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Do you have any favorite Tumblr witches you follow?

Brace yourself, Anon, this is gonna be a long one…

Some of my favorite witchblrs in no particular order are:

And probably a ton more that I’m spacing. This list is already obnoxiously long so I’m gonna end it there. Have a great day, Anon! 

It's not an offering if it's littering

I’m seeing quite a few suggestions for sea offerings that effectively revolve around floating or burying a sealed jar on the beach. Please don’t, you are just littering and potentially leaving something dangerous for a small child to hurt themselves on.

See the blog of she-who-treads-on-water for some great offering ideas.

Crystals for Crying

Crystals to keep nearby when you just need a good cry

•Rose Quartz
•blue crystals such as: Larimar, Aquamarine, Blue Aragonite, Blue Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, Angelite, Celestite

Suggestions taken from @myoldusernamewasbetter @jen-10101 @she-who-treads-on-water

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Hello! I'm a fairly new witch, and I was wondering if you could recomend any accounts I could follow. Thanks so much!!


^^ my favorites (*^^*)

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Your favourite/recommended tumblrs?


All witchcraft or cutesy witch aesthetic ( ^ u ^ )

she-who-treads-on-water  asked:

Nyx, Poseidon, Rhea 💙

thank you, sweet mermaid friend ♡

  • Nyx: What’s your favorite nighttime activity?

i love to do whatever rolls with me at night ♡ i don’t have a particular favourite thing to do at night but what i love is the feeling of having…. so much time in peace and quiet and no one interrupting my flow :D

  • Poseidon: What’s your favorite sea creature?

ooohhhh okay wow! so i really love seals, sea horses, dolphins, angel fish, penguins, turtles, shrimps (they are sooooo cute, i can’t ♡), octopodes (i think they are really fucking creepy with their intelligence but wow???) and probably i am forgetting some… but these are the ones at the top of my head :D

  • Rhea: What’s your favorite type of nature?

beaches! *-*

🌜Get to know some witches🌷

tag rules ⋆ tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know

Thank you so much for the tag @cinnamon-fawn , Thank you dear~!

Nicknames -  

Kiki, Kiana, Ki-Kiana ~Kinara

✨ Nessa, Ness, Mii, Vanny -Nessa

Gender - 

Female ~ Kinara + Nessa

Star sign - 

Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon ~Kinara

✨ Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Leo Rising -Nessa

Height - 

5′2 ~Kinara

✨ 5′1 -Nessa

Sexuality - 

Bisexual ~ Kinara & Nessa

Hogwarts house - 

Slytherin ~ Kinara

✨ The good ol’ Gryffindor -Nessa

Favourite animal - 

Wolves ~Kinara

✨ All cats both domestic and wild! -Nessa

Average hours spent sleeping -

6-7 hours each night ~ Kinara

✨ 5-6 hours -Nessa 😭

Dogs or cats - 

Both, I refuse to choose one ~ Kinara

✨ Cats, ftw -Nessa

Number of blankets I sleep with - 

Two ~ Kinara & Nessa

Dream trip - 

Japan ~Kinara

✨ Dubai, Japan,  and Europe - Nessa

Dream job -

Own a Business, run it from home and have enough to sustain lifestyle ( which is just staying at home like a hermit) ~ Kinara

✨ Still figuring it out but owning a business is badass! - Nessa

When I made this account - 

This account was created on June 30,2017 ~ Kinara & Nessa

Why I made this account -

Nessa and I wanted an account together, sharing our voices and experiences togeher ~ Kinara  & Nessa

# of followers -

5, 757 followers ~Kinara& Nessa

We tag: @bitchcr4ft @starborn-witch @she-who-treads-on-water @spellsandwitchtips @thymewitch @modern-cottage-witch @nuala-luna @dontkillthefaeries @magickjustice @pumpkin-spiced-knitting @eclectic-aquarius @nokothesecretwitch @hematitehearts @misty-witch


🐚 Super Easy DIY Shell Hair Tie 🐚

I am fortunate to live along the coast and I often visit the beaches around here. Often times I will find shells like these that are half worn down by the ocean. Don’t pass over them! They’re perfect for making quick and easy DIY shell hair ties! If you do not live near a beach, check out thrift stores or yard sales for shells worn down like these. You’ll also need hair ties, I got mine from the dollar store.

🐚 You will want to pinch one end of the hair tie and ease it through the hole and push it through the spiral inside. I find it easiest to work from top of the shell downward and out at the bottom.

🐚 Some shells will be trickier than others to feed the hair tie through, but I’ve done all of these with fairly minimal effort. Once you have the hair tie pulled through, you will want to stick one end of the loop of the hair tie into the other end and pull it tight.

🐚 Tada, your shell hair tie is now done and ready to adorn your hair (or whatever else you want to tie it to). These are not only decorative, but you can also do some great witchy things with them like inscribing a sigil inside the shell.


A Simple Tea Spell for Positive Changes and Transformations

Butterfly Pea Flower tea is a really amazing naturally blue occurring tea. Due to its alkaline nature, when an acid, such as lemon juice is added to it, it changes from blue to pink. Science is magic!

You will need:
*Butterfly Pea Flower Tea
*Lemon Juice

Brew your tea and let it seep until it is a rich navy blue and pour into your cup. As you add the lemon juice into the tea, visualize the positive changes and transformations you want to happen. Watch the tea turn from blue to pink.

Enjoy your tea now!

***With any herbs and herbal teas, please make sure to do your research first before consuming or drinking.***