The boys would probably try to act like Santa clause was real in front of Eleven since she never got the chance to celebrate holidays and they wanted her to have at least one Christmas where she could be a kid. In the end she’d just be all “Mike that’s unrealistic, and that’s coming from a girl who can flip over a van with her mind and connect to other worlds.”

It’s never too late for true love | Joe Sugg Imagine [featuring Caspar Lee]

“I do.” He said and smiled at her. 
“I do.” She said and then they kissed. 

It was really beautiful day. I just witnessed the weeding of my best friend. I watched Joe and Caspar hug as they celebrated Joe’s marriage. He looked happy. Jane was beautiful. She was famous designer. She was kind and generous and everyone loved her. Joe really picked a good one. 
He looked handsome in his tuxedo. When they danced their first dance he really tried hard no to mess it up. He told me that he took extra lessons because she wanted it to look perfect. He really cared about her. 
Night went fast. We ate and danced and talked. Yet somehow I never talked to Joe. Somehow I never got the chance to congratulation him. 
“I always thought that it would be you.” Whispered Caspar in my ear as he sat down. 
“I always wanted you two to end up together. But best man can only dream, right?” He kissed my cheek and left my side. 

So it was time for the toast. Caspar gave cute yet unique speech about Joe and him. How they shared everything and how no matter who they married that they have to end up being neighbors so they could make a secret tunnel that’s connected to their houses so they could sneak in the middle of night to play video games.  I laughed with everyone and yelled ‘Jaspar forever’ at the end of the toast. Everyone joined me. 
“Y/N it’s your turn” Said Caspar and I got up from my seat. 
“I have known Joe for years. I can’t express how many times he has annoyed me or pranked me, yet I can’t imagine my life without him.” At the back of my eye I could see Caspar and Josh nodding.
“Choosing the person you want to share your life with is one of the most important decisions any of us make, ever.” I said and looked across the room but my eyes connected with Joe’s at the end. ”Sometimes you don’t see that the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose. “ I said without breaking eye contact with him. “ But remember. No matter where you end up or who you end up with, remember that I will always love you. “ I said and took a deep breath. “ Your friendship has brought so much joy to my life and it has been there in the darkest of times. And I’m the luckiest person alive for that gift. Thank you for that. So Jane please keep him safe and happy. He really deserves it. To Joe and Jane.” And with that I heard everyone clapping and chairing. Joe’s eyes never left mine. He just stood there looking at me until Jane kissed him and took him to the dance floor. 

“So you finally said it.” Said Caspar when he hugged me. 
“Said what?” I said and he gave me a look. 
“It’s too late for that. He’s happy.” I said as I watched him and his wife dancing in the crowd. Now he was really gone and there’s nothing I could do to change that. 
“Hun it’s never too late for true love.”

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random for the number thingy 11,22,33,44 and 55

I see what you did here (: Thank you, nonny! (Also sorry if this reply comes kinda late, I just got back from celebrating Fasching)

11 - answered that one already (and I’m not really listening to anything atm)

22. description of crush
Oh dear, uhmm… she’s the most optimistic person I know? She’s super smart and funny, loves to dance and always makes you feel good about yourself. (I also have nooo chance with her, haha rip) 

33. something you want to learn
So much!?! I really want to learn more languages (I’m starting an Italian course in April!), to cook better and also to appreciate the little things in life (wow, that got deep.. :D)

44. age you get mistaken for
idk, mostly sth between 19-22 

55. tumblr friends
Aww so many??! But I’m really bad at keeping in touch ;> to name just a few, @campydetective @seriouslymarythough @spacewifespock @softelesbians @jamialexandra7

get to know me, pick some numbers.

new neighbors au: get spoopy (pt. 1)

{start from the beginning]

  • first off root and harold are /trash/ for halloween
  • like fucking October 1st is Halloween 1st in their book
  • they deck out the house on Halloween 1st
  • inside and out
  • their house is the spoopiest on the block
  • they just love playing around with lights and trying out amateur holograms
  • their house is the house that little kids dare their friends to go ring on the door bell
  • mr and mrs finch also stock up on hella candy
  • like they hand out oversized candy bars
  • and giant suckers and jawbreakers and caramel apples
  • all the kids both fear and love their house
  • root never really got to celebrate Halloween when she was younger
  • even after the finch’s adopted her she still didn’t want to participate in it
  • she was terrified Brandon or her mom was hiding behind a mask
  • she didn’t want them to steal her away
  • it wasn’t until she was like 11 did she finally go trick-or-treating with harold, bear, john and carter
  • it changed her whole outlook
  • Halloween is the shit
  • root and harold are such great students that their parents let them stay home for Halloween every year
  • it’s not like one day is going to kill them
  • even harold doesn’t mind missing
  • they spend their whole day in their huge basement watching a shit ton of halloween faves
  • they literally start this shit at midnight
  • the official start to Halloween
  • they have an endless amount of snacks and drinks with them
  • also a mound of candy
  • bear is curled up next to them every year
  • they start off with all six Saw movies
  • they can recite that shit by heart
  • it’s like 8am when the door bell rings
  • the two finch kids don’t care
  • they popping in an all time fave
  • Scream
  • root is trash for all 4 movies
  • she ain’t moving
  • nothing can distract her from this movie
  • “are you fucking kidding me”
  • except sameen shaw
  • root ends up flinging her bowl of popcorn and spilling harold’s pop
  • shaw is standing at the top of the stairs
  • arms crossed
  • but still smirking
  • root will always be amusing to her
  • “I wait for you outside for fucking ever, just to find you hoard up in here like a hermit”
  • “it’s HALLOWEEN shaw”
  • “…and the sky is blue neighbor”
  • “no-no you don’t /understand/”
  • shaw doesn’t care for Halloween
  • she sees it as idiots dressing up and attending wild high school parties
  • although shaw does love seeing the little kids dressed up
  • shaw usually stays home and passes out candy with Sugar
  • Halloween is always a crazy night for shaw’s parents anyway
  • she hasn’t been trick-or-treating since she was like 8
  • her mom was just so busy and shaw didn’t see a point in getting candy when they had some at the house
  • so she really can’t understand root at this moment
  • “get your noodle ass up. we got school”
  • shaw is just so commanding and root is so weak
  • but it’s Halloween
  • “…no”
  • everyone’s eyebrows raise in shock
  • even bear looks surprised
  • root never says no to shaw
  • “neighbor, school is important. Halloween is not”
  • “it’s important to /me/ sameen”
  • it takes everything in root to return her attention to the tv
  • harold is shook
  • shaw is impressed
  • it’s about damn time root grows a pair
  • shaw leaves without a word
  • root bust out in gay tears
  • harold has never rolled his eyes so hard
  • “it’s not the end of the world-”
  • “she lef-left haRRY”
  • root is just a little baby gay in love
  • it hurt seeing shaw leave with that look of disappointment
  • let her cry
  • “Hallo-Halloween is canCELLED HARRY”
  • harold can’t with root’s gay dramatic bullshit
  • he rushes upstairs and calls shaw
  • she doesn’t answer
  • the only logical thing to do is to call her another…9 times
  • he’s about to call a 10th time when the front door bursts open
  • harold has never screamed so loud
  • it definitely doesn’t help that he’s been watching nothing but horror movies
  • “jesus harold I know I’m intimidating but that was excessive”
  • “well pardon me but sensible people just don’t go opening someone’s front door like that /sameen/”
  • shaw is decked out in her skeleton sweats and Buffy t-shirt with bags of snacks and candy
  • she’s even replaced her piercings with her glow-in-the-dark ones
  • sugar walks in with a ghost themed collar
  • they both look very spooky to harold
  • root dies a little seeing shaw and sugar walking down the stairs
  • “sameen-”
  • “figured you get to miss a day, it only seems fair I get to too”
  • root sees through shaw
  • root is thankful for sameen shaw
  • she kisses her cheek
  • harold can’t tell who turns more red
  • or who makes the biggest mess out of the chips
  • shaw’s brain went blank from root’s kiss
  • she accidentally threw her bag of chips
  • and in turn, root was spooked by shaw
  •  root knocked over the 3 bowls of chips on the table
  • bear and sugar aren’t complaining
  • harold can’t with their gay asses
  • they watch every classic horror movie and Halloween movie
  • from Psycho to fucking Halloween Town
  • root and harold love every minute of it
  • shaw low key enjoys root mouthing every line to Halloween Town
  • they finally finish at like 5
  • that’s when the real fun starts 

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So, in honor of Valentines Day, what gift do u think Lexa would've given to Clarke and vice versa. Not in a modern AU, in canon. Lexa's whipped I bet she would go for something romantic,(not a candle night dinner, they do that everyday) but Clarke, that's a hard one, I have no idea what she would go for!!

This is interesting. I mean we know for a fact that Clexa spent Valentine fixing the skai idiots mess in canon and our smol bean got shot 2 days later which totally blows BUT if they celebrated it I think Lexa would have gifted her maybe a weapon. Or imagine if Lexa gifted Clarke her dagger 😲 and she says it’s for extra protection but we know it’s because Lexa cares and worries and wanted Clarke to have something from her. Maybe a nice pelt could be another type of gift that Lexa might have given on Valentine 🆑❤️

Clarke could have gifted a drawing for Lexa. A pretty nice drawing maybe of Anya/Gustus for Lexa to keep a memento from ppl she cared about.
At work sipping tea...

My boss is a celebrity makeup artist and so she has very high profile clients. She’s talking to some older women about how she has a client that was dating a real estate agent. And she said she wouldn’t marry him until his net income was more than $1 million. Well eventually it happened and they got married.
The women my boss is talking to start laughing. And my boss goes “and she told me later that the only reason she married him was because she didn’t want to pay her rent anymore”.
One of the women look at me and go “what ever happened to ‘in sickness and in health’”
I casually sip my tea…🐸☕️

ificouldbegin-to-be  asked:

"Apparently today is a human day of affection and appreciation called 'Valentines Day', where you celebrate the ones dear in your life. So....Happy Valentines Day? (Yellow)

“My diamond?”

Yellow hadn’t expected this. She didn’t know anything about Earth holidays, nor did she really want to know what Earth holidays were. But apparnetly this one was one that Yellow Diamond knew about. It was some day where they got to share the day with people dear to them.

Cue her cheeks flushing a brilliant gold at the idea, and a smile spreading across her cheeks.

“H-Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, my diamond!” Yellow squeaked. “I wouldn’t want to spend it with anyone else.”

"how do you bathe?"

One of my players decided to swap characters. in Celebration of that character, the Paladin got drunk with the dwarven fighter and before the night was out, the NPC gold dragonborn sorceress came back inside cursing about water. she tread water through their new keep as she wanted to dry off. she was a fire sorceress after all. Our dragonborn monk followed her, cleaning up and yelling after her about the mess she made. He promptly found out she was in no mood.
fast forward to the next day, food’s been made and the sorceress enters the dining hall. There the paladin wakes up, hungover.
Paladin: “So…. i have a question..”
Me (as sorceress): “yes”
Paladin: “If you don’t like water…. how do you bathe”
Me: “well you see….”
Cue in dragonborn monk who has just entered the hall, hearing the conversation.
Monk: “we’re not like cats, we don’t lick ourselves”
Paladin: -only hearing the lick yourself part- “You lick yourself?!”

The paladin promptly got scolded by their sorceress NPC as she left the room in disgust.

Drinking Games || Darcy & David

Darcy rarely got drunk without someone else with her, whether it was Holland, sometimes Whitney, but most of the time David. Granted they knew when the other needed to stop, so they never got completely fall over drunk, but it was nice drinking with someone and not having to worry about anything else. With their latest mission a blinding success, Darcy wanted to celebrate, sending David a text letting him know she had plenty of alcohol and they didn’t have to work the next day. 

By the time she was out of her work clothes and changing into something else, dark had already started seeping in through the windows. She threw on a pair of leggings and oversized sweater that hung off of one shoulder, dropping her hair from the ponytail it usually stayed in. She already had a drink in her hand when she heard a knock at the door, downing the burning liquid before she pulled it open with a grin. “Ready to get drunk and lose all your money in strip poker?” she teased as she tossed open the door to let him in. 


Ok let’s talk about Georgia “George” Martin, Hot Suburban No Nonsense Team Mom/Falconer Team Backbone/Lady Who Kicks Your Ass At Beer Pong Because “Come Ooooon Georgie You Never Celebrate With Us” Then Forces You To Go On A 4:30 AM Run With Her As Punishment For Overindulgence

Like for one the lady is HILARIOUS (want to run into him and pretend it was an accident?) and she is also HILARIOUSLY ON TO JACK RE: BITTLE because they were talking about him BEFORE then Jack probably continued talking about him AFTER and she’s just, internally, “ooh boy, this boys got it bad” but she’s chill about it, she doesn’t press. Also I think she really LIKES Jack as a person, not just as another addition to her team, so when she defends him to the press when people are like “lol you’re really gonna take HIM” she’s not only defending the honor of her team but HIS HONOR!!! SHE THINKS HES A GREAT KID!!!!

Also she’s a lesbian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when Jack moves to providence she takes him out to dinner with her gf as a celebratory Welcome!!!!! dinner and she’s like “hey why didn’t you bring bittle?” And Jack, not thinking, is just like, “oh he’s got practice and then a test in the morning I didn’t wa– wait– wha– why – why would I bring bittle….what are you talking about haha why would I bring my old teammate you’re FUNNY george ha. Ha ha ha”

And George is just like 👀😏

Sam Winchester Imagine- The King’s Daughter

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a sam x reader where she’s Crowley’s secret daughter that is also part angel and she REALLY wants to meet the infamous Winchesters (more like the youngest one) and both of the boys are kinda smitten for her? But Sam gets really bashful and stuff? Thanks!”

A/N- {Credit to gif owner} So I’m in my kitchen waiting for my sister to get her ass here. We’re celebrating my birthday with family today, even though it’s on monday :) Thank you to @carolinaclouds and Anon for saying happy birthday already <3 I love you all, keep requesting :)) Oh, and my brothers girlfriend got me a Supernatural poster, so I cried :)  By the end of next week I should have my phone. Ya know what that means!! Requests will finally be done faster :)))))))))))))))))) im going crazy delaying them (this is short. i apologize)

          “Of course you say no. I don’t know why I bothered asking. “ You rolled your eyes and stomped off in the mansion your dad had been living in. Well, his vessel had been living in. Every time you asked, he said no, with a stupid excuse. The Winchesters couldn’t kill you if they wanted to anyway. All you wanted to do was meet them . Especially Sam. 

      Closing the door to your room, you walked to your bed, throwing yourself onto it. The comforter formed to your body, sighing heavily, you rolled over to look out the window. 

   Sam’s POV

       I held the map in my hands, the flashlight in my mouth as I sat in the passenger seat. “Where is Crowley?” Dean spoke, tiredness evident in his voice. “We were told he’s in San Diego, but that could be wrong.” I watched the road for a couple of seconds, the map now resting in my lap. 

      “San Diego first then.” Dean said, running his hand through his hair. I nodded, resting my head on the window. 


        Your father’s voice echoed through the walls, waking you up from your nap. Walking down the stairs, you peared around the corner. The Winchesters were standing there, your father yelling at them. “Wow, you’re all a lot more attractive in person.” You stood next to the wall, your body propped up. “Dibs” the boys said in unison, looking at each other.    

Part of Your World

Fic Request: a stydia little mermaid? where ariel is lydia and stiles eric, etc etc

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: queenlydiastilinski

Authors Note: I only wrote the beginning of the story because I like leaving room for imagination and besides, we all know that story. But if you want me to write other chapters, send me an ask on my blog.

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Frat Calum

Imagine #2


This imagine is inspired by the song Here by Alessia Cara and I really recommend you listen to the song before reading/while reading!

You walked into the party and you already knew it was a bad idea. You had made it the entire first semester of your freshman year never attending a frat party, and you were determined to keep it that way, until your roommate Jordan convinced you to come to this one, Sigma Chi’s annual “Welcome Back From Holiday Break/Let’s Celebrate The Next Semester With Beer” fest. You only agreed to come because Jordan had asked you to attend four parties last semester, and every time you said no she got a little sadder, and she wouldn’t end up going at all, uncomfortable without her dorm mate. So, when she asked again, you said no, and this time she complained that you’re a buzzkill, that she just wanted to go to one party with you, and after about 10 minutes of explaining why you should go, you finally gave in. You knew you were going to have to come to one eventually, and you were hoping this one would be big enough that either you could slip away very easily or the cops would come and break it up before it got too late. But it was ten o’clock, and Jordan worked til 9:30, so she said she would meet you here, which made you more uncomfortable. Now you were forced to wait without her. So, you pushed by sweaty, already-drunk bodies trying to touch one another, and you found a corner where there was only one other boy, who looked too wasted to be coherent, so you sat next to him. You gave him a smile, and yep, barely responsive. He tried to say something to you, but you couldn’t make out a word, so you just nodded and looked the other way. He left you alone.

Ten minutes later, the music was impossibly louder, and you asked why you were even here, why you agreed to meet Jordan instead of coming in with her. Why was it even fair that she guilted you into going to this? Before you got too wrapped up in your thoughts, a figure began approaching you and the drunk boy, and while you hoped it was Jordan, you could tell this person had much more height and testosterone. “Mikey! There you are!” The man shouted at the wasted boy next to you, and you looked away, removing yourself from the situation. “Tina said you took more than a couple shots of Goldschlager. That shit’s toxic man.” The guy laughed, and tried to help his friend up, but he was basically a lump stuck in his chair. Mikey (?) made incoherent noises, then gestured toward you, and the friend looked over at you. You watched out of the corner of your eye as he looked you up and down. “Hello there.” He smiled at you, and you gave a tight smile back. “Did my drunk friend bug ya here? He’s fucking terrible at enjoying parties. Gets shitfaced way too fast. Except, I gotta say, it looks like you’re not trying to get even a little drunk. Where’s the fun in that?” The guy moved closer to you, and you tried to show with your body language that you were quite uncomfortable. “I’m waiting for my friend.” You looked down from his big brown eyes. He was like a puppy, but sexy, but you didn’t care. He was just a frat boy, looking for something to fuck, and you had no intentions to stay. He seemed to not believe you. “Well can I get you a drink? Help entertain you until your friend shows up?” He smiled, and yeah he was really fucking hot, but you were determined not to have any fun at this party. “No thanks but really you’re probably just wasting your time over here.” He looked surprised by your sudden vocality, and he continued to play with you. “And why is that?” You suddenly felt entertained by this boy and his annoying questions, and his wanting to get you drunk so he could do God knows what. “This isn’t my scene. I hate this music. I don’t know anyone here. I came to hang out with one of my friends, and she’s not even here yet. So, I’m just gonna wait right in this spot for her, and if you see her, send her over.” You said this in a matter-of-fact tone, with the intention to send this guy looking for some chick who was already drunk and dancing and willing to do whatever he wanted. He just looked at you, amused. “How dare you say you don’t know anyone here. You know Mikey,” He shoved his friend, who had fallen asleep, “And you know me. I’m Calum.” He stuck out his hand, and you refused to shake it, so he shrugged and stuffed it back in his pocket. “I’ve gotta say, I had no intentions on making any friends tonight.” You smiled, playing his stupid ass game. “No one intends on making friends. You just walk around, find people sitting on couches in the corner of parties who seem pretty cool, and you wonder, what would it be like to talk to that person who looks rather lonely?” He then took the seat next to you so he was no longer the only one standing, and he was now much closer to you and farther from Mikey. “I am not lonely. Just alone. Two different things. But I’m rather quite boring, so I insist that you enjoy your party.” You gestured out at the sea of bodies. “My party? What, am I a typical frat guy? Ouch. I thought I was different. And why would I go back to this sweaty party when I could keep my new friend company? Although, it’s hard to be friends when one party hasn’t even said their name.” He leaned in closer to you, looking from your eyes to your lips, and you leaned back. “(Y/N).” You smiled at him, and he repeated it, raising his eyebrows and leaning back himself to create a friendlier vibe. “So you don’t party often?” You let out a sigh and rolled your eyes. “Nope, first party. Last party.” You tried to look for Jordan again, but nothing. “No way, it’s not your last party. You have to come to all of Sigma Chi’s parties to see your two good friends now. It’s only polite.” You shot him a glare. “Calum, if our friendship is strong enough, you would know that I hate parties, and you wouldn’t force me to come to them.” You face faded into something playful, and his eyes showed lust. “Not forcing, just encouraging. But really, have you even given this party a chance? You’ve just been sitting, not even drinking a soda. You can’t say you hate something that you haven’t even tried.” You let your eyes fall to the floor, wondering what to say back, when you saw a pair of familiar white converse. “Jordan!” You shouted, jumping up to hug your friend. She smiled at you and apologized for being late, hoping you weren’t too mad. Then she asked if you wanted a drink, and you nodded as she took your hand and led you to the kitchen where the drinks were lined up. You turned around to look at Calum one last time, hoping to see a disappointed face, but instead he had a smug smile as he waved to you. And you knew that wasn’t going to be the last you saw of him.

Please send feedback! And don’t worry, the Michael Soulmate AU is coming, I just had sudden inspiration to write this one quickly, so I did :D XX -Caroline


I did not make this

The Bae’s birthday was somewhat recent, and I kind of last minute asked some local friends to hang out on Saturday to celebrate. With two days until that Saturday, one of my friends thought hanging would be great and said she wanted to get him a cake. Her wife likes to make food for people, so she asked her if she wanted to make a cake. 


We got there, and they told the Bae there was cake, and I hadn’t told him, so he was like, ‘Wow, cool.’ BUT THEN THEY PULLED OUT A CHEESEBURGER BACKPACK CAKE! Omg. 

We’ve been exposing them to Steven Universe periodically, which is how they knew we’d love it and it’s just perfect. 

On top of the Cheesburger Backpack Birthday Cake, they made COOKIE CAT CUPCAKES! Holy moly. 

This whole thing was delicious and HUGE and awesome!!!

My friends are cooler than yours. =P 


Posted with permission I need to get this out of my chest.

April 2014, during a radio interview in NYC with “The Breakfast club” Rita talks about going on vacations alone with Calvin because they would have one of the busiest summers ever. And as a matter of fact, during that entire summer they never were in the same city and it wasn’t even cos they were trying to avoid one another. Rita was touring all over Asia and Australia and then Europe while Calvin was mostly in Vegas-UK-Ibiza. But that trip never happened. I suppose it was meant to be during the first week of June, where Rita went to Mexico to celebrate one of her best pal’s bday . Their break up was announced when she was there. And once she got back from that trip, she was travelling all around. So I also think it was one of the reasons they broke up. ANYWAY..

What I want to say is that, this year Calvin is going to have a busy year as well. He’s going to release a few songs, 4 most probably. I also read somewhere he might be working on a new album, I don’t know for sure but all I know is that, he’ll be busy. And the past weeks he’s been super busy, spending most of his days and nights in the studio, I suppose most of the job is already done. So now he wants to spend some time with his beautiful girlfriend. He wants to dedicate a few days to her, making up for the past weeks. 

What I can’t stop thinking about is how much of a great boyfriend he is. How seriously he takes his RS and how much he works to make them work. He finds time and doesn’t care how miles he has to fly to reassure and be there for the one he truly loves. Haters can say whatever, but Calvin has a big and beautiful heart. I’m so happy Calvin and Taylor are able to spend a few days on their own, away from the drama and the mess and the hate and the paparazzi. I’m happy they’re on vacations for a few days, living their love the fullest. I’m also happy that my dweeb, who went from a girl who chose her best friend’s bday party over their trip to a girl who drops everything and goes away with you, found someone who puts him first too. This is making me so emo.Taylor puts the same amount of effort and that’s all I ever wanted for him.

Alderaanian Palace Headcanons

- Balls are held quite regularly, with a mixture of royalty, politicians, celebrity and the upper class (both Alderaanian and off-world). The balls are famous for their free flowing local wines and stunning locations.

- There are many traditional dances involving subtle footwork and much partner swapping (think Russian balls in the 1800s)- young Leia hates them because she only wants to dance with her father.

- Leia’s first ball is when she is five, she clings to her mother’s skirts until an uncle (not really, just one of Bail’s many friends/confidants whom she considers an uncle) persuades her to come out and twirl around in her first gown.

- She also enjoys a dance standing on her father’s feet. Her mother trains her to treat balls as her duty as a Princess, that she must be introduced, make polite conversation…but Bail knows that she hates every minute of forced socialising (so does he, it’s such a drain to pretend to like the Imperials) and tries to keep her entertained.

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We’ve had so many otomes where the guy is the super star/pop idol/celebrity and the MC is either a backstage worker or a random person (who usually doesn’t know who the guy is) and I really really want to see that switched around for once.

The MC is the superstar/idol, who had a dream and worked her ass off and made it happen. She wasn’t randomly found on a street somewhere and picked for her pretty face. She auditioned and took classes and earned it, the way most of the guys do.

The love interests can range between backstage workers, fans of hers and friends of hers.

One could be an assistant that goes on tours with her. One could be a manager of a fanclub of hers or just a member of one. One could be a friend that knew her before she got famous. One could be the guy that’s never heard of her before.

Pleeeeeeeease give us this someone.

And also, if there is a guy who wants to control her and gets jealous of her popularity (like if he’s a fellow superstar but not doing as good or maybe a regular joe who’s intimidated by all of his friends liking her) and he tries to make her leave the industry, make it so that to get the good ending, you have to refuse to do that. Make him see that the MC is serious about what she does and make him respect her enough to make it work. Or, you know, you could just have an ending where you are happy without him. Like that one alone ending of Love Revo.

(Feel free to use any way you want as long as you credit me.)

The Sunday of Vegascon was my 21st birthday and my original plan was to buy a J2M and do this for that op but much to my disappointment; they were sold out when I got there so my friend and I decided to make our shared cockles op be my birthday op and do this.

So I walked up first and said enthusiastically “Today is my 21st birthday! So let’s celebrate!” now what they said in response is very vague because all I remember hearing was my friend Taylor yelling behind me “It’s her birthday! It’s her birthday!” but I think they both said happy birthday to me.

Anyways, I had one bag with two balloons and Taylor had a bag with two balloons. She wanted to be next to Jensen so she immediately went to his side. I had the party hats and handed the green to Jensen and blue to Misha cause..well..those colors are only fitting.

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