I want a girlfriend. Not because I want affection or some other artificial reason. But because..

Someone I can spoil with sweet good morning, good night, hell anytime texts. Someone who I can be extremely serious with yet be silly. Someone who I can cook dinner for. Someone who I can come home from a bad day and she just engulfs me in her arms and holds me till I forget what made my day bad. Someone who will stay up late at night talking about our purpose in the world then fall asleep on my chest. Someone to cuddle up to while we watch scary movies because I won’t watch them alone. Someone to just call mine. I just want to give my girl(wherever she is) the whole world and expect nothing but her love in return.

there is one thing that my girls and i love to do and that’s cuddle. throughout the day, the lil’ one will ask me to cuddle and i can never turn down a good snuggle. even before bed, she curls up into my arms and i tell her a story. she gives me three things that i need to include in my story and off we go into a story. after the story, she curls up tightly into a ball while resting on my arm and drifts off. as much as i know that she should be falling asleep on her own, we just aren’t ready to not have our cuddle nights anymore and i’m going to cherish this for as long as possible. and it was during one of these cuddles that i had the thought that i really wanted to capture this. the time where she fit into my arms so perfectly and we told each other stories. so just in time for mother’s day, i finally got out the tripod, remote shutter and we took these pictures. the best thing about these photos is that the lil’ one was in charge of the remote so technically she took most of these.

and these were extra snuggles as i accidentally elbowed her in the head while laying into position, whooops!

and it was during these snuggles that i thought it would be nice to do for this weekend only a mother’s day photo special so for those in the bay area or l.a. peeps (i will be in l.a. for a good portion of june and july and decided that the dates that i can take limited sessions are from june 29-july 9) and have been thinking about a session and would love to do one with me, feel free to head on over to my website: and check out the info tab for the breakdowns :) hope everyone has a beautiful and wonderful weekend enjoying all the snuggles and cuddles!

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YunJae - 'Am I prettier or is she prettier?' thanks <3~

Jaejoong was cuddled on top of Yunho as the five of them watched the movie together.

“Yunho, do you think she’s prettier than me?”

“Of course not baby, no one’s prettier than you,” Yunho said as the other three groaned and someone, sounding suspiciously like Changmin, said, “I told you to not invite them.”

Give me a pairing, an AU setting, and I will write you a three-sentence fic

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Send me ‘cuddle’ for my muses reaction to yours suddenly sitting next to them and wrapping both of them in a blanket.

It was a cold night for a football game, and Cheryl was freezing in the stands.  “Thank you, baby,” she said to Rusty, who was wrapping a blanket around them both.  “How do you always think of just what I need?”  She pulled the blanket tightly so they were wrapped in a blanket burrito under the stadium lights.  “I love you,” she purred, giving him a little kiss

I keep getting upset that im not pregnant yet but then i have nights where quinn just blows me away with how much love and cuddles she wants. So i feel content with my situation.

And now codys cousin just had their baby. They have been trying for so long and i couldnt be happier for them and its giving me such bad baby fever.

God, I miss her so much. Her lips against mine, her hand on my thigh when we drive, cuddled up next to her every night, hearing her call “baby.” Seeing her smile and hearing her laugh. Her telling me stories. Her making fun of me for likin Fords, how protective she is, and God, I could go on and on. I miss her. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Baby, I just want you to know that this will work. I love you. Honestly, I fucking love you and I don’t take that lightly. Just don’t give up.

She’s my best friend because she tells me I’m silly when I am being a idiot.

She’s my best friend because she stays out until 4am every night with me to consume our body weight in tequila.

She’s my best friend because all she wants is to protect me and to make sure I am happy.

I need her in my life because without her who is going to stop me falling off the chair or give me cuddles when times are hard.

Something kind of cute for Mother’s Day...

I’d love to post some of my art for Mother’s Day, but I don’t have a scanner or a program for it, so instead, I’ll just post some of my headcanons about my egg hatching/Fly slave, Volcarona that I brought over from my copy of Black. I like to think of her as having a motherly instinct, or being a maternal figure to the Pokemon I train, and some of my headcanons about her being like this are:

  • When a Pokemon hatches from an egg, the first ones they see are me and Volcarona, so they instantly believe Volcarona and I are their mothers.
  • She plays with them,shares her food and Poke Puffs with them, and lets them cuddle up with her on cold nights.
  • EV Training is hard for newly hatched Pokemon, so whenever they have trouble, she’s more than glad to help them along or give them encouragement.
  •  Arceus help the Pokemon that bully her “children”.

You know, it wasn’t until recently that I started giving her some love in Pokemon-Aime. And just now it made me realize how little we appreciate our mothers until it’s too late. So for those of you who actually take the time to read this, give your mother the time to show you care about her today.

I thought days like today where long in the past but I guess they aren’t.
I’m feeling like a complete and utter failure, that I’m not worthy of anything or anyone in any way shape or form.
I just wish my mum was here so she could give me a big cuddle and tell me everything will be ok, take the pain away even just for a little bit.
But I know this will never happen.
The only way I’m stopping myself from having a complete breakdown tonight is by crying it out and listening to you me at six.
If only I had a bunch of fucking drugs to take me away for the night and forget about everything then maybe just maybe I’d feel better tomorrow.

Anna and I have this daily routine…In the mornings she wakes me up with a kiss and we turn on her cartoons and eat breakfast while cuddling. In the evenings when Gigi and Yaya come home, she greets them at the baby gate joyfully. And at night I tell her it’s time for night night and she says okay and gives Yaya and Gigi a kiss and hug and then I take her up and we watch Disney for a bit with a bed time snack and cuddles and then I tell her it’s time for bed and she turns the TV off and I cover her with a blanket and she grabs my hand. It’s the same thing always. And she loves it. And usually every other weekend Yaya takes her out to eat and play at the park and she perks right up when we say do you want to go outside and go bye-bye and she gets her shoes and her jacket. It’s so precious. She also likes to watch Gigi and Yaya surf through their phone and watch funny animal videos. And when it’s bath day she tries to take her clothes off herself and brings me a clean diaper and squeals yay bubbles! She is so precious.

Celebrated my nephew’s first birthday today. Saw my huge family and hung out with some that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Cory’s grandma gave me tons of hugs and kisses, called me baby girl and fills me up with soooo much love it’s awesome. Cory’s dad cuddled and hugged on me. I made friends with a little girl I hadn’t seen in months. Saw my son play with “big boys” today and how happy he was. Saw my nephew give me the biggest and cutest smile ever while covered in blue frosting. After the celebration, had coffee with mom. She ended up taking the kids for the night. Went and ran errands/adventures. Got 46 skeins of yarn all different colors and sizes. Came home made shredded pork quesadillas that ended up tasting like jimboys! Now I have allergy mess in my system and am watching Netflix and I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Sale is being extended, get your orders in next week! #me #personal

If it wasn’t for my dog I would probably kill myself. Things have just been getting worse and worse, I honestly don’t see anything getting better anytime soon. Everyone has cut me off, most of my family has disowned me. When I go out and try to make new friends I get called a freak and am treated poorly, or I’m just plain out ignored. I tried talking to someone about it but they were too drunk to care and kept replying with “:/”. Or maybe they realized I’m a burden like everyone else has.

I don’t feel important. I don’t feel loved. I don’t feel wanted. I can’t make/keep friends. My mother tells me I’m a burden and how I shouldn’t have been born at least once a week. The only living creature on this planet who gives a damn about me is my dog, and she won’t cuddle me anymore, probably because I’ve been crying almost every night for the past three weeks. On top of that, I can’t get a job anywhere. If I could just get a job I would feel somewhat better.

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                                   send me a symbol!~

♘ - Cuddling in a blanket fort

                                     Maki’s fingers grasped Kageyama’s cream coloured 
                                     sweater, eyes closed as she breathed slowly with him.
                                     They were overtop of blankets, and under them– they
                                     had turned Maki’s living room in to a fort. It was the
                                     first time the raven was to stay over night at her house,
                                     and when Maki proposed the idea of building the fort,
                                     his blue eyes twinkled, giving her a yes.

                                     Now there they were, bodies pulled to each other, both
                                     of them completely silent. Maki’s parents were out; 
                                     and her baby sister was at her older brother’s
                                     apartment.. they were alone. The thought made 
                                     Maki nervous– but so excited at the same time. She
                                     couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.

                                           “We should sleep in here tonight..
                                            Tobio-kun~ I don’t want it to go to

Why Pets?!

Pets; some times we walk around this crazy world feeling nothing but judgment, hate, and segregation. It’s days like these in which we feel hopeless and alone…even though with todays technology allowing us to call, text, and video with friends and family that are hundreds of miles away, we still feel a lack of connection. With my personal experiences involving depression and anxiety, having a pet truly made a difference. Having a pet during difficult times helps to give you a steady purpose throughout your day to day lives. My cat, even though she can be a pain in my ass, gives me someone to come home to every night, someone to cuddle with when I’m watching a movie, and someone to vent about the stupid ass driver that just about ran into you. If you’re having a hard time or are feeling a little lonely, think about getting a pet, anything will do♥


The Perfectly Imperfect We♥

Honestly I’m desirable as fuck. I don’t get it but whatever. She “needs” you. So go ahead and fuck her up more by giving her false hope that your going to take her back. Cuddle on the couch with her every night your not with me. I don’t care anymore. It’s not my problem. You were never even mine to be mad about.

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Come home with me, please I missed you and I want to cuddle *I chuckle for no reason laughing more when you stumble a little and from the outside we looked like giggling idiots but my cheeks hurt from laughing int with you for most of the night*-H

Yeah, okay. *I grin and nod turning to tell my sister that I’d see her tomorrow and she gives me a warning look but I ignore it and we begin to walk to your place, stumbling and laughing the whole way there*

This is Alexa. For one whole night I charmed her by calling her “the girl with the dragon tattoo”, because she has a dragon tattooed on her upper thigh.
I give her props because she was super nice to me upon meeting me and made me feel like I was someone important.
She cuddled up to me after I drove her and my friends home, and it was really cozy and peaceful after a wild night. Literally one of the kindest souls I have ever encountered, I do hope to see this girl again one day.