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I just wasn’t a good guy. Growing up in my family, that’s what they told me.” [Alex Karev - 6x12]

Ian wasn’t sure Monica would come when he called. Ian said being compared to Monica was a compliment because he didn’t want to see her be sad. Monica said “you can never make those people happy, like it breaks their heart just to look at you” and Ian tears up because he’s thinking of Mickey. When Ian hears his mom say “I love you” and he can’t even hold the phone up because how long had it been since he’d heard her say that? And he just looks at her with teary eyes. He was lonely, and he wanted his mom to tell him everything was going to be okay.


Can I see?


27th April 1996, 

Her room was small, clinical, white washed cider blocks, bed and a window. A secret drawer of shameful chocolate. A dresser full of cds. A calendar hung on the wall forty eight days crossed off so far. A shadow of anywhere but here clung to Rae, but tonight the ache was deep within her. There was only one place on her mind. Manchester. Maine Road.

8:40pm, Rae sat crouched in the middle stall of the toilets on the second floor, this was the best FM signal. Clutching her sanity, a Sanyo FM radio and personal cassette player. The Manics had exited stage right. The crowd roared like a great lion in her ears. Pushing the plush headphones closer, Rae sighed in containment, her eyes fluttered closed her head fell against the cubicle wall and she was there amongst the faceless crowd the smell of the burger vans, stale tobacco and sweat filled her senses. The cheer in her heart intensified with the crowd. ‘Never going down’ that familiar rough voice shouts in her ear before being drowned out my the screech of Swap Song. A small tear trickles down her cheek she clenches her eyes tightly and listens. 

10th of August 1996 

A strange room, pink and plush. A sequined pillow crushed deep into her breast. That shadow of anywhere but here at settled once more within her. Excuses for Chloe’s absence shuffled through her mind should one of her parents come looking. They wouldn’t. Rae’s bag sits beside her drumming like a beating heart, the ticket to all her fantasies lay within. The stub still firmly attached. 

8;45pm Those crashing chords of Swap Song filled Rae’s, leaning her head back and shutting her eyes. A jolt went through her when he head hit the soft springs of a mattress not the cold hard wall of her cubicle. The deep ache was deeper, it had all been so tantalizingly close. When she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander to Knebworth House, the big green, the smells of lager, chip vans, sweat and spliffs. Rae was not amongst a faceless crowd but with friends all in matching shirts. Jostling and jumping her shoulder occasionally bumping into Finn.  This time her heart doesn’t swell with the cheers of the crowd but sinks. . 

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{The Gardener’s Coming To Collect} || A Nick Cutler/Rachel Cutler/Hal Yorke fanmix

A mix for an insecure boy with a delusion of grandeur, who had been noticed and poisoned by a bored, shallow monster, who needed new pieces for his game of chessboard with human souls, and a wife who loved too much and stood on the way.  A girl meets a boy, they fell in love and then life happens. Correction: death comes to collect: ambitions blind a boy, a girl becomes collateral damage and monster sucks the boy dry spitting out a mirror image of his broken self.

vanessa carlton ordinary day  ||  the anomalies employee of the month  || jean-yves thibaudet credits  || the cure burn  || the dresden dolls the gardener  ||  chris vrenna taking tea in dreamland  ||  thom yorke skip divided  ||  muse citizen erased  || junior boys double shadow  || unkle lonely soul  || the heavy who needs the sunshine || kele okereke new rules

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Friendly reminder,

To everyone that is posting things about Luke and the appearance of little Luke on stage at the iHeart awards; I just want to remind you that his mum is an avid user of both Twitter and Tumblr. Just keep that in mind before you post.

I am so excited since the concert on Friday, I can’t stop thinking of Mark (he is so so so so freaking adorable!) and Simone (she’s too pretty irl??!?) and Isaac (ahh Isaac!) and the whole day was amazing, and they sounded better than ever live, and a Greek singer was there and she told us about MFVF and when she mentioned Heike (Langhans, Draconian) I tried SO HARD not to start crying (but kind of failed lol that was embarrassing and made me realize I’m seriously going to die on spot if I ever meet her) and did I mention Mark is too cute? And I saw a photo of Vincent? And somehow I have 3 photos with Simone and 5 with Mark in total and I didn’t even realize how that happened? And Mark, Isaac and Simone were looking at me too often at the show??! And I’m kind of dying cuz they’re one of my favorite bands??!

I know I mentioned these before but I’m so happy and I WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN!!!

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Is Khemsa's childishness and happiness used as a mask to hide others feelings, because that's what it looks like.

*loudly claps hands* Yes, someone has finally figured it out!

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Gently swinging the obsidian silk around her finger, the Crimson Princess pranced by the always-grinning serpent before giving him a slowly run of the cloth underneath his chin before quietly walking away. She doesn't even want him. It's just amusing to see his woman beat him to death.

【 殺 】

                             Proximity didn’t intimidate him—nor did touching or being touched. The intentions behind those actions, however, mattered greatly and determined how he would react. A tilt of his chin at her prompting caused him to turn it away from her reach shortly afterward, hidden eyes narrowing towards her all the more at her blatant troublemaking. His weight shifted subtly from his right foot to his left and his form swayed, but other than that he remained generally still.

      ❝ Must be a real dull day if you’re botherin’ me with your bullshit. ❞