Ceska: November 11, 2000 - March 5, 2014

Ceska, a black Labrador Retriever, and named for a character in Star Trek Voyager, had to put down today. From the moment we got her on December 22, 2000, Ceska has been nothing but a joy. She was always a puppy, never grew up. No matter how old she got, playing and going for walks were her favorite thing.

She loved to laze around with the family, and always made everyone happy. Even when she contracted a severe case of arthritis, Ceska still was bouncy and happy as ever. She was a fighter too–always took care of the moles in the yard and chased away Squirrels. Whenever a stranger approached the house, she was the first to tell us. But she was also a friend, not just to us but to other animals. 

No matter how big she got, she was always a puppy and loved to be around her family. Even when it got difficult to walk up the stairs, she would still fight it because she wanted to sleep where I and my sisters did. I still remember when we first got her, and she was just a little ball of black and was too small to walk up stairs. We had to carry her and teach her how to walk up them.

Today, I was told she got to play in the yard one last time, And it was a beautiful day to do so. She was even happy to go to the Vet, she always loved to go because the people were so nice to her. Even today, she was just as happy as always even though she could hardly walk.

But today, we had to say goodbye to our puppy. RIP Ceska.