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Hi there! I was curious what you thought was the symbolic importance of Chihaya no longer seeing her "chihaya" card anymore and then the scene where she is playing Arata and sees Taichi and remembers Taichi as a child and her looking at him when she was playing Arata in his room when they were kids right before Arata moved? Sorry for the long question. I hope you understand what I mean!

Taichi has always been an important part of Chihaya’s identity. Throughout all of Chihaya’s struggles, Taichi had always been there for her, supporting her. When Taichi left, Chihaya lost an important part of her identity. I think she experienced that flashback because I believe that she realized that she had been taking Taichi’s presence and support for granted since the beginning. The ‘chiha’ card represents her identity, but without Taichi, she loses her identity and therefore no longer sees the card.