Scandal 502: My Ramblings.

I will try and be concise but I am not great with words. I have watched it twice now and my opinion changed the second time. It still wasn’t as strong as last week but I get it and what it was meant to be. 

So lets get to the thing that had us debating all week:

The Leak

the leak wasn’t the arc, it wasn’t a big deal, I get that and I am glad. It didn’t matter who did it but it was obvious it was Liz, and I kind of which it wasn’t that obvious, but thats beside the point. Its the bigger picture. 

Now the episode…

The concept

I get the point of this episode. Olivia needed time away and a break to collect her thoughts and figure out what she wanted to do, she was also terrified. She needed to focus on work (her coping mechanism), so she can decide what’s best for her. Did I wish she stayed and sorted it with Fitz? YES. Would that have been plausible? Probably not. 

Mellie Grant

Why the fuck does Mellie Grant still think her and Fitz are a team? My brain hurts. I dont know if it is just stupid ass writing or if she is THAT delusional. She wants an apology? Bitch please, grow the fuck up. Wouldn’t any self respecting woman want to get out of that marriage and build a self respecting career to go off on your own. She really is not going to go without a fight but I dont get why she would want remain in that situation. 

Again I loved the way Fitz dealt with her. Smooth, calm and collected. He has lost all fucks to give when it comes to her and when he said 

“Everything, is about your presidential run” - I was like, 

She won’t ever work for her own success and wants others to do it for her. You’ve spent 1 week as a senator, you need to earn your keep. Not here for it. 

Susan Ross

She is so naive. I thought she would be good for Fitz after the Brandon Bill, and I still think she could be but she wasn’t feeling it.  Hilarious when she thought the pictures were fake though. 

Fitz - “ I am not ashamed, I am not hiding” 

He has always wanted to be honest and open and people have always stopped him. This is what I love about him and I really like that moment where he reminded Susan that behind closed doors he is just a man with a heart and flaws like everybody else.

Cyrus once said to Olivia

 “Some men weren’t born to be happy, they were born to be great” - (107). 

This is technically what Susan is saying to him now

“You don’t get to be just anyone else” 

but this time he isn’t taking it. He is not letting his presidency take control of his heart and he is letting himself be the man. 

I still think Susan could be a good person for Fitz to have but we will see in due time…


I hate how Cyrus still treats fitz like a fucking kid. Cyrus manipulating the situation through Abby is not too different from how Olivia used to manipulate goings on in the White House through Cyrus, when he needed her. Olivia did it to help Fitz, help the country. Cyrus, nope, he is there for one person, himself and he has found Abby as his new puppet to work with. Cyrus is a dog without a leash and he grasping at all straws he can to gain any semblance of power and control back. 

I dont know where they are going with him but he loves the republic and the presidency more than anything, and we have seen him break Olitz apart before to try and salvage that and he’d do it again. I don’t know how he will get back into the WH but I expect it to come from the demise of Liz/Abby through some subtle manipulation and string pulling. 

Do I care where is character goes so much?


So here for Quinn shading Huck the entire time, 90% of what she did I was happy with, and also shading jakes ability to help Huck, here for it. 

Reconnecting with Huck at the end? Not so much. I get that they want to try and rebuild OPA but Huck needs to be put down. A few years ago I would have said that Olivia needs Huck more than anyone, now, not so much. He is just boring now and with him he brings the stench of BS13. 

So they going with this Huckleberry Quinn psycho couple thing again? Boring, but fine. 

The case of the week 

The case was clearly a fella to take Olivia out of Washington and give her time and breathing space. Was it the strongest case? No, and I prefer when they have strong parallels or ties to what is going in Olivia’s life or the WH. The parallel here, two people:

OPA needs a revamp. It is all over the place and I think that is where Marcus Walker will come in, but also why they made Huck and Quinn kiss and make up. 

Looks like Joke is going to be part of OPA ….What a surprise there. As far as i’m aware he has no training in the law, so he is another huck. But he is a shitter spy and can’t hack, so what will he be… Oliva’s proxy shrink. Grow some balls you pathetic ass and find something to stand on your own two feet. 

If they’re going to keep him at least give him a credible role for him stand alone with. I called it from the TGIT promo vids that he’d be there with them. 

Oliva and Jake

I HATE to combine them but I feel they need to be discussed together here. 

Firstly Joke: “…Or has something changed” - Don’t make Olivia feel bad and doubt her love? 

The coffee shop scene: I knew that punk ass kid would rat them out. 

I really felt that you saw her fear in this scene when she was recognised and I think having Jake there, sadly, meant that she got out safely, and without anyone else there I don’t know if that would have been possible. 

Although once again he is made the hero blah blah blah. But that’s not the point for this. 

The first time Olivia has breathing space is when she is in that motel room by herself, you can see for the first time that she is completely overwhelmed and struggling with herself and what she wants to do. I never once doubted that she wouldn’t go back to fitz in this episode, except a tiny part of me after that answerphone, but she really did need the space to sort out her head and decide for herself how she wanted to handle it.

She has the voices of the two men who she believes control her, surrounding her; one controls the heart and the other in the past has controlled her mind. With fitz however, you could say he takes over her heart and mind. Jake’s voice was just a reminder that she does love him and she can chose him. 

Voices from her dad - “First Lady” “Mediocre” (301 when she was forced to leave) - I don’t know if part of her fears are regarding what will happen when she is in the White House. She doesn’t want to lose the name she has built for herself in her line of work and become the statue that Mellie refers to earlier on. She is the “formidable Olivia Pope” and if the White House are clever they could sue that to their advantage.

She then has Fitz’s profession of love battling with that. 

Props to Kerry here, she really did it well. She can teach BY a few things about a fake cry:

The bed scene:

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Jake is her shrink. I have no words

“Did my father teach you that” - she still has a lot cynicism when it comes to Jake because she knows he is a product of her father. 

I know Olivia wouldn’t cheat on fitz now, I know she wouldn’t but when she said “can we, would you mind?” I was like what the fucking fuck?

Even spooning someone is too much when you are seeing somebody else. It is a very intimate thing and you don’t do it with everybody or anybody. I get that she wanted to feel safe and some comfort but no, Jake being that spoon…

They could have laid on their backs touching, or he could have maybe held her hand for a few minutes for reassurance but this was too much for me. 

She’s running from the shame, not from fitz, not from the love.

Jake, for the rarest of times said something that I liked : “loving the president isn’t a crime” I hate him, I do but from him it shows his acceptance that the president is just a human being as well, and so is she. They are two human beings in the scariest of circumstances. I want to believe that this was a mature moment for Jake because he knows he was always playing second fiddle to Fitz, so in that pea-sized brain of his, I want to think this is growth. I may eat my words later on. 


I know this is a bit jumbled up but I wanted to include the Truman balcony scene here. For the 70% of this episode I felt sorry for Abby, again she is in too deep but with nothing she could do. 

But this balcony scene annoyed me (side note: how is she just allowed to walk freely through the residence?)

“You know who she is with” - trying to get fitz angry and jealous all over again… Abby I was rooting for you. 

I thought Abby would want her friend to be happy after the hell she has seen her go through, but instead of trying to placate the situation she is fuelling it for her own power and control. Selfish ass bitch. Over a cliff my ass. Liv will not take this lightly and I was rooting for their friendship this season. Olivia may not have been okay with that kind of life last year the year before or even the year before that but now things are different. She wants to stand in the light she wants to openly love him she is just scared to do so, but like Jake said loving him is not a crime and that is something she has to deal with and accept herself.

Abby placing seeds of doubt in Fitz’s mind like Cyrus and Mellie used to do. Bitch not here for it.

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Abby and Liz a team, is it them vs Olivia and Fitz? never saw that coming. Abby is taking control and power back to her job and knows that working with Liz will help the both of them, but she now has one over on Liz, like her ex boss she “always has cards left to play”. They’re both being undermined but now they will both be in the know and it will give them both a lot more power.

Thing is, there is only one woman that has control of that WH and it is Olivia Pope and when she gets on the tail end of this, she will be pissed! 


I know I have mentioned him already but just some extra things and that phone call with Mellie. 

I do like that the whole episode Fitz was giving Liv time to breathe because he does know her and knows what she is like. He didnt pressure her or hound her. I do wish there had been more communication between them but that would’ve been easily to hide and easily tracked and it was probably not the way to go about it at that moment. 

“I apologise come home” at this point I want to throw everything at my computer screen. What pisses me off the most, is every time fitz thinks that she isn’t going to come back or he is losing her, he returns to Mellie and accepts that as his life. 

He can still divorce her without Olivia being there. The whole point was the divorce and nothing to do with Olivia and that shouldn’t change things now. We obviously hadn’t heard the answerphone message he left for her at this point but I still think regardless he could’ve divorced Mellie, getting that divorce is for him more than anyone else.

The Answer Phone Message

This reminded me of Fitz in 417 with the DouxBeBe ring when he says “I just want you to be happy” 

He is willing to love her from a far if that is what will make her happy. He has always wanted her, he will always want her, and he will do whatever we can to have her and be with her, but he knows it has to be what she wants and is willing to accept if it isnt. 

I was so fricking proud of them by the end of this episode. 

And then I was ready to pack it in and be depressed forever thinking

But then the thing I predicted would happen, happened, the saving grace of a mediocre episode, our baby said it, she took it and admitted to it.

“Olivia, are you the presidents mistress?”

She wants him she, wants him enough to face the fight and weather the storm with him, they can do it together.