So a really awesome and flattering thing happened today! I needed to print off some newer art for my portfolio so Mom sent them to Walgreens to get them printed in high quality. When she got there the lady asked if Mom got copyright permission from the artist (which was flattering in and of itself) but when Mom said “oh this is just my daughter’s work, she needs it for a college visit” another employee came over and said “really??? I’ve seen this art online, I love her Markiplier and Jacksepticeye art! I didn’t know she lived so close to me!” So of course Mom told me all this right away

Goes to show how awesome the Mark and Jack communities are!! Spreading love and happiness all around, not to mention an understanding for art theft and protecting someone’s creative works! <3
(Also if you end up reading this Kathy, I’m gonna stop by Walgreens later to say thanks!)