she is my favorite female tbh I want to marry her

I admit it… I’ve gotten addicted (again) to Stardew Valley. And I managed to get my husband addicted alongside me. Oh boy. (Mutliplayer, please!?)

So I wanted to draw our favorite sweet, abused babs, and our two farmers, who want nothing more than to save them from their shitty lives at ‘home’.

Left is Sebastian and my (non-binary, he pronouns) farmer, Lavender. We’re currently married and he’s learning to cope and recover from all of the shit he’s gone through. Everything he says breaks my heart, tbh.

Right is Penny and Iris, my hub’s (female) farmer. Iris is excited because she finally got a chicken coop and she loves animals! She’s trying her best to be nice to Penny’s mother at Penny’s request… but knows that Penny deserves much better. 

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nickname: tbh i don’t really have nicknames ? since my name is two syllables long

gender: female

height: 151cm / 4’11in

time: 8:17pm

zodiac: aries / horse

what i post about: stray kids ~~

favorite band/artist: s-stray kids

non-kpop: errr classical music ???

song stuck in my head: i wait by day6

url meaning: squirrelchu — squirrel for han and the chu ? it sounded cute ?? haha

nationality: american

last movie i watched: some kdrama movie about this young girl trying to find her dad, but the guy who she thought she found to be her dad married and turned out to not be her dad.

average hours of sleep: 8-10. all of y’all should sleep as much as me to stay healthy >:((

tagging: anyone who wants to do it ~ if i tag you, i’m not forcing ~ and ignore if you already did it, haha.

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that’s all i can remember at the moment since i’m sleepy ?? i usually sleep at 8pm, haha. i probably forgot a lot of y’all … sorry

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name: Jillian
age: 27, soon to be 28
prefered pronouns: she/her/dude/hey you
sexuality: eh, straight-ish. Usually attracted to gents but occasionally am like “I would like to put my face in that ladies boobs." 
zodiac sign: aquarius
taken or single: Married
three facts: My favorite time of the year is the months leading up the Oscars because quality films are my porn, if I was what I ate then I would be cheese, my longest relationship is 21 years strong– even if Justin Timberlake doesn’t know it. 


how long (months/years?): Err… On and off for 8 years?
how’d you start: I don’t even remember honestly. 
platforms you’ve used: forums and tumblr
worst experience: I dunno that I’ve had any experience bad enough to remember. I mean… There’s been a couple occasions where I’ve felt like I’ve been stolen from but it has not been egregious enough for me to know if it was more than just chance. 
best experience: The relationships I’ve built with Ginny probably. 


female or male: female.
original or canon: canon.
favorite face: Oo. I like a lot of faces. And there are so many I’ve never gotten a chance to use but would like to: Shawn Ashmore, Rosario Dawson, Joshua Jackson, Jessica Stroup, etc.
least favorite face: Bonnie Wright (This might be due to my strong dislike for her as Ginny and the fact that so many groups still use her.)
multi or single: Single


fluff, angst or smut: I’m down for all though thrive with angst. 
plots or memes: Memes tbh. I think it is a lovely way to develop relationships. 
long or short replies: 
Fluctuates with my muse. 
best time to write: Whenever I have the muse.
are you like your muse(s): Um… In the aspect of enjoying fun Ginny and I are alike but she is definitely more antagonist than I am.