she makes everything look so easy

Mendes Barbecue

It’s a Mendes family barbecue and Shawn brought you along for your first time of going.

It was a little nerve wracking but it helped knowing that his family liked you. 

“Babe, want another one?” Shawn asked, pulling a beer out of the fridge. 

“Um, no but I’ll take a water.” 

“Okay,” He nods, digging into the back of the fridge to get you a water.

You and Aaliyah were just starting to get to know each other, she was just starting to open up to you and he loved watching that.

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  • Aries: even when you undress her
  • you are searching for me
  • I am sorry I
  • taste so good that
  • when the two of you
  • make love it is
  • still my name
  • that rolls of your
  • tongue accidentally
  • Taurus: you look at me and cry
  • 'everything hurts'
  • i hold you and whisper
  • 'but everything can heal'
  • Gemini: it wasn't you I was kissing
  • -don't be mistaken
  • it was him on my mind, your lips were just convenient
  • Cancer: she is water
  • soft enough
  • to offer life
  • tough enough
  • to drown it away
  • Leo: the world
  • gives you
  • so much pain
  • and here you are
  • making gold out of it
  • Virgo: to hate
  • is an easy lazy thing
  • but to love
  • takes strength
  • everyone has
  • but not all are
  • willing to practice
  • Libra: do you need me or do you need someone,
  • there's a difference
  • Scorpio: the idea that we are
  • so capable of love
  • but still choose
  • to be toxic
  • Sagittarius: this place makes me
  • the kind of exhausted that has
  • nothing to do with sleep
  • and everything to do with the people around me
  • Capricorn: the day you have everything
  • I hope you remember
  • when you had nothing
  • Aquarius: perhaps I don't deserve
  • nice things cause I am
  • paying for sins I don't
  • remember
  • Pisces: like the sky
  • my beloved is everywhere
  • but next to me
  • -
  • --
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“Although the vodka tasted like rubbing alcohol and a bitter distrust had molded itself around her veins, she couldn’t help but see the warmth in Taehyung that should have never been there. Taehyung should have never been here.”
Gang AU: Where Taehyung moves in next door to the runaway heir of his rivals, and she seems more distraught about it than him.
Rated M/Warnings: violent themes/slight gore, sexual themes, dacryphilia, overstimulation, intoxicated sex, slight mention of alcohol, princess!kink
Word Count:13,443

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Okay, but imagine Felicity is walking home after a late shift.

She’s been in witness protection for five months and wasn’t allowed to bring anything with her, not a single crappy thing, so she doesn’t have a car. William met her at the coffee shop earlier, as he usually does, doing his homework with his mom, keeping her company, reminding her why all of this is worth it if it means keeping him safe and protected. But he doesn’t stay because she’s working until 11 and he has school the next day, so she sends him home on the last bus in that direction, so it’s just her now. It’s not a long walk, and she doesn’t have to do it often, so she takes advantage when it pops up, needing the solitude where she doesn’t have to put up the bright front for William.

The streets aren’t as sketchy as Star City, they’re definitely not the Glades, but they aren’t exactly super safe either, so she’s got one hand in her pocket around her bottle of mace, a cooling latte she made herself in the other hand, a bag with a days-old muffin tucked under her arm.

Her feet are tired, her back aches, her face hurts from pasting on a smile so much. Usually it’s not that hard, she’s always aimed for the positive side of things, but this is hard, way harder than she could’ve ever anticipated. But one thing that helps, she thinks, is having her “disguise,” if it can even be called that. Her long hair dyed pink, the backwards cap, overalls, all designed to be the complete opposite of Felicity Megan Smoak-Queen. She’s not that person anymore. She can’t be. That decision was taken away from her, and so her new look - new clothes, new digs, new everything - makes all the hard decisions she’d been forced into making as a result of that horribly stupid fucking decision easier.

Like turning down the date a customer had asked her on earlier.

No, that hadn’t been easy. That had been hard, because it could never happen. Her heart wouldn’t let it.

Bitterness burns in her chest. That, and anger. It pulses through her, blurring the world. She bites her tongue, so hard it nearly bleeds before she’s calm again.

Felicity is about halfway home when the hair on the back of her neck rises.

It’s an instinct she’s spent years honing in her vigilante work, one that she one hundred percent trusts when it says someone is following her. She turns her head, trying to hear anything, but there’s only her footsteps, and the faint rustle of foliage starting to succumb to the cooler weather.

But there’s someone there, she knows it.

Just as quickly as the certainty set in, though, it disappears

And then a shadow steps in front of her.

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faetoshi  asked:

What do you think bakugo does after he retires?

when katsuki bakugou’s body finally decides to quit on him, he’s thirty-three years old. it’s mid-july and he’d been watching the moment approach him like a faraway train on a perfect, flat horizon for years now but he can’t remember forgetting to jump out of the way. 

he’d been ignoring a lot of his pain out of sheer denial of the ticking clock he’d become because by the time he’s in his twenties he’s pretty well aware of how destructive his quirk is and what kind of toll it’s taking on his body. he wanted to fight as much as he could before he just couldn’t, and that’s what he did. because if you’re not fighting hard, then are you even fighting?  

but then it hits him, and he hadn’t expected it to hurt so fucking bad. hadn’t ever really expected to just be done. to be at the end. so fucking soon, it’s over. he’d just gotten comfortable with his place as number four. he’d been alright with it. he’d accepted it, was maybe a little happy with it. he’d been there for a while, a few years now, but he’d just recently let it make him a little happy. 

and it’s gone. just like that. one bad fight, one really ugly series of snaps that he’s not sure if other people can hear or if it’s just in his head, and his chance at climbing any higher is decimated with the better percentage of his arm function. his chance at being number one wavers the way he does now when he walks, until it buckles when he does and doesn’t get up again.

pro hero dynamite doesn’t quite go out with the bang he’d fantasized about and for a while, the embers just glow on the ground where the bomb went off.

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the lili panel:

• she said it was trippy to see everyone play characters other than their normal characters in the flashback episode, but it was really fun
• her favorite bughead moment is in 1x10 when jughead kisses her scars, which was her idea
• she said she pitched a flashback episode to roberto a while ago, so it was cool that it actually happened
• someone asked “bughead or barchie?” and she responded saying she wanted people to stop fighting online over the ships. she said IF it makes sense and happens organically, she’d be fine with barchie, but she doesn’t want them together just for the sake of being together. she also said people need to remember this is a drama and a tv show
• she said that the fans are what encourage her to keep going and that it’s very stressful and she gets anxiety about conventions but the support and love she gets keeps her going
• she said when she got the call about booking betty cooper, she cried and had to sit down and process. she said it was a moment where she knew she booked something that would change her life. she said her agent was like “I’m just checking in, no news and then was like JUST KIDDING WE’RE ALL HERE (lawyer, agent, etc) AND YOU GOT IT”
• she said she’s still developing a personal style but she’ll never regret anything she wears to events because everything she wears makes her feel beautiful in that moment. she also said clothes she wears on photoshoots are normally things she’d never wear in real life
• she said it’s always been easy to talk about mental health because she’s never been made to feel ashamed of it. she said it’s easier to talk about as soon as you start, because so many people want to talk about it and there are so many communities of people who want to talk about it
• she said she looked up to demi lovato because she was the first celebrity she’d seen talk about depression and as a 13 year old with depression, it was huge for her.
•  if she could have a conversation with a celebrity, it would be lady gaga
• she said the ponytail is really hard to get perfect and it still causes her stress
• she regularly has to do jumping jacks before scenes to get her energy up
• when asked for advice on teens getting bullied, that when she was in middle school, she would have to “go through the motions” and take it day by day, period by period. she said her mom was really supportive and she’d text her throughout the day. she also said she’d cry every day and asked to be homeschooled.
• she said she went to therapy when she was 14 and that’s when she realized you don’t need a reason to feel what you’re feeling– you can just feel it.
• she said she definitely gets scared to post her opinions because there’s always someone waiting to tear her apart, but she does anyway because there’s so much more positivity. she thinks it sucks that 99 people could tell you you’re beautiful, but you’re going to remember the one that calls you ugly, and she’s trying to remind herself and others that there’s so much more positivity and the negativity is just a small fraction
• she said there’s a lot of meme worthy expressions coming up in season three
• betty in season three in three words: “traumatizing, trapped, and strong”
• she said she admires how strong betty is, because she’s been through hell and back but she always comes out stronger
• she rewatched season one more than season two because she was more critical of her performance in season one. she’s only seen season two once.
• the hardest scenes to shoot or in the cold. she said if you rewatch the 2x08 breakup scene she’s literally slurring her words because she was so cold

that’s all I remember, like always, I’ll reblog if I remember more!


#kdrama women’s week, day 1
↳ mentorship: go hye ran (misty)


Went so well with each other. 🖤

You looked at yourself in the mirror, taken aback by how you’d finally managed to get here. Marrying your best friend was all you’d ever wanted, and Eggsy made everything so easy, there weren’t any nerves, this was what you both wanted and you were getting impatient now.
“How long?” You ask Roxy, your bridesmaid.
“Just 10 more minutes!” She smiles excitedly, “I’m going to check on Eggsy, make sure he’s not leaving everything to the last minute.”
“Good idea! Thank you, Rox. You’re the best,” you say as she slips out of the room. You turn back to the mirror and sigh happily, then start pacing the room a little, trying to make time go faster. There’s a knock at your door and you call out to ask who it is, but there’s no answer, so you open it carefully, aware that this place is full of Kingsman agents, including yourself, and you never know who might have found out about the wedding today. No one’s there, but as you look down you spot a bunch of flowers, so pick them up and take them inside. You place them on the table and smile, then lean in to take a sniff of the floral scent. That’s when you see it, a second too late, a small device inside one of the flowers that goes off as you lean into them, emitting a gas that knocks you out cold.

“Where is she? Rox, where the fuck is she?! This ain’t a fuckin’ joke!” Eggsy shouts, barging past Roxy into the room you’d just been in.
“I… I don’t know Eggs, she was here 5 minutes ago, honest!” She says, eyes going wide and looking for anything that could indicate what happened to you.
“Get Merlin!” Eggsy shouts, rooting through your bag, looking for your phone and purse. Roxy runs out of the room to get Merlin and they rush back to your room.
“What’s the situation?” Merlin asks calmly.
“She’s gone! She’s fuckin’ gone Merlin!” Eggsy shouts through tears.
“Anything here that can help us?” He asks.
“Her phone’s gone, money’s still here…”
“They weren’t here before,” Roxy interrupts, looking at the flowers. Eggsy is first across the room and spots the small device hidden in the flowers.
“She’s been taken,” he says, showing Merlin what he found.
“I’ll be right back,” Merlin says, going off to get his laptop.
“She’s never been in the field, I thought she was safe behind her computer. Now on our wedding day she’s been taken, I can’t believe it,” Eggsy says sadly, running his hands through his hair in annoyance.
“We’ll get her back,” Roxy comforts, “I promise.” Suddenly, Eggsy’s phone rings and he scrambles in his pocket to get it.
“It’s (Y/N)!” He says, fumbling to answer it, “(Y/N), where are you? Are you okay?”
“Gary, I’m sorry, I… I can’t… can’t go through with this,” you say between sobs.
“I love you, we can make this work,” Eggsy replies, putting you on loud speaker for Roxy to hear.
“We can’t… Gary, I love you too, but… I can’t do this. I’m sorry, Gary,” you cry, then the phone goes dead.
“It’s fuckin’ him,” Eggsy seethes, realising it’s your ex boyfriend, who was mentally and physically abusive towards you. For so many nights Eggsy held you as you cried from your nightmares of him, only recently settling down and able to sleep through the night without one.
“How do you know?” Roxy asks.
“She called me Gary. When does anyone call me Gary?”
“Good point. Lets find Merlin,” she replies, heading out of the door. Merlin’s set up in the reception room, having told everyone waiting that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
“Merlin, it’s him,” Eggsy says, holding his phone up, “she rang and called me Gary. Remember when I told you about him? The fuckin’ piece of shit. Have you got the phone trace?”
“Oh I remember, Eggs. Nasty man. Right, I’ve got it, she’s in a barn the next farm over as far as I can see,” he explains. Eggsy and Roxy look at each, nod, and grab their weapons, heading outside and across the fields to the farm next to the Manor House estate you’d chosen for your wedding. As they approach the barn, the sounds of an engine running emanate from it. Roxy takes the back, Eggsy takes the front entrance, both bursting through the doors at the same time. Eggsy looks inside the car that’s running to find you knocked out in the front seat, blood dripping from your head, hands tied in front of you. He immediately climbs in beside you, not checking his surroundings, then tilts your head up to look at him.
“(Y/N), babe, please open your eyes, baby, please. We’ve gotta get married. You ain’t getting out of it this easy,” he says, trying to make a joke as tears escape his eyes at the sight of you. Slowly, your eyes open, just enough to see your ex behind Eggsy, pointing what you assume to be a gun at his head, although you can’t be sure through your blurry vision. You reach your hands up to Eggsy’s jacket, knowing where he kept a spare gun, reaching slowly inside to get it, then mouthing ‘duck’ to him. He does as you say and dives down, head hitting your lap as you fire the gun above him. Eggsy immediately gets up after your arms slump down and your head rolls back as you faint. He looks down on the ground outside of the car and sees the body, then turns his attention back to you, opening the door on your side and running round to get you out and untie you.
“Rox! I’ve got her!” Eggsy shouts, Roxy running to your side to help. Merlin appears with your in-house medical team and they see to your injuries as Eggsy and Roxy stand next to Merlin.
“Well done guys,” he says, a small smile appearing on his face.
“It was her, it was all her,” Eggsy says, his eyes not leaving your body as the team check you over. Merlin and Roxy deal with the body and clean up as Eggsy stays rooted to the spot, then he sees you being sat up and talking to the paramedics. They leave soon after, you sat on the floor in your now dirty wedding dress, cuts to your face and rope burns to your wrists, drinking a bottle of water.
“So, fancy getting married?” Eggsy says as he slides over to you on his knees, wrapping his arms around you and bringing your body into his protectively.
“Yes please,” you chuckle. He helps you up and you all head back to the venue, Roxy helps you apply layers of make up to hide the cuts on your face and ties cute ribbon bows around your wrists to cover up the rope marks, then the ceremony finally begins.
“Fuck,” Eggsy exhales as he sees you coming up the aisle towards him.
“Keep your language in check, Eggsy, her parents are right there,” Merlin advises, nodding towards your parents sitting in the front row. Eggsy nods and smiles at Merlin as you reach them, Eggsy taking your hand when you stop next to him.
“You look amazing,” he whispers in your ear. Luckily Roxy found you a replacement dress, you had no idea how but she was a life saver.
“So do you,” you whisper back. You say your vows and finally it’s the moment you’d both been waiting for.
“And now you may kiss the bride.”
Eggsy looks at you, that cheeky smile you’d fell in love with years ago plastered across his face as he finally got to show everyone in the room how much loved you. He leans you back, then goes in for the kiss as you squeal and throw your arms around his neck, trying not to lose your balance. He helps you up afterwards and you finally walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.
“You okay?” He asks, concerned, as you step out of the room and into the quiet corridor.
“I’m fantastic,” you smile, his fingers interlinked with yours.
“I mean, really, are you okay babe? Don’t forget I know what’s hiding under that make up, are you feeling alright?”
“I’m in pain, but I’m with you, so I couldn’t care less,” you say, looking up at his worried face. He looks down at your hands and peeks underneath the ribbon neatly tied on your wrist, kissing the mark underneath it and covering it back up again.
“I’ll never let anything happen to you ever again,” he sighs, placing a hand softly on your cheek and bringing you towards him, kissing you passionately. You lean back after a while as you feel wetness on your cheek and you see a small tear falling down his face.
“Hey, stop that. Look at me, I’m fine!” You reassure him, resting your forehead on his and wiping the tears away.
“What did he do to you, (Y/N)?”
“Now is not the time for this Eggsy. Please, lets just enjoy the rest of our wedding day and be around the friends and family we love,” you smile sadly, knowing this would play on his mind.
“Will you tell me?”
“I will, darling, just not today,” you whisper, kissing him and throwing both your arms around his neck to pull him down to you. He grabs your waist tightly and even when you lean back, doesn’t let go of you until you unhook his hands from behind you and interlink your fingers again to walk into the reception room.

“Flat out” - h.s. Part 7

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6



You had your head on your kitchen island as you stared at the small fish tank in front of you. The little beta fish swam around with it’s burgundy tail flipping through the water as it swam in little circles around and around. 

“Same,” you sighed, spooning a mouthful of cereal into your mouth while continuing to watch your little fish. You’d bought him two weeks ago, after living on your own for two full months, and you were quite content just watching this little guy swim around with no worries in the world. 

He soothed you.

You may or may not have named him Harry. 

David had already texted you twice today around five in the morning like an apparently normal person in the law world. You had been working the same case for about a month now and you seriously were started to get agitated. Patience had never been a strong suit for you. 

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a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

AO3 Link here!

WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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Gwenpool #16 might hit too close to home for some people. The issue is that Gwen’s brother has found a way to get her back to her reality and make her forget about all her adventures and is blocking things that could remind her. And it’s…kinda depressing. Gwen’s life is…oh you see above. No friends, stuck in situation where she can not get a job that current economy has built, inability to make it successful through her hobbies, parents nagging her about everything (know this one too well - get a job and not even a week they’ll start nagging you that it’s not a good enough and paying enough job and demand you change it because they’re looking just for an easy and quick solution how to “fix” you)… It made me feel really bad for her, okay? Which is why I was so happy to see that last page. No, not the one with big “The End” letters, this one

Grant Morisson would be proud.

If you’re my Romeo then I’ll happily drink the poison: Chapter 1

Originally posted by tbholland

It’s part two! Well, chapter 1, part 2 of the story. I did this instead of work for another class so that’s good haha. Anyways thank you so much for the support you guys are insanely lovely. We’re getting into the fun part of the story. As always feedback is appreciated (good, bad, random).  I love you guys so enjoy!

Prologue; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5; Chapter 6; Chapter 7; Chapter 8Chapter 9


Word Count: 2603

Warnings: Blood (minimal). Swearing (because I love swearing)

Tag List: @sarcasticvodka @spee-iderman @johnmurphys-sass @clairesrainbow @girlykittycat @ntmybssns @aussie-mantle

“Pretty swanky for a prison,” A familiar voice said. You turn around and couldn’t help but smile. Naomi and you had been best friends since diapers (minus your brother), with your parents working closely together it was easy to bond. She’d always been artistic, so it’d make sense she handle all things creative when it came to you. She was your everything. Your hair, makeup, and fashion stylist. “What a beautiful prison,” You sulk looking around your temporary quarters. You and your family slipped in through the back entrance of the palace so you could avoid the prying eyes before the big moment. Cameras would be there watching your every move, trying to capture the moment you were supposed to fall in love with your Prince. Good thing you could fake it.

“Naomi, how was the flight?” You asked as your best friend sat down a dress bag.

“Might be a little tipsy on mimosas,” She shrugged unzipping the bag. “For you, beautiful.” 

You raised an eyebrow looking at the bag to find a white off the shoulder dress with sleeves. “You trust me wearing white?” 

“Personally no, but white signifies innocence or whatever,” Naomi brushed off. “Don’t ruin it please, your mother wants to save it as royal memorabilia or something. When you and Prince Thomas first lay eyes on each other.”

This whole ceremony was dumb. You knew what he looked like, it’s not like you lived under a rock. This would just be your first time actually interacting with each other. You could have easily met him, royal circles are small and he was relatively close with some of your friends, but any chance you had you avoided him. 

“Let’s get this over with,” You sighed changing into the dress. Naomi helped zip you up and handed you a pair of nude Louboutin’s. She was moving much quicker than she normally would, considering the fact you were in a time crunch. She began curling your hair as quickly as possible while you kept watching the time.

“This would be a lot easier if you just wore wigs,” Naomi hummed. You rolled your eyes. Her and her wigs. She was obsessed with wigs and sometimes you gave in to her requests, letting her give you whatever color and style she felt were appropriate for the moment. You wondered how the people of Azure would feel about having a Queen with Rose colored hair?

“No wigs today, what if he tries to run his hands through in front of the cameras? That’s mortifying,” You said.

“Wow, you’re going to let him touch you. Falling for him already,” She teased releasing another curl from the curling wand.

“No, no, no. I’m just saying that I won’t be embarrassed. Embarrassing my new family, well that’s fair game,” You smirked.

“If you see the wig I think it’ll change your mind,” She said standing up and showing you a long walnut toned wig with highlights. It already had large bombshell curls.

“We can try it out,” You agreed. “Prince Charming will have to keep his hands off.”

Tom played with the cufflinks on his suit as the staff prepared the finishing touches. The rest of his family was already out on the balcony addressing the press talking about how they were so glad this union was being formed or whatever. 

As much as his parents claimed this was about uniting kingdoms, he knew it was just a power move. The current king and queen didn’t give a shit about Cadiella, but with the beloved princess as queen of Azure, there would be less pushback from citizens. It may seem cutthroat but business was business, and giving more authority to Azure was endgame. They wouldn’t wipe Cadiella off the face of the earth, just make sure they were loyal to Azure and backed all their conquests. 

To be fair, Cadiella wasn’t the most innocent either. While Y/N’s parents did want to stop the tension between the two kingdoms they also figured having their daughter in a power position would give her some influence over the way the two kingdoms did business. As queen she could regulate trade as she wanted, giving Cadiella the opportunity to push their exports on Azure and have the best quality products from them in return.

Tom’s loyalty remained with his parents and his people. He would do whatever it takes to make his legacy favorable. Marrying Princess Y/N may not have been his choice but it couldn’t be so hard to make her see things his way. 

“Your Highness,” Lena, one of his mother’s assistants, spoke up. She stood on her toes and placed his crown on his head. 

He did one final look in the mirror. How could the princess not be putty in his hands? His Tom Ford suit hugged against his tight upper body; his golden crown complimented his soft brown eyes; his muscular hands were adorned with rings. 

“It’s time,” She said leading Tom to the grand entrance. The gilded doors opened and to reveal the crown prince. People were yelling and screaming for their lovely Prince Thomas. 

He smiled and waved in return, always able to turn on the charm. He took his place standing next to the rest of his family. The judgemental looks from his parents earlier were now replaced with fake smiles. The Queen gave her eldest a quick peck on the cheek.

“It’s finally time for our son to meet his betrothed after many years of anticipation,” She said enthusiastically. The crowd grew quiet with excitement. Everyone looked over at the other end of the balcony where the princess was supposed to make her first official entrance.

Once the doors opened the prince was slightly shocked. She looked stunning as she strutted in front of the crowd of people until she stopped right in front of Tom.

The two stood eye to eye as everyone watched with bated breath. They were both sizing each other up. He gently took her manicured hand before getting down on one knee. There was a collective gasp heard throughout the crowd. He took his free hand and popped open a ring box revealing the traditional Holland family engagement ring passed down from generation to generation. He slipped it onto her left ring finger and then brought the hand to his lips for a kiss.

“It’s finally nice to meet my Queen,” He said and the crowd went wild.

After the main ceremony, you and Tom went inside hand in hand. As soon as you were out of view from the public you both pulled away. Your families were out there interacting with the press, saying there would be more looks at the lovely couple later.

“You really poured it on thick there,” You commented folding your arms over your chest. You watched as he removed his crown and ran a hand through his curls.

“I mean we’re putting on a show darling. The people have to love us,” He chuckled as someone came up and took his crown to return it to its case. You handed over your crown as well. The maid scurried off, leaving you two alone again.

“Yes well, now we have to keep up the romantics,” You said smoothing out your dress.

“Good thing, I’m your real life Prince Charming,” He smirked. Before you could respond there was the sound of broken glass. You started to run towards the sound before you felt an arm around your waist. You quickly shoved your lovely fiance off. 

“What are you doing?” Has he lost his mind?

“You need to stay back, I’ll go handle it. You just go hide,” He said pointing you off in some direction.

You roll your eyes before continuing to head down the long corridor towards the noise. He let out a loud sigh before following behind you.

“The clicking of your heels is driving me insane,” He grumbled. 

“Oh really?” You asked playfully before purposely stomping your feet even more. 

The two of you made it to the source of the noise to find a broken glass window. He started to poke around the shards to try and see what caused it.

“Glad to know your security team is so attentive,” You grumbled looking around.

“Shush, no ones hurt are they?” He grumbled as he picked something up from the glass. A bullet. “Long distance range.” 

“I think we should get out of here,” You suggested slowly backing away. Before you could register what was happening Tom tackled you to the ground as another window broke. The two of you collided with the ground and you let out a scream. At your scream, someone ran in to find you two.

You saw a face that you’d only seen online, Prince Harrison Osterfield. From what you remembered he was your soon to be husbands partner in crime. He ran a hand through his hair, laughing at you two.

“Already sealed the deal?” He chuckled.

“What do you think we fucked against the window until it broke?” You scoffed. “You’re an actual idiot.”

“Woah no need to get testy, but I do know my best friend can be very persuasive,” He said gesturing to how disheveled you two looked. 

“We were shot at,” Tom said bluntly. “Hence the broken glass. And I couldn’t just let her die so that’s why we’re on the ground.”

You moved to stand up before letting out a hiss of pain. Some shards had gotten into your legs. “Dammit,” You groaned. 

“Harrison, find a maid and tell them to call a doctor,” Tom said getting up. “I’ll take her to her room.”

“Thanks,” You grumbled as Tom sat you down on your bed. You had tried to walk back, but that sort of failed so he just picked you up and carried you back.

“Couldn’t let you bleed out, would have been bad press,” He smirked, earning another eye roll from you.

“I feel loved,” You said sarcastically. 

“You know what this relationship is just as well as I do. We’re both here to make each other look good,” He said.

“Aw, I thought we were in love,” You fake pouted. 

The door swung open revealing both Queens. Your mom rushed over to your bedside looking at your legs. She was still in her ceremonial dress with her crown still fastened in her hair.

“My poor angel,” She said. “Someone get me some tweezers I’ll remove it myself.” You couldn’t help but smile, thinking about how she’d always patch you up as a child. She was always hands-on even though she could have always had nannies do the work for her. She was always there to kiss your boo-boos and sing lullabies.

“The doctor is on the way,” Tom said.

“Great, I still want some tweezers to help my child,” Your mother spoke now with more authority.

“Just go find some Thomas,” His mother spoke up. Tom sighed and went off to go find tweezers. “Do you think you can make it to the party?”

“You know, after almost dying I’m not really in the mood for it,” You say sarcastically.

Tom returned with a first aid kit. You gripped tightly into the sheets as your mom removed the pieces of glass. “OW!”

It took your mom about 3 minutes to remove all the glass. She then cleaned it with alcohol, which burned like a bitch but you knew better than to swear in front of your soon to be mother-in-law. Finally, she wrapped your wounds.

“Well, glad to know you’re alright,” Tom’s mother smiled.

“May I talk to you for a minute,” Your mother said gesturing to the hallway. The two shared a look before stepping out of the room. 

“What was that?” You asked once the door shut. Tom shrugged sitting down next to you. “Um, this is my bed.”

“In my house,” Tom brushed off pulling his phone out of his pocket. 

“Well, I’m a guest and guests should be given their privacy. So go,” You said shooing him away. He stayed put. “Hello…didn’t you he-” Before you could finish he slapped a hand over your mouth.

“Shh, I’m getting a headache,” He said. You narrowed your eyes and bit down on his hand. “Fuck!”

Your’s mom took the other Queen to an open sitting room and shutting the door behind them. 

“I thought the point of us coming so early was because Y/N was going to be protected,” Your mom argued. “Now they’re both being targeted.”

The Queen of Azure sighed taking a seat. “Look, we both knew there would be some pushback from our two kingdoms uniting.” She rubbed her temples. “No one was hurt, if Thomas wasn’t there she probably would have been dead already.”

“Why are you not panicked about this? Someone’s trying to kill our children,” Your mom said getting flustered. 

“It’s just a tool meant to scare us into backing out of this deal, which won’t happen. We’re going to be a powerhouse when united, and I don’t know how you do it in Cadiella but Azure does not bow down to threats. We fight. Your daughter is about to be our Queen and she better not crumble,” She said fiercely. 

“Y/N can handle anything. But what I won’t allow is for your people to blame her for whatever mess you’ve gotten Azure into.”

“I don’t know why we’re blaming my people when it was probably whoever came after your husband because of his poor leadership.”

Your mom froze, her hands slightly twitching. She stepped closer to the other Queen’s face.

“Don’t ever talk about him, again,” She said with a calm tone. “You know you should be grateful to him for all he did for you. If it wasn’t for him then we wouldn’t even have this arranged marriage because if it was up to me I’d never let my child marry a son of a bitch. But I will honor him and commit to the deal.”

Tom’s mother rolled her eyes. She was used to threats by now. “As long as Thomas and Y/N put up a united front for the public, we can handle the rest. They’ll be fine,” She assured. “Oh and don’t tell them anything we find out about this situation. They might get cold feet about their nuptials.”

“So I’m supposed to pretend like someone isn’t on the hunt for my child because she’s marrying our enemy?”

“See I knew you could keep up,” Tom’s mom said condescendingly. “If she’s anything like you then when she finds out she’ll rebel, which I will not tolerate. So it’s your job to keep the little princess happy and under your thumb.”

Your mom calmed herself down. “Fine, I’ll make sure she’s cooperative.”

“Great, now let’s get back to the happy couple,” His mom said making her way out of the sitting room and back to Y/N’s. The two Queens stood in the doorway to find you yelling at Tom while throwing pillows at him as he yelled, ducking your hits.

“So much for a united front,” Your mom grumbled. 

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I know sketchyy-pencil makes fan art for the ship and well... I'm an angst whore D: can you please make an angst one shot where she cheats on you or something... To tie it with mysme lets pretend she is Jaehee and you are MC lmao

Fuck MC and Jaehee this story is about me and @sketchyy-pencil ( also if you want to send HCS for the ship I guess you can since this was really easy for me to write lmao) 

I never knew life would treat me this way. My life was actually looking great; I had an angel as a S/O, my job was amazing and I was finally happy. Hah. Life’s a bitch. I never knew taking my love to dinner would actually turn into the worst night of my life. During our dinner conversation I noticed she seemed distant. Hell she’s been distant for months. I thought it was her job stressing her out so I made sure everything was in place: having the apartment cleaned, making sure we have everything ready, and having a hot meal waiting for her. Yeah it was hard working and taking care of our home but she was worth it. She was worth my blood sweat and tears. She use to enjoy my cooking till gradually, she stopped eating my food. I already ate don’t worry or I’m not hungry  was the constant excuses she gave me. One night I even decided to run her a bubble bath but she yelled at me saying I was too nice to her. Her words did hurt me but I didn’t pay attention to it because I knew she was stressed. I didn’t pay much attention to her because at the time, I didn’t want our arguments to escalate.

During dinner, I remembered I asked her how was work and she simply took a sip of wine and told me “ I’m in love with someone else”. My heart stopped beating because I looked into her eyes and I knew she was telling the truth. I continue eating my food and told her to answer my question and she did. We didn’t talk much after. We finally made it to our driveway and I went to her side of the door and opened it for her like I always had. Now we are sitting on the couch acting as strangers. I was speechless because I was still trying to comprehend those six words that caused agony within me. I took a deep breath and looked at the floor “ How long was this going on? I won’t get mad at you I promise” I whispered. She ran her fingers through her hair like she always does when she’s nervous “ For 5 months now” she sighed. I cleared my throat and laid down at the couch “ I hope the person makes you really happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world my angel. I love you so much that I prefer your happiness over mine. So I understand why you cheated on me. I was no longer your happiness. I’m sorry for not being enough” my voice hitched.

I felt her eyes pierce through my skin and she started to cry while punching my shoulder “Why aren’t you crying ! Why are you not ha-hating me! Please hate m-me! You were enough you were more than enough! Fucking hate me! Tell me off!! Say you never want to see me again!! ” she screeched. I just laughed while she was hitting me. I finally looked into those beautiful eyes again “There is no point in hitting me angel. Your words already hurt me enough to where a bullet won’t even do shit to me. I might as well add that I can never hate you. I respect and love you so much that my ass will support you in every decision you made. I told you from the beginning, I will stand by your side even if you make the wrong choice. Even if it means you loving someone else.” I uttered. I stood up from the couch and kneeled between her. I grabbed her hands and gently kissed it for the last time. I closed my eyes for a quick second and I felt hot tears rolling down my face. I gazed into her eyes “ I need to know one thing. Just one thing. When did you stop loving me?” I managed to say. It’s easy to see her emotions through her eyes. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and it took all the strength that I had to not wipe her tears away. That was no longer my job no more. She decided to pick someone else for the job and that caused pain to ache into my bones. I felt her fingers try to wipe my tears but I slapped her hand away from my face. Her breath hitched “I ne-never stopped loving you” she whispered ever so gently. Her eyes were telling me the truth but I knew her heart was lying to her mind “Bullshit. You don’t hurt the people you love” I hissed. Tears were caressing her face ever so lightly. She grabbed my hand and forced her fingers to interlock with mine. She brought my hand to her lips and kissed it every so gently. I took my hand away from her and held her hand to my heart, “Remember way back then when we first started talking, you were so hard yet so easy to figure out. Your eyes showed me your soul and it captured my heart. You were my heaven and hell. I’m curious though, do you remember that long message I sent you because you teased me that I couldn’t be sweet?” I mentioned. She laughed and it sounded like angels singing to my ears. She nodded while cleaning her eyes. I fixed her hair because it was covering her face “I still mean every word from it” I stuttered while I got up and kissed her forehead.

She gave me a puzzled look while I went and grabbed a suitcase to pack all my clothes and belongings. It was a half hour later till I had my suitcases at the front door. She told to that she wanted to leave and I told her that I didn’t want to stay because I didn’t want to be surrounded by memories of her. She sat down at the couch and I went to her and outlined a cross to her forehead “I hope God gives you many more blessings and I hope you are happy with your new life and love” I said. She looked at me with fresh tears in her eyes and there was a lump in my throat. I was ready to leave but I stopped and looked back “I will never know where we went wrong but there is one thing that I know” I whimpered. I walked closer to her and I put my hand inside my right pocket taking out a blue velvet small box. I opened it revealing the engagement ring and placed it on the table in front of her. I examined the living room once last time and my eyes finally laid on hers “ I was suppose to give it to you after dinner. It doesn’t belong to me. It was meant for you so you can do whatever you want with it. Thank you. It was an honor having my heart broken by you” I said while tears were running down my eyes. I gave her one last look and walked away.

Goodbye my love.

Extra Angsty Bonus:

I ran down the stairs with the little belongings I had. I heard my name being yelled by her but I kept going down the stairs faster. I finally reached the lobby but she took the elevator and she tried to stop me from leaving. She went on her knees begging me to stay but I pushed her off me and told her to never put her pride down for anyone. I ran through the double doors and made my way through the streets. The cold air was burning my throat and I decided to look back at her for one last time but suddenly everything turned black…..

Romantic Getaway

Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

Request: Hiddles x y/n where he surprises her with trip to Paris please.

A/N: I see y’all are thirsty for some Tom lately, eh? I have no problem with that! I hope you guys all enjoy this fluff fest :)

Pairing: (Non Actor) Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Warning: Fluff!


Y/N groaned as pushed her laptop away and and laid her head down at her desk. She was tired, hungry, and all out of inspiration. Deciding that the article she was in the middle of writing could wait, she closed the computer and got up to go to the cafeteria to get a snack. It was getting to be later in the afternoon, but Y/N figured a little snack wouldn’t hurt.

Stepping out of her office, she was immediately flagged down by the receptionist, “Y/N! Y/N!”

“Calm down there, Sayara,” Y/N chuckled at her, “what’s up?”

“Tom,” she said nervously, “your husband is here to see you.”

“Yes, I’m aware Tom is my husband,” Y/N winked at the younger girl, “you can show him into my office - I’m just going to grab a snack real quick.”

“Of course,” she replied as she headed back down the hall to fetch Tom, “is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No, it’s quite alright.” she smiled at her fondly, as Sayara ducked around the corner to fetch Tom. Y/N fished in her pocket for some change, hope she had enough with her.

Entering the small cafeteria she stared at the vending machine, only to find that it was out of order - unlit and depressing. Y/N walked over to, thumping it gently with the palm of her hand, willing to come back to operating condition so it provide her with some sort of sustenance. After a few moments of trying, she gave up, walking back to her office, but deciding she would leave soon so she could get in a proper meal.

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Been there, done that

Choosing your first job in veterinary practice can change the course of your career. The right place will set your habits for the rest of your working life, the wrong place will break you and make you leave the profession. When I chose my first job, a part of what attracted me was a senior vet who I empathized with. I could totally see myself becoming her in the future.

The new graduate I have now, I look at her sometimes and recognize her demons.

This is most obvious in surgery. I can see the sweat on her forehead, and pooling in her gloves. Her hands shake sometimes, when she’s worried. Her questions are short. She really just wants somebody to check, to assure her that everything is fine when she’s unsure.

Ah, hello anxiety and panic.

On the one hand part of me wants to jump in and save the day, and I absolutely would if there was actually anything bad happening, but there never is, and so I never do.

I have a look, make myself comfortable and talk her through it.

This is how you know for sure it’s okay.

This is how you check.

This is how you double check.

I am not worried. You have checked everything, it is all fine, and now you should not be worried.

But I will stay here until you tell me you’re not worried.

Because I remember what I wanted needed to hear when I was new. I would hope that I can teach her from my mistakes so that she doesn’t need to make them herself. We’re similar kinds of people, and that makes her easy to guide.

byebyebyelilsebastianstan  asked:

WRITE A FIC GO (include a wlw chloe for bonus points not necessary tho)

I want the bonus points and also more wlw chloe :D (also i love your url so much omg) Also this is sprouting from a Chlonette idea I had awhile ago and will, at some point, turn into an actual fic.

  • It all starts with a phone call to the wrong person.
  • Chloe had meant to call Sabrina, but in her tired, teary-eyed state (it being very late/early), she hit one of the first contacts her fingers landed on
  • It rings once, twice, three times, and Chloe thinks maybe Sabrina is too tired to pick up her phone, which happens sometimes. She understands.
  • And then, she hears the tell-tale sign of her call being answered
  • Without waiting for Sabrina to speak, she just starts talking about whatever it was that had woken her up.
  • As she continues, there’s a rising panic in her voice, because Chloe doesn’t just wake up without there being a good reason for it
  • When she pauses to take a breath, she finally hears Sabrina speak
  • Except it’s not Sabrina, but a tired- and worried-sounding Marinette
  • “Um… wha’s wrong now?”
  • Chloe is lowkey panicking over having called Marinette and instead of responding to what Marinette said, she half-shouts, “Forget I ever called you! Forget I said anything! This never happened, got it?”
  • That wakes Mari up a little and she’s quicker to respond, “ Chlo, I dunno wha’s goin’ on really, but I’ll lissen ‘till you can fall back asleep. An’ I guess,” she yawns, “guess I could talk too if ya need. Can tell you some stories or somethin’. It’s okay, y’know. To call me.”

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psycho 10 / taehyung

Originally posted by gravitaetion

warning and a note: this story has some sexual harassment in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story


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anonymous asked:

Would you do another thing with Daja? Or maybe Lark or Rosethorn. Because I'm currently questioning and I envy the easy acceptance of their gayness/bisexuality. There's no way in hell my family would be okay with me not being straight so yeah, I'd kinda like to live vicariously through them for a bit sorry for asking.

don’t ever be sorry for asking kindly for things, nonny. this one’s all yours.

when they come home from namorn, a lot of things happen—

little bear comes running and cleans all their faces while briar complains about his manly pride and nice clothes (he gives the old pup a belly rub later, when no one but daja can see him go soft and tired, because he knows she will not taunt or comfort, just stand). 

glaki comes pounding out of discipline cottage, wraps around tris like the vegetable garden is twining around briar, the way evvy is pretending she doesn’t want to, and tris pets glaki’s hair and tries not to remember how much she has grown without her.

sandry will step back into her uncle’s court the next day, and she will be sure, suddenly more sure than she’d been the whole ride back, that she had made the right decision. the citadel will smell like sealing wax and old stone and dried ink. when she steps into her uncle’s study, there will be a mantle of responsibility returned to her shoulders that is just the right weight, that is just what she wants. her uncle will look up from his letters and the light of pride in his eyes will be better than all the riches and legacy of the inheritance that she signed away to a good man. 

for now, though: “i thought the snow might give your roots frostbite,” evvy sniffs at briar. 

“doubting my training,” rosethorn warns. “i taught my boy better than that." 

it’s when rosethorn hugs briar that evvy breaks down and squeezes him tight around the ribs. briar presses one cheek into evvy’s kerchief, tangles a hand in rosethorn’s habit and doesn’t let go until he knows he can grin like he can’t smell woodsmoke on even this peaceful air. 

while glaki chases chime around the yard, tris watching like the fond sister she pretends she’s not, while briar teases evvy and sandry buries her face in the sensible cotton smell of lark, daja slips out the garden gate. 

daja climbs over the flat walks of winding circle until she finds frostpine’s forge, its little bedroom tucked above it, the sharp scents of the metals and the rounded undertone of coal and wood. she wishes everything else were so easy to distinguish by smell as copper and tin, gold and iron. 

his hug is bone-crushing, acrid, and his eyes are clever and dark when he pulls back and looks at her. frostpine gives her a spare apron of his that she’s almost big enough to wear now and a hammer that’s swimming with his magics and they strike metal, shape and sweat in silence until the day is over. daja makes hinges and crafts sigils for some heavy lock boxes that she’s sure even briar would have trouble breaking into. she makes a bucketful of nails, for old times’ sake. 

they forsake the warmth of the baths, after, and go plunge into the sea instead, like they’re hot steel they want to quench. daja’s not sure she’s the right temperature for this, the right hue of glowing red. what if it makes her brittle, not strong? what if her ore was poor quality in the first place? a trader turned lugsha, who weaseled her way back in; a woman who loves beautiful women and then leaves them. 

frostpine gets the story out of her, because he is safe the way she has known few men to ever be, because there are few people more patient in silence than she is but he is one. daja has never had a broken heart before, and she has never been one for many words, but she tries to explain. 

sandry will try to help—she will take daja out riding, keep her moving, because that is how sandry outruns her griefs, always has. she pours her heart into other things, other work. 

tris will give her books to read, because they give you a way out to better things, because they give you something to put between your face and a world that’s not interested in looking at you right. 

briar will take her out to meet pretty young women, like delicate flowers, and daja will feel sooty no matter how well she scrubs her smiths’ hands clean. 

but frostpine listens quietly. he asks her if she can smell the little bits of metal in the waves, the buried treasure far offshore. “your nose has gotten better,” he says. “i’m sorry about rizu.” they dry off, then soak in the communal baths after all, and then he walks her back to discipline. he kisses her on the forehead, warm hands on her cheeks, bristling beard ticking her nose, and says, “you might want to talk to your foster mothers.” 

"you know, rosie broke my heart once,” lark says companionably, when daja does ask, shyly, over tea and honey and milk. rosethorn blushes furiously and daja stares. lark starts to tell a story and rosethorn stomps off to find a stronger tea. 

they tell daja stories of lark the young acrobat, who fell in love with every pretty girl who came to her shows and didn’t kiss one. it’s late and they are all sleepy, guards down, when rosethorn talks about the first boy she loved, haystacks and very young promises, angry fathers. lark was the fourth woman rosethorn decided to love, and the other three names roll off rosethorn’s tongue, easy. daja listens hard for something like sorrow, like regret, and doesn’t hear it. 

“we are a lot more than the places we have decided to lay down bits of our heart,” says lark, “or the people we have offered to give our hearts to. but that’s one part of you all the same: who and what and how you love. i know it hurts right now, chickadee, but you loved her and she loved you. that matters, no matter if it lasts. living, you get bruises. you get strong muscles and bones that don’t heal right. you get so many homes and broken hearts. you live in all those places and you don’t always get to choose which ones to keep.”

“you’re a hardy one,” says rosethorn. “you’ll outlive it.”

“what rosie means is: we love you, and we’re here if you need it.”

after, daja climbs up to the thatched roof where they watched clouds get born as children. the sun is rising. she has her heavy brass-tipped staff and her own smallest chisel. she wants to carve something into the metal here, into the life’s story written out in the circling design. it might be rizu’s name. it might be her own. 

Hoseok Scenario: Make You Believe.

Request: Can I have Jhope scenario where he is ur boss n u guys like each other for a long time but u turned him down coz he’s just out of ur league n thought he just playing with u. One day an intern kept on insisting to get together w/u n made u feel uncomfortable. Jhope noticed that n got jealous n protective, so he helped u out by pretending to b ur BF but later found out ur true feeling toward him n he let u know his true intentions. happy ending plz ❤️❤️❤️  thank you

Genre: Romance. CEO AU.

Scrolling down your phone you tried to keep your eyes to yourself and just focus on the instagram updates the screen showed you, but that was proving to be hard after your boss entered the room.

You were taking a coffee and munching on a cupcake in the break room completely alone when you heard someone coming, you only lifted your gaze due to curiosity as you didn’t really want to talk to anyone in your break, you wanted to be calm and relax a little before getting back to work, but as you saw it was him coming in your mind and heart decided calm wasn’t exactly something possible. 

Hoseok was a handsome man, oh yes he was, tall and lean, with the exact mix of soft and sharp features in him, sometimes his eyes smiled even though his mouth didn’t, sometimes he was so serious and focused he seemed to transform. You had been watching him closely for a bit too long, even though you knew a man like that was out of your reach.

-Hello Y/N- he greeted first making you bow a bit ashamed of not reacting earlier. 

-Hello Mr Jung-

You deviated your eyes from him to your coffee feeling a bit self conscious, it was mid afternoon and you had been working all day so odds were you looked a bit crazy. You took a sip and fought yourself to keep it together and not run away like a scaredy cat, if you ignored him then it’d be alright. But you felt his eyes on you, he was looking your way and it was nerve wrecking.

You wondered why he kept looking at you, if it was because you indeed looked crazy or because of other reason. You couldn’t help to think about it, even less now after what happened just two months ago. 

Two months ago he had actually invited you out, at the end of the day when you were going out of the building he had approached you and actually asked you on a date. You had been stunned, first because your secret crush, your boss of all people, was asking you out, and second because he actually seemed interested.
It seemed too good to be true, what were the odds of a guy like him liking you? So you had done the only thing that could salvage yourself from later embarrassment, you had rejected him.

Now you were staring at each other from the corner of your eyes whenever you thought the other wasn’t looking. Before he asked you out you used to talk, not too much, but little small talks in the break room or when you met in the hallways or in the elevator. Now you didn’t do so as much, as every time he was present you felt the foolish need to leave, your heart beating way too fast for it to not betray how his presence made you feel.

-Is everything alright?- he asked startling you a little. 

You nodded. -Yes, and you? I mean is everything alright for you?- you bit your lip and looked down at you already running cold coffee. You had to get out of there before you made a fool of yourself.

-Good, good, I’ve seen you around but we… I haven’t had the chance to talk to you-

You stared at him, Hoseok and his part in the middle but sort of tousled brown hair, his dress down but still classy clothes, women would kill for a man like that. 

-Talk to me about what?-

Hoseok stepped to your direction and you held your breath, but as he was opening his mouth the door opened and a group of people from accountant department busted in.

-It was nice seeing you Mr Jung- you replied bowing and practically running away from him.

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Very random headcanons about the easy boys:

  • Babe was down with the flu and spend three days not leaving his bed and watching conspiracy theories on netflix
  • The very next time he went back to work and saw Speirs, he was damn sure his captain was replaced by a reptile and Speirs is actually an enormous lizard hiding under human skin;
  • Bill knows one direction songs better than some of the 1d fans;
  • Hoobler always thinks that those little sparks in the sky at night are not planes but ufos;
  • Smokey blocked him on the phone because he got tired of Hoobler sending him real pixelated dots of the night sky with GORDON THEY ARE REAL SHIT FUCK WE GONNA DIE messages;
  • Guys have “no questions asked” use of one time for each other;
  • Meaning that if one of them calls the other and asks to do something and ads “no questions asked”, the latter will not ask, tell, question or deny anything he is asked to do;
  • Examples of this involved Lip going to a real shady place at 4am in the morning to give some money to nix who was buying a baby goat from Russian mafia;
  • Roe trying to remove Cob’s dick from a plant pot;
  • Speirs playing along with acting that Harry is the prince of Wales just so that Harry would get a free desert and some restaurant in a small village in Madagascar;
  •  Nix trading naked, tied to a bed Speirs for three big macs from a 70-year-old hooker;
  • Luz distracting Sobel by kissing him because Lieb was planting a prank in Sobel’s room and almost got caught by Sobel returning early;T
  • he last incident cause a whole bunch of mess as

·         A) Sobel was conflicted with either punishing Luz for his behavior and also not wanting to look homophobic because of punishing man for his preferred kiss-buddies;

·         B) Toye thinking that Luz is actually attracted to Sobel and being both disgusted by this and incredibly depressed as he was in the stage of doodling little hearts around Luz’s name in his notebook;

·         C) Sink asking Dick to give an inappropriate behavior lecture to Easy:

·         D) Dick giving the lecture and mentioning that it is also inappropriate to slap someone’s ass or comment on the physical body of other soldier;

·         E) Easy making the game out of this and objectifying the most ridiculous parts of each other’s body


·         “Captain Nixon, your Adam’s apple looks especially fine today”

  •  Penkala once saw Dick and Nix slowly dancing to Elton John’s version of “Chapel of love”
  • He recorded everything and never showed or mentioned this to anyone;
  •  A year later, at Nix’s and Dick’s wedding afterparty, he showed the video to everyone;
  • Even Speirs got tear-eyed;
  • You know how in friends chandler accidently saw Rachel naked, so she wanted took revenge on him but then saw joe naked and so on and so on?
  • Yes well Don accidentally walked on Ron naked in his office (he was just after the shower) and of course Nix said that the best way to defuse the tension would be Ron seeing Don naked;
  • So after the trainings, Ron bee railed to Don’s room in hopes to see him naked;
  • What he didn’t know was that Muck’s shower wasn’t working so Much showered at Don’s place and yes, Ron dragged shower curtain trying to peak at Don but al he saw was naked Muck performing “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” and the screeching like a little girl;
  • So this send a barrel rolling down the hill and the very highlight of this situation was;
  • Our poor, innocent Skinny Sisk seeing an old and wrinkled ass of our most respected Colonel Sink
  • So waaaay before Toye and Luz were a thing, Toye experienced quite common symptoms of having a crush
  • Except that he never had those and actually though that there was something wrong with him
  •  And he went to Gene and described them
  • Mind you, Gene was in, like, his third year of med school
  • So Toye goes “I dunno, doc its like, once a day maybe twice, I get these intense heartbeats, my pulse just goes insane, I get hot flashes, my head starts spinning a bit, and it never happened before”
  • “so how long has this been going on?”
  • “maybe like 2months. How long does Luz live with me and Bill? That’s how long.”
  •  And Gene just looks at his chart, looks at Toye, looks at his medical books and goes:
  • “I think you are experiencing a menopause”
  • Buck is a serious carnivore and once Luz dared him to eat a broccoli and Buck still says it was the most horrifying experience in his life. And this guy was in war
  • Martin and Bull take a spa day once in month because their nerves need a break from easy’s shenanigans once in a while