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Do you have any suggestions on how to distract from a painful break up? I was in a toxic relationship from the start but I loved her with everything i could ever have. Now she doesn't want anything to do with me and no matter how hard I remind myself of how much I gave up for her, all I wish for is for her head to be cuddled into my shoulder again :(

Awh, honey I understand :( I can give you tips on how to be distracted, but that won’t stop the hurt during times where you can’t possibly be distracted, like at night. The only way for it to not hurt would be time, as cliche as that sounds. It takes time to heal wounds like that, even if you do know that it was toxic and it’s better for you to be out of it. You’re missing the good parts, which is very common. You just have to remember the horrible parts.

So some distractions would be:

  • Find a hobby you love and spend time doing that hobby, preferably with a group of other people who also have that same hobby.
  • Exercise. It’s healthy and helps your body deal with stress and gets your happy endorphins going :)
  • Read a good book that doesn’t have anything to do with romance.
  • Take a road trip if you have time. Somewhere fun with friends.
  • Focus on your job or school

Good luck <3

Dying from the hilariy

Aaron is attempting to sleep train Phoebe, in the room she shares with Patrick, the night before he goes out of town for 3 days. Like I’m going to do this alone while he is gone?

He cracks me up…he is trying SO hard to give us some husband/wife time to cuddle on the couch at night (since Phoebe is a HUGE night owl) and all I can do is laugh…she’s the most stubborn baby ever and Patrick is giggling and running around the room because Phoebe never goes to sleep when he does and he’s wired.

What a huge mess and I’m down here munching on an apple, contemplating baking something at 10 a night and generally preparing myself for a long night and “back to normal” tomorrow when he goes out of town.

Crazy man.

She is an idea.

She is my whole life. She’s what helps me wake up in the morning, and she’s 100% of the reason I stay awake at night. But why? Why is It when I close my eyes she’s all I see. 

 You see when I’m in class I draw her name, and mine, my hand is hers, and so is my mind. I can’t live with without her. But what does she give me? She gives me harm, and she rids me of the ability to have a conversation with someone other than my best friends.

 She ruins my mind in more ways than I can count in this lifetime. She catches me in the midst of what I need. She does not cuddle me after a long night with her. She leaves me there after her quick satisfaction. I am lost in her and I will never escape her, trust me, I’ve tried. 

 I’ve tried to forget her. I’ve tried hard at that than I have with anyone else in my life. Other people don’t see her the way I do, I swear she’s déjà vu. In my mind she’s a goddess. In her mind I’m nothing.

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“Hush, go back to sleep.”

Send me “Hush, go back to sleep.” for my character to fall asleep in your characters arms.

Sigrid hadn’t intended to fall asleep, she’d intended on only staying until Fili fell asleep, then she’d intended on slipping out and going back to her own rooms for the remainder of the night.  But she must have fallen asleep, because the fire had nearly died out when she opened her eyes.  She wasn’t sure what woke her, perhaps it had been the log cracking in the flames, or perhaps it had been Fili shifting beneath her.  

She raised her head from where it had been resting on his chest to see if he was awake, and saw his eyes still open, watching the dying fire.  “I should go,” she realized, still half asleep. 

But his arms didn’t move from where they were wrapped around her, nor did Sigrid move to get up, or to pull her arm from where it was draped across him.  

“Hush, go back to sleep.” 

Even if she perhaps should have left, but she did not, just laid her head back on his chest, snuggling a little closer to him, giving a little nod as she let her eyes close again. “You should sleep, too…” she murmured as she drifted back to sleep. 

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i just want a cute girlfriend to give me lil kisses on the face and we’ll hold hands and take walks in the woods while sharing a joint and ill point out all the pretty flowers and and she’ll roll her eyes because ill have to pick one of every pretty flower we see so i can press it into my journal and then at night we’ll bring a bunch of blankets into the old equestrian field and cuddle under the lack of stars until we fall asleep and wake up to the sunshine and share a cigarette and then we’ll go to brunch and ill make a sad face at her when theres no bagels because theres never any bagels left these days and then we’ll share another cigarette on stimmy bench after we finish eating and ill squeeze her hand every time she sneezes and blush and bless her and then kiss her cute nose and tell her how cute she is and she’ll tell me to quit being a gay nerd and ill say never because i am a gay nerd

im going 2 far with this imagined scenario with a person that doesnt exist


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Thank you to all the people who support us and give us their blessing. Please come to our wedding when she finally admits that she loves me and want to marry me so she can see me every day. We'll cuddle every night and have lots of precious and adorable babies. Thank you, everyone! Mwah!! ~Chanyeollie

…….i dont want to have your children

Last night I got some serious kitty cuddles. I was laying on the couch when she jumped up onto my stomach. I started petting her and she laid down with her head on my shoulder/leaning against the side of my face. She was so comfortable using me as a pillow, purring up a storm and giving serious head cuddles (pushing her head into my face). She NEVER does this anymore! She did years and years ago, but never like this. It was great! 😻 #cats #catsofig #catsofinstagram #nessthemonster

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What would you do if quinn died tonight?

Depends. Did someone kill her? Is she already dead or do I have time to say goodbye and stuff? Cause I mean if it was like a freak accident out of nowhere I’d be kinda pissed at the world, but if some axe murderer took her out I’d go all vigliante on his ass. If I knew ahead of time we’d just have to make the most of it I guess. I’d steal her away from her sisters cause they got her for two whole decades and them some, they can give me the last night. We’d cuddle til she bit the dust in my arms, that’s romantic as hell.

rules: post and tag 10 people you want to know better

I got tagged by the lovely Light-Sensei! Thanks for tagging me, it’s an honour that you want to get to know me better~

Name: Tiffany
Nickname: Tiffoes, Tiff, Tiff-chan
Birthday: August 12th
Star sign: Leo 

Gender: Female

Height: 5′4 or 165cm
Time and date: April 10th 2015, 14:36
Average hours of sleep per night: Lately I’ve been sleeping ¾ hours per night. I really need to sleep more.
Lucky number: 13
Last thing I googled: Difference between cuddles and hugs.. /)///(\

First word that comes to mind: Peanutbutter
Place that makes you happy: I don’t really care where I am, I just love being with the people I care about.
Favourite fictional character: Probably Lucina, she’s so strong and inspires me to never give up. Because hope will never die!
Favourite tv show: Probably Catfish, the idea is so great and some of the stories are intense. I hardly ever watch tv.

Favourite musician/band: Bruh μ’s of course #LoveLive4Lyf. No but jokes aside, Hey Ocean! is pretty cute. Oh and I love listening to OST’s from games/movies.
Last movie I saw at the theatres: Frozen, so it’s been a year and a half since I’ve been to the movies whoa.
Dream holiday: Going to ColossalCon in the United States, that and going to Japan. I want to go there atleast once!

Dream job: Voice actor, that would be pretty friggin’ cool. I’d really like doing something in the animation industry too, which is why I’m studying in animation.

What I’m wearing right now: Jeans, an Olaf shirt, a long cardigan, shoes with bows on them and fluffy socks.
Last book I read: I guess I read a book for my little sister, before going to sleep. But that doesn’t count does it? If not, last thing I read is probably some manga.

I’d like to tag:


This shithead









Or anyone else that feels like doing this!

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charley :)) x

i know a charley who’s name is spelt exactly like that haha. She’s absolutely lovely and the most amazing swimmer ever and she’s so dedicated as well, she’s always getting up at like 4:30 am for swim training, i could never do that. It was also really brilliant because we dont live in the same country anymore but i was back in feb only for about 5 days and it was her birthday & party and we had the cutest night watching loads of movies and we did the sing along version of high school musical and it was such a good night (plus she has the cutest dog who gives really good cuddles)

send me a name and i will describe someone i know with that name xx


If I had a girlfriend right now,

- I would brush her hair until it’s soft and hope she enjoys it

- I would cuddle her tight and give her the feeling I would never let her go again (in a good way not a ‘I can’t breath please let me go’ way)

-I would tickle her neck until she falls asleep (if she likes so)

- I would cook her favourite meal every time she’s sad or depressed or just need it.

- I would cook for her anyway.

-I would do some crazy things with her and have fun.

- I would play video games and watch TV-shows the whole night with her.

I just would love her in every way I could do it to make her feel comfortable and happy

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send me ❥ for your muse to cuddle up next to mine while asleep on the couch

She sighs,

                          it being vague whether it was out of annoyance or out of being tired herself. Whatever it was, she couldn’t escape the taller male’s grip, for he is far stronger than she is. Michiru doesn’t want to wake him up either, making the problem worse.

                          ‘ … ‘

                          Another sigh she heaved before giving him a peck on the lips. ‘ Alright, I’ll be your teddy bear for the night, okay? ‘ she says as a smile resurfaces.


I lay alone in my bed
Full of bad thoughts and decent liqour
As I feel myself slipping into another black hole of self pity and constant doubt I hear a ring
A small faint ring
The tiny barely audible jingle of the cats colar
And it was on that night I discovered the real reason to have a pet
Tho she may not understand
There was something about the way she looked at me that let me know she was listening
As the tears stop falling and the thoughts are semi-normal I realize I’ve been giving a great cuddle buddy as well
Goodnight little kitten
Goodnight world

It’s so confusing being “just friends” with the person you love. She said she only wants to be friends but the way we cuddled last night shows different. You don’t hold the person you’re in love with like that if you want nothing more. We cuddled like we usually do until we fell asleep. It’s not fair. If she wants nothing more why give me hope? Why make it seem like she misses us? Why ! I don’t know if I can do this. Im running out of string she is pulling me along with.

I knew.

New year’s day. I knew that very day I was going to fall in love with my girlfriend (who wasn’t even mine at the time). After a very drunken night (for me, not her) of random questions, cuddling, and kisses.. That morning, before I left, I was trying to make sure I had all my stuff before I left and I said to her, “I feel like I’m forgetting something” and she looked around for a moment and then replied “I knew something you’re forgetting” and then she did the most adorable hop over to me and said “a kiss” I the cutest voice ever, then proceeded to give me the tiniest but cutest kiss. I knew right then, with my goofy smile, I was gonna fall so hard for this girl. And I have. I’m ridiculously in love with her and I love having the privilege of calling her mine ❤

My little girl and I were cuddling together on the bus last night when she asked me if I thought people ever looked at us and were angry because they didn’t understand what they saw (trans girl and cis girl, obviously a couple, sometimes kissing, often giggly).

I told her that, in my experience, people never understand what they’re seeing and are always angry anyway so I don’t give two fucks.