It’s a really silly thing I’ve made for danisnotonfire - yup, another #headerfordan.
This time I’ve something to say: Dan, we are proud of you. We, phangirls, are proud of you.
2015 will be a great years, I know it. We believe in you- and no matter what, we want you to be happy. Look where you are, boy. Look at you. I might cry. From a boy who thought his future was uncertain to the internet cult leader with a bright future - actually, brighter than his clothes! *haha- no Lil you are not funny shut up*
Dan, no matter what, please, be happy, because happy Dan is the best Dan we know and the Dan we want.
“Do whatever you have to do to be happy”. Smile, boy, because you have a fantastic life with your bestfriend, in front of you.

We love you.


I just want you to be honest with me.


In response to this confession: { x }

In no way way am I out to attack this confession, but to anyone that thinks Minah has a bad attitude, I would love to show you how Daisies see Bang Minah. Minah is sensitive, especially when her fans are mentioned and holds them close to her heart. She is caring toward her sisters even though she is the second youngest. She’s an incredibly hard worker and never misses the chance to express how much she wants to show in her performances. The most admirable thing about Minah is her optimism. No matter how little she’s slept, how intense of a diet she has, how much she’s practiced, or how busy her schedule is, she is always smiling brightly. If you truly want to be apart of any fandom, start by seeing them through the eyes of their fans. ♥

Big thank you to minahsday for helping me!

Did anyone else see the nasty shit larries are imessaging Louis? This is why I hate larries. Yes I get you want your proof but you aren’t getting it that way. What really set me off is some girl messaged him asking him ‘is larry real’ yes okay thats normal whatever then after a while of no answer she attacked him and called him a fag. Some of you are fucking disgusting. I honestly can’t even think of anymore words to describe how I feel. I am so pissed off and worried about Louis. No one deserves this shit. You all need to stop it is clearly getting out of hand.

Do you ever just cry about the fact that Gabriel was the littlest archangel but he had the biggest heart out of all of them, so much so that he tried to run off and bury it under a trickster persona but it still showed through enough that Sam and Dean saw what he really was and in the end he stood up to the person he loved most only to be, from his perspective, heartlessly killed?

Because I do.


I just wanted to point out that these right here are my two favorite frames of the whole scene, maybe even the whole episode. Mostly because, you look into her face and see a whole different countenance. This isn’t the crazy luscious look she carried to Dorian’s bedroom, nor the lost look she had with the guy on the alley right after the séance, not even the depraved attitude she held with Mina’s fiancé. This is pure, this is innocent. The way that, in a fraction of a second, she looks at him and then touches his head with no signs of anything but a growing love in her eyes, the same way you look like coming home after a long time. Even though they both lost themselves during the kiss (who can blame them?), she goes back to this state of blissful purity when they lean in for the second kiss and her face looks peaceful the whole way through their lips touching again, that’s until her fears strike back.

THIS is how you otp, people.













anyway Wes i see you just after saying you can’t stand being around Laurel, you look at her with those big brown eyes as if she’s the ocean and you’re desperate to drown like who do you want fool just kiss her already

like Laurel loves you so much too i get that you need time but don’t take too much time or else you’ll ruin your chances with her

what if by the end of avengers 2 bruce banner feels absolutely fucking terrible for the damage he’s done to the city and then this teenage girl comes to visit him and he feels even worse because what if i killed her family no no no but instead she tears up when she sees him and smiles and says ‘i wanted to end my life that day, but you broke the building i wanted to jump off. thank you.’


A possibly little detail you might have missed if you were focused on Homura through this whole scene.

The second time I watched Rebellion and I paid more attention, I happened to notice how frightened Madoka appears. In the first screenshot, she appears almost suspicious of what Homura’s going to do. In the second screenshot, Madoka notices what Homura is doing and appears extremely frightened. At this point she is almost telling her to stop. And finally, in the last screenshot where she is split off… Goddess Madoka looks like she’s screaming, with normal Madoka not being too far off.

Here, Homura is doing her little internal dialogue thing where she goes off about her feelings and how no one would understand. There’s no sound, nothing aside from the image of Homura pulling Madoka towards her and the grin on her face when she finally gets what she wanted.

If you think about it, it almost looks as if Homura can’t hear Madoka scream anymore, almost as if she’s denying or discarding this fact.

Which becomes a curious thing, because later on Homura appears shocked at Madoka’s answer to her question. She was so enticed with the idea that Madoka wasn’t happy being a goddess that it took her until that moment to notice that wasn’t the truth… or maybe not. Perhaps she is confused about what Madoka wants, perhaps she thinks this is the life Madoka should lead… but that’s something else, though it does point on what I’m trying to say. We know later on Homura just throws this off and says she accepts they will be enemies. Only, she says she will keep wishing for a world where Madoka is happy.

Interesting, isn’t it?

What could have been *

Shinachiku stoped at the door of the hospital . 

He wanted to see his mother but he knew that people probably wouldn’t let him . Afterwards , she was considered the best medical ninja in all the village and probably even in all the shinobi world . Because of that , she is always the one , people run to when something happens . 

* I don’t have other choice . * , he thought , smiling broadly while running to the entrance . 

“ Could you help me ? My stomach hurts . I think I hate to much ramen . " 

The lady he talked to , got shocked when she turned to look at the little boy that was behind the balcony , and he knew why . It was his first time there . He had never felt the urge to see his mother , like that day . They were always together . He would follow her and his father everywhere after his academy classes were finished , and the best thing was … they wouldn’t mind it . Actually , he didn’t even remembered being sick in his life , probably because he had always his mother taking care of him while they were at home so he was as healthy as his dad . 

” Oh Shinachiku , how good to see you . You said your stomach hurts ? I’m gonna take you to Shizune-san . Come . “ , she took his hand and when she was starting to leave , he pulled her sleeve and stared at her with his beautiful emerald eyes . 

” Hmm .. I w-wanted to ask , if it wasn’t too much , if mom could be the one to see me … “ 

” Oh , of course . This week she’s been very busy hasn’t she ? But don’t worry , she will manage to find a way to see you . She always did right ? I always see you around your parents . “

He smiled back at her . He had always seen this girl with Iruka-sensei on Ichiraku , when he went there with his mom and dad . Actually he always liked her . She , together with Iruka-sensei and all the friends of mom and dad , were one of the first people to treat him by his name and not ” the son of the hokage ” . 

” Yeah , mom and dad always let me go everywhere with them … Well , not when they go out on missions .. but , they should let me right ? I’m as strong as they are , I could protect them . “ , he said while jumping with a grinning smile in his face . 

” Hum , hum … I guess your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore , right ? “ the girl asked , while smiling at him . 

Shinachiku stopped right away and put the only hand he had free close to his stomach . 

” Well , it still hurts a little . “

While laughing , the lady oppened the door of the operation room and right away , Sakura , that was treating a patient , putted down her gloves and rushed to the door where Shinachiku was standing behind the lady . 

” What happened ? “

” Well , you see .. this little guy here , asked me to see you because his stomach hurts . Can you take care of him ? “

” Your stomach hurts ? “ Sakura asked to her son with concerned eyes . ” Hum , yeah . You can leave him with me , I’ll take care of him . Thank you . “ , she said with a smile . 

” No problem “ , the girl said , while closing the door and blinking to the boy . 

” Have you been eating a lot of ramen lately ? Is that it ? Aff , I already told Naruto that he …" . before Sakura could finish her sentence , Shinachiku was already jumping back and forh in front of her . 

“ See ? I’m fine , mom . Dad hasn’t done anything wrong . ”

“ But … but you just … and she just … ” , realizing what was happening , Sakura raised one eyebrow . “ Shinaaaaaa …. ”

“ I just wanted to see you , mom . ” , he said with one of his grinned smiles that she knew so well . Her favourite one . That one that was just like Naruto’s . 

“ I’m sorry . Have I and Naruto made you feel lonely this week ? I know that we’ve been a little bit bu… " 

Shinachiku suddenly surprised Sakura and hugged her . Since she was already on her knees while talking to him , she felt an even urge need to pull him back to her arms and stayed like that for a moment . 

” Mom , I’m not lonely . I just really wanted to see you . “ 

Taking advantage of the situation , Sakura pulled her son even more closer to her so she could whisper something on his ear . ” Do you wanna spend the rest of the day together ? Wanna go see your father ? “ 

Right away , Shinachiku got off of her arms and took her hand while smiling at her . 

” Let’s go then" , Sakura turned away to one of her medical friends and as she was about to talk to him , he turned his head and smiled at her . 

“ You can go . You already did more than what you were supposed to do here . We can take care of the rest , Sakura-sama. ”

“ Thank you . " 


” Naruto , you have visits . “ , Shikamaru said while opening a little bit the door . 

When Naruto was about to talk back , he saw Shinachiku passing by Shikamaru and cling to the back of his chair , while looking at the paper work he still had to finish . 

” Seriously Shina, couldn’t you at least wait for me ? “ , Sakura said while stopping by the door and smile at the two men of her life . They were both already smiling back at her .

Naruto tapped his son’s head affectionally and pulled him over to let him sit on his desk . 

” Shina … Sakura-chan .. what are you both doing here ? “ 

” Mom said that if we helped you with your paper work , we could spend the rest of the day together . “ 

” Again ? “ , Shikamaru asked while looking at the three people he had in front of him . 

” What is your problem , ahn ? “ , Temari appeared behind him and looked at him seriously , 

” Well , having children it’s way to troublesome . “ , he said while smiling and putting his hand on her belly , that was now , carring his king . 

” I bet it is . “ , she answered while smiling back at him . 

” Well , since you are in such a good mood , could you help us with all this paperwork ? “ , Naruto asked while scratching his head . 

” Naruto ! “ , Sakura said , while punching him in the arm while Shinachiku smiled at the scene he was witnessing between his parents . 

” No way . I didn’t assign for this . See ya’ “ .

It was only when the couple was gone that father and son started laughing .

” You too !! Stop laughing . Why are you laughing anyway ? 

“ Did you see his face , Sakura-chan ? He really tought I was gonna let him help me with all this paperwork . " 

* You really were thinking about doing that , shannaro * , Sakura thought . 

” C’mon , let’s go to work . “

” Wakattebayo !! ” , both Naruto and Shinachiku said . 

While finishing all the hokage’s paper work , Shinachiku stopped to look at one of the picture frames that Naruto had on his desk . It was a picture of him , when he was a baby , with his mother Sakura , holding on to him while she was still on a bed , at the hospital . Kakashi-sensei once told him that when his mother was about to give birth to him , his father never left her side . Even with all the pain he had to suffer when her mother was holding on to his hand with all that brutal strength , he never let her go . He stood always by her side . He also said , that the only time he let go of her was when their friends came in to the room to give him a camera for him to take that picture that he was seeing right in front of him . 

“ What are you smiling at ? ” , Naruto asked.

“ You know dad . One day , I’m gonna marry mom . ” , Shinachiku said while that grinning smile appeared on his face .

“ What ? ” , both Naruto and Sakura said .

“ Why are you saying that ? ” , Sakura continued .

“ First because mom’s smile is really beautiful and then , because I just wanna have someone like mom in my life . I wanna have something like what you too have . ”

Naruto and Sakura instantly smiled back at his son . They knew what he was talking about .

“ I’m not gonna give up on her , not even for you son . ” , Naruto laughed . “ You know what you have to do ? Try to find someone like your mother then . ” , Naruto said while smiling at him gently and pushing Sakura to his lap . 

Shinachiku was already expecting to see his mother punching his dad , something that he always found entertainment to watch since for him , their relationship not only seemed like lovers but bestfriends too . He always liked that . 

 ” Find someone who you can be yourself with , and will always be there for you no matter what . Someone that will talk back at you when your wrong and then smile at you gently too . Someone that , no matter what , will always believe in you and in your dreams . Someone you love and that loves you too . Someone that makes you be selfless . Someone you want to protect no matter what . ” Shinachiku couldn’t take his eyes of his father but , by the corner of his eye , he saw his mother holding on to his father hand . 

“ If you find someone that is all of this to you . Then she’s the right one and your the luckiest man in the world. Just like me. ”

Shinashiku jumped of the desk and stared at the window from where he could see his village . * Dreams * , he thought .

Finally , he turned around and took in his hands two picture frames . And then lended one to his father and another one to his mother . 

“ Shina, what are you doing ? ” , Sakura asked while looking at the photo she had in her hands and the one Naruto had in his . 

“ Hum , hum . That’s my dream right there . ” , Shinachiku said while nodding .

“ Your dream … ? ” , Sakura asked . She blinked twice and then looked back at Naruto that was still looking at their son . He was smiling genuinely . 

“ Yeah , I already have a dream . I want to be like dad and grandfather and find a woman like mom and grandmother . ” he said while watching Naruto and Minato and then Sakura and Kushina . 

Sakura and Naruto put their photos back on the desk and called their son to embrace him . When he sat on sakura’s lap , she started to hug him while tears streamed down her face . Meanwhile , Naruto rested his head on sakura’s and started to stroke Shinachiku’s head while watching his parents photos . 

* Thank you * , he thought . 

“ This is just the biginning , you know ? I’m sure you will find another dreams to fight for …  After all , you do have the will of fire don’t you ? ” , Naruto asked . Shinachiku nodded and a bright smile appeared on his face . 

While embracing each other , the three heard someone knocking the door . 

“ Can we get in ? ” , knowing to whom the voice belonged , shinachiku rushed to the door and when he oppened it , he jumped to hug the two persons that were standing right in front of him . 

“ Mom , dad ! ” , Sakura exclamed . “ What are you doing here ? ”

“ Well we just thought it would be a great idea to spend the day with our family . ” , her mom answered while giving Shinachiku a kiss on his cheek .

“ Let’s go ? ” , Sakura’s father asked .

“ Yeah , shannaro !! ” , Shinachiku answered while running to the outside following by his grandfather and his grandmother .

“ It seems that he just gained this bad habit of yours , Sakura . ” , her mother said , while disappearing after his husband and grandson .

“ Sakura-chan, let’s go . ” , Naruto said while putting his arm around her waist .

Before Naruto pulled her , she looked one more time to the two photos that represented Minato and Kushina . 

* Thank you . Thank you for saving him . Thank you for letting me love your son and take care of him . Thank you for all this new life and family that you gave me . Honestly , thank you , our heroes . * 


30 Days of Uta no Prince-Sama Challenge! [6/30]

A character that you would want as your partner: Nanami Haruka

‘I will always love you Emily. I’m going to protect you. I have to walk away. As long as I’m around you, my heart can not mend. I need to belong to myself again.                Even if you will always hold my heart in the palm of your hand.’

soughtdawn  asked:

Pidge please tell me you wouldn't disassemble my arm for "science"

           ❛ I guess it would depend on what sort of thing for science I’d be trying to accomplish. I mean if temporarily disassembling your arm leads to a creating better military equipment or finds a cure for cancer, I’d probably do it. It would be for the greater good and I’d be able to reassemble it no problem. But seeing as it’s Galra tech and fairly DANGEROUS when used I wouldn’t really want to tamper with it without a good reason. But then again taking it apart would better help us understand what sort of weaponry we’re dealing with but then again… ❜