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My girlfriend and I are going to the same college next year and she asked me if I wanted to be her roommate next year and normally commitment stuff like this freaks me out but I'm really excited and I can't wait.

nice!!! that sounds so exciting honestly i hope it goes really really well <3

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And you could also talk about your fave Tillow AU ideas :D


okay, one of my very favorite is my coffee shop!AU (no magic/vamps) where Tara works as a waitress/barista at a coffee shop (the espresso pump, probably). she meets Willow during Willow’s first year at college and is utterly intrigued by her because Willow is so small and spazzy and SO smart and she likes telling Tara about her studies. Tara doesn’t follow a lot of what Willow talks about at first but she goes to the library and checks out books about science and computer theory so she can figure it next time. and why is Willow so nice to Tara, anyway? and why does Willow have to have a boyfriend who is cool and kind and in a band? but it’s okay because spoiler alert Willow and Tara fall in love in the end.

ALSO high school!AU where Tara and Willow meet as teens because TARA WOULD HAVE ADORED high school Will in her little overalls and jumpers. and maybe they meet because they are both hiding in separate stalls in the bathroom one day during lunch. and Willow is so happy to have made another female friend and Tara is nervous and she never invites Willow over to her house, never ever, and it makes Willow insecure but eventually she figures out why and when she does she is a little ball of FURY. but things are complicated. there is a lot of tension and a far amount of teenage angst but they are so in love and they manage to survive high school

also, this has probably been done before though I haven’t actually read a fic like it yet, but, an Imagine Me and You type AU where Tara is the florist (she’d be so perfect?!?) for Willow’s wedding to Oz and Willow thinks Tara is the greatest and she is so happy her new friend and everything is great until she realizes she’s been spending all her time with Tara and not, you know, her husband. 

and then I think most of my other ideas are more canon-divergent than actually AU, ya know