One Night Stand: Chapter 1

Submitted by: jamessflacco
Description: Lydia Martin just got a new job. A job she’s been studying her ass off and wanting for so long. Lydia decides to “celebrate” and have some fun. That same night, she meets a guy who turns out to be Stiles, who’s adorkable and smooth. Eventually, they end up sleeping together not knowing they have the same job and are each other’s new partners…
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, Agent!Lydia, Agent!Stiles

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last tuesday was my roommate’s 19th birthday. She called her mom and told her she wanted to find a fake id so she could go to the bars and drink. She found one and her mom went out to the bars with her to celebrate her birthday. She was using her fake id and was being served for a while. Her and her mom got drunk. Her mom screams “MY BABY JUST TURNED 19 TODAY!!!” and they took her fake id from her and kicked her out. 

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I don't believe VK deserves our attention and our free work on making her famous and interesting to designers who got interested because of this exactly. I think we all must unite and stop making her free publicity. You want fame earn it by yourself. On the other hand she's the one pushing herself in. Frankly I don't believe Jared to be interested aside of liking the attention and get the buzz going.

Um, nothing personal here but, about this subject, let’s just don’t speak as if this Kaufman girl that none of us really know is just a heartless self-seeker just because she’s with a celebrity or as if Jared’s personal choices and life need to be approved and protected by anyone else except from him, shall we? Let’s just calm down, Jared chooses to be with whomever he wants for whatever reasons, he’s not a baby to being manipulated. The girl doesn’t deserve to be evilly judged just because of people’s jealousy in my opinion. I know, it’s hard not to feel any jealousy, but at least let’s keep some dignity. :P

i saw a breaking bad photoset on my dash which is why im suddenly changing gears away from gems but like

its just Truly Incredible that Skyler is the perfect walter counterpart but gets completely shat on when walter is celebrated

like, skyler is a Master Bullshitter when she has to, she can manipulate people to a fucking t, she’s clever as hell, and she can even reach the point of using sheer intimidation to get what she wants— except, unlike walter, when she sees the consequences of her actions she realizes this is not fucking right. she is not fucking doing this anymore because somebody got seriously hurt and she doesn’t want this.

but ofc walter who gets several people murdered, scarred, destroyed, etc. is the one most of the audience adores

god. God skyler white is too fucking good for this garbage.

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I feel so so sorry for Eleanor. She literally went through so much hate to be with Louis. She sacrificed lots to constantly support him on tour, she would obviously be heartbroken (like any girl would) and Larry shippers celebrating is just cruel and disgusting. She was in a relationship and got hate, and sadly she's out of one and still gets it x

Yeah, I think there’s a transition period. I’m sure she knew it would happen… not that it makes it any less gross or awful.

My hope for her is that when this whole thing blows over, she’s able to have a great life and (if she wants) love that doesn’t involve constant harassment and stalking from the people supposedly supporting her partner.

I had a dream I was trying to be nicki minajs handmaiden or something???? And I was at her big celebrity house and I was offering to clean things for her because I wanted to audition myself as the best handmaiden ever.
Also at one point in the dream she gave me a hug and she was very tall even though I know she’s not that tall irl

Also I offered to shine her shoes for her and she got kinda offended for some reason

@ nicki minaj let me clean your house please

A thing that makes me angry at the moment after this episode is Chrissie. It’s Victoria’s birthday party, I know it’s different in the UK, since in the states 21 is the drinking age. But it’s still a big fancy party with all Victoria’s love ones there to celebrate her. After everything that family been through. I bet the main thing Victoria wanted was her family there with her, especially since they almost lost Andy, after losing Katie. And Chrissie wants to cut out early because she feels she’s the pink elephant in the room. It’s not about her, it’s about Victoria. When she married Robert, she got his family too, it’s complicated and messy, but it’s his family. Chrissie is a grown woman, she should act like it. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it for the sake of others. I’m glad Diane told Robert off for leaving.

My lovelife a mess tho I still like crush boy n he goes hot n cold over me like i got to a point where i was like man fuck this im not gnna wait around for him and then @ my birthday celebrations he was so cute n playin w my hair n dancing w me and telling me im cute n shit BUT one of my ””best friends”” was tryna get w/ him to piss me off idk like. I dont expect to be with him but i also expect her to respect me enough not to be on him when she knows i have feelings? And then the girl i been seeing has got a bit intense like shes been sleeping w other people but when i showed interest in others she’s basically gone off on one bc she wants me to be faithful to her?? And now our whole friendship gone rlly weird lmao i dont wanna be around her bc she’s with me for 2 mins and then is off w someone else but if someone shows an interest in me she’s straight in their face like ‘this is my girlfriend’ so idk. It all came to a head @ my birthday like i was dancing w crush boy and then she turned up late and was immediately all over me kissing me and shit and he got mad and she was mad that he was around me and NEITHER OF THESE FUCKIN PEOPLE WANNA MAKE IT OFFICIAL W ME BUT THEY ALSO DONT WANNA SHARE LIKE? Im so over it someone pls pity date me so i dont have 2 deal w this anymore

I am grateful that God has granted me one more year of life. I am truly blessed. It was simple, but it was good. My husband was there to be with me. Some of our friends joined us. I felt Genevieve’s presence all day. I wanted to buy a couple more kites online. When we got to costco there were kites waiting for me, and some of the ones I was eyeing to fly at the beach for Genevieve. I felt that she put little things on the way to celebrate with me. My all time wish would’ve been to have her with us. We had our friend join us and she brought her beautiful little girl. Every time he would hold her I would imagine how he and Genevieve would’ve been together, just daddy’s little girl. She will always be our little girl. Baby Jude brings healing in his heart. I am grateful she was there to bring joy for my birthday. I miss my daughter so much. I shall continue to mother her as difficult as it is to not have her with us. We know we are lucky parents to a beautiful little girl that chose us to be her parents. I LOVE YOU #GenevieveOdette. #GenevievesGotMe #GenevievesGotUs

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Happy Munday! For every ✫ in my inbox, muse will tell one fact about the mun.

“Yay! I can spill the beans about her now!”

  1. “Sam - the mun - has an older brother like me too! He’s currently studying overseas, and Sam emails him everyday!”
  2. “Her birthday is on 10th April, but she doesn’t want to celebrate this year ‘cos her Brother’s away.”
  3. “Sam hates physical activity, so PE classes are hell for her.”
  4. “She wants to be a psychologist when she grows up, so she can work alongside her Brother!”
  5. “She’s a real crybaby, and gets easily emotional, so saying something sweet to her can always make her puppy ears and tail come out.”
  6. “Sam’s really protective of her Brother. When he brought his girlfriend home, Sam ignored her for the longest time, and only when her Mom threatened her to be nice did she grudgingly interact with her Brother’s girlfriend.”
  7. “She always gets the highest score in class for her English exams, so her classmates usually end up asking her for her answers after every English exam!”

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[ - stalks towards her with one of his typical chuckles stretching on his lips - ] "Well, well good afternoon beautiful woman. I heard you are in need for some assistance in the kitchen? "

The barmaid looked up from the pie she had been preparing. It was the 7th one she had made that day in preparation for the feast the guild would be holding tomorrow, a celebration of sorts that she had forgotten the purpose of. They held so many, after all.

She smiled brightly at him, her cheeks pinking slightly from his words.

“ Freed! Thank you so much for coming back here.

You heard right! It’s been so busy in here today that I’ve started to lose track of time. I can’t remember the last time I ate something today…”

As if to annunciate her point, her stomach gurgled lightly. she blushed a bit at the noise and giggled.

“Thank you again for coming so swiftly! I can always count on you when I’m in a bind.”

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✐ a mistletoe kiss (ayyyyy)

Christmas time was one of those holiday Tenille didn’t particularly like to celebrate, mainly because she was away from her family and it was just hard on her. Yeah, she was in the same boat as others, but being in another country was a tad more difficult, at least she had a couple of people from NXT who were in the same boat. 

There was a small get together at Foxy’s place so the people who didn’t really get to see family got to actually spend time with some people, and even if they didn’t want to be there, Foxy wouldn’t of taken no for an answer. That’s why she figured a few of them were there, too scared to say no to her.
She sipped her beer and sat on the corner of the sofa, looking over to a few people playing beer pong and eating potato chips, laughing softly as…was it Mariah Carey? Yeah, Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas Album played, stepping up she moved forward to the table and lent over to grab a few chocolates for herself, some mindless chatter with Saraya about a holiday she wanted to plan to Barbados as soon as the next show was finished. 

Tenille was happy to go, it was always nice to hang out with her girlfriends, and she needed to make sure she invited Jojo, she wouldn’t dare let her not come on holiday, she was her best friend after all. She smiled, talking a little more before she noticed Jon leaning up against the door frame, a kind of, stubborn, get me the fuck out of here, look on his face as he drank what looked to be Bourbon and ice.

Brow’s narrowed she walked towards him and waved gently, “What on earth are you doing here, Jon?” She said softly, the male answering her with some jab about how his family were shit and this was probably the lesser evil of the two. She laughed softly and nodded, noting he kept glancing up above them, she looked up to see the familiar sprig of Mistletoe and she laughed, rolling her eyes, “You actually think I’m going to kiss you?” Hand on her hip, she smirked and shook her head, “Just  this once okay? And only because of that stupid holiday tradition bullshit you American’s believe in.” She huffed lightly, getting onto her tippy toes and pecked the males cheek, A soft chuckle leaving her lips as she pulled back, “Ahh…wasn’t so hard after all.”

Shahs of Sunset - 3/2/15 - Season 4 PREMIERE!!!

Asa and Reza buy gold.  

Asa’s mom has two cats.  One is really old and the other is a thug.  

Reza buys a Rolex before he marries Adam because it’s a big purchase and he doesn’t want to have to get approval.  

Mike shows his aprents the ring he got for Jessica. 

Gigi’s boyfriend left her before they moved into their joint apartment.  

She’s alone and her cat hates her.  

Reza is decorating the place for Gigi.  

MJ has a younger Jewish man.  

Celebrating Persian New Year. 

Asa cleans her parents’ house. 

And reminisces with all the old crap she finds.  

Gigi brings her friend Asifa to the New Year’s Celebration. 

Jumping over fire….?  They explained it, but I’m still lost.  I was super tired when I was watching the episode though, so maybe not the best time to comprehend other cultures’ traditions. 

The conversation somehow changes to Mike’s dool.

Jessica gets a little defensive. 

Party bus time.  Oh, this is definitely going to end well.

Mike is trashed.  

Asifa’s boyfriend hasn’t undone the vents on his jacket.  

I don’t understand why this is such a big deal, but I know nothing of fashion.  Especially men’s fashion 

Mike tells Reza and they laugh, but Reza helps him and cuts the string. 

Mike and Bobby (Asifa’s bf) argue quite a bit about the importance of the jacket vents and how it’s a faux pas to not open them?  

Mike actually takes Bobby’s jacket, though I’m still unsure how it ended up in his hands.  Again, I was EXHAUSTED. 

Mike and Jessica leave because he’s trashed and Asifa and Bobby are not sad about it. 

How do you guys feel about the new girl?

OMG TAYLORS dating Calvin Harris?! What world is this? Oh right one where I don’t care who she’s dating or not dating so long as she’s happy… The media & haters have GOT to stop being so thirsty. She’s a 25 year old successful young lady who should be able to date whom she wants without any sort of scrutiny. All of her fans are able to do that, so she should be able to as well.
To think, for the longest time, celebrity journalism is what I wanted to do as a career, but now I despise those people because of how they treat celebrities like caged animals that they can just say anything about and it spreads like wildfire…
I’m sorry taylorswift. Go do you girl and be happy while you’re at it 😊 love youuuuu

Alright I am about to lay some very important insight on you.

Meet Kelsey. She is one of my first mutuals on Tumblr. At first we just followed one another, but I was so curious about her religion (she is a Wiccan). I was asking her about how she practices, what she believes in, etc. I didn’t want to offend her, but I wanted to learn more, and I told her that I did not want to offend her in any way.

She was so incredibly sweet! She told me about her religion and how passionate she was about it. In return, she asked me about Catholicism, my beliefs, and why I believed them. We began talking a lot, and she became one of my closest friends on Tumblr. We’ve been there for each other when things got tough, even if it was just a little “I hope things get better” message. We remember and celebrate each other in our religious practices, respecting and even celebrating our differences.

Moral of the story: Your religion is not an excuse for intolerance. Friendship is friendship, love is love, kindness is kindness.

P.S. I highly recommend that you follow her. She is a remarkable person with the largest heart I know.


нєα∂¢αηση : ƒαмιℓу

Back in Sicily, though he was not allowed to go out, the family decided to marry him to a wealthy mans daughter and because they were both just idiotic teens at the moment they would always do crazy things together. They would drink and she was the one who got him to smoke for the first time, granted he choked on the first try.

Once they were both seventeen the wedding day was decided to be on her eighteenth seeing as she was older than him by two months and they wanted to merge the family businesses as soon as possible. He had never fallen in love with her because he saw her as a friend, but she ended up falling for him. One night she decided to get him as drunk as she could ‘Let’s celebrate while we can’ she said as they drank, he more than she.

He was on the verge of passing out from how drunk she had gotten him, but once she managed to get him going it was all instinct. The morning after he was a bit angry at her for doing that, they would have done it after their marriage any way so couldn’t she have just waited? Apparently not and after a week or two she told him she was pregnant and to their dismay the wedding was still at least eight months away so how hide it?

They did well the first three months, still taking the regular amount of alcohol to their room but simply flushing it away while she puked, sometimes even him thanks to the anxiety he was dealing with at the time.

Two months left and all was good until one morning Itachi was woken up by the yelling of his soon to be mother in law. His fiance had gone into labor and all was out. The story had to be told and he was the one telling it while they waited in the hospital for news from the doctor, of course Itachi didn’t expect the baby to live and sadly it didn’t.

But he didn’t go home with a soon to be mother in law he went home with a stranger. That day the woman he could have grown to truly love died as well. He was left alone and at the loving hold of depression. Though he got over his depression he would never get over the death of his fiance and child. 

across the universe

It was the night before Raegan was due to start her new job and she was out celebrating with her best friend, Tanya. She has always wanted to be a scriptwriter so when she got offered the job for a new TV show, she was ecstatic. Even if it did mean that she had to move across the country for it. It was her new start, her new beginning. She wasn’t going to fuck up this time.

“Shot time!” Tanya yelled, motioning for the bartender to come over as Raegan just laughed. She had already had quite a bit to drink and she was well on her way to getting drunk. She knew it was probably a bad idea but she was one of the lucky ones who didn’t end up with hangovers and it wasn’t like they were having a full day. They were just all going in for a meeting and a kind of meet and great. A few hours where they can all get to know who they’re gonna be working with for the next, hopefully, few years.

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a couple friends and I we’re celebrating someone’s birthday and they were all drinking and I was the sober friend for the night and my friends wanted to go to a Mexican place to eat so I drove there. my one friend Jackie made me drop her off at McDonalds even tho I was driving her car… but when I came to pick her back up she got in the wearing a different shirt and told us she had sex with this kid Charles in his car in the parking lot of macd’s. classy right

Terpsichore Mousi || 28 || Professor || FC: Rihanna || Dance Professor || OPEN


Growing up in a quieter and rougher town in Greece didn’t mean that people there did not know how to have fun! Terpsichore was the source for all the parties being held, the dances that brought the town to life, and the gossip that fulfilled the peoples needs. She was the bombshell beauty of the town that, how someone from her town would say, “knew how to work that booty.”

Terpsichore had her secrets though. Despite being deemed “Most Likely to”, she worked hard for what the wanted, played hard so that she got it, and celebrated hard when she did. Whatever the girl wanted, the girl relied on no one besides herself which also stirred something in her when she was finishing up high school.

Becoming lonely quickly hit her even if she had “friends” at the parties. Terpsichore had no real friends, no one who would stick up for her or sit with her whenever she needed some time to take a breather from the “glamorous” like that she had. Instead of finding someone her age, she quickly was drawn into the crowds younger than her, loving the fact that she had people who didn’t have to worry so much a live a carefree life.

She was there for them and they were there for her. Just like she wanted. That’s why she wanted to teach. Taking up her love of dancing and her love of being around people younger than her, a dance teacher was the career for her which brought her to the one college that had always drawn her in since she thought about her future life and that was The Disney College in Ireland.


Even though she teaches multiple styles of dance, one genre she’s always wanted to teach was the international style of dancing like belly dancing, the tango, etc. She is also very traditional in a non-traditional way.

Positive Personality:

  • Talented
  • Beautiful
  • Inspiring

Negative Personality:

  • Vain
  • Absentminded
  • Frivolous


  • Bisexual


  • Building 3
  • Room 3O