Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.


“You're  g o o d  for  her.
You  make  her  s t r o n g.”

You can tell she’s mad because she’s saying ‘Oi!’
—  Furuta Nimura (Nimudash for friends) as he runs for his life while he’s been chased down by a hungry, mad Writer turned into a beast three stories tall who’s trashing the entire place

Uh-oh. Manila folder time.

First rule of Eurovision:


I love my life… I’m not trying to escape. I promise.

A Conclusive List of People Who Deserve So Much More:
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Nikos of the Pyrrha variety
  • The Pyrrhest of Nikos
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Nikos comma Pyrrha
  • Yrrha-Pay Ikos-Nay
  • The girl with the red ponytail
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Tiny little goddess
  • Actual baby lamb Nikos
  • That one girl who kicked CRDL’s collective ass
  • Pyrrha from the Nikos family
  • “Not Weiss” -Jaune about Pyrrha, probably
  • Pyrrha Nikos
  • Also Pyrrha Nikos

i have faith in you

36/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


I love that the flashbacks reflected Arizona’s mind, from the leg to their declaration of love, to how she decided to give in to Callie in order to be with her, to the beginning of their relationship, and recalled the passion between them. Finally, she realized by the end of the day, no matter is a bad day or a good one, Callie is always by her side and that’s all she needs.

This is the purpose of the whole therapy and it’s the time she needs to process the whole relationship, she’s entitled to have the time. Just when she finally reached there, Callie’s already miles away.