Jealous!Joker x Reader

Warnings: Some strong language

Y/N was sitting on her couch watching TV when she heard the door open. She hoped it was J, she barely saw him because he was so busy with work. J walked over to her and turned the TV off. Normally she would be annoyed, but that must mean he actually wants to spend time with her. Biting her lip to hide a smile, she got up and threw her arms around him. He hugged her back, tugging on her earlobe with his teeth.

“What’d ya say about coming to my club with me tonight?” A date night. Perfect. She can’t contain her smile now. Pulling back, she gave him a kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I’d love to, you know how boring it gets around here without you.” J didn’t respond. He seemed to be lost in thought, his eyes unfocused.

“J. You ok?” He snapped out of it and gave her a smile.

“You better get ready, I have a meeting at the club.” Y/N’s smile faded. She let him go and took a few steps back.

“Are you serious?” He rolled his eyes.

“Not this again. What did I do now?”

“Do you even care about me?” He smiled and cupped her face in his hands.

“Of course. You’re my most loyal…companion.” He said it in a patronizing way, harshly patting her cheeks.

“That’s all I am to you?” He was already walking away. Cupping his ear dramatically, he sarcastically responded “Wha?” Y/N huffed, heading to her bedroom and slamming the door.

“Don’t forget to wear that black lacey thing! I like you in that.” Y/N maturely threw a pillow at the door, angry at herself for not having a better comeback. Thinking for a minute,  she smirked. I’m sure you won’t be the only one liking ‘that’.


Y/N didn’t talk to J the whole ride. The only time she acknowledged him was when she had to slap his hand away from crawling up her thigh. He growled and tried to apologize when the car rolled to a stop.

“Y/N, baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight. Give Daddy some sugar.” He closed his eyes and leaned forward, meaning to kiss her neck. She rolled her eyes and got out of the car, causing him to fall forward. Growling once more, he was starting to get tired of her little attitude. I’ll have to fix that. Muttering to himself, he climbed out of the car. Y/N already disappeared into the club so he went to the VIP section. As soon as he sat down he was scanning the crowd for her. She usually sat with him, not feeling comfortable with crowds. Besides, she knew she would be safe in his lap. But she was stubborn, so she pushed down that nagging anxiety and looked for a cute guy. She found one and gave him what she hoped was a not awkward smile. To her relief, he smiled back.

“You’re cute. Wanna dance?” His smile grew. He almost looked a little….shy? A stab of guilt went through her. She could relate in that aspect.

“Drink first?” Nodding, she grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bar. After they got drinks, they talked for awhile. He was actually really good company. Interesting, funny, a little insecure but his humor made up for it. She wasn’t crushing on the guy, he was cute, sure. But her heart belonged to J. She was starting to realize what would happen if J saw him. More guilt.

“So, wanna dance?” Oh no. She didn’t want to turn him down, he was too nice for that. Risking a glance at J, she let out a breath of relief when he was busy talking to the guy he was suppose to meet.

“Sure” She smiled, making sure to lead him farther away from J. She started feeling more and more guilty as they danced. He kept his hands up, never tried to do anything she didn’t like. Sighing, she realized she had to tell him what this was about. Before she could, a voice sent a cold chill up her spine.

“Well, what do we have here.” She jumped and spun around. J’s voice may have sounded calm and playful, but his appearance was anything but. He glared at the guy with hatred, his breathing was heavy, and he had his pistol in his hand, ready to shoot. People noticed and started moving away. Y/N put her hands up, trying to coax him down.

“J, wait. Listen we were just talking- nothing was happening- J please.” She stood in front of the soon-to-be-dead guy, trying to stand between him and the gun. She cursed her short height as J pointed the gun over her head. The guy she was with had gone pale, staring at her like she betrayed him. In a way she had.

“J I swear, you pull that trigger, you will never see me again.” J snarled and hesitated. After what felt like a minute, he put the gun away. Then he grabbed her hand in a bruising grip, yanking her to the VIP section.  To her embarrassment, his business associate was still there, looking irritated. She felt a pang in her heart. Damn you for being so sensitive.  J sat down and roughly pulled her into his lap, the bruising grip now down on her hip, holding her in place. She tried to move away to the other end of the couch but he smacked her butt, causing her to yelp and he yanked her back down. She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted.

“Excuse me for the delay, I had some business to take care of.” His hand tightened around her waist somewhere between ‘business’ and ‘of’. The business associate nodded.

“Yeah. I know how bitches are. ” J and Y/N’s head snapped towards him. Y/N was offended at first, but then she gave a little snort of amusement seeing J’s face. This guy is screwed.

“You have a bad one, I see why you put up with it.” This is the exact definition of ‘digging your own grave’. J leaned forward, he placed both hands on Y/N’s hips, pulling her closer to him.

“Oh, you have no idea about this one. The fire in my loins.” Y/N slowly turned her head towards him. What the hell, J. “ The itch in my crotch.” He gave her thigh a little smack. She rolled her eyes.”My… my queen.” By this point the business associate’s eyes widened. It was at this moment, he knew he fucked up. J gave her a nudge, signalling to get off of him. When she did he stood up, walking around the table to crouch in front of the guy.

“Tell me, what do you like best about her?”

“I didn’t mean to offend-”

“Didn’t mean to offend? Offend who? Me or my queen? C’mon now you can’t choose both.” J looked back at Y/N, who was playing with her nails.

“Did he offend you, pumpkin?” Y/N looked up and quickly looked back down, blushing.

“A little.” She murmured, causing J to make an ‘Aww’ face. He got up, making wild arm movements and pacing as he ranted.

“You see, my Y/N is a little shy. We’ve been making so much progress, but then YOU and your comments just- just wash away all of our hard work!” J sits on the table, grabbing a corkscrew. He turns it over in his hands, looking at it appreciatively.

“This looks neat.”

“Please, Mr-” J stabs him clean in the neck, blood squirting out of both ends. Y/N smiles, loving that his attention was all on her now. Finally. When he saw the smug look on her face,  he growled.

“Look what you did, you naughty girl.” Her mouth opened in shock.

“Me?” She squeaked.

“You tried to make me jealous. We’re gonna have to fix that attitude of yours.” He crouched in front of her, grabbing her legs and yanking her to the edge of the couch. Giggling, she decided to test her luck.

“Tried? You looked pretty jealous to me.” He started placing kisses on her ankle, trailing his way up. She shoved him away playfully, blushing.

“Did you wear that black lacey thing?”

“Take me home and find out.”

masterfulxrhythm  asked:

"River suggested some tweaks to the walls." Koschei guides Amy into the nursery, hands over her eyes, and pulls her back against him, so that she can feel the beat of his hearts against her shoulder blades. "Soooooooo WHADYA THINK?" And off his palms fly from her face. "I'll only say voila when I know it's perfect."

At first she can only smile and follow along. She knows he’s been planning away in as much secret as possible the past few weeks. It’s been terribly hard to not peek before now. Amy is glad to finally get to see the results. The warmth of him behind her, the excited beat of his hearts widens her smile.

“Koschei, it’s perfect.”

And it really is. The bold colors and swirling patterns on the ceiling look like magic and dreams and more than a little of her old friend Vincent’s work. With a soft laugh, she danced a finger above her head, tracing the lines. Of course he would remember. Like one of the first presents he gave her, it was from his hearts to her. 

The walls are warm and inviting. She shouldn’t have worried, of course. He’d picked the best shade to satisfy her silliness and still make all the other colors pop perfectly. Leaning her head back, unwilling to move away, she brushed her lips against his cheek. 

“I love it. An so will she.”

ZMD7 - Regret

OR: Zuko Gets an Earful From Katara

Rating: T

Word Count: 724

Children giggle and whisper to one another as they crowd outside the door of Master Katara’s healing room. They can’t see who’s in there, but that’s not what interests them.

Master Katara is swearing.

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I’m dead bye

Emma tries not to laugh when they come to pack up Killian’s things for the house. Belle’s definitely added a woman’s touch to the captain’s cabin – she can’t be jealous of the fact, Belle’s actually living there and she deserves flowers and a million baby books scattered around if she wants them. But Killian picking through gauzy fabrics for his treasures and telling Emma where he’s moved things into storage just reaffirms the fact that this is a good thing. Belle deserves her own space and Killian –

Killian deserves as much of a happy ending, as much of a future, as she can give him.

But when they pull up to the house with the back seat of the Bug filled with crates and knicknacks, Killian’s almost shy as they start unloading and bringing things inside. “I’ll, ah, I’ll set up in here shall I?” he asks as they top the stairs and he indicates the spare room just to the left.

Emma raises an eyebrow, a bemused smile on her face. “Killian. When I said move in with me, I meant move in with me.”

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“Bellamy needs Clarke to pull him back from over the edge, only she can help him” 

Y’all can we fucking not? Can we please acknowledge that Bellamy Blake is his own moral compass, and knows right from wrong? Can  we please acknowledge that him making a mistakes does not automatically make him evil? Can we also please acknowledge how the writers deemed it appropriate the make two men of color the face of xenophobia all in the name of Jason Rothenberg “recreating” 9/11?

The Way They Mourn Challenge

After the screams die down, thoughts are collected and loved ones are laid to rest, Rick and Michonne steal away from the others to find a quiet moment with one another. They share few words. They embrace and cling to each other. She feels him exhale as he relaxes against her body; a sigh that softly communicates that he has let down his guard. That he can be his true self with her away from the others. Not the leader who has let down his people, but the man who is mourning the loss of a friend. With hearts beating almost in time, he presses a kiss to her forehead and tightens his grip. With a shaky, hushed voice he tells her, “I…I  thought I’d lost you. I was so afraid that I’d lost you. I couldn’t handle that, Michonne. I need you more than ever. I can’t lose you. Not now.”
She pulls back slightly to look him in his eyes; his glassy gaze intense and sad and thankful at once. Tenderly, she threads her fingers through his hair before cupping his sullen face. A gentleness, that is oft times reserved for him, washes over her features before she leans in to offer him a chaste kiss to his lips. Their eyes remain closed as their foreheads touch and Michonne whispers, “I’m here, Rick. I’m still with you.”