Hi everyone, I’m Melissa Benoist from CBS’s Supergirl and I love puppies. So, we are going to see how many questions I can answer in sixty seconds without getting distracted by puppies. Let’s do this. I don’t think it’s gonna work. (x)

Lazy by SBK

Days later, Denise confirms Michonne’s pregnancy to Rick’s ecstatic expression and Michonne’s stoic one.  He quickly hides his smile as his wife thanks the doctor and starts the short walk home.  She is quiet and the look on her face is thoughtful but dazed.  He is unsure of how he should act so he just remains silent, awaiting some sort of reaction from her.

Later that night, they are in bed and she still hasn’t said much to him and especially nothing about the baby.  Rick is about to burst.

“You aren’t gonna say anythang?”  He asks.

She gives him her full attention.  “Yeah.  Keep that thing away from me.”  She turns her back to him and flops down onto her pillow, clicking the lamp off with a heavy sigh.

Rick lies back slowly, pulling the sheet up to his chin wondering why she can't see the beauty of having another baby.

Another day passes as Michonne remains in deep thought about the next few months of her life.  They are enjoying a lazy Saturday at home.  The kids are playing in the living area while she folds some laundry close by.  Their laugher drifts to her and she stops what she’s doing to observe them.  Carl is practically grown now and contemplating moving to the Hilltop where Maggie and Glenn and little Herschel are, Judith thinks she’s just as grown as her big brother and Rick Jr. is the boss of both of them.

Michonne smiles as Carl stands holding on to Rick Jr.’s little hands encouraging him to stand as well.  Judith waits across from them, telling her little brother to walk to her.  Rick Jr. takes two wobbly steps and falls, causing his siblings to laugh.  The little one repeats that process two more times before he gives up and just crawls over to his sister, drawing laughter from all three of them.

Michonne drops the towel she was holding into the basket at her feet and caresses her stomach, wondering what the newest addition to the family will look like.  They have three beautiful children and she can’t deny the love that was shared in creating their fourth.

Rick walks up behind her and places his hand over hers.  No words are needed or spoken as she turns in her husband’s arms and holds him closely, silent tears of joy cascading down her cheeks.