My Wife had to prove she was right

I have been hesitant to share this story for a long time (five years if that is long), but it was such an incredible experience that I thought I should.  

My wife was Primary president in our LDS ward and had been for a few years.  She had the same counselors and secretary for the entire time.  One night she called me and asked if I was still awake and if our children were also.  I told her they had gone to bed and I could hear them snoring.  I thought that maybe I was in luck for a fun evening just the two of us!  She said to stay awake and she needed me to prove something for her.  My nasty mind went immediatly to her and I having some fun with a truth or dare (I am always on for the dare), but then she came in followed by one of her counselors and her secretary.  

This was a little embarrassing for me because I had taken off my shirt and garments and was standing there in my wife’s favorite shorts-Wouldn’t be so bad except for the hard on I was sporting.  I immediately turned red and started to excuse myself.  My wife told me to stop and turn around to face them.  As I looked up, I saw the smiles on all their faces.  My wife then said “See, I told you!  Now do you believe me!”  I wasn’t sure what was going on.  She then started walking toward me, and saying to them “let me show you!”

At this point my mind was running wild because my wife was (or at least I thought) very conservative, which is what made us great. I was the one willing to do, to try, or to eat anything at least once!  And I do mean anything! But to much my surprise she grabbed on the waste band of my shorts and in one hard tug, they came down to my knees.  There I was in all my glory with my dick as hard as an oak tree, my wife and her two counselors staring at it and all I could do was smile.

What happened next was the really shocking part.  My wife grabbed on to my shaft and said, “not only is it long like I said, but you need to feel how thick it is!” I had no idea where this was headed.  But, to my great surprise, the secretary, who is this ravishing red head that I had lusted after for years, stepped forward and said “Wow!  You’re right!” and grabbed onto my shaft!  She felt it and even gave it a few pulls!  Holy Shit!  I thought I would about blow with my wife and this other goddess holding on to my shaft-But it was not done.  

With a little giggle, her brunette southern little bell counselor, with her big blue eyes and nearly perfect body, came charging at me like it was Christmas.  She was close and bent down.  I thought this was the greatest night of my life and I was even going to get a blow job!  But, she grabbed onto my nuts and said “Even his balls are big!  They are so round and nice!  My husbands aren’t even close to this big!” 

About that time I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but unfortunately my wife said “See, told you, he is the biggest and firmest I have ever seen!  So next time, don’t bet me dinner that your husbands are bigger or better looking!”

She pulled back up my shorts, tapped me on the chest and said “Thanks, I will be back after I drop everyone off.  She turned around and started towards the door.  The little brunette just giggled and started after her.  The red head looked at me and winked a little naughty wink and said “I WILL see you later!” Her nice ass strode out towards the door and to the car where the other two were waiting.  

Well, when my wife returned, I was well rewarded, but also sent us on a new path!  That night was the best night to that point of sex for us!  Everything was on the table, the stove, the counter top, couch, etc.  You get the picture!  Well, and yes, I and the redhead have “seen” each other more!  So has my wife seen her and the little southern bell, well lets say that bell has been rung a few times now also!  More to cum!

the shortest order

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A/N: merry christmas and a happy new year lauren! i hope your holidays have been great and that you enjoy the fic.

(shout out to nai aka @hiddenpolkadots for all the help with the desi knowledge <3)

pretending to be in love with james potter would be hard for lily evans… except for the small fact that she’s pretty certain she’s been in love with him since sixth year anyway.

rating: G (some swearing)

word count: 4,600

28th December, 5.31pm

The door slams shut behind them and they’re thrust into the dark, until James whispers lumos and the cupboard is flooded with dim light. In the dark, Lily hadn’t realised how small the cupboard is but, now she can see, she realises that she and Potter’s chests are separated by mere inches. He grins down at her, “Alright, Evans?”

“Never better.” She smiles back up at him, cheeks still flushed from sprinting.


She raises the shoes so he can see them. “Check.”

“Merlin, we’re good at this.” James says, “Think I might have to employ you as my fake girlfriend for the next family wedding.”

“Fake?” Without realising it, they’ve moved closer, the shoes squashed between them.

“Well…” Lily can feel herself flushing as James’ head tilts down towards her. Before he can finish his sentence, the door is flung open and they jump apart, Lily’s back crashing into the wall.

Two weeks earlier, 1.21pm

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scars (percy, cassandra)

This kinda got away from me. Call it the conversation the two of them desperately need to have after this past episode.


Percy tells everyone he’s going to his workshop to make bullets. He even intends to do so, but he gets halfway down the stairs before he turns around and heads to Cassandra’s room.

She doesn’t answer his knock right away. He’s on the verge of giving up and going away when he hears the quiet answer. “Come in.”


When she sees Percy, she nods to the bodyguard sitting by the door. “You’re excused. Thank you.”

The man nods at both Cass and Percy before leaving the room. When the door closes again, Percy takes a deep breath. “Cass, I wanted to tell -”

That’s as far as he gets before she crosses the room and smacks him across the face. He can only raise a hand to his stinging cheek. “I suppose I deserved that.”

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Spies - Part 2 (Luke Hemmings)

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Rating : R

Word count : 1,5K+

Story line : Luke wakes cuffed to a chair and the spy he had a bit of fun with a few weeks earlier appears again.

Part ONE

My eyes fluttered open and I started shifting as every muscle in my body hurt. I groaned as I realized that I couldn’t move and I tried to look behind me as I realized that my hands were cuffed behind my back.

I was seating on a chair; in the middle of a very clean room and I had absolutely no memories of how I ended up in this position. All I knew was that I had been invited to a fancy event and that I had taken a drink at the bar. That was it.

I heard the sound of high heels beating the hard floor and I opened my eyes as they got closer. A woman appeared in the corner of the room and started walking toward me; she was wearing a very tight navy dress and high heels and I couldn’t help but rack my eyes down her body as if her curves were calling me. She was bloody gorgeous and she looked familiar.

Then it hit me. She was the other spy. The one I had had in my bed a few weeks before; the one who surprised me by knowing my name and refusing to tell me hers. She was the girl I had had on my mind all this time.

“Hello, Luke” she confidently said as she approached me and I tried once more to pull on my restrains but they wouldn’t give in; I would have to do it the smart way.

“I knew I’d see you again” I replied as I started searching the back of the chair for something sharp.

“Yeah, right” she said as she rolled her eyes.

“What am I doing here?” I asked as she stopped a few feet away from mine and crossed her arms over her chest.

“There’s no need to search, Luke; I’m not a beginner, you can’t get out of these handcuffs” she sweetly said and I let my shoulders fall back as I stopped moving; “You’re here because I’m going to need you to do something for me”

“How did you know my name?” I asked and she gave me a small smile as she placed her hands on the back of the chair behind me and bent down toward me.

“You’re quite famous amongst the spies; it wasn’t really hard for me to get this kind of information” she stated and I frowned.

If there was one thing that was important in that profession, it was to make sure we always stayed anonymous. We always worked under pseudonyms.

“Oh! So you need my help because you know I’m better than you!” I exclaimed and she raised her eyebrows as she stood back up.

“Better than me?” she repeated and I nodded.

“As a spy, I mean” I said and I saw her press her tongue against the inside of her cheek; “and in bed, as well” I added with a sly smirk and the look in her eyes turned from surprise to amusement in a matter of seconds.

“Oh, you really think so?” she said as she started to walk around until she was standing behind me.

She placed her mouth by my ear and I felt her cool breath hit my neck as my penis started to wake in my pant.

“Do you really think so, Luke?” she repeated as she started to slide her hands down my covered chest.

“Yes” I managed to let out and her teeth immediately closed on my earlobe as she took one of my nipple in-between two of her long fingers and tugged on it.

“Wrong answer” she murmured as I felt myself hardening; I tried to free myself to regain some kind of control but it was no use at all.

She slowly slid her hands back up my body again before coming back in front of me; she had a devilish look on her face and something about the way she was standing really turned me on. I wasn’t used to being that vulnerable; and it wasn’t only the fact that I was restrained; she just made me really weak.

“Should I prove you wrong?” she asked as she reached behind her back and slid the zipper of her dress down.

I gulped as the material slid down her body and I fought not to choke on my own breath as what was under her dress suddenly became visible to my eyes. She was wearing a black bra, black panties and a black suspender belt; and I felt my erection stir in my pants as she took another step toward me and sat on the very end of my laps.

“Answer me, should I prove you wrong, Luke?” she reiterated and I wanted to reach around and wrap my arms around her to press her against my chest and get a bit of relief but I couldn’t.

“Yes” I let out and she smiled as she leaned down and captured my lips in hers. My eyes were closed and I didn’t see her move but I soon felt one of her hand press against my boner as she wrapped her hand around it and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Thought so” she answered as she crashed her lips on mine.

I tilted my head up to try and get a better taste and she allowed my tongue into her mouth as she kept caressing me and it suddenly downed on me that this wasn’t going to be easy. I wouldn’t be able to just pull away if I felt like I was getting too excited; I wouldn’t be able to touch her, to get her ready for me…

“Okay, uncuff me” I breathed into her mouth and I felt her giggle as she let out a small ‘no’ and tighten her grip on me.

“You’re afraid I’m going to make you come in your pants?” she asked as she trailed her lips down my jaw and neck; “hmm? Like a small teenage boy?” she said as she kept moving her hand up and down and I threw my head back as I closed my eyes tightly; “because that’s exactly what I’m going to do”

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Don’t Move

It all started with an bad bout of the flu, at least that’s what Raven had told herself when she walked into her additional, make-up class that Saturday morning. If there was anything she could have possibly blamed, it was a bad case of the flu that knocked her out of class for nearly two weeks, and now here she was struggling to keep her grade up. Which of course meant taking this stupid, make-up class on Saturday morning.

She sighed and began to set up her newsprint, laying it out as she settled back onto her stool. Saturday classes were the worst, the models were always fidgety and constantly thinking about what they were doing after class and where they were going to spend the whopping twenty dollars they made during the session. This lack of focus was made for poor sketches, and she was left feeling more frustrated than when she was sick.

“You look angry.”

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