She doesn’t care.
She doesn’t think about you at night, She doesn’t see your face in a crowded room.
She forgot the color of your eyes, even though she told you she has never seen something that ravishing. She doesn’t talk about you and how bad she misses you. She doesn’t remember what it feels like to kiss your lips.
Oh boy, She doesn’t care about you and you chasing her, only makes your heart ache more.
She doesn’t love you anymore, or she never did.
Let her go..“

-An excerpt from a book I will never write.

loveourtimeisnow  asked:

Hi Sasha, hope you're well. I don't know if you've already discussed this but not only are they giving Zayn a "loves weed, no homo" image, looks like some of the songs may have official narrative bs too. Like for "she don't love me", the lyrics are: "I think I know she don’t love me(That's why I f*ck around...)." I've already seen many people speculating that it's about perrie and the cheater narrative continues. Like mitam, there does seem to be some 1dhq sanctioned narratives for promo.

It does seem like this song will be used for stunt purposes. And this is another reason why 1DHQ made it very clear they want you to believe the album is about Zayn’s Summer of 2015, even though some of the songs clearly don’t fit. This will get Perrie some headlines. When Little Mix goes down in flames, LMHQ (which is also 1DHQ) expects Perrie to be the one to rise from the ashes. She’s clearly the next Cheryl in their eyes. They’ve been setting her up for that for a long time. Godspeed, gurl.

I, I need you
I, I don’t
I question myself all the time, asking what
I don’t know
It’s kinda hard to walk right
When you’re walking on my left
With your high heels on
And your sexy ass dress
I see you talking on your phone, phone
Wish I could get you on your own, own
But I’ve seen you gone over love

Love how this intimates that somehow Perrie was busier than Zayn. I guess he was househusbanding while she was gearing up for Get Weird? LOL Even though he left the tour to be with her, she ain’t have no time? Alrighty. The Zayn Malik, who already put a ring on it. The Zayn Malik, who quit his job for her. The Zayn Malik, who even treats fans with doting attention and kindness. The Zayn Malik, who got money. The Zayn Malik, with that face and that tight little body. She ain’t have time to work on saving the relationship. Her phone was more interesting. 

But what about the romantic getaway (that included Zayn’s fam)?

I mean, she gingerly placed her hand on his thigh and everything! She tried. Oh Zayn, you cad! Give her some credit. LOL

P.S. She’s sexy tho. When the articles pop up (and you know they will), you new Zayn fans should google her. Perhaps listen to her music. You gonna be disappointed tho. I’d believe in the Easter bunny before I’d believe this. They tried it.

Alternative view: This is about fetus Ziam again. Zayn doesn’t wanna ask too many questions. He’s picking his battles. The situation is still developing with Liam. Sure, Liam’s sexy ass is giving attention to someone else, but Zayn will deal: I won’t mind. 

I think I know she don’t love me
That’s why I fuck around
I think I know she don’t love me
That’s why I fuck around

This seems to be an obvious attempt to confirm every Zayn cheating narrative. Blergh.

Alternative view: Did Zayn not spend 100% of his spare time pining? Were there times when he doubted Liam’s love and decided to get on with it elsewhere? We’ll never know, but it doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. Poor conflicted lovestruck baby trying to figure it out. Let me hold you.  ಥ_ಥ

I want you
Your body
I want you
Your body on top of mine

Did we mention Perrie is sexy? 

You may have noticed she sexed up her image a bit, just in time for MOM’s release. 

What a coinky dink.

Alternative view: Has Zayn mentioned Liam is sexy? 

I’d say that’s a yes. 

And as for wanting his body on top of him…

…yes to that one too.

Should we wait ‘til the morning?
See it loud in your eyes
Can’t escape what I’m feeling
Your body on top of mine

Should they wait to fight? Break up? Until Zayn gets it in one more time? It’s over. He can tell. But he will get it in, because Perrie Edwards of Little Mix (on tour now!) is sexy. 

Alternative view: Zayn knows hooking up with Liam at this point in time will be drama. Should he spend the night or slink off back to his own room? Probably gonna spend the night.

You would have held me back and you wouldn’t let me go
You would have told me no, you would have told me yes
Would have stayed the night, then we’d probably have sex
And we know it ain’t right but there’s stuff that comes next

ZAYN, Pillowtalk Remix

Welp. If that doesn’t fit like a puzzle piece.

Like I said, I think this song will be used for Zerrie stuntin’. But I think it also could have originally been written with Liam in mind and then tweaked to better fit the official narrative. Since 1DHQ is still very much so wrapped up in this project, could be.