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Prompt : Shamy baking together, making a mess and laughing. And they are surprised by Penny during a cute moment :)

Thanks for the prompt! I don’t know why but when someone gives me a prompt I make the story long and complicated. Anyway, heres Shamy being cute together, baking and more. Filled with Shamy fluff! Enjoy! Tell me what you think!

Amy groaned as she woke up, cuddled up in Sheldon’s arms. She recalled last night’s events, realizing she was in Sheldon’s apartment, in his bed, with his arms wrapped around her and holding her hands, her head was resting on his chest, and their legs intertwined, they had a sleepover. It had been months since their first sleepover, Sheldon decided to make it a regular thing since he enjoyed the first one. They don’t always build forts when they have sleepovers, thinking that it would be a waste of time and effort to build it and take it down in less than 24 hours, so they decided to sleep in his bed that night. She was still shocked when he suggested it, people weren’t allowed in his room. He made that very clear on their prom night, she was having a panic attack and he still made her lie down that the couch. She was happy he suggested it, she hasn’t slept that peaceful in a long time.

After thinking about the past events, Amy attempted to pull away from him but Sheldon had a tight grip on her, making it impossible to get out of bed without waking him up. She tried and tried but he only held on to her tighter. She decided to give it one last try as she felt his grip to loosen. She rolled and wiggled herself until she was free. Once she stood up beside the bed, she fixed up the shirt Sheldon gave her to sleep in and her hair. She looked at him, admiring how cute he looked while sleeping. “Amy?” He groaned, “Come back to bed.” He rubbed his eyes, slightly sitting up. Amy sat down by the edge of the bed, and in one swift motion, Sheldon pulled her, making her lay beside him. She squealed in surprise, “Sheldon!” She giggled, turning to look at him, his eyes were closed. “What?” He groaned like a child, opening his eyes. She grinned at him and snuggled into his chest. Sheldon held her tighter then kissed the top of her head, “This is nice, I never would have thought that having you in bed with me would be so comfortable.” He sighed in content while playing with her hair. “Well, you changed a lot since we met. You’re not scared of physical contact like you were before, I mean we’re holding hands, hugging, kissing…” She said as Sheldon leaned in and gave her kiss, sweet and passionate. When they pulled away, they smiled at each other, making their foreheads touch. “I like kissing you. Its still very fascinating. It makes me feel like I’m floating on a cloud.” He said intertwining his fingers with hers. “Thank you.” He added. “For what?” She asked, looking at him questioningly. “For everything, for coming into my life, for being patient with me, for loving me.” He said making her smile, it was rare for Sheldon to express his love for Amy. “You’re welcome, and thank you too. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to meet your friends or be part of a social group, and I wouldn’t have the cutest man in the world as my boyfriend.” She said pinching his cheeks slightly. “You think I’m cute?” He asked, she nodded and blushed, a little embarrassed by her confession. “Well, I think you’re adorable.” He said kissing her cheek, leaving a trail of kisses until he reached her neck, finding her sensitive spot. “Sheldon, stop it.” She said giggling. He pulled away and pouted like a child. “You’re no fun.” He whined, she rolled her eyes, smiling, giving him a peck on the lips. “I love you, Sheldon.” She said smiling. “I love you too, Amy. More than you could ever imagine.” He said, “Can we stay like this a bit longer? Since we don’t have anything planned for today, why don’t we have an unscheduled date?” Sheldon suggested, “That sounds nice.” She said placing her hand on his chest, he kissed the top of her head once more then snuggling her closer.

After a few more minutes of cuddling, they went out of his room and headed to the living room. Leonard was already there, having breakfast by the kitchen island. “Good morning, Leonard.” The couple said in unison. Leonard turned to look at them, “Good morning. What took you guys so long?” He asked getting off the stool and went to put his plate on the sink, Sheldon and Amy looked at each other, “Well, let’s hear what Cuddles has to say about it.” Amy teased looking towards Sheldon. “Well… Uh.. We cuddled.” Sheldon said looking away from both of them, blushing. Leonard looked at them with curiosity, smiling, “Anything spicy?” Leonard asked Amy, even though he knew nothing like that happened. Amy giggled and shook her head, “Not today.” She said before looking at Sheldon and smiled at him, he didn’t know what were they talking about, making him look curiously at them. “Almost?” Leonard asked, smiling widely at Sheldon. He was just looking at them, trying to understand their conversation. “Not yet.” Amy said walking towards her purse by the couch, searching for her phone. “You’ll get there.” Leonard said before heading to his room, leaving them alone.

“What was he talking about?” Sheldon asked, making his way to Amy and hugging her from behind, burying his face in her neck. “He was asking if we.. Uh…” She trailed off. “If we what?” He insisted, “…had sex.” She said, her voice was faint. “Oh. Well, we didn’t.” He said as he placed a kiss on her neck, he knew she loved it when they were intimate. He teased her from time to time, but she always teases him. He loved it when she teases him. “I know.” She said still looking through her phone, she had a few messages, all of them were form work and decided to ignore them before throwing her phone in her bag and hugged his arms on her waist. “Yet.” Sheldon whispered before attacking her neck with soft kisses. “Oh, Dr. Cooper. If only you were my boyfriend, I would be all over you.” Amy teased as she turned around and swung her arms behind his neck, grinning at him. “Well, Dr. Fowler. Luckily for me, I am your boyfriend, and I wouldn’t mind you being all over me.” He winked and grinned devilishly. She rolled her eyes, smiling, before she gave him a quick kiss and went to the kitchen. Sheldon pouted and his eyes followed Amy, he rarely saw her in few layers of clothes. He had seen her naked before but this was different. He liked the idea of Amy wearing his clothes, it establishes his claim on her. “Hey Cuddles, what cereal do you want?” Amy asked, trying to reach for the cereals on top of the fridge, struggling. Sheldon smiled and walked over to her, “Need any help?” He asked smirking, “Yes, please.” She said softly. He reached up, grabbed a cereal box and handed it to Amy. “Thank you,” She said putting her hand on his shoulders as she tiptoed to kiss him. They lingered in the kiss for a few seconds, he lightly sucked on her bottom lip, making her moan softly into his mouth. His hands made their way to her waist, pulling her closer.

Leonard entered the living room to the sight of Sheldon and Amy making out in the kitchen. He cleared his throat, making the couple look at him, both blushing. “What is it?” Sheldon asked in frustration. “I was just going to say that Penny and I are going to spend the rest of the day together, the whole apartment is yours today.” Leonard explained while heading to his desk and collecting his stuff. “Have fun.” Amy said while Leonard was on his way out, “Thanks, you too. But from the looks of it you two already are.” Leonard smiled before closing the door behind him. Sheldon opened the fridge and got out milk for them. “Are you going to eat cereal too, or are you going to eat something else?” He asked walking over to get bowls. “I’ll have what you’re having.” She said opening the box of cereal. Sheldon placed the bowls on the kitchen island and went to get utensils while Amy poured them their cereal and milk. He came back and handed her a spoon, “Thank you.” She said silently as she took the spoon from him. “So, what do you want to do today?” He asked, shoving the spoon filled with cereal and milk into his mouth. “We could go to the zoo.” She said questioningly. “That would be nice, I heard there are new baby koalas there now.” He smiled widely. “Great.” She said while eating the cereal in front of her.

After they ate, Amy took their bowls and spoons to the sink, “I’ll clean these, you go shower. We’ll go to my apartment first before going to the zoo, okay?” She said opening the faucet, “Okay, thank you.” Sheldon said, making his way towards her and kissed the top of her head then headed to his bedroom to collect his clothes. Before starting the dishes, Amy heard her phone ping. She went over to the couch and took her phone out of her bag, it was from Penny.

Penny: “Hey Ames, Leonard told me he saw you and Sheldon making out in the kitchen. Tell me everything.”

Amy: “I’ll tell you guys everything on girls night. Where are you guys going today?”

Penny: “We’re just going to the mall today. You? Can’t wait to hear your story on girls night.”

Amy: “We’re going to the zoo and maybe we’ll head back to his apartment afterwards.”

Penny: “Have fun! ;)”

Amy: “Thanks, you too. :)”

Amy smiled as she sent the last text before heading back to the sink. She heard the bathroom door close and water running while washing the dishes. When she finished, she headed back to his room to collect her clothes from last night. She found it by the chair folded properly, she took it and headed out. When she got out of his room, Sheldon was done showering and went out of the bathroom. Amy saw him with a towel around his lower section and holding his clothes on the other hand, making her blush deep red and look towards the floor. “Hey, you can use the bathroom if you want. I’ll change in my room.” He said before entering his room and closing the door. Amy was still stunned at what she saw but after a few seconds, she snapped back into reality and entered the bathroom to fix herself up, change her clothes, and brush her teeth. She put his shirt and pajamas in his hamper. When she got out, Sheldon was already waiting in the living room, sitting on his spot. “Hey, are you ready to go?” Amy asked as she walked towards her purse and gathered her belongings. “Yes. I’m sorry you saw what you saw earlier.” He stood up while looked towards the floor while rubbing his hands together. “You don’t have to apologize. Its not everyday I get to see a handsome man stand in front of me, half naked.” She teased and swung her purse around her body. He was blushing, not knowing what to say. “What? Twenty-five cats got your tongue?” She teased him once again then laughed. “I was just kidding Sheldon. I’m sorry.” She said hugging him, instead of pulling away, he reciprocated the hug. “It’s fine. You don’t need to apologize.” He said stroking her hair, “Any by the way, those twenty-five cats still couldn’t fill the void when you left.” He added, pulling away from the hug and rubbed her arms. “I still find being cast the role of bad girl oddly titillating.” She said, saying the exact words she did on that day. “Bad girl, huh?” Sheldon teased as he raised one of his eyebrows and smirked at her. “Don’t get any ideas, Dr. Cooper.” She said teasingly, “Not today.” She added and winked at him before walking out the door. His jaw was slightly hanging open, his gaze followed her and dropped to her posterior, then he smiled before walking out the door. They made their way to her car, and drove to her apartment.

When they arrived, the gentleman in Sheldon woke up, he was opening doors for her and making her walk in front of him. They arrived outside her apartment, Amy opened the door and invited him in. “Do you want some tea while you wait?” She asked as she placed her purse on the couch. “Yes, please.” He said while sitting on the couch next to her purse. Amy made her way to the kitchen and made tea for him. After a few minutes, she brought the tea to him, “Here you go, I’ll just take a quick shower then we’ll go to the zoo.” She said wrapping her hand around Sheldon’s neck from behind and kissed his cheek before disappearing into her room.

Sheldon felt a tingling sensation where Amy had kissed him, he touched his cheek and smiled before taking a sip of his tea. After a few sips, he stood up and roamed her living room, looking at things. Suddenly something caught his eye and he walked towards it. It was a picture of Amy when she was a kid, she was on the playground, sitting on a swing. She looked so young, so free, and so happy. He sat back down on the couch with the picture frame in his hand. He carefully took the picture out of the frame and placed it on the coffee table, took out his phone and snapped a picture of it. He returned the picture back in it’s frame and placed it back where he found it. He admired the picture from his phone and started scrolling through his pictures with Amy, there weren’t a lot of them. He stopped at one picture of them, they were on the train to Napa. The picture was taken when they went back at their table after watching the conductor play his banjo. It was after their kiss, the kiss that confirmed what he felt about her. He had those feelings since they met, he always felt excited and nervous when she was around. Even at the mention of her name made him smile inside. He cherished every single text, call, and video chat they shared. He knew he couldn’t live without her when they terminated their relationship, he was so glad that Leonard called his mom and told about it. He was so thankful to his mom, bringing them back together. At that moment, he knew he had feelings for her but he decided to keep those feelings to himself because he was scared of rejection. “Wow.” He sighed as he remembered his life before Amy came into his life, it was lonely. He remembered the conversation he had with Howard and Raj, forcing him to go on this date.

“What if I just looked for the dirty sock myself? What if I became stubborn and still refused to go? What if I noticed that Raj was only bluffing? I wouldn’t be able to meet Amy. I wouldn’t have met the love of my life.”

He thought as he heard the bedroom door open then Amy appeared with her hair a little wet. “Hey. Are you ready to go?” Sheldon asked, as he locked his phone and stood up. “In a few minutes, I just have to dry my hair.” She said while wiping her hair with a towel. Sheldon nodded as he sat back down on the couch. “You look cute in that picture.” He said as he pointed to the picture of Amy on the swings. “You saw that, huh? I was around six or seven then, my mom took a picture of me. That was the happiest day of my childhood, we went to the zoo, ate some ice cream, and she baked cupcakes for me.” Amy said happily as she remembered that day, smiling. “Proposal.” Sheldon said as he stood up and walked to her. “What is it?” She asked looking at him with curiosity. “We go do what you did on that day, we go to the zoo, eat ice cream, then we can co to my apartment and bake cupcakes. What do you say?” He asked, hoping that she would agree. As soon as he finished his sentence, Amy’s eyes immediately lit up and met his. “Really? You would do that?” She asked with excitement in her voice. “Of course. You’re my girlfriend and I want you to be happy.” He said softly while smiling. She couldn’t contain herself and lunged at him, wrapping her arms around him. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She repeatedly squealed as she covered his face with kisses. She soon calmed herself down, smiling widely at him. “Thank you,” She repeated again, a little embarrassed by what she just did. Sheldon smiled, “Anything for you, Love.” Sheldon said as he kissed her forehead. “Love?” She giggled, looking at him questioningly. “I love you, Amy.” He proclaimed, “I love you too.” She said before kissing him quickly. “Come on. Let’s go to the zoo.” Amy said as she gathered her stuff and headed out the door hand in hand.

The drive to the zoo was quiet but their hands never parted. Sheldon was scared at first but calmed down after the first few minutes. He liked being able to hold Amy’s hands while driving, and she’s a great driver. As she parked the car, he still didn’t let go of her hand and she needed the other hand. “Sheldon? I need my other hand for this.” She said before tugging her hand. “Fine.” He groaned in annoyance as he let go of his hand then crossed his arms across his chest, pouting. “Come on, Sheldon. Don’t be like that.” Amy said as she put that car on park and held his hand once more. “Sheldon, please?” She said, touching his cheek. “Okay, I’m sorry.” He said touching her hand on his cheek and kissed her palm then smiled warmly at her. She smiled back and got out the car. They fell in line for their tickets, it was pretty crowded since it was a weekend but they waited. When they got the tickets, they entered the zoo and headed to the koalas. “Koalas are so cute and cuddly.” Sheldon said, making his koala face. “Just like you?” Amy teased, he looked at her with pure love. He absolutely adored it when she teased him. “Oh no, not me. You.” He said softly, making her blush deep red. That was the cutest thing he ever said to her. Sheldon put his hands on her waist and leaned in, removing all space between their lips. Sharing a sweet and passionate kiss once again. As they pulled away, Sheldon took out his phone, “Let’s take a picture.” He said getting his phone ready, and stretched his right arm. They took a lot of wacky pictures, there was one that they both curled up their noses. There was one that he kissed her cheek, another was when she kissed his. Their final picture was when their lips met. “One of these will definitely be my new wallpaper.” Sheldon whispered to himself while they went to the monkeys, Amy had always admired monkeys, other than the fact that she gets them addicted and scares that living crap out of them. “Come on, let’s take a picture here too.” She said taking out her own phone. They took more wacky photos, and more kiss-y pictures. She viewed one of the pictures, Sheldon had his arm around her while kissing her temple and assigned it as her lock screen wallpaper. “New wallpaper, what do you think?” She asked him, showing him her lock screen. “You look very beautiful.” He said as he admired the picture. “Come on, let’s get some ice cream.” He said putting an arm around her as they walked away from the monkeys.

They approached the nearby ice cream cart and ordered their ice cream. They looked for a bench, when they saw one they sat on it and started eating their ice cream. They took more pictures of each other and together. “Smile, Amy.” Sheldon ordered and took the picture. Amy had ice cream on her nose, Sheldon changed his wallpaper to this. “What do you think? Pretty, huh?” Sheldon said as she showed her his wallpaper. “I have ice cream on my nose.” She said before wiping it off. “You look adorable here. I’m keeping it.” He said firmly, “Fine, but I’m taking a silly picture of you too.” She said before finishing her ice cream. Sheldon smiled at her, before eating more of his ice cream. “So, where do you want to go next?” Amy asked, looking at him while he was eating. “Well, its only logical that you choose where we are going next since we are reliving your best day as a child.” He said before biting the ice cream cone. “How about we go to the store and get the stuff we need for baking?” She suggested, standing up from the bench. “Okay.” He said while standing up, grabbing her hand and making their way out of the zoo and headed to the car. They took one more picture by the entrance of the zoo, Sheldon had his arm around her waist, before heading back to Amy’s car.

“Have you ever thought of driving, Sheldon?” Amy asked while driving, “Well, you taught me once before. If I really needed to start driving, then I would.” He answered, “Do you still remember how to drive when I taught you?” Amy asked, her eyes were still on the road. “Yes, I also remembered how I felt when driving, terrified.” He said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.” Amy said, grabbing his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and Sheldon smiled at her. After a few more minutes, Amy parked her car outside the grocery store. “Do you know what flavor of cupcake you want?” He asked while stepping out of the car. “I was thinking of chocolate or red velvet. Which one do you want?” Amy asked as they entered the store. “Chocolate sounds good.” He said as they made their way to the baking part of the store. “I’ll ask Penny if she wants any.” She said before reaching for her phone.

Amy: “Hey bestie, Sheldon and I are going to bake cupcakes, do you want any?”

Penny: “You got Sheldon to bake? You little vixen! Chocolate cupcakes sounds good.”

Amy: “He proposed to do it. I’ll text you when their ready, bring everyone if they’re free. We’re going to bake at his apartment. See you later.”

“She wants chocolate too. I guess we’ll bake for everyone then.” Amy said while inserting her phone in her purse. “For everyone? I thought it was just Penny.” Sheldon said, confused. “Well, I thought that if she wanted some, maybe Howard, Bernadette, and Raj would like some too.” She said as she took a few boxes of cupcake mix and put it in the shopping cart. “Do you know how to bake?” Amy asked as she grabbed more stuff they needed. “Yes, I helped my sister when she entered a summer bake off, and by helped I meant I did it all. She didn’t know how but she entered the contest anyway. She made me bake them for her, in return she wouldn’t punch me anymore.” Sheldon said as he rubbed his arm, remembering where his sister usually hit him. “Aw, poor Cuddles.” Amy said as she placed her hand on his arm. “It would be nice to meet your sister. I would get to hear stories of you as a child.” She added, “You’ll get a lot of those from her and Junior, and I will make sure that you will never meet them until…” He trailed off, he didn’t want her to know that he was thinking of marriage, she wouldn’t stop asking him about that if she knew. “Until?” She asked, “Uh.. until… Until they visit. Which won’t happen soon, but I think you’ll know all about my childhood before they tell you anything.” He said, “Okay? Are you ready to go? I think we got everything we need.” She said, looking curiously at him, “Yes. Let’s go.” He said as they fell in line for the counters and paid for their purchases and Sheldon carried the groceries to her car. “You drive.” Amy said, handing him the keys to her car and getting in the passenger seat. Sheldon’s eyes widened as she handed her the keys. “What?” He said as he opened the driver side door, “Are you crazy? I don’t have a driver’s license, and I didn’t bring my student’s license with me” He argued, handing her the keys, “I believe in you, Sheldon, I know you can do this. Its just a few blocks to your apartment. Just relax and get in.” She said as she buckled her seatbelt. “Fine, but if we get in an accident, its all on you.” He said as he entered the car. He put the key in the ignition and started the car. He put the car in reverse and got out of the parking lot, he really knew how to drive. He maneuvered the car with ease.

When they arrived at his apartment, he parked the car and took the key out. “See? Was that so bad?” She asked with a smile plastered across her face, she was proud out him. “Other than the fact that I was scared out of my own skin, I guess it went well.” Sheldon said, his hands were still shaking. Amy took his hands in hers and rubbed them with her thumb, “I’m proud of you, Sheldon.” She said, giving him a warm smile. “Thank you. This proves that you can make me do anything, Vixen.” He said, returning her smile. “You made the wrong choice telling me that, Dr. Cooper.” Amy said, winking at him before she stepped out of the car and Sheldon followed her out, taking the groceries out of the trunk and carrying them. “I thought you already knew.” He said as they made their way to his apartment. “Well, I didn’t. Thank you for sharing that information with me, Dr. Cooper. I might experiment with that a little.” She said teasingly. “Don’t push it.” He replied firmly. “Oh, I won’t,” she said, “Yet.” She whispered under her breath.

When they got to his apartment, he placed the groceries on the kitchen island and pulled Amy towards his bedroom. “Where are we going?” She asked, hesitantly following him. “You. Me. Nap. Now.” He said as he opened his bedroom door for her. “We haven’t eaten lunch yet, and its almost two.” She argued. “I don’t care. I’m tired!” Sheldon whined childishly. “Fine.” She groaned as she entered his room. “Thanks, Love.” He said, “Is that your pet name for me now?” She smirked, “It is. Is that an acceptable pet name?” He asked, “It is. Is Cuddles an acceptable pet name?” She asked, “Its fine, but don’t let Penny and the others call me that. Only you.” He said. “Only me.” Amy repeated, as Sheldon pulled her to bed. She got in and snuggled up next to him, feeling his warmth. He placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.

“You’re so soft and cuddly.” Sheldon said sleepily as he squeezed her gently. “Like a koala?” She asked, smiling. “Exactly like a koala. You’re like my own little koala.” He said, squeezing her more and burying his face in his hair. Amy laughed, he loved when she laughed. Its like music to his ears, the perfect melody. “I love the way you laugh.” He said dreamily as he stared into her green orbs. “I love your eyes.” He added. “I love your lips.” He said before kissing her sweetly. “I love you.” He said as he yawned. “And nothing can, and will, change that.” He finally said before relaxing into his pillow and drifted off to sleep. Amy was blushing and smiling uncontrollably, this was one of the most romantic and cutest things that Sheldon said to her. “I love you too.” She whispered, kissing his jawline before drifting off herself.

After a few hours, Sheldon woke up, Amy was still curled up at his side. He kissed her cheek before getting up and quietly walking out of his bedroom. He decided to start with the baking to surprise Amy when she woke up. He unpacked the groceries and took out the materials needed. He spread them across the kitchen island and started mixing them. Soon, Amy woke up. She opened her eyes to an empty room. She stood up and stretched her arms up before exiting the room, making her way to the living room. She saw Sheldon holding the bowl close to his chest, mixing. “Hey sleepy head. I already started.” He said setting the bowl on the kitchen island, grabbing his tea and taking a sip. “Would you like some tea?” He asked as he pulled out his tea box. “Yes. Red Zinger, please.” She said as she sat on Sheldon’s spot. She was allowed to sit there, with Sheldon’s permission of course, and as long as they were the only ones in the room. She knew that if the guys knew that he is letting her sit in his spot, they would try to sit in it too. Sheldon brought the tea to her and kissed her on the forehead. “You’re being awfully sweet, Sheldon.” She said softly, “What? I can’t be awfully sweet to the woman I love?” He asked as he pulled her up, sat down on his spot and made her sit on his lap. “You can. I’m still surprised that its okay for you to let me sit in your spot.” She said before taking a sip of her tea. “It has been almost a month now, I told you its fine. Especially when you sit here with me.” He said making her smile from ear to ear, “Come on, let’s bake the cupcakes.” Amy said standing up from Sheldon’s lap and made her way to the kitchen. “I have already mixed the batter.” He said following her. “Okay, I’ll just pour them into the tray.” She said, picking up the bowl and started pouring into the cupcake tray. After she did, she put the batch in the oven and waited for them to bake.

Sheldon was standing beside her by the stools. He took a handful of flour and sprinkled them over her and ran behind the couch. “Sheldon!” She screamed scooping the left over batter with a spoon and walking over to him and stopping a few feet away. “Don’t you dare, Amy.” He warned, she threw the batter and it hit him on his cheek, making Amy laugh. “Oh, game on, Dr. Fowler.” He said slowly walking towards her, Amy’s smile disappeared and she ran to the kitchen. She managed to get an egg, “Don’t make me throw this at you.” She threatened as she waked away slowly. He grabbed a bottle of whip cream and scooped more cupcake batter in his hands, she threw the egg at him but he dodged it, making it hit the fridge. “Nice try, little Vixen.” He laughed as he launched the batter in his hands at her and hitting her skirt. He chased her around the apartment and continued to throw stuff at each other. Amy hit him square in the chest with more batter and he threw more flour over her.

While he was chasing her, the door of his apartment opened. The whole gang was out there, they were ready to eat the cupcakes they had made for them. Sheldon and Amy still kept running around the apartment, not noticing the whole gang by the door. Suddenly, Sheldon caught up with Amy and pinned her against the wall of the hall leading to their bedrooms. He held both of her hands above her with one hand and held the bottle of whip cream in the other. The gang was still watching them play around. “Give up yet?” Sheldon ginned devilishly at her. “Never.” She said squinting at him and smiling. “Are you sure?” He asked as he shook the bottle and put some whip cream on her nose. “Yes.” She said, he kissed her nose, eating the whip cream and threw the bottle aside. “Last chance or I will tickle you. Say it, say I won.” He said, now using both of his hands to restrain her. She shook her head and smirked at him, challenging him. “If you insist.” He said before releasing her hands, and started tickling her sides. She laughed, “Sheldon, stop.” She pleaded in between laughs. “Yeah, Sheldon. Stop.” Penny said from the door, smiling widely at them, they all were. Sheldon and Amy were both shocked that they were all by the door, and both blushed deep red in embarrassment. “How long have you guys been standing there?” Sheldon asked, “Oh, long enough. How’s the baking going?” Penny replied, “Its going good.” Amy said, “Yeah, we can see that.” Leonard smiled as he entered, followed by everyone else. “This isn’t over.” Sheldon whispered to Amy as he kissed her cheek, he picked up the bottle of whip cream and made his way to the kitchen, Amy followed behind.

A few more minutes later, the oven dinged, signaling that the cupcakes were ready. Amy put on her mitts and took the cupcake out of the oven, Sheldon helped her remove the cupcakes from the tray. They added the frosting and handed them to their friends. They all sat down by the couch and started to eat the cupcakes, leaving Sheldon and Amy in the kitchen to clean up. “These taste great. Good job, Amy.” Raj commented while chewing. “Oh, I didn’t make them, Sheldon did. I just made the mess.” Amy said as she pointed around the apartment. Their eyes were all wide, “Sheldon made these?” Penny asked, not believing what she just heard. “Yes, I did. Why are you all so shocked? You all know I excel at everything.” Sheldon said, wiping the egg from the fridge. Their friends rolled their eyes but they still couldn’t believe that Sheldon bake these. “You go relax, Love. I’ll finish up here.” Sheldon said giving Amy a kiss on her temple. His voice was loud enough for everyone to hear, and their mouths dropped open by hearing what he called Amy. They weren’t used to seeing him being so sweet to her, they didn’t even know that he acted like that around her. Amy made her way to the couch and sat in Sheldon’s spot, she relaxed herself there and closed her eyes. “Amy, what are you doing?” Leonard whispered over to her. “Resting.” She said questioningly without opening her eyes. They were all looking at her curiously, they knew that no one was allowed in Sheldon’s spot, not even Amy. They were also looking at Sheldon, who didn’t care that Amy was sitting in his spot.

Sheldon walked over behind the couch and stood behind Amy, leaning in to her. “I’m just going to take a quick shower, okay? Here’s your cupcake.” Sheldon said nonchalantly as he handed her the cupcake and kissed her forehead before disappearing into the hall. Their friends were all looking at her, all with wide eyes and mouth opened. “What?” Amy asked as she bit into the cupcake. “You’re in Sheldon’s spot, and he saw you in his spot. He didn’t even say anything about it, he didn’t made you move, he didn’t give you a strike, he even gave you a cupcake.” Howard said with disbelief in his voice, analyzing the situation, “Well, I didn’t have anywhere else to sit and he wasn’t using it.” She explained, continuing to eat her cupcake. “What do you guys do at the mall?” Amy asked Penny, trying to avert their attention. “Oh, well, I shopped a little. I bought this cute top from Forever 21.” Penny answered, “What about you, how was your date with Dr. Wackadoodle?” Penny asked, reverting the attention back to her. “We went to the zoo, ate some ice cream and took some pictures. Then we headed back here to bake the cupcakes.” Amy said, finishing off her cupcake. “You took pictures with Sheldon?” Howard asked, Amy nodded, “With him smiling?” He asked again, she nodded once more. “Am I dreaming?” Howard asked his wife, “I don’t think so.” Bernadette answered. “Amy, what did you do to Sheldon?” Leonard asked, “I didn’t do anything.” She replied.

Sheldon entered the living room with his hair a little wet. “Amy, do you want to change? I have some of your clothes here, its on my bed.” Sheldon asked, Amy nodded and made her way to his bedroom as Sheldon sat down in his spot. He knew he was going to be questioned about what he and Amy were doing before they entered the apartment. “Who are you and what have you done with Sheldon?” Howard asked, “What do you mean?” Sheldon asked him, looking at him curiously. “You let Amy sit on your spot.” Howard said, “Your very spot that no one else can sit on.” Penny added. Sheldon rolled his eyes and sighed, “She didn’t have anywhere else to sit and I wasn’t using it.” He explained, repeating what Amy said. “So if there was no more place, and you weren’t sitting in your spot, can one of us sit in it?” Leonard asked. “No.” Sheldon answered immediately and firmly. “Why not?” Penny asked. “Because you’re not Amy, and I’m not in love with you.” Sheldon yelled in frustration, he didn’t realize what he said. This was the first time he announced that he loved her to the group but he had already said it to her. “Stop yelling, Sheldon.” Amy said calmly as she entered the room, “Sorry.” Sheldon muttered, “Oh, and I love you too.” Amy smiled as she sat on the stool by the kitchen island. “Why are you sitting there? Come here.” Sheldon ordered, “But I don’t have a place to sit.” Amy countered. “You can sit on my lap, and bring me a cupcake.” Sheldon insisted. “I’m fine here. Anyone else want cupcakes?” Amy asked. “Ooh, me.” Penny said, “Me too.” Howard followed and so did Raj.

Amy decided to bring the whole tray to them, she placed it on the coffee table and walked back to the kitchen. “Amy!” Sheldon called, making her sigh and turn around. “Alright. Alright.” She said in defeat, she took a bottle of water from the fridge and walked over to him. “Clingy.” Amy muttered under her breath before sitting on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, “Hey, you were the one who wanted physical contact.” Sheldon said stoking her arms. “Oh yeah? Well… you liked it.” Amy replied in defeat. “Oh, I do. Can you pass me a cupcake, please?” Sheldon said, Amy rolled her eyes as she took a cupcake from the table. She peeled they wrapper off one side and brought it near Sheldon’s mouth. He was about to take a bite when Amy pulled it away from his mouth, then she started laughing. “Amy!” Sheldon scolded, making her laugh even more. “Amy, I’m hungry, we didn’t get to eat lunch. Please?” Sheldon pleaded, “Fine, I’m sorry.” Amy said as she brought it near his moth again, when he was about to bite, Amy brought it away from him again and bit from it. She laughed again, the rest of their friends smiled at how cute they looked. “Please, Love?” He said sadly, “Okay, okay. I’m sorry.” Amy said as she kissed his cheek and brought it near his mouth again. Sheldon took a bite at the same spot where Amy did, making their friends’ eyes open wide again. “Did you guys just share food?” Leonard asked, not believing what they were seeing. “Yes, so what?” Sheldon asked, looking at them questioningly. “I touched one of your onion rings once and you threw them all away.” Penny said, “She took a bite of your cupcake and you still ate it.” Penny continued. Sheldon sighed, holding Amy tighter. “Again, because Amy is my girlfriend and I love her. We have kissed before, and yes on the lips,” Sheldon said looking at Raj and Howard, “And I threw away all those onion rings because I didn’t know where your Nebraskan hands have been before you touched my food so I had to throw them away.” Sheldon explained before taking another bite of his cupcake. “You could have given them to me.” Penny muttered.

“Wait, you’re telling me that you have kissed Amy?” Howard asked to clarify, “Yes.” Sheldon replied, “On the lips.” Howard continued, “Yes. On Valentines day of 2014, we were on that train and up until now.” Sheldon said, “I don’t think they wanted to know that.” Amy whispered. “Well, he kept asking.” Sheldon defended before taking another bite. “Where were we when that happened?” Howard asked again, “You and Bernadette went to the car with the glass ceiling.” Amy answered. “Weren’t you guys fighting?” Howard asked, “We were, he kissed me because he was mad at me.” Amy explained, “But you liked it and so did I.” Sheldon added. “I can’t believe we missed their first kiss.” Howard said looking at his wife.

“That wasn’t our first kiss.” Sheldon said, “Yeah, I was there when that happened.” Penny said. “Actually, Penny, that wasn’t our first kiss too.” Sheldon said. “What? When did you guys kiss?” Penny screamed in shock. “Uhh..” Amy muttered, she was blushing from embarrassment. “I don’t think I should tell you.” Sheldon said, noticing that Amy was feeling embarrassed. “Its fine, she’ll get it out of me soon.” Amy said in a low voice. “Alright. It was the night that I joined girls’ night. You were eating Greek food so I joined them. It was late so I decided to assist Amy to her apartment so she would be safe. We were sitting on her couch then she kissed me.” Sheldon said before finishing off the rest of the cupcake, “It was a drunk kiss?” Bernadette asked, Amy nodded, her face was deep red. Leonard left to get them all dinner since it was pretty late.

“Wait, when was the time Penny saw you kiss?” Bernadette asked, “Uh.. Sheldon?” Penny said, Sheldon looked at Amy, asking her permission to tell the story. Amy nodded. “Well, she was mad at me. I gave her a tiara, then she kissed me.” Sheldon said. “You gave her a tiara?” Raj squealed, “How much did it cost?” he asked. “I’d rather not say.” Sheldon said. “The stones on that tiara was fake, right?” Amy asked Sheldon softly. “What? Of course not. Why would I buy a fake tiara?” Sheldon answered. “Oh my God, the tiara was real? How much did that cost you?” Amy asked, shocked. “I’m not going to tell you, and Penny doesn’t know so don’t bother asking her.” Sheldon said. “Sheldon, why did you have to buy that? I know that costs a lot.” Amy asked, “I don’t care about money, Amy. I would give up all my money just to see you smile. You know that.” Sheldon said, touching her cheek. “I know, but I just feel guilty. I know that tiara costs a lot, you could have just used that money to buy something for yourself.” Amy said. “Amy, my happiness is not as important as yours. You first before anything else.” Sheldon said, rubbing his thumb across his cheek. “Aw, that’s so sweet, Sheldon.” Penny said, “Who knew Sheldon was so romantic.” Bernadette said to her husband. Raj looked at them like they were starring in a romantic movie and sighed happily. Leonard arrived with pizza in hand and smiled, Amy was still on his lap, making Leonard realize how Sheldon has grown over the years.

Sheldon leaned in, removing all space between them and kissed Amy on the lips, it was sweet and passionate. All of their friends had their eyes wide open, and their jaws were hanging open too. They had never seen Sheldon and Amy kiss like that, not even Penny. They both smiled at each other as they pulled apart. “I love you so much, and don’t you ever forget it.” Sheldon said as he kissed her cheek. “I love you too.” She said as she rested her head on his shoulder. “I can’t believe we just saw a Shamy kiss.” Howard said to Raj and Bernadette. “Well, believe it.” Sheldon told Howard. “Amy, you do realize that you own Sheldon’s ass, right?” Penny asked with a smile on her face. “I do, and I plan to have fun with it.” Amy said slyly, resting her hand on his chest, making Sheldon glare at her. “Oh, come on, Cuddles. Don’t do that.” Amy teased as she touched his cheek. “You’re lucky I love you.” Sheldon said holding her tighter. “I know I am.” She replied kissing his cheek. They all started to eat the pizza.

“So, Cuddles, huh?” Penny asked teasingly before taking a bite of her pizza. “Amy.” Sheldon said with a hint of anger in his voice. “Oh, right. Only I get to call Sheldon that. He doesn’t like it when other people do it.” Amy explained before biting her own pizza. “Well, I guess I’ll stick to calling you Shelly or Moonpie.” Penny teased again. “Amy.” Sheldon said angrily. “Only me and Sheldon’s family can call him that.” Amy explained again. “Yes, Mrs. Cooper.” Penny teased once again, making Sheldon glare at her. “That’s Dr. Cooper.” Sheldon corrected, looking at Amy and smiled, his anger had disappeared. Amy looked at him, a little shocked but she smiled back. “Dr. Cooper, huh? I guess I can get used to that.” Amy said kissing his cheek. “Aw, Dr. and Dr. Cooper.” Bernadette said. “Its better than Mr. and Dr. Wolowitz.” Bernadette muttered, “Oh, Bernie. I love you too.” Howard said making Bernadette roll her eyes at him.

After a while, their friends started to leave, Amy took their lead and started getting ready to leave too. “Where are you going?” Sheldon asked, “Home?” Amy replied. “Aren’t you going to stay the night?” Sheldon asked, grabbing her hand. “It depends, do you want me to?” She asked, “Yes. We can play hooky tomorrow.” Sheldon suggested. “Are you sure? Its not like you to bail on work.” Amy asked. “Yes, we could stay in the whole day since we did so much earlier.” He said, “Can I borrow some pajamas again?” She asked. “Yes.” He answered, “Now come on, let’s go to bed.” Sheldon said pulling her towards his bedroom. “But its not your bedtime yet.” Amy said. “Cuddling, my dear.” He said opening the door for her. “Can I change first?” She asked, “Fine.” He groaned as he gave her his pajamas to wear for the night. “I’ll be right back.” She said before going into the bathroom. Sheldon changed in his room, when she got back, he pulled her into bed and cuddled with her. “Sheldon, can I ask you something?” Amy asked, “Sure.” He replied, “Is it really okay for me to call you Shelly or Moonpie?” She asked. “Yes. You can call me anything you want, as long as only you can call me that.” Sheldon said. “I think the name ‘Shelly’ is cute.” She said, starting to feel sleepy. “Well, I am cute.” He said boldly. “You are, aren’t you?” She said sleepily. “You can call my anything you want too.” She offered. “I like calling you 'Amy’. Its the most beautiful name.” He said kissing her temple. “Thank you for today, Sheldon. This is the happiest day of my life. Thank you for taking me to the zoo, eating ice cream with me, playing around with me, and baking for me, and I can’t believe we kissed in front of our friends.” Amy said, “Well, they asked for it, somehow, and Howard kept asking questions.” He explained, stroking her hair. “He did ask a lot of questions. But, thank you, Sheldon. Really.” She said, “You don’t have to thank me, Love. It was a pleasure doing it, I get to make my woman happy, and I still have the rest of my life to continue doing that. Don’t you agree, Dr. Cooper?” Sheldon asked boldly, and raised one of his eyebrows and smiled. Amy laughed and blushed deep red. “I like the sound of that.” Amy admitted. “Thank you again, Shelly.” She added. “You’re welcome, Love. And I’m sorry we didn’t get to eat lunch. I was really tired earlier.” He said. “Its fine. I’m sorry you had to miss it, though. I know you’re tight about your schedule.” She said, “Its quite alright.” He reassured, “As long as I get to see you happy.” He said as he kissed her temple. “I really am lucky to have you.” She said before she yawned. “No, I’m the lucky one.” He whispered as he nuzzled his face in her neck. “Good night, Sheldon.” She said before drifting off to sleep. “Good night, Love.” He said kissing her temple once more before drifting off to slumber.

It was late at night, and Amelia had been trying to sleep for hours, unsuccessfully. She eventually let out a loud sigh and pulled her phone off the bedside table and flicked a text to her boyfriend, hoping he was still awake, or not at work.

I can’t sleep, come cuddle me?

Amelia waited half an hour and then heard the quiet knock on her front door, and snuck downstairs to open it. She was wearing a pair of Thomas’ sweatpants and his hoodie, both items she’d borrowed after staying at his house, but wasn’t ready to give back to him yet. She opened the door and smiled wide at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly. “I’m so tired, but i can’t sleep.” She said softly as she shut the front door, both of them inside. 

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I know this is the biggest night of your life...but real talk. did you srsly make yourself smaller so she could cuddle you? because it TOTALLY looks like that in your pic! brilliant, Root would be proud.

AHHHH It WAS the biggest night for reals. she is everything and then some. I told her how much we love her and she kept blushing ehehe 

dUDE LMAO LMAO I really didn’t. it’s a great idea :P but i’m just.. that tiny ehehe 

the hug story tho is that I wrapped one arm around her and she did the same then I was like ‘can I hug you?’ and she gives me the hugest smile and SHE hugs me first. HOW AM I STILLL ALIVE???? 

I was just thinking about the photos that Sam gives back to Dean that make him recall his humanity–the ones of him and Sam with his mom. And that one of Mary holding him.

I have no photos like that of me with my mom. Or dad. 

Not one.

As a baby, toddler, little kid… nothing like that. Not a single,solitary photo of my mom or dad holding me or snuggling me.

I have no memory of my mother holding me. Ever. She never cuddled up with me on the couch. 

And my dad? There are no memories of any sort of physical contact with him that weren’t…fraught. Making contact with his body in any way was like touching something radioactive. Dangerous, and bad for you.

And of course, all four grandparents died before I was five years old, so I have no memory of any of them at all.

I know my mom and dad both loved me. I was their favorite, and I always felt that love and approval, pride, and just plain liking my company. Just…not cuddling, or hugging, or being held.

Not ever.

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Send me ‘cuddle’ for my muses reaction to yours suddenly sitting next to them and wrapping both of them in a blanket.

It was a cold night for a football game, and Cheryl was freezing in the stands.  “Thank you, baby,” she said to Rusty, who was wrapping a blanket around them both.  “How do you always think of just what I need?”  She pulled the blanket tightly so they were wrapped in a blanket burrito under the stadium lights.  “I love you,” she purred, giving him a little kiss

I keep getting upset that im not pregnant yet but then i have nights where quinn just blows me away with how much love and cuddles she wants. So i feel content with my situation.

And now codys cousin just had their baby. They have been trying for so long and i couldnt be happier for them and its giving me such bad baby fever.

Life ain’t going easy to be honest it just proves harder and harder to show myself well and hide the pain starts to be impossible after all this only seems worth if no one can really notice the way i feel mean while in a paralel story boo showed once again that she represents a crutial role on my anti-collapsing system, aparently she’s one of the fews that will never give up on me or either hurt me it happens that she’s the first gf that really makes me feel like this why? She is the first one who doesn’t want me only to the purpose of locking me in a room and make a B.D.S.M session all night long and yes this is my most raw state of mind i can’t go more honest than this, now u ask… “ bro your 16 who doesn’t like that ?” I never told that i didn’t liked a good cuddling evening or wtv but i don’t only need that now i need waaaay more than just a girl to cuddle i need a girl that hugs me just because i’m not smilling a girl that always make sure that if im fine or not a girl who knows all my secrets and feels confortable to tell me her’s that crazy ass chocolate does all of this and even more SHE EVEN HAS A DETERMINED LAP SITTING POSITION JUST TO DON’T HURT MY LONG TIME LOST KNEE AND MY HIP WHO MOVED TO ANGOLA SHE ASKS WICH IS THE INJURED SIDE MAN LIKE WHO THE FUCK DO THIS? Only her you know why ?

1- only her sits on my lap

2- even if i allowed other girls to sit only her cares abt me sooooooooo much

We reach aswell the insanity of she looks at my eyes and asks “ are you fine?” And i convictly say yes lying to her only to don’t get her worried and she just says “ for me it’s pretty obvious that you aren’t fine…” Dude no one ever was able to know that i was lying about this only her….

That’s why i have to thank her so much to be who she is and to be my evryday reason of not collapsing, she’s my biggest strenght and my biggest weakness and i will always protect her with all i have i promise you guys and her that

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During a harsh winter when they were in boot camp, Eren and Historia were on a training exercise when it became too cold to keep going. Historia complained that she couldn't feel her toes and Eren knew if he didn't find any warmth for her, she would die of frostbite. He was able to keep her warm for the night by lighting a fire, giving her his jacket, and cuddling up with her.

Celebrated my nephew’s first birthday today. Saw my huge family and hung out with some that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Cory’s grandma gave me tons of hugs and kisses, called me baby girl and fills me up with soooo much love it’s awesome. Cory’s dad cuddled and hugged on me. I made friends with a little girl I hadn’t seen in months. Saw my son play with “big boys” today and how happy he was. Saw my nephew give me the biggest and cutest smile ever while covered in blue frosting. After the celebration, had coffee with mom. She ended up taking the kids for the night. Went and ran errands/adventures. Got 46 skeins of yarn all different colors and sizes. Came home made shredded pork quesadillas that ended up tasting like jimboys! Now I have allergy mess in my system and am watching Netflix and I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Sale is being extended, get your orders in next week! #me #personal

Why Pets?!

Pets; some times we walk around this crazy world feeling nothing but judgment, hate, and segregation. It’s days like these in which we feel hopeless and alone…even though with todays technology allowing us to call, text, and video with friends and family that are hundreds of miles away, we still feel a lack of connection. With my personal experiences involving depression and anxiety, having a pet truly made a difference. Having a pet during difficult times helps to give you a steady purpose throughout your day to day lives. My cat, even though she can be a pain in my ass, gives me someone to come home to every night, someone to cuddle with when I’m watching a movie, and someone to vent about the stupid ass driver that just about ran into you. If you’re having a hard time or are feeling a little lonely, think about getting a pet, anything will do♥


The Perfectly Imperfect We♥

Honestly I’m desirable as fuck. I don’t get it but whatever. She “needs” you. So go ahead and fuck her up more by giving her false hope that your going to take her back. Cuddle on the couch with her every night your not with me. I don’t care anymore. It’s not my problem. You were never even mine to be mad about.

She’s my best friend because she tells me I’m silly when I am being a idiot.

She’s my best friend because she stays out until 4am every night with me to consume our body weight in tequila.

She’s my best friend because all she wants is to protect me and to make sure I am happy.

I need her in my life because without her who is going to stop me falling off the chair or give me cuddles when times are hard.

Last night...

Started with a session cuddling and looking at recent tumblr posts - we love to give each other ideas and share our secret desires. Then I suggested a massage as I’d been wanting to rub oil on my wife’s chest stomach thighs and everywhere else for some time - giving her this kind of slow sensual pleasure makes me so hard.

Not long and she began reaching to remove my shorts and pull out my hard cock - she can be so sensual with her mouth and fingers as she slid my shaft along her wet lips.

As I felt her pussy swell and get hotter under my touch - I poured more oil on my hands and let it drip into her round cheeks so I could add some tantalizing pressure to her beautiful rosebud of an ass. I finally had to taste her - so hot and juicy; I love to start with big wide licks on her outer lips and then work my way slowly into her folds.

When I moved around between her legs she grasped my cock and rubbed it all along her pussy but soon placed the head at the entrance of her ass and motioned me to push - just a little. My cock swelled even more and squeezed inside her tight hole - she gripped me hotly with her ass and moaned into another level of pleasure.

Things got more urgent then and our fucking was fast and urgent. She rolled onto her side and pulled her top leg up to show me her dripping pussy - I love this position when I can hold her plump ass and push deep against her thighs while holding her by the ankle - so hot. She reached her hand down to feel my cock pounding her pussy and I almost came. But really wanted to flip her over so I could shoot my load all over her stomach.

As usual we finished in a sweaty heap and held each other tenderly as we caught our breath.

Big chaotic moment of the night was getting a tick of of the Little Black Monster. She puked earlier so mom and I have been giving her some cuddles and we felt it.

Puppy got excited to have some lavender oil rubbed on her. (Nearly knocked me over to nab the bottle.) But thankfully it relaxed her enough that we got the tick. Came out with a chunk of her skin so she’s extra snuggly right now.


*Soon enough people start to leave and and my sister helps you clean the house before she says goodbye, the only person left at my place was your mom*-Bethanie


*He pulls away and looks at you with a smirk on his face* Now cuddle with me for the night. Please?-Louis

*sitting with her in the kitchen once he’s done cleaning everything up, talking to her, showing her pictures of the ultrasound photos, so excited as he speaks, talking about what he thinks she’s going to look like* -Harry


*nods* God, yes. *I giggle and lay down, climbing under the blankets, instantly wrapping him up in my arms as soon as he lays down, snuggling against him* Thank you for giving me a second chance, Louis…

If it wasn’t for my dog I would probably kill myself. Things have just been getting worse and worse, I honestly don’t see anything getting better anytime soon. Everyone has cut me off, most of my family has disowned me. When I go out and try to make new friends I get called a freak and am treated poorly, or I’m just plain out ignored. I tried talking to someone about it but they were too drunk to care and kept replying with “:/”. Or maybe they realized I’m a burden like everyone else has.

I don’t feel important. I don’t feel loved. I don’t feel wanted. I can’t make/keep friends. My mother tells me I’m a burden and how I shouldn’t have been born at least once a week. The only living creature on this planet who gives a damn about me is my dog, and she won’t cuddle me anymore, probably because I’ve been crying almost every night for the past three weeks. On top of that, I can’t get a job anywhere. If I could just get a job I would feel somewhat better.

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Come home with me, please I missed you and I want to cuddle *I chuckle for no reason laughing more when you stumble a little and from the outside we looked like giggling idiots but my cheeks hurt from laughing int with you for most of the night*-H

Yeah, okay. *I grin and nod turning to tell my sister that I’d see her tomorrow and she gives me a warning look but I ignore it and we begin to walk to your place, stumbling and laughing the whole way there*

This is Alexa. For one whole night I charmed her by calling her “the girl with the dragon tattoo”, because she has a dragon tattooed on her upper thigh.
I give her props because she was super nice to me upon meeting me and made me feel like I was someone important.
She cuddled up to me after I drove her and my friends home, and it was really cozy and peaceful after a wild night. Literally one of the kindest souls I have ever encountered, I do hope to see this girl again one day.