps. Finally The yellow screen popped up.

I recorded as she slowly twerked to the beat, her hips moving quickly as she spun around.

“Liam are you recording me!” She giggled as she suddenly appeared in front of me, snatching the phone from my hand.

“No I wasn’t!” I lied as I begin to reach for the phone but she pressed her bum against mine causing me freeze, hoping she wouldn’t move.

“Then who is this sexy beast” she giggled as she spun around playfully pointing to herself

“That’s a wild whore in her natural habitat” I joked, she scoffed loudly before pushing me slightly a smile breaking out on her face.

“I like that one” she praised as she pointed her finger at me before tossing me my phone

“I can delete” I offered as I saved it to my memories first

“No it’s okay post it” she laughed as she stood on her toes, her lips pressing against my neck slightly before moving to my ear

“I’ll get you back” she whispered for walking past me, I bit my slightly as I watched her walk away.

“Damn” I whispered lowly


I watched (Y/N) tapped through the many snapchat stories that are posted commenting on a few before skipping over the rest. My hands gently tangling themselves in her hair.

She mumbles along to the words of a random song that I didn’t care to learn. I just loved the way she moves her hand to the beat as she would stop typing just to sing a lyric.

I pulled out my phone as I open my Snapchat, as I waited for to start singing

“Basically what we’re gonna do is dance. It will come easily when you hear the beat” she sung loudly as she moved her finger in front of her as sung.

I quickly saved to my memories as I posted the video, quickly. As she started to sing once more to “Sneakernight” by Vanessa Hudgens which I haven’t heard since the High School Musical days.

She stopped singing as she watches herself for a moment, her head snapped to me before snatching the phone and tossing across the room.

“I hate it when you record me asshole” she smirked as she positioned herself on top of me, her nose slightly brushing against mine. Her hips slightly pushing themselves to me.

“You were to cute of a bitch to not record” I laughed as I tried pressing my lips to her but she slowly pulled out of my reach.

“You’re a jerk” she laughed as she slowly kissed my neck, before licking it softly sending shivers down my body.

“Bitch” I playfully snapped back as I tried reaching for her lips but she removed herself off of me before rushing out the room. Her giggled falling behind her.

I groaned loudly as I threw my head back on the pillow, as I saw my cock starting to rise, as he was desperate need of attention

“I hate you!” I screamed at her, I heard laugh

“I know” she giggled in response


She turned up the radio as she sings loudly to the song. Her flying around her wildly but that didn’t stop her from screaming at the top of her lungs.

My eyes flickering from the road to her as she continued to sway her hips to the song.

“Work Work Work Work Work Work you seem do me Dirt Dirt Dirt Dirt” she sung as she swatted the hair the fell in her face.

I laughed softly as I pulled out my phone as we pulled up to a red light, she twerked in the seat as she pointed to the window while she sang.

I quickly opened Snapchat as I recorded her singing

“Princess?” I shouted as she snapped her head at me, a smile trailing on her lips causing me to put down the phone. Her smile for wider as I stared at her.

My hand rested on her cheek as I placed my lips on hers, she giggled softly before pushing my chest softly

“What was that for?” She giggled as she rested her forehead as she fanned my face with her cool breath.

“You’re just beautiful is all” I replied knowing that she wouldn’t be believe me, a blush ran across her face as she pecked my lips once more.

“Thank –”

“Hey idiots the light is green!” A gruff voice shouted along with a string honks that caused (Y/N) jumped to her seat. Her face reddening in embarrassment. I quickly drove off as I watched her every moment I got as she continued to sing to the songs that played endlessly on the radio.

“My girl” I mumbled softly to myself.


I recorded (Y/N) as she mumbled the lyrics to “Needed Me” while reading the menu. Her finger pointing at the menu every once in a while before continuing to read the menu.

“Didn’t they tell you that I was savage” she stated as she flipped her (H/C) hair over shoulder continuing to use her finger to sing the song.

“Baby, really?” I laughed as she begin to twerking in the seat, her tongue slipped out her mouth at she did so.

“You needed me!” She sung as she flipped she hair once more before pointing to herself and smiling brightly. “Feel a little more and give a little less. Know you hate to confess. But, baby, who, you needed me”

“Baby!” I shouted capturing her attention as she slowly put her hand downs, she giggled softly before covering her face slightly as she realized I was recording

“I already got you having sex with the damn booth it too damn late to be embarrassed” I laughed as I begin to show her the videos, she groaned softly as she tried reaching for phone. I snapped it back quickly

“Come on Lou delete it!” She begged softly

“Aww baby” I sighed “Of course I won’t delete”

“Lou!” She cried out in frustration as she rolled her eyes

“That’s the same way you sound in bed” I laughed, she rolled her eyes at my joke. “Come it was funny”

“No it wasn’t” she smiled as placed her middle up in front of my face

“Bitch I can do the same” I laughed as I returned the favor, she smacked my hand out her face. “Baby you upset”

“Shut the fuck up Lou” she growled as she rolled her eyes before playing on her phone.

“Come baby! Don’t be like that” I sighed as I got up pushing her over with my hip.

“Boy bye!” She stated as she tried moving away me

“There’s only a few places you go can, unless you wanna go through the wall Casper” I teased, she rolled her eyes at me once more.

I pressed my lips to her neck, as I gently kissed it before lower.

“Louis” she sighed as she tried pushing me off

“Say sorry”

“I ain’t sorry” she begin to sing “No, no hell nah”


“Alright I’m sorry” she smiled as she quickly pressed her lips to mine.


“Don’t push it!” She growled against my lips, I laughed softly at her.

God, I love this girl.