she probably won't see this but anyway >.>

@thebootydiaries I did lil’ drawing of you ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

I just thought, in the show, there is literally no reason for malec to break up like in the books. Like we’ve already seen that Alec doesn’t mind Magnus being bi and Camille’s already in Idris so she can’t trick him into stealing his immortality. And the whole thing of Magnus not telling Alec about his past, making Alec really annoyed, is probably going to be eradicated next episode (probably the “I never wanted you to see this terrible, ugly side of me” scene) (and he’s been talking about parts of his past anyway). Basically all of book!malec’s issues come from a complete lack of communication but we’ve already seen that they have a high emphasis on communication in the show


Look at them being smooth af

We see your hands guys! (¬‿¬)

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Idk if anyone has thought of this but I was thinking that maybe in S5 Clarke and Madi get split up somehow. Bellamy happens to come across madi. (maybe high risk situation?) They meet for the first time and get to know each other and they both talk about Clarke! And how they both love and miss her. Madi knows a lot about Bellamy. Anyway, that probably won't happen but I am excited to see what the relationship between clarke and madi and bellany and madi is going to look like!!!

Wait. Are you saying that when Madi gets separated from Clarke, Bellamy randomly comes across and ADOPTS THE ONLY CHILD ON EARTH??

That is totally in character and i would be down for that.

Love it. 

Bellamy and spacekru lands on earth, finds/saves/adopts Madi, who recognizes him, of course, from all of Clarke’s stories, and he’s surprised that this strange child would know him and she tells him, but that’s because Mom’s been telling me all about you. And he says, “Who is your mom?” and she’s like, “The biggest badass on earth. Clarke Griffin.” And boom! Bellamy knows Clarke’s alive and he takes care of Madi and they go off in search of Clarke. 

When Bellarke are reunited finally, he is bringing her Madi, and Madi is like, “Hey mom, I found dad.”

That would be a surprise reunion. And that would have him finding out about the radio messages and we’d get his reaction to them. 

Yes. Very good. Yes. Muy bueno. I like. 

Borderlands 3 Wish - Rhys

All I want… for BL3… is for Rhys to give me a mission(s).

I want that cinnamon roll of a CEO to gush about how cool my Vault Hunter is with every little task they perform, get shy as he tries to think up new tasks for them, and at the end…

Says thank you for taking his mission as he/she was his first Vault Hunter. (Successfully contracted anyway.)

And… I wanna see him dork out over my Action Skill and Second Winds. (Gotta have it.)

He better be my new Handsome Jack, dammit. Jack talking during BL2 and Pre-sequel made the world less empty and way more fun. They need a presence in there along with ridiculous missions (maybe picking up precious stolen cargo that ends up being socks.)

Why not make that wonderful presence Rhys?

And if the Vault Hunter REPLIES? *spazz*


This is is still wild to me. Ilu anon. I’ve included one NSFW headcanon for each character

Mina Ashido

  • Mina is definitely surprise when she finds out; she’d ask you a slew of questions about them, from whether or not it hurt or how it feels now. She’s just super curious and what’s to know all the things!
  • Definitely thinks they are pretty cool, and will probably end up telling more than a few people that her partner has them. “Hey guess what y/n has! Guess!!”
  • Buys you a bunch of different jewelery pieces for them; usually one whenever she sees them. She loves to pamper you anyway, so it works out in her favor
  • NSFW: Is a little nervous the first time you guys have sex and is afraid of hurting you, but once you promise her that you’ll be fine she’s okay- in fact, she definitely loves to pull on them a bit in the heat of the moment

Eijiro Kirishima

  • Probably won’t believe it until he sees it. He just finds it super hard to believe that you if all people have nipple piercings, since before you he saw them as super taboo.
  • Once he sees them though, he thinks the fact that you have them makes you even sexier than he originally thought. It’s a bit of a turn on for him in the grand scheme of things
  • Being the goober that he is, he loves to try and guess which jewelery you’re wearing that day (since he knows all the different ones you have). He’ll go through the whole list before he gets it right if he has to-do you think he just likes imagining you in each set
  • NSFW: Loves rolling the jewelery around in his mouth during sex. He just loves the feel of the metal on his tongue, especially when it makes you react the way it does

Hitoshi Shinso

  • Is least likely to be surprised when he finds out. It’s not that he expected you to have them or anything, he just doesn’t care all that much that you do have them.
  • At least that’s the way it is when he first finds out, but then he sees you one day with a tight shirt on and he can just make out the outline of the piercing and suddenly he has a new appreciation for them
  • Might even consider getting a pair of his own after he begins to appreciate them. He things they make you look like a badass, so why not?
  • NSFW: Uses them to overstimulate you during sex. He’ll tug and twist, suck and lick, until you’re writhing underneath him and begging him for more.

I started playing The Arcana and since I gave them all my money and I loved it so much, I decided I’d design my apprentice for full immersion because I’m in this hell permanently.

  • Traditional Filipino aesthetics!
    Sun’s rays, Maria Clara dress, red, white & blue, piña cloth, etc.
  • Paralleling Asra’s color choices because I’d die for him and Faust
  • The cape is a family heirloom and probably more expensive than everything else she owns. Y’know, for looking presentable in front of Nadia and customers. Those sleeves are made of delicate piña cloth.
  • Is this a self-insert? Absolutely.

Okay but honestly if O/ctavia just becomes a straight up antagonist, then it’ll probably be the best for her. Just let her be her true self without trying to be something she’s not. Seriously….like I’m tired of seeing, “redemption arc” and “Oc/tavia” in the same sentence. It’s not gonna happen, she seems to be going in a downward spiral so just let her be whatever she is lol. I’m over it.

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MC is missing and ROs looking for them. ROs notices a dog won't leave MC's apartment door, when the dog see RO they start barking and moaning. Will ROs know the dog is MC because they got cursed by a witch?

Alexander: Probably doesn’t recognize the dog as the MC right away but feels bad and lets the dog in anyway. MC will have to convince him by doing something/showing him something only the MC and him knows about.

Hui Yin: Knows something is up but isn’t quite sure what. Figures out that MC is the dog when she looks into their eyes. She’d recognize your eyes anywhere.

Taylor: Believes the dog is just a pet that the MC takes care of so they let it inside their apartment. Only figures out something is wrong when they’re looking around the MC’s apartment and can’t find any dog food. They get incredibly antsy the longer MC is gone and eventually ends up contacting their Patron in order to get help in finding them.

Rania: Knows immediately get out of here. Honestly she’s probably the one who put the curse on them as a prank so she dresses them up in frilly bows and things like that before changing them back.

Kazu: He knows it’s the MC as soon as he sees the dog; he’s always been attuned with magic and the energies surrounding him and suffice it to say that the dog is giving off very strong magical energies. He knows how to fix this, he just needs a few ingredients…

Aquila: She’s worried about the dog but she’s not about to let it into the MC’s apartment. Only figures out that it’s the MC when the dog shows back up with some of her favorite flowers or something like that.

Desmond: He knows before he even sees the dog, knows before he even gets to the MC’s apartment. He’s got wards set up everywhere and he knows when something has crossed them or changed. The MC is a dog for only a few hours before Desmond has them fixed. Then, he goes after the witch.

(All of the Gods would immediately know given the empathetic connection they have with the MC, so I’ll give their reactions!)

Amaterasu: She’s so torn between laughing and being completely enraged. Figures it has to be Okuni-Nushi that did this to them, so that’s who she seeks out to fix it. Warns him he’d better not do it again otherwise there would be consequences.

Raphael: Wraps the MC in his wings and lets out soft shushing noises as he waits for his Second to bring him the necessary ingredients to change them back. He’s not angry unless the MC is angry.

Mercury: Can’t stop laughing. Tease the MC relentlessly before someone *cough* Aesculapius *cough* finds out and gives him a good tongue-lashing. This doesn’t stop him from punishing the witch who thought she could get away with cursing his Hero.

Hemera: Sees this as a way to demean her Hero and wastes no time in making things right. Afterwards, she goes to Zeus and demands he do something before she takes matters into her own hands. If he doesn’t, well, she’s going to her mother. And everyone knows that Nyx would go to Tartarus and beyond for her favorite daughter.

Guanyin: They understand why you’re upset! They do! But…you’re just so cute as a dog! It’ll be a few hours before they turn you back because their dragons and them can’t stop cuddling you. Gives the witch a stern talking to if it was done by accident or just as a joke.

Horus: He’s confused by this and simply changes you back. Only seeks retribution if it’s what you want.

Nero: How dare you. Who is he most angry at? How did he know you were the dog before he even saw you? Nobody knows. But one thing is certain; somebody is going to pay. Not only are you changed back to normal, the witch that cursed you is sent straight to the deepest circle of Hell. He also snaps at you a bit, telling you that should be better than that and you should be more careful. Yells at your Guardians and Patron too.

Nadia: Nero tells her that you’re the dog and at first she doesn’t believe him but…She knows her father is behind this, somehow. So that’s who she goes and confronts. It takes two days, Nadia is bruised and sore, her father is sending hunting parties after the two of you, but you’re finally changed back to normal.

Anthony: Has literally no idea that you’re the dog. Wouldn’t ever figure it out if it weren’t for your Guardians. Apologizes a thousand times when you’re back to normal.

Loren: She can tell. Regular animals have a particular scent and this dog…smells like you but different. She takes you to your Guardians and they figure it out from there. Would rather you stay away from the witch rather than go after her.

Luis: He’s so angry he can’t even form a coherent sentence. Still, he manages to turn you back. Seeks retribution from the witch in the form of eternal servitude…she doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

Aurora: Sighs. Looks at you. Sighs again. She knows you’re the dog. She knows the witch who cursed you. She wishes her sisters would stop doing things like this to her lovers.

why is everyone freaking out about the love triangle tho like,, even if Noora fell in love with Yousef (which I highly doubt. she was probably only talking about him in the new clip because she wanted to know what the deal between these two was and what Sana thought of him), do you really think Yousef could ever have eyes for any other girl than Sana?? I mean, have you seen the way he looks at her?? that boy is too far gone to even think about other girls. he only sees Sana. so I wouldn’t worry too much about this love triangle stuff because it’s probably not going to happen anyway.

Flight of the Albatross - Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time [Part 1]

From the “Find your dialogue prompt” the title was inspired by the Panic! At the Disco song of the same name.
A) “Can I help you?”
18) “Please, tell me more.”

The tavern appeared for all intents and purposes to be innocuous, dimly lit and–over all–well-loved by the numerous patrons that entered it’s walls. Pirates and local sailors filled the dining hall with a cacophonous din, their voices roaring as they chattered, swapping stories and just in general having a pleasant time. Cigar smoke gave the room a perpetual haze, the scent of spilled booze from harried waitstaff mixing with its cloying odor.

Law hated it.

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Humor - While on the run, Kara and Alice hide in plain sight by sneaking into a big party at a family restaurant. On this particular night a hypnotist is doing a stage show and needs some volunteers. Alice is curious and asks Kara if they can join. Kara's reluctant, but agrees after seeing some moms volunteer with their kids. Besides, she figures it probably won't work anyway. A remarkable discovery is made that night that almost nobody on Earth realizes. Some androids can in fact be hypnotized.

Oh, also it’d be funny if them being androids just added extra silliness to their antics while under trance. Like if Kara and Alice were made to believe they were chickens, their operating system’s would give them a hyper-imaginative perception of their surroundings. Everything around them looks like part of a farm. And their vocals could create strangely realistic “bawk” sounds compared to the other volunteers.

The fact that this could be theoretically proven bc Connor has been shown to mimic other voices makes it both incredibly hilarious and also frightening just imagine Alice running up to you and jUST LETTING OUT A HELLISH CHICKEN NOISE.

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Umm.. wow, hi, I'm just a derpy nobody that you probably won't notice but for the past 40 minutes that I have stalked this account. I'm curious. What would Leo look like with his hair straightened?

((I notice everything my dear I just forget to respond occasionally but seriosly tho you can always send me asks. Anyway I just wanna say that Libra is helping him cuz I see him as the type to enjoy getting groomed or similar things so he makes other people do it (and she is the most compliant one) but I also see him as not wanting to do this because he dislikes damaging his hair cuz u know his hair is everything as well as the fact he doesn’t wanna get burned. Ah also guess who he is lowkey roasting in the last drawing 

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Oh no Mari won't be convinced on the relationship. Even with this developement she still probably won't have aproved. Not that she's insenstive but she's is the most sensible one. The fact that Yuri relationship is causing harm to the siren community as a whole will put her off completely and will probably try to "save" her brother.

Mari would have been resistant to the relationship anyway, but with what’s happening now… It’s going to be very hard for her to see how this could be good for her baby brother.

god knows why but apparently aos is filming and i’m gonna take a hot minute to predict season 6 here it goes:

  • overall arc that is loosely connected to the mcu (probs captain marvel) for some god damn reason but has fuck all to do with what aos has ever been about, ie lol no inhuman stuff
  • some mourning for coulson - more than for andrew (lmao) but less than for lincoln because come on let’s not go overboard amirite this show has to be kinda fun
  • may who
  • epic singleminded quest to get the back up copy torturer back! simmons will probably throw every person she knows under the bus and work with the baddies a dozen times to get him back v. heartwarming
  • torturer grandson will be super involved in something that the team really needs, so no choice but to team up, right?? can you believe slave trader dude will be The Key To Everything???????
  • daisy will finally realize that the guy who sold her out to slavery to the kree and defended her torturer is her One True Love 😍😍😍😍
  • she will have some hero moments but will never be director of shield because YOU SEE she doesn’t really want that gotta respect her agency!! getting a new rando boyfriend she’s known for one (1) season is her REAL win!!!!
  • mack and elena do some things probably
  • baddie of the season will change about 5 times, half the plot lines will get dropped, there’ll be two and a half plot twists per episode
  • some more reassurance that piper is straight

I decided to step back from the spoops and draw Nyo! Nevo in a kimono bc she looks good in a kimono

tbh this could be male Nevo cross-dressing too

Either way, Nevo is a beautiful self-proclaimed God

Hands up who wants to see Mundi in a kimono (or just some dresses)


(also click for transparent)

Who you should fight BSG edition
  • (based on personality not actual skill as most of these people could kill you)
  • Kara Thrace: Thats the stupidest thing you could do. Are you crazy? DO NOT FIGHT STARBUCK. She is a ball of rage and issues and she will completely destroy you. And she'll enjoy it. 100% Kara wins. Don't fucking do it
  • Lee Adama: Lee will probably win. He is just as headstrong and determined as Kara, but he is a real stickler for rules and justices, so you could edge ahead. 90% Lee wins, 10% you win. You shouldn't fight Lee.
  • William Adama: Don't. Just don't.
  • Zak Adama: He's dead man, why you gotta be like that? don't fight poor dead Zak. No. 0%.
  • Laura Roslin: See you'd think you might be able to win against the little school teacher, but there is a 90% probability Laura will pull some sneaky shit and kill you. Also if you upset her, Adama will come for you. Just leave it dude.
  • Cheif Tyrol: Chief has rage inside of him, but he'll probably implode before he does to much damage. Unless you really push his buttons, then he'll rip you head of. You could fight the Chief I just don't know why you'd want to.
  • Sam Anders: He was a professional athlete before Caprica fell, so he has the determination and competitive spirit, but he also seems a little emotionally fragile. You could win, maybe, but its not looking good. 75% he'd win, 25% you win. Try it, but it probably won't come out in your favour.
  • Helo: That guys a giant, don't do it. I mean odds are he won't want to fight you because its 'morally wrong', but if he did fight you, he would end you. 100% you will lose. But then again 70% Helo will refuse to fight. Just leave it.
  • Athena: If you try picking a fight with Helo and he refuses, Athena will definitely take you up on that fight. Odds are shaky weather or not she's win, but she may surprise you with her will to survive. Try fighting Athena. Odds are 50/50, see what happens.
  • Kat: There is an 80% likelihood that Kat would turn into a crazy angry animal if fought, but the other 20% says she would collapse into a hysteric mess. Even if she does turn into a crazy animal, she probably won't actually do that much damage. You probably should fight Kat anyway. She's a cocky little shit.
  • Saul Tigh: Tigh will fight dirty, he hits hard, and he'll probably be drunk, which makes this a dangerous fight to pick. He does only have one eye though, and kind of shitty reflexes. Odds are 65% to the Tigh, 35% you. Go ahead, fight Tigh. I wanna see it.
  • Anastasia Dualla: Don't fight little Dee. She could probably beat you, but why would you want to find that little cupcake. Hasn't she been through enough. Please, leave Dee alone.
  • Gaius Baltar: If you fight Baltar you will win. End of. That man cannot take a punch to save his life. Honestly. And more than that, he deserves to be fought. 100% win. Fight Baltar, destroy Baltar.

Shout out to @sweetfirebird for putting up with my long long monologues about how mad I am that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will probably never acknowledge how fucking gay they made the show… 




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OMG, I ship Geno x Error for a long time, and it's canon now?!? Oh, it's just a comic and they aren't even pals. Anyways, your art is awesome! I like your style and I hope this comic won't end *-* (sorry for my bad english~)

Hahaha noooo it’s not canon, although CQ seems to be very open to pairings she hasn’t confirmed anything, sorry dear ^^ But ship away if it’s your cup of tea! I could just see them being besties if, you know, Error wasn’t trying to kill Geno :D

Aww haha aren’t you sweet! I can tell you that the comic is probably gonna go on for a pretty long time. Probably not as long as Sondertale, but like, months long, haha. So buckle up buttercup and enjoy the anguish ride!