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Ok but Nicki is the one who attacked Taylor on twitter. Her come back wasn't the best but maybe she freaked out?

You, like Taylor, are missing the entire point.

Nicki wasn’t attacking Taylor. She was attacking an entire system that discriminates against her in a multitude of ways. Taylor made herself the victim instead of recognizing, for once, that she benefits from that system in a multitude of ways.

Taylor seems to think that she and Nicki, by virtue of both being women, suffer from identical discrimination in the music industry. That is bullshit.

Taylor Swift is immensely privileged; the only way that she is even a little bit a “”””””victim”””””” of Nicki’s critiques is that they point out that Taylor’s own outsized privilege would be reduced if the world was less discriminatory. If she feels hurt/offended/attacked because her white privilege is being threatened, I couldn’t possibly have less sympathy for her.

In the GO timeline, Terezi said she thought she might be happier in a timeline where she had let Vriska live, even if it meant fading into nothing.

In the retcon timeline, Terezi was eaten up with guilt for something she didn’t do and said she thought she might feel more whole if she could remember more.

Poor Terezi. Always thinking you’ll be happier on the other side. But it’s not about what you know or don’t know or did or didn’t do, not really. It’s about being sick and looking for a reason why. 

i need lydia & kira 2 mum the heck out of hayden like sciles does with liam & idk malia as the cool aunt.


Oye Cariño!

“Oye Cariño!” (Hey Darling!) is a seafood restaurant located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Mexico is a multicultural country, were you can find in every corner a different way of seeing life. The beaches in the south immediately drive us to enjoyment, were the rhythm of walking is different, the food is fresh and the style of music get mixed with the one from the neighbours ignoring any borders. 

Our graphical proposal is inspired on the rhythm of a song that talks about this. Is a soft Mexican samba that tells the story of a woman who travels the world looking for better opportunities but she ends up going back home convinced that life there is better. The name “Oye Cariño!” it’s a call that shows intimacy and closeness between two estrangers, something very common in a place where being on a bad mood is forbidden because the official soundtrack is the movement of the waves on the sea. 

The colour selection is fresh, the only way we could have anything under the sun. 

Oye Cariño! a restaurant that reminds the locals of Playa del Carmen that traveling is not always the best option.

By Futura

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Oh man, now I'm picturing Jemma landing that lucky punch and accidentally giving Skye a black eye. She's horrified, but Skye kind of proud of her.

OMG. And on the one hand, Skye is experiencing OW MY FACE, but on the other: Jemma derails the entire training session to get Skye an icepack and do a thorough exam and she gets thisclose to strong arming her into x-rays to rule out an orbital fracture before Skye convinces her she can’t punch that hard.
And then she spends the next three days fussing over her, and apologizing, and maybe the morning after she makes Skye stay in bed while she makes pancakes with chocolate chips arranged into a little smile AND bacon AND fresh-squeezed juice, because if anyone cooks away her guilt, it’s Jemma.

Skye lets it go for like four days. She waits until they’re sitting in the rec room, watching Mack challenge Bobbi to a Call of Duty deathmatch. Her bruising is already 70% gone but Jemma is watching her out of the corner of her eye, obviously gearing up to apologize again, when she finally comes out with it: “You know, you should really punch me in the face more often. I could get used to this.”

having idle time is not good for my brain… i start thinking of everything and can’t stop. like today i had a lot of time to just think and it got me so fucked up bc all i could think of was the shitty things in my life and i just can’t even deal with them so i need to keep my mind going i need it.

Death dodges the brave. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Laura closed her eyes and clasped her gloved hands together, trying to focus on the feeling of the fabric between her fingers instead the wind that was buffeting through the open plane door.

“Are you ready, Hollis?” Carmilla asked from the seat next to her. Her voice was tinny in Laura’s earpiece, just loud enough over the sound of the plane.

Before Laura could reply, Danny Lawrence shouted from the other side of the plane, “She better be ready.”

“Shut up, Agent Orange,” Carmilla snapped back.

“Hey, if this mission fails because we had to take the Boot,” Danny gestured roughly at Laura, “then there’s going to be hell to pay.”

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Summary: Very loose Captain America AU.

Laura is left a super soldier serum by her dad, which she completely accidentally uses on herself. She is then thrust into a world of annoyed soldiers, snarky secret agents, over-eager scientists, and covert ops.

Previous Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

People be asking if I’m okay.
Yeah, I’m fine, but my baby Helen isn’t.
I just really hope she gets better because whenever she eats, it comes back up again.

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bby i love you ok like this is some good advice! but the few occasions he would try to hit me my sister would grab this thing on the front porch (it’s like some sort of old rusty BIG butter churner thing) and she would pick it up and be like “you better back the fk up”. she a good sis tho <3. and you’re a good beautiful person / angel too ok i loveLOVE you very much for your concern and love ok, have an absolutely amazing night or day or morning bby muffin lovesss

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To the other anon, I'm a huge Dunn fan and I don't know how she didn't make the WC squad. I know everyone will hate me for this but I think as an outside back she may be better going up the flank the Kling or Krieger b/c of her speed and her ability to take on players 1v1 instead of just sending a cross into the box and hoping for the best.

I personally think that Dunn will exceed better as a mid fielder

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Diana: you better get back to her who ever she is Connor: I broke up with her because i realized I that your the one for me ever since we met in the old oak tree I fell in love with you! Diana:* blushes* you love me???

Awwwwwwwwww! This is so sweet!

Fight for the Top Chapter 131

*WARNING  this chapter contains smut

Chapter 131

Mates and Introductions

Alvar nods as the others started taking off their masks as they were getting closer to shore again. Alvar gave orders and the windows closed up and when they landed, the door and walkway opened automatically and then after all of them were out, closed up and dived back to return to where it needs to be. Romaine handed Artemis all the baby stuff she’d gotten, then thought better of it and picked it all back up because it might end up too heavy for her. Melody told Medusa to send Air Serpent back in a few days, then she would have all the finishing touches done on the gift for her. Artemis got back into the car and buckled in, she managed to stay awake on the ride back to the house but when they got back she went straight up to her room and crawled into bed with an array of pillows and stuffed animals around her. Romaine gave a small smile and put the baby stuff in the baby room before going to his own room to sleep. Orlaith slid her clothes off and slid right into their bed.

“Ah feels good to be back.”

“And it’s good to have you back. We’ve missed you guys,” Thor said as he laid down next to her. She gives a small smile and snuggles close to him. So they hadn’t mated once again. She honestly had grown accustomed to it, just being normal and next to him. Plus she knew he’d had fun with the guys.Thor knew very well what Orlaith wanted. And he knew what he’d promised her. He leaned over and kissed her.

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