she looks damn beautiful

From Bournemouth with Love

Mo - Made me smile as always! Wish she trusted Ollie a bit more but I can understand why she doubted him (Guy is very persuasive…). Also love that she’s turning into a mini-Elliot with her sugar cravings!
Ollie - Got the feeling that I’ve had since Penny died which is that he’s been a bit lost and without a destination ever since. Wish he’d be more decisive and stop letting people walk all over him, but he stood up for himself at the end in surgery (and proved Guy wrong which is always a plus…) so that’s something. I can feel his womaniser charms already working on Jas tho…
Zosia - Damn, she looked really beautiful all episode. A bun and her hair down? THANKYOU HOLBY GODS!!! Also the fact that Zollie still exists is undeniable (as shown clearly between the looks between her and Ollie)! Still can’t figure out how she feels about Jas, at the moment I think she likes her but perhaps feels threatened by her connection and banter with Ollie??
Henrik - As always, a kind and lovely person with wise Norse myths to spread throughout the hospital. Loved his scenes with Morven (and who knew a he’d be so rubbish at yoga?)
Morven - Such a heartbreaking storyline. She really is so precious and I know she has the strength to get through this, but seeing her open Arthur’s locker (and their karaoke duet!) made me so upset :(
Jasmine - AHHH every episode I fall a little more in love with her! She is so amazing and smiley aw what a cutie. Also, it made me chuckle watching her run after Ollie every two seconds 😂
Dominic - such a precious and fragile sweetheart. Very happy he’s found love with Issac; they really are perfect for eachother and I really think that Arthur would tell him to go for it, especially after all the turmoil with Lee.
Issac - I trust him and love him a lot. He brings out Dom’s more fun and cheeky side which is nice. I don’t think he’ll hurt Dom which is pleasing; at first I thought he was a bit self-absorbed but now I’m really starting to like him. Also he’s very mischievous which I love!
Serena - BABES she was so amazing in this episode. The way she cares for Morven is so beautiful & seeing her do yoga (she looked like she knew exactly what she was doing!) put a huge smile on my face! Still wish we could’ve seen a demonstration in Albie’s tho…
Raf - Aw I love how whenever he’s in an episode it’s to perform brilliant surgery or give someone great advice. I really do love him and hope he gets a great storyline soon!
Essie - Very cute ponytail today. Also, love that she urged Dom to open up to Issac; girl knows love when she sees it!
Bernie - As always, a very precious cinnamon roll. Caring for Morven literally made my heart melt; she is so beautiful and warm towards everyone and I love her so much. The gesture of remembering Arthur’s favourite cake even though she hadn’t known him for a relatively long time was heartwarming. Also, her face watching the karaoke was SO ADORABLE AHHH I’m in love omg. ‘Dusty Springfield’ lmao I almost pissed myself laughing! & Albie’s at the end with Serena was so lovely #berena
Sacha - LMAO him doing yoga made me laugh so much omfg. He is so adorably clumsy…reminds me of Dom teaching him to dance.. 😂
Ric - Looked very calm doing the yoga; even when he’s doing something he’s not good at he’s calm and collected. What an icon 😂 & the sticky notes at the end I LOVED HIS FACE 😂
Guy - Interfering narcissist as always. But I kinda rate his ‘persuasive skills’….