In “Welcome Home Frosch” I think Gray and Juvia were on a date.

Here’s why:

In this panel, although the term date is not used, it is implied when Juvia makes it clear they will be alone if he accepts. 

He says “mmm”, which shows thought or pause and he says “I feel kinda hungry now”. 

He understood her condition and accepted it. 

Of course, it has been shown time and again that they work well together and have no issue being around each other.

However, Juvia was clearly asking him out. She was doing nervous twisting and taking pauses in her speech. This shows that this is not normal for her to ask. And even if it is, her implications behind it are not. Juvia was asking for a date. Gray accepted. 

I am not sure if he understood that it was a date, but what I am about to post will make that irrelevant.

She boldly suggests a date this time. There is no guesswork to it. 

She outright said “Let’s go on a DATE”

Can’t spell it out for him any plainer than that.

He responds with “Now?!” 


He asked  if she meant right now.

He didn’t tell her no.

He asked if she meant right then.

So, they could definitely have been returning from a date.

Dates don’t have to mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend.

I could imagine Gray swearing it’s not a date.

It’s just a theory, not fact. :)

Everyone’s talking about the expressions Asami makes when she hears Korra is coming, and I’m over here thinking… but what expression does she make when she learns Korra wasn’t on that ship, and has been lying to her father for 6 months about her whereabouts..?  

I’d like to think she has a fleeting thought of boarding one of her company’s airships and setting out on a search - but it’s fleeting because, well, clearly this person does not want to be found right now, and also - where do you start?  So, you continue living each day knowing Korra doesn’t want to be found, likely isn’t coming, and is who-knows-where, doing who-knows-what.

Also, how do you explain to Meelo and Ikki why Korra isn’t here yet, and why no one knows where she is?  M-my heart…

I’ve just had a thought, you know the episode “Alone Together” when Steven and Connie fuse. Well Garnet makes this adorable face when she finds out and this is obviously because in later episodes we find out shes a fusion of an adorable lesbian couple. LOOK AT THAT FACE!! shes clearly so excited for Steven to experience this wonderful feeling of love and obviously shes just like a big huge sap whos so fucking excited that steven has found love. 

in conclusion garnet is a giant romantic squishy nugget who wants everyone to find love. 


Today didn’t go quite how I thought it would when I got up, but I decided to give Mina-pup her first outing at Doggie Day Care! Her leg has been … well, better, I suppose, but really, the rest isn’t helping especially. It’s been about a month, and she’s trying so hard, but is just DESPERATE for some real play. We’ll head back to the vet in the next little bit to find out what our next step is with her leg (probably a consult with an orthopedic surgeon), but for today, what she really needed was some fun and socialization 


I didn’t actually spend all the hours watching her, but I think I easily could have. It was so very good for her.


I’m not sure who Roscoe is (he’d been moved to a different room from the one where I took those pictures), but I’m going to say he was the little black french bulldog I saw Mina playing with when I (finally) left her. He looked like a Roscoe.

A day of errands then, and now I’m finally home and we’re sitting down, and Mina has passed out on me, and I think that’s really the best possible conclusion to a day.


OKAY! Stacey reminded me. Ya’ll tumblr people might be a little confused on why Harlow is currently upset. (I took these pictures awhile ago because I wrote story on my Instagram. My insta name is the same as my tumblr soooo. You can read it there.)
Basically, Harry realized his feelings for Harlow. (Always has but just like her has no courage to tell her.) He had some beverages. (I assume you all know what kind of beverage.) Harry does noooooooot take that stuff well. While he was under the influence he told Harlow he loved her and clearly they shared a kiss. Kins tried to warn Harlow but she was just so happy that he felt the same that she didn’t care. The next morning Harrison had no idea that he kissed her. I mean he faintly remembered it but he just thought maybe it was a dream. After Harlow found out he didn’t remember, she was devastated but as well pretended not to remember. 
Hopefully this clears that up a bit? This all happened yesterday. SO YES HARRY IS STILL WITH DAISY WHILE HE DID THIS
Now you all see why Daisy can’t stand Harlow.