Random thought but if Kryptonians were born via the Codex and they didn’t have natural births/pregnancies

Would they have belly buttons

It’s probably unlikely but I really hope P5 gives some better indication of what’s a flirt option 

I don’t need another Dragon Age Origins/Mass Effect and end up accidentally romancing more than one person just because I wanted to be nice 

I do not need another instance of me telling a character that I like shoes too, and then BOOM THAT’S A FLIRTING OPTION YOU’VE JUST INITIATED THE ROMANCE, NO TURNING BACK, ONLY HEARTBREAK IS INEVITABLE

Like I’m already going to go all out trying to max as many of these co-ops as efficiently as possible don’t make me work just to avoid having a harem 

Hilary may be a liar but Donald Trump puts minority lives in danger purely by using hate speech to enable his racist supporters. It’s as simple as that. If you vote for Trump I’m going to go ahead and assume you are white and therefore extremely privileged and naïve, as you clearly do not care about the impact your vote will have on the lives of others.

No, but Luke and Leia must have had the conversation after the fall of Ben. When Luke’s clothes still smelt of smoke and ash, and death clung to his skin like it hadn’t for years now.

How Luke had seen the destruction, the loss, the bodies. How far somebody, Ben, must have fallen, his nephew, to be able to gouge out a hole in the force that way. A single strike. A cry to the heavens, as all of those lives, children younger and smaller than him, were snuffed out by his hand, by his orders, in an instant. 

And Luke doesn’t think that he can…

Vader, Leia says. You believed in Vader.

And Luke looks at his sister, older and wiser and completely and utterly heartsick at the thought of her son. He holds her in his arms, lets her cry and sob into his shoulder and says simply, I know.

merger-she-wrote  asked:

Sailor! Ben and Leslie go home to Pawnee

This probably needs two parts. 


Ben snatched her hand when the man behind the counter explained the sleeping arrangements on the ocean liner. 

“My wife is pregnant, she’s staying with me.” 

“I’m sorry, sir,” the man nodded at his military-issue bag. “All we have left are single beds in the men’s and women’s cabins. Everyone’s trying to get home after the war.” 

“Honey, it’s fine - ’

“How much?” Ben snapped. Leslie whispered it was only for a few nights. 

“How much to get a private cabin?” 

The man arched an eyebrow and then mumbled a number. Leslie balked, but Ben pushed a wad of bills across the counter. The man examined them carefully, before handing Ben two tickets. 

“Enjoy your trip, Officer Wyatt.” 

“Ben,” Leslie hissed as he peeled her away. “Ben, we have a baby on the way. We can’t throw money at every  - ”

“We’re fine. Trust me,” he kissed her lips and felt her sigh. 

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Taichou, what was your reaction after Momo cut her hair short? Do you prefer it long or short?

                           Her hair? he repeats, arching a singular brow. – Ah. It had taken me quite awhile to grow accustomed to seeing her without her traditional hair bun. But, in truth… I do not dislike either hairstyle…Her short hair reflects her growth in maturity, i believe. “ 

                                         For she is B E A U T I F U L, and always will she
                                       be, no matter the C H A N G E in her appearance.