she looks damn beautiful

I’m obsessed with how much I love her and the way she laughs, with the way her smirk turns into this big smile and the way her voice sounds when she calls me baby. I’m obsessed with the way she looks at me and how she sounds when she’s turned on and with the thought of her laying next to me after a long day. I’m obsessed with her lips, I could kiss them all day if she’d let me. I’m obsessed with the way she looks when she sleeps. She’s so peaceful. So god damn beautiful.

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I want a letter! Dear Mina.

Send me one “Dear—” and I’ll write a letter to this person

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Dear Mina,

  the girl who looks so damn beautiful when she’s concentrated on dancing. the one who looks beautiful 24/7 every day and night. The one I call an older sister. The secret lover, ayee, who is now my mickey. Please grab a tissue because this got me in tears– I’m still in tears.

  The first time I talked to you, I was a bit intimidated and I felt scared to even get closer. But as I grew closer to you, I realized you were just a cinnamon roll whose really easy to tease. and i really love making you blush like a red tomato cause it’s so damn adorable to see. You know how much i love to mess with you and it’s my way of showing i love you. I want to apologize to you for all my stupidity when it comes to boys and feeling like my life depended on them. I know it doesn’t and now that i think about it, I allow you to slap the shit out of me cause I need it. Before i used to be so focused on my life as a dancer, a model, and a loving sister. Now look at me ._. I AM happy for you in so many ways, it’s just my lack of emotions to show them to you.

  I feel proud to call you my unnie. The times that we always joke around in class and everything, our bond grew stronger and I feel like I can’t live without you. You push me and support me through things when I’m falling down. I will always be your shoulder to cry on, your punching bag when you need to let that anger go. you have seen sides of me I thought no one else would ever see. you special person, you. And I need to say that, again, I’m sorry that i’m too focused on myself. I really didn’t want to and I hate focusing on myself, but I guess something overcame me and that happened.

  I trust you so much, hands down. You’re the older sister I never had and thank you so much for being able to put up with this troublesome brat. I’ll try my best not to get injured when I’m fighting. Also, we need to do more choreographies together, just sayin’. But yeah, I love you and thank you so much for always making my days ( and if you didn’t know that, now you do. ), making me laugh and cry. You’re the best ever and whoever tells you otherwise, let me at them.



Peggy was pushed into a room, the doors locked behind her. In front of her was a large group watching her every move. She did not want to move, but she knew she had to.

Today was her wedding day, a day she had dreaded since it was first set. She was being forced to marry the daughter of another planet so their plants could live in peace. It wasn’t something she wanted for herself, but it was already done.

She began to walk down the aisle, slowly and as calm as she could. When she got to the alter, she looked across from her to her bride. Damn, she was beautiful, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all?


@holyhartist​ cont from x

Milo sits outside with the sweater, it smells just like her, and he doesn’t know if he can give it away, it’s the only piece of her, he has left. A frown comes from his mouth, as he sits outside in the cold, waiting for her to answer the door, hands shoved into his pockets, and when she does answer, the door, his breath hitches slowly in his throat, because she still looks so god damn beautiful, and he wishes it never ended between them. A small chuckle leaves his lips, as he steps inside, sweater in his hand, and he sets it down onto the couch, looking over at her. “What a boring way to spend your Saturday night, Hart.” He teases, a smile twitching on his lips. Her apartment hadn’t changed, and unfortunately, it brought a lot of shocking memories on his end. He tries not to look at her, too much, as he sits on the couch.