• upd8:jade and jane are alive
  • me:YAY!!!11!!!!!1
  • upd8:vriska did a thing
  • me:yES!! how did she do that? omg
  • upd8:terezi is blind again and rose is not drunk
  • me:their lives didn't go to shit!!
  • upd8:also gamzee is not visible so he probably isn't an issue anymore
  • upd8:*homosuck curtains*
  • me:fucking caliborn and his shitty ass fucking piece of shit curtains fuck that guy i hope john punches him in the fucking face again what a god damn tool.

Anonymous said: Drawing/Comic Prompt: Gail as a ghost/poltergeist bugging Holly while she works. (Something like the fic Deathless)

You actually meant this right? AU. Grumpy Gail ghost learns how it’s like to love again after her tragic death. Ghost friends here and there. Holly Stewart is as nerdy as ever. Rodney the assistant has a plot twist. And Gail’s mother is the Grim Reaper (kidding. just. kidding)
But a fluffy love story told through the many ghost days of Gail Peck right?
And she cuts her hair and becomes grumpy Casper right? And that’ll be her nickname right?

I’m not hinting at anything.


Yo PP (peter pan, obviously), I think our shadows would really get along. Call us when you GROW UP


i wonder how pb is gonna react to having basically magic powers now? she’s always been so against calling stuff ‘magic’ because it’s an irresponsible attitude to have, you should recognise it as science and quantify it and understand it cause otherwise you’re being reckless. a lot of pb’s arc is motivated by understanding and controlling and labeling something as ‘magic’ means relinquishing your control.

now serious scientist pb can shoot candy out of her hand while making fart noises. i’d say she’s going to be tinkering and analysing and experimenting until she has the whole thing figured out and can not only control it but also explain it. she won’t rest with the explanation that ‘there have just always been elementals, this is just A Thing to accept’. and honestly i dunno what she’s gonna find, if there IS a root cause for elementals or what. and if she goes tinkering too much she might lose the power or break it in some way, which could upset whatever balance we currently have. it’s exciting!!

by the end of wizards only fools, pb is genuinely amazed by the cold spell and it looks like she doesn’t know how to explain it with science. the show itself seems to take the angle that sometimes there ARE just fantastic magical things you can’t explain away with science. if the show is taking that stance and pb is gonna go experimenting with the elemental powers trying to understand it (since there’s no way she’d let something this powerful and important and unknowable INSIDE HERSELF go unexamined), i think she’ll end up messing with forces she shouldn’t and it’ll end badly. IT’S EXCITING this is all exciting i luv it

Just took my mum to go see ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and she’s the world’s biggest Sam/Steve shipper and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life.