she backed it up and gave the whole party a show

Kiss Me Not -Part 2-

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Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Harry threw back the last of his fire whisky and thumped the glass down on the table, yelling above the music from the wireless, “I’m gonna kiss everyone in this room!”

A drunken cheer greeted his declaration. A girl sitting behind him startled to her feet, her drink spilling over her fingers as she stepped closer, “Me first,” she smiled shyly.

She had been flirting rather desperately with Harry all night and though he wasn’t interested in the slightest he leaned down. She twitched forward eagerly and was just as quickly pushed back quite a distance from Harry. Apparently, she was a particularly bad match.

He didn’t laugh in her face but it was a near thing. He was just drunk enough that awfulness of his situation was fucking hilarious.

“Sorry,” Harry grinned and turned to the person sitting beside her and then the next person and the next. One miss after another as the music and chatter grew louder and the night wore on. He teased Dean and Seamus into a kiss, Dean almost managed it, close enough Harry could feel his laughter before he pulled away to give Seamus a proper kiss. He did not kiss Ron or Hermione, it would’ve been like kissing a sibling and he wasn’t interested in having creepy nightmares about it for the rest of his life. Everyone else he approached humoured him and gave Harry a go at a quick kiss.

He was fast running out of people to try- and fail -to kiss when he found himself at the back corner of the room, the large couch pushed against the wall had been taken over by the only three Slytherin’s who came back to finish up their schooling, Blaise, Pansy and, Draco Malfoy. They were relaxed, somewhat sprawled over one another with a bottle of fire whisky to pass between them. They weren’t nearly as relaxed when they noticed Harry staring at them, the lot of them stiffening like a group of alley cats arching their backs and hissing.

What?” Pansy lifted her nose with a sniff, “We’ve a right to be here, same as you.”

“You need something, Potter?” Blaise asked.

Harry blinked, “A kiss,” he said. Once upon a time, the prospect of kissing a trio of Slytherins would have been far too nerve-wracking but not anymore. The thing about trying to kiss about a hundred odd people was that the whole procedure rather lost it’s magic, so to speak.

They all stared at him blankly.

“I did say I was going to kiss everyone in the room,” Harry made a show of looking around, “You’re here.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Pansy said, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

Blaise laughed,  pushing himself to his feet and out of the tangle of his friend’s legs without somehow tripping himself up, “Me first, Boy-wonder,” Blaise said with the smug challenging sort of look that seemed to be calling out Harry’s bluff.

Harry returned the look, “Get on with it then.”

A flicker of hesitation crossed Blaise’s face before he managed to mask it, crossing the distance between them.

Harry tried to stay calm. The whole kissing thing seemed to work out better if he could but it was pointless since Blaise hardly had a go at all. As soon as the nudging pressure began to make itself known he backed off with a smirk.

Blaise dropped back onto the couch with a thud, “Well, that was anticlimactic.”

Pansy looked from Harry to Blaise curiously and then popped up, approaching Harry with a tilt to her head that brought to Harry’s mind the alley cat image again. She went up on tiptoes and Harry leaned down as she tried to kiss the corner of his mouth. Harry was a little surprised how close she got, about a half an inch away.

Her eyes widened as she pulled back. She exchanged a questioning look with Blaise that turned into a knowing one.

She looked back at Harry with an appraising smile, “I see,” she said to herself as she slowly backed away from him.

When the back of her legs hit the couch she stopped and looked over at Draco who was sitting stiffly in the centre. His arms were wrapped nervously around his waist, one hand clutching the neck of the whisky bottle as he scowled up at Harry.

“Your turn, Draco,” Pansy said. When he didn’t move immediately she gave his ankle a halfhearted kick, “Come on.”

Blaise leaned over, grabbing hold of his shoulder and pushing him forward, “Give it a go, my friend. It’s a laugh.”

Draco looked over at Blaise furiously. A flush was rising in his cheeks as he knocked Blaise’s hand away and stood unsteadily, pushing the bottle into Pansy’s chest with a bit too much force. He wavered on his feet, two sheets gone already, his eyes looking like he was having trouble focusing.

Harry watched with growing apprehension. Draco was flushed, his hair gone a little wild, even his clothes were slightly rumpled and there was a grim determination in his eyes. He took a deep breath, absentmindedly pulling his shirt straight and smoothing his hair back with one hand, though it didn’t stay.

A prickle started on the back of Harry’s neck, the hair on his arms standing up. His heart rate began to pick up as the shivery tension raced through Harry with every step Draco got closer. He had felt this before when they fought, this thundering, shivery pulling feeling. Harry had always thought it was the adrenaline from being angry and from fighting but…

Draco stopped a foot away and then almost swayed forward until they were almost touching. Harry saw close his eyes briefly as if gathering himself, a shiver made his shoulder twitch. When he opened his eyes again Harry felt transfixed by the flat grey colour. Harry’s hand moving without his permission, pressing against the flat planes of Draco’s chest,. Harry felt another shiver go through Draco, stronger than the last, his mouth falling open in a silent gasp, his pupils darkening.

Harry leaned forward, almost haltingly. He kept expecting the pressure to start, to push him back, but instead, it almost felt like he was being tugged closer, and there was almost a static hum in the air, prickling along his skin. He reached up, brushing his fingers lightly on Draco’s chin, too nervous to actually cup his cheek. Draco tilted his head and Harry felt his breath ghost across his lips, felt his lips, soft and careful and shivering just like Harry was and-

“ENOUGH!” Headmistress McGonagall’s voice cut through the party like a blade of ice. “This party is over.

Harry and Draco startled away from each other. The music was shut off and the room slowly took on the deathly calm of those who know they are completely and utterly hosed.

McGonagall’s eyes narrowed as she looked over the room, “There will be no more parties, for the rest of the year,” she said coldly, “Hogsmeade weekends are canceled and everyone here, including eighth years, are to remain on the castle grounds for the next three months-” there was a chorus of groans that was abruptly cut off with a single look, “-All of your curfews are now at eight pm, all of you.” There were no attempts to complain this time, simply an overwhelming and spreading air of despair. “If you are going to act like children, you will be treated like children. If any of you are found with alcohol on school grounds again, you will be suspended,” she pursed her lips in disappointment, “I do hope you will learn from this. Now go to your dorms.”

The students swayed and shuffled out of the room with their heads low to avoid eye contact.

Harry hadn’t moved. He wasn’t entirely aware of what was happening until a hand firmly took him by the upper arm.

“Mr Potter.” McGonagall said, some of the sternness leaving her voice, “Are you well? Do you need to go to the hospital wing?”

“I- What-?” Harry asked blankly, his mind entirely consumed by a single kiss, so brief there was part of his mind that wasn’t entity certain it had happened.

McGonagall frowned, her question changing to an order, “Go to the hospital wing. Have Poppy look you over.”

“The hospital wing,” Harry repeated.

The room was entirely empty. Harry didn’t know when that had happened.

“You’re trembling Harry,” McGonagall said, looking Harry over with concern,  “I’ll walk you there myself.”

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Shall We Dance?

Jyn considered herself well prepared for anything that the Rebellion could require of her. She could pick pockets, rifle through desks, shoot a blaster, bash a ‘trooper’s head in with a truncheon, run for safety, cover her partners’ backs, and man the guns as Bodhi got them away.

However, this was a new one.

“I don’t dance,” she said flatly.

“You’ll have to,” Cassian told her. “This is a fancy party, there will be dancing.”

“Why can’t I hang around the edge of the floor eating darveen patties?” That she could handle.

“Because on the dance floor, we’ll be able to monitor the room much more successfully. And if our mark asks you to dance, you’ll be that much more able to pick his pocket.”

“Why don’t you dance with him?”

“Because he’s not interested in men.”

“Have you seen you? I bet you could make him interested.”

“Stop trying to get out of it,” he said, lips twitching. “Accept your fate, Jyn Erso. You’re learning to dance for this mission.”

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A Talk At The Bunker

Oliver stepped out of the elevator and came into the Bunker like a pariah. His mood was a dark one, as if heavy rain clouds filled his mind with storms.

Oliver had left the apartment an hour earlier. Felicity was still asleep on her side of the bed. He tenderly put his lips on her forehead as if kissing her dreams, dressed for the office and began to go over in his mind the Mayoral duties waiting for him there. He made a quick stop down the hall to check on William. The kid was still sleeping. He hovered in the doorway for a few seconds, wondering if he should go in the room and kiss his son as well. But with only a month gone by since returning from Lian Yu, Oliver could not gauge if that was enough time to be that personal with William. He slowly closed the bedroom door and let himself out of their apartment.

Over the past couple months, Oliver found it was difficult getting back into the normalcy of his responsibilities. The events on the island and the aftermath took his life in a whole new direction. It took away from whatever calmness and celebration his victory over Chase might have brought. But Oliver really didn’t see it as a victory, mainly because of what it did to William. He thought of what Felicity said to him at his birthday party about putting his feet up and relaxing. Even before Chase, that scenario was always a hard sell to him and it made him uncomfortable letting his guard down. Yes, currently there was no viable threat to the city, but Oliver felt that it was his duty to keep his radar on. He suspected that would always be a part of him, purposeful and adamant when it comes to protecting his city.

But there was another dynamic to the changes wrought by the Lian Yu incident. It brought Oliver into new territory, something he had no kind of training in. It brought self-doubt and uncertainty to him like a wave of broken glass crashing on the shores of his failure.


It was Felicity who made things a bit more easy for him after they got back. She was what gave his life such familiarity and she knew the inner tides that made Oliver tick.  She is the one constant for him in the five years she has been in his life. All those years he kept getting in his own way by making bad decisions and lying and hurting those he loved, Felicity still had faith and trust in him, still kept him close and helped to steer him from losing his way in the darkness. When the island exploded (a sight that still filled his dreams with nightmares) all he could envision was what his life was going to be like without her; an emptiness consuming Oliver like a living, breathing abyss showing him just how far despair can take a person. And then he found her amid the smoke and ashes, a bright emanation shining in his heart. It was a moment that will always make  him smile. They looked at each other, covered in soot and sweat and relief and verbally consummated their life together by saying ‘oh yeah, we’re married.’  They crashed together in defiance of the carnage Chase created. An actual wedding ceremony was just a formality.  But one thing didn’t and never will change—Felicity will always be his first and last thought of the day.

However, William is another matter. Oliver told Felicity that his son is the purest part of him. He is innocence and trust and belief. Samantha gave that to him, gave him a sense of family and home, that nothing will ever hurt him. And then that reality shattered when Samantha was consumed by Chase’s killing fires. In one suicidal gunshot, William was bereft of his childhood, perhaps to the point of never feeling safe again. Confusion and grief and fear were his new companions, playmates that had nothing to give him but loneliness.

Oliver could feel the emptiness of the Bunker as he climbed up to the platform and sat at Felicity’s workstation. Sometimes he could still feel all the turmoil and loss and darkness that permeated the Bunker over the past year. It lingered in the air like the smell of burnt toast, cloying and dank. Felicity’s search algorithm was the only sound echoing in the room as it looked for that next person to step up and infuse evil into the city again. Oliver ignored the computers and kept his focus on the strife that his son was going through in the wake of his loss.

Then he heard the smooth whine of the elevator ascend to the empty campaign office above. Its door slid open and Oliver heard the faint click of high heels enter. The door closed and the elevator came back down towards Oliver’s solitude.


Felicity assumed when she woke up this morning that Oliver was already at his office. She got up and went down the back hallway of the apartment and checked on William. He was still asleep in his room. Felicity was worried that the boy was sleeping too much. In fact, William had been spending most of his time staying in the bedroom, really only coming out when hunger touched his grief. It was something Felicity wanted to discuss with Oliver. But since coming back from the island, she knew he was not comfortable talking about William, as if the shadow of Samantha’s death hovered over them like a predatory bird. In spite of her and Oliver committing themselves to one another back on the island, Felicity still had some tiny reservations on giving any kind of advice to him on how to integrate William into their lives.

After Riasa arrived to watch over William, Felicity left the apartment and drove to the Bunker. She wanted to upgrade some software she had recently installed that would ping the phones of every Team Arrow member. It was an addition to her search algorithm that constantly surveyed the city 24/7. She would have the Bunker to herself, without any distractions while working.

She arrived at the old campaign office and entered the elevator. As she rode down, Felicity tried to adjust her thoughts, away from the Oliver’s dilemma over his son.

The door slid open and Felicity was surprised to see Oliver sitting at her workstation.  “Hey,” she said to him as she came into the Bunker. “What are you doing here?”

Oliver turned around at the sound of her voice. “I was driving to City Hall earlier and fully intended to climb behind my desk and do City Administration things, then I was pulling up outside and climbing into the elevator. Suddenly, I wanted to be alone. Is that a set-back for me?”

Felicity walked up to him, leaned down and softly kissed him. “Uh maybe…” she replied. “But at least this time you went somewhere I could find you.” Both of them remembered when Oliver disappeared after Moira was killed.

Oliver’s expression stayed neutral despite the softness of her lips on his.

“Oliver, what’s going on?”

He shifted in his chair and started to avert his gaze.

“No, uh-uh Oliver,” Felicity admonished him. “Don’t you dare try to avoid me.  Inclusion, remember?” Suddenly, she climbed into Oliver’s lap, using her body to keep him grounded. “Now, tell mama what’s wrong.”


“Oliver…I know what’s wrong. This is about William, isn’t it? Please don’t tell me you came down here to brood?”

“Felicity, are you going to let me talk?”

She fell silent. “I’m sorry,” she went on. “Yes, you can talk.”

“Thank you.” Oliver looked into her waiting eyes. “Uh yeah, it’s about William. Felicity…I don’t know what to say to him. And I’m scared that if I don’t reach him now, he’s going to drift away.”

Felicity felt the tension clenching his body. “Oliver…I know this is hard for you. But I don’t know if it has anything to do with…well, with how William was a barrier between us at one time.”

Oliver shook his head. “Felicity, it’s not that. It’s…he’s not a secret anymore. I just don’t know how to approach him. Maybe there is a part of me blaming myself for Samantha…”

Felicity put a finger to Oliver’s lips. “Oliver…no. We already talked about this. Chase was responsible for her death. You did everything you could to save your son. Samantha was collateral damage.”

“Yeah…I know that,” Oliver responded. “But Felicity…he lost his mother. I’m coming from personal experience here. That kind of loss is not so easily overcome.”

“Oliver, I don’t want to tell you how to interact with your son, but maybe your mother’s death is a good place to start with him. Maybe if you shared with him what you went through, he might not feel so alone.”

Oliver nodded in recognition. “You are probably right,” he acceded. “But how do I let him know his pain is not…that it can’t define him?”

“Oliver, it’s a connection you will have with him, a commonality. Just let  him know you’re his father and that you’ll be there for him no matter what.”


“Like you do with me…with love.”

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Jealousy - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Heey! Can u do one where they hang with the squad and Justin and YN are bestfriends but they like eachother and Justin is getting jealous bc YN is talking with Khalil?❤️

Warnings: language maybe…

A/N: IM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG PLEASE FORGIVE ME. also, i’ve never been to disney so idk if these rides are legit or not, aka i look ‘em up on google LOL


The whole squad and I were currently at Disneyland because who doesn’t like Disneyland? Besides that, it was the only amusement park close enough to us and we weren’t going to drive for a half hour to have fun. Everyone else was on Splash Mountain, while Justin and I sat around waiting for them to come back. We had everyone’s belongings so it looked as if we brought our kids here to have a good time. 

Within 15 mintues, the whole gang was back and we were now moving on to a new area. Justin was behind talking with his group of friends, leaving Khalil and I the odd ones out. In all honesty, I didn’t mind chilling with Khalil. He was a chill, humble down to earth guy. Would I date him if given the chance? Possibly. But my eyes were on one person and one person only. That person was Justin. 

Him and I go way back for as far as I can remember. We went to grade school together and ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. 

“Hey, want some cotton candy? It’s on me.” Khalil said. I agreed and went over with him to where the cotton candy stand was and waited for him to order it. He came back with it and I began devouring the pink cotton. “Damn, {Y/N}, you were hungry as hell!”

“That and the fact that I love cotton candy!” I replied, still eating the cotton candy. “You should try some and maybe you’ll like it.” I offered Khalil a piece in which he took a bite out of it. “Hey! I offered you a piece for a reason!”

“I bought it so I felt obliged to take a bite out of it.” He stuck his tongue out at me. I playfully shoved him away, hitting him in the arm. “Ouch! Stop assaulting me {Y/N}.”

“You’re an ass. Get away from me!” I laughed. I pushed him once more and within a blink of an eye, he grabbed my arm and swung me over his shoulders. “Khalil! Put me down! Now!” Khalil instead of putting me down, ran off somewhere, leaving Justin and the crew far behind us. 

Justin’s POV

I watched as Khalil bought {Y/N} cotton candy, something that should’ve been I doing. Khalil had no business with {Y/N}, so what the hell was he doing? Was he purposely trying to piss me off? Or was {Y/N}? Regardless, Kahlil always had a thing for challenging me. Everything was a competition with that kid and somehow, I always lost. Not this time though. I’ve been going after {Y/N} for quite some time now, I never had the balls to ask her out on a date. That’s why I figured that Disneyland would be the perfect place to ask her out. 

Just the thought of Khalil trying to sabotage my chances with {Y/N} was enough to make my blood boil. Just calm your nerves Justin, {Y/N} doesn’t even seem interested in him. This is fine, yeah, this is okay. I’ll be fine—just breathe and get a hold of myself.

“Yo JB! You good?” Ryan called to me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded my head in response and caught up to where everyone else was. I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that everyone else had moved on. {Y/N} and Khalil were walking back towards us, acting as if nothing had happened before. 

“Pick me up like that again and I’ll kick your ass,” {Y/N} threatened Khalil. “And I’m being serious. Don’t think I’m joking.” Khalil’s plan was back firing on him, just what I wanted. 

“Hey {Y/N}, want to go on the Mad Tea Party?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes. To my luck, she said yes. Now everything was starting to fall into line. {Y/N} and I interlocked arms and waited on the line for the ride. There was a great amount of silence between us so I decided to break it. “So, how’s Khalil?”

“Annoying as per usual. I really don’t know how all your friends are annoying. Even you, you’re annoying as hell.” She replied, showing no remorse in her choice of words. Operation asking {Y/N} out was currently a no-go. 

“But I’m a good annoying, right?” I nudged her in the side.

“I guess.”

I let out a sigh of relief, maybe things weren’t looking so bad after all.

By now, it was the end of the night and before the park closes, they put on a display of fireworks. {Y/N} stood by my side while everyone kept their distance including Khalil. I turned around to see where exacty they were and Khalil mouthed to me, ‘Good luck bro!’ I smiled back at him and gave him a thumbs up. {Y/N} interlocked hands with me and rested her head on my shoulder. 

Alright Justin, you’ve been doing everything humanly right tonight. Time to pop the question. “Hey, {Y/N}. Can I, uh, ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up?” She smiled up at me, awaiting what I had to say. 

“Okay, this isn’t scripted or anything and you’re not about to get punk’d but, we’ve been friends for as far as time could tell. And over that time, I’ve gotten to know you for the strong, sweet, funny, independent that you are today. What I’m really trying to say is, will you {Y/N} {Y/L/N} be my girlfriend?”

“Oh of course Justin! I thought you’d never ask!’ {Y/N} swung her arms around me and came in for a kiss. And as if the Disney staff were watching us, the fireworks started going off. This was a great way to end the night, after all the obstacles I faced today.

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Why Her? (Part 17)

Prompt: You’re in love with Chris Evans…but your best friend is dating him

Warning: language, adult content-ish? Jealousy, drama-rama

Word count: 1213

Note: This is for one of my bestest friends. I hope she enjoys it! @amarvelouswritings This will feature Sebastian Stan and OFC Lexi. This is a drabble/short chapter series. Beta’d by the perfect @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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“Come on, Y/N, let’s go!” Chris called.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” you shouted back as you grabbed your gear.

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Little kacchako drabble, sorry for any mistakes, i writing this on mobile at 4:00 am

Word count: i don’t know, man, i’m tired


She looked at her watch, seeing it was almost 11:00 pm. The king and queen of prom would be announced in an hour.

The cold night air brushed her shoulders, and she cursed herself for not bringing a coat. That spaghetti-strap black dress didn’t suit her much, but she bought it anyway. Black was his favorite color.

The blue high heels started hurting her feet one hour ago, so now they were secured by two of her fingers, while she checked her phone for messages with the other hand. It was no use anyway. He never asked for her number.

Uraraka heard the doors of the building opening, and a concerned Tsuyu approached her, touching her shoulder with a hesitating hand.

“Ochako, are you still out here? Aren’t you cold?”

She brushed her off, giving her friend a reassuring smile. The shorter girl’s voice was dripping with pitty, something Uraraka really didn’t need at the moment.

“I’m alright, Tsuyu, don’t worry. Are you and Shouji-kun having fun? Is he being a gentleman? Tell'im i’ll kick his ass if he’s not!” she said, not looking at her friend, pretending to be indifferent at the whole situation.

Tsuyu didn’t buy it.

“Ochako, hon’,” she started, trying to be careful with her words, “Are you sure he’s–

“He’s coming.”


“He’s coming, Tsuyu.” her voice came out a little harsher than she intended it to be. “I trust him.”

The girl nodded and gave her shoulder a squeeze before going back in, back to her date. The one who gave her flowers and picked her up at home. The one who was dancing with her and complimenting her dress.

Uraraka sighed, running a hand through her hair, realizing her neat side braid has been ruined by the wind. She looked at her watch again. Midnight. She checked her phone. No messages.

Looking up at the night sky, the girl felt her resolve shattering for the first time that night. She’s been waiting for three hours. The party would be over in two. She scoffed, imagining her friends leaving the building, excited and content after what could be their last night together, only to be welcome with this sight: Uraraka Ochako, shoes in hand, messy hair and smudged make up, after wasting her last chance of making memories with her friends waiting for a date that never came.


She didn’t even know anymore.

But it started with a smile. She did a lot of them everytime their eyes met, and he didn’t know why.

After almost three years of studying, training, and living together, the aspiring heroes of class 1-a got quite used to the blond-haired boy’s temper. Although their bonds were certainly stronger, some things just don’t change, like Bakugou’s rude and distant personality. They were grateful that he at least learned their names, but it would be a cold day in hell when the boy finally came to one of their parties or joined them on a movie night.

However, Uraraka never gave up on him. No matter how much he pushed her away, she always came back with a cheering smile and a warm tone in her words. His rude language and aggressive attitude never made her even flinch, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t scare her off like he did with the rest. Eventually, she became a constant presence in his everyday life, sparring, studying, and sometimes talking without insults and slurs. The girl had the weird power of seeing right through him, and she liked to use it, whether to make him and Deku get along or just to mess with him, which has been her main source of entertainment during their second year.

Until something changed on their third year. She was the same Uraraka as always, annoying and too kind for her own good. But something changed about the way she looked at him. The way she moved when he was around. And when he would refuse to join their friends to some class event or trip, her disappointment never went unnoticed by their classmates.

“You’re entering a dangerous zone, Ochako-chan,” Yaoyorozu once said, during one of their girl nights, “Some people are just not ready for these kinds of things. Some may never be. Bakugou-kun is certainly one of them.”

“I’m with Yaomomo this time, Occhan,” Mina chimed in, as the other girls hummed in agreement, “Besides, it would never work out. He’s too unstable. You would probably just get your heart broke.”

But Uraraka always defended him. Not that she was confirming those stupid theories, but Bakugou was still her friend. She didn’t like when they talked like that about him. However, she never denied anything either, and that was enough for her friends to know the truth.

And then it happened. The class was preparing for another movie night, when Uraraka came out of the elevator dragging a grumpy looking Bakugou with her. They brought blankets and more movies to the mix, and for the first time in a long, long time, the blond-haired boy actually had fun with his classmates, no violence involved. The remaining students were genuinely shocked, especially Kirishima and Kaminari, who have settled with spending time with Bakugou apart from the class after many failed attempts of trying to include him.

After everyone had gone to bed, the unusual pairing stayed in the common room, talking about everything and nothing. On that night, something changed in Bakugou too.

But it wasn’t for the better. The already explosive boy, got even more volatile with each passing day. Uraraka’s presence, something that he used to even wait for, now only made him uneasy, unsteady. And when someone asked him about it, he would just grow violent again. Uraraka knew the reason why he was acting this way, because she had to deal with the same feeling as well. She soon came to realize what her feelings really were. Although she would never admit it out loud, Uraraka was really fond of the Bakugou she came to know on the past few months. The Bakugou that only showed himself when they were alone, in their late night talks, and he gave her the answers for all the questions she asked herself over the last three years. And despite admiring and respecting him, Uraraka acknowledged his flaws and knew he wasn’t perfect. But he was Bakugou Katsuki, and for her, that was enough. Enough for her to be patient, enough for her to wait for him.

So, she waited. As her love for him grew stronger in her heart and mind, she wondered what was going on on his head. If her feelings were reciprocate, as she so expected, he was probably dwelling on if she was worth the risk of balancing his career and a relationship. After all, they would all have to go on different ways after high school, maybe even different cities. Would he stay for her? Would he take her with him?

“You’re putting too much expectations on this, Ochako,” Tsuyu said to her, dozens of times, after waking her friend from her constant daydreaming. “Please, be careful. I don’t wanna see you getting hurt.”

But she hasn’t been there. She hasn’t seen him like Uraraka has. The way he took care of her after training. How he didn’t put much of a fight when she’d lay her head on his shoulder. How he smiled at her laughter when he thought she wasn’t looking. It was real. She knew it was a risk being a hero and having a personal life, but she was more than willing to give it a shot for him.

So, one week before, she grew tired of waiting for him to make a move. When they were all packing their belongings to leave the dorms for the last time, she knocked on his door. For the last time.

“Don’t say anything! Say it at prom. Give me your answer there.”, she blurted out, as soon as she saw him. For the last time.

And then, she got on the tip of her toes and kissed him. Uraraka had heard of the butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of thing, but this was not like it at all. It was quick, awkward and so full of sentiment it got her knees trembling, and when she sprinted to her room and locked the door, she was sure she felt fireworks in her belly.

There was no way that kiss didn’t feel the same for him. There was no way those nights she spent awake thinking about him were one-sided. Maybe his watch broke. Maybe the bus was late, and there were no taxis. Maybe he didn’t have anything nice to wear. Maybe she just wasn’t worth taking a shot. Because, either way, prom night has ended, and Uraraka stood alone at the school doors, bare-feet, messy hair and running mascara.

And, just as her friends warned her, heartbroken.

Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend C.H.

Anon requested; Can you please write a Calum imagine where you’re playing hard to get and Calum has been chasing you for years? And although the boys and your friends tell him to give up because you’re a bit cold hearted he doesn’t and you don’t realize that you love him back until after you both had sex(you were drunk) and he’s begging you to stay and to stop saying it was a mistake? Thank you so much Hope u like it babe

Trigger Warning: Smut

Word Count: 2.1k 

Feedback will be appreciated <3

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine) 

“Hey, Y/N. Do you want to come over to my place to watch a movie or something?” Ashton asked me the second I picked up the phone.

“Of course. I’m gonna go and get ready. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

We hung up and I go directly to my closet to find something to wear. I decided that a grey sweater and a pair of ripped skinny jeans would do. With my hair in a messy ponytail, I grabbed my keys and went out of the door.

In less than ten minutes I was knocking on Ashton’s door, already hearing some screams coming from the boys inside. I silently laughed and waited for someone to open the door.

It wasn’t long until I was greeted by Calum.

“Sorry, the guys were shouting so much that we didn’t hear you.”

“Don’t worry, it has only been five minutes.” I placed my hand on his cheek, the way I always greeted him, and he looked down while his cheeks flushed.

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My first time listening to B.A.P songs and my thoughts on them

I apparently have been sleeping on B.A.P and I would just like to formally apologize! Ok its not really that I was sleeping on them, but I only just discovered this crazy yet awesome world of kpop 5 month ago, so I’m still learning about groups! I had heard of them, I just hadn’t got around to listening to them. My sister did show my the video for Wake Me Up a few months ago and I did like it, but it got lost somewhere in my mind. More recently my sister has been bringing them up more and she gave me song recommendations;

One Shot

-29 seconds in to this video and I had already paused it-I texted my sister that and she sent me a screenshot where she had paused it when she first watched the video and it was the same exact moment, I’ll add the screenshots at the end-yeah they started walking in and I was shook from those visuals! As they video kept going I really felt like I was watching a movie or a short film. I need to go back and listen to a lyric video because I was paying more attention to the story than the song. Not that I’m complaining because I really liked it! It was super intense and I loved the action!


-As soon as I got done watching this video I texted my sister and said; “whose idea was is to make all of them blonde?” “The first guy who raps has a really deep voice” and finally I sent her screenshot of Zelo and said “this one! I think its Zelo but he is extremely adorable” I really liked this song I feel like warrior is one of those songs you want to go to battle in!


-I should probably mention that the first two songs I watched the night before then today I started with hurricane. I absolutely loved this song! Not gonna lie its a good ‘dancing at the club song’ also when I got done watching it I was reading the comments and one comment said something about the part at 1:24 so I went to that part and it was Himchan’s part, I paused it there and I left it paused for a good 10 minutes before going to the next song.

No Mercy

-I 1000% was not ready for this song! 10 seconds in and I had already paused it! I paused it three times! But man its a good one, so far I think this one is my favorite!! Its a hype song!! The first time I paused it was when it first started because I wasn’t ready, the second time was at 1:20 because they started body rolling and it was getting rude and the third time was at 2:18 for the same reason as the second time! I thought I was going to pause again before it ended because Zelo was doing his dance break and I couldn’t handle it so instead of pausing it I just sat there with my mouth hanging open..


-I loved this one so much! I really liked the beat for it, it almost had a rock sound to it. And the video! Man, it was something. For its one of those videos that made me feel something but I can’t explain exactly what it was, its a good thing! I don’t know I just really liked the song and video!

Young, Wild & Free

-I clicked on this video thinking it would be a fun song to dance to. Nope it was not that at all! With this song I just want turn it up as loud as I can and rock out!! And love the first line of the chorus “we are young wild and free, I know we are better together.” The video was awesome! I did pause it once near the end when Zelo unbuttons his jacket, has nothing on underneath and does a killer dance!

Feel So Good

-All the songs and videos I have watching\listening to were heavy songs, by heavy I mean intense videos and sick beats. When I clicked on Feel so Good I really didn’t know what to expect, but let me tell that is one of the cutest, funniest and weirdest (all at the same time) videos I have ever watched! I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. This is a fun song you can dance to! And yes it is different from the other songs but in the song you can still hear their sound its just a bit lighter.

That’s My Jam

-This was another super fun song! It, to me, has a party vibe sound to it. With this one I want to turn it up all the way and have a dance party (by myself) I think this song is a good combination of the heavier and lighter songs, it has a good dance feel to it but it has ans awesome bass! I also enjoyed the video! I mean when this song comes on you can say “that’s my jam” and literally mean it!

Final Thoughts

-I’m not sure what the fandom name is, I think I read in a comment the fans were called B.A.B.Y. whatever the fandom name is consider me one! These guys are amazing and again I am so sorry it took me so long to listen to them, but I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere!

Bias : Himchan*

Bias Wreckers : Zelo and Daehyun*

Favorite song(s) : No Mercy and BadMan*

Favorite MV(s) : Young Wild & Free, BadMan and No Mercy*

*these are subject to change and more than likely will! Maybe not my bias or bias wrecker but favorite song\video might change*

Poldark S3 Rewatch

I spent Poldark Eve rewatching all of the season 3 episodes so far. Some things that bugged me at first, don’t, and there are other things I didn’t notice at first that now kind of bug me a bit. Then there are things I still like. 

So here is a list of what bugs me and what doesn’t after binge-watching episodes 1-6. 

  • Demelza’s 24/7 cleavage bugs me. It bothers me because it’s historically inaccurate. There may be times where showing a bit of cleavage is okay, like at parties and formal events. But during the daytime? And while gardening and doing chores? Women wore fichus during the daytime for modesty. 
  • Verity’s presence in S3E2 could have been left out and it would not have changed the story. I didn’t have an opinion on this at first, but now I do agree with people who said that changing up things so Blamey’s packet ship was in danger took away from Caroline’s anguish. It does. 
  • The gifting of the storage barn to Sam & the Methodists in S3E3. There are two things that bug me about it. First, Demelza does it out of spite because Ross stayed behind in France. I get that she’s angry and scared. But giving something to her brothers because she’s pissed off at her husband is pretty immature and petty. The second thing that bothers me is that even though she does make a valid point about having to make decisions about things in Ross’s absence, in reality, the legal system and culture of the 1790s say otherwise. A married couple could be egalitarian in their own homes, but in the eyes of the law, they were not. This was known as coverture. Basically, it meant that a married woman had no rights. Her rights were subsumed by her husband. According to Blackstone’s Commentaries on English Law, a woman’s legal existence did not exist during marriage. Only the husband had the legal right to enter into contracts, etc. Demelza had no legal right to gift that storage building to the Methodists. In the books (drink!), I believe Ross gave them a cottage that they could use for their meeting house. 
  • The “Valentine sure doesn’t look like ______.” is old. We get it. Valentine might be Ross’s child. You don’t need to beat us over the head with this. 
  • Too much material they’re trying to cover and not enough time to cover it. 
  • All of the things we complain about aren’t all Debbie’s fault. This is also on the directors and the producers, too. Watch the opening credits and you will see that there are different producers this series. 
  • I don’t like that they had Dwight’s rescue happen before the toad prank and Drake’s arrest. I know it’s for Drama and whatnot, but doing it this way and then making the reason that Morwenna marries Rev. Creepworth be that she made this “noble” sacrifice to save her true love from the noose feels too much like an over-the-top plot device used in a soap opera. In the book (drink!), George never sent off the letter to Whitworth relieving him of his obligation in the engagement. Drake found out that Morwenna was married when he came back from France. I like how the book handled this better because it doesn’t feel like an over-the-top soap opera plot device. 
  • I also still do not like how the toad thing was embellished from the books–i.e. Ross put toads down George’s pants when they were kids. This never happened in the books (drink!). If George hates toads, then he hates toads. I hate rodents. My hatred of rodents has zero to do with the kids who bullied me in school. Why does George’s hatred of toads have to be connected to Ross? And speaking of this….
  • I still hate George’s obsession with Ross. It makes him a weaker character, because George’s insecurities have to do more with fitting in than being in a feud with one person. He can dislike Ross without having to be paranoid and believe that Ross is sitting around and concocting plots to undermine George. 
  • Sam Carne is growing on me. In E6, when Demelza told him off after his speech on “carnal love”, I felt sympathy for him. The poor kid has never experienced romantic love/carnal love. He’s only been told that carnal love is sin. He’s never loved someone romantically and had someone love him back that way. Cut him some slack! 
  • Not enough Dwight & Caroline. You have 3 episodes to rectify this, although I am not holding my breath.
  • Elizabeth’s laudanum habit has the feel of a “hey, let’s introduce this story where Liz gets hooked on the 18th century version of Mother’s Little Helper, but then abandon it after two episodes.” Why even make a point of showing this to us if it’s going nowhere? 
  • Still hate that Henshawe had to die. #RIP Henshawe. 
  • Reverend Osbourne Whitworth is the oiliest, slimiest, creepiest person I have ever seen on TV. I think he managed to ruin toe-sucking as a kink for many, many people. But hats’ off to Christian Brassington for playing oily and creepy to the hilt, because he’s doing a damned good job at that. 
  • I liked Drake & Morwenna in the books, but I think that there is too much attention on them at the expense of other characters. Again, I think this goes back to having too much material to cover and not enough time allotted to cover it. 

Agree? Disagree? The ask box is open. 

I will probably write another one of these when I can binge on all nine episodes. We haven’t even gotten to the whole Hugh Armitage thing yet. I will be interested in seeing if my opinion changes at all on any of this. The more I watch, the more things I pick up that I missed before. Or I see something in a different light. 

Billy reacts to Skam 4x10

Part ½

I’m emo about this, I binged the season with Billy, unlike season 3, I haven’t watched season 4 a lot, and it was fun to see Billy’s reaction and a different perspective. I feel like, I’m getting there, ready to let go of Skam, but I’ll always be in love with Skam. I have watched many, many shows before, but, Skam introduced me to the fandom culture and I loved it. I will be sticking by for some time, but I can see the 24hr urge to check whats happening in the fandom is dying down a little bit. I have met some incredible people with interesting perspectives and some who are just so in love with Henrik and Tarjei which could be defined as border line creepy, but I think it’s cute.I love some of the fan fics and fan arts so much and I’m grateful to for that experience as well. So here we go, back to Billy!

Billy starts the season off with the impression that it’s going to be a Vilde centric episode.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Sana and Vilde’s friendship, from the first time they met to now - is incredible.”

“Aww, she’s taking care of her mom. Now, it makes sense, why she never hosted a party.”

Ulrikke’s acting in this is so good, I remember not being able to shake an uncomfortable like feeling for hours after this clip.

Next: “Who dat?”

“You shouldn’t introduce yourself when you’re naked, WHAT?” in Norway, you do, apparently.


*pauses the clip*

Originally posted by sexy-jim-moriarty

“Are you fucking kidding me?Out of ANY girl on the show, it had to be HER?“

“Bad enough they brought William back, you had to bring EMMA too? Is Nico going to show up as well?”

“And why would Jonas date her, after she completely outed Isak to everyone?”

“Why do I feel like this was only a thing because they were like.. we need to get Jonas a girlfriend, OK, but who? Let’s bring back the most hated girl on the show, GENIUS!”

It’s a delight to see how obvious Billy’s favoritism for Isak is. I love it.

Originally posted by z0emurph

“They better not bait me into the whole Jonas x Eva thing. I gave up that a while ago.” Billy, NO!

Originally posted by partofthenewromantics

*Shook over how deep that was.It really was.* It really was.

I’m so glad Billy’s doing this in parts.

Coalescence III {Nessian AU}

Coalescence is defined as the process of joining to form something or to bond, or the union of two things in one completely new and unique in which the original parts are still recognizable. It’s also the term used to describe the union of two galaxies.

Tags: Nessian College AU. A lot of feels.  A lot of bickering.  A lot of teasing. Song based. Sisters bonding. Attempted Sexual Assault. Rated mature due violence and sexual content.

Read this chapter on AO3.  

Huuuuge thanks to @rowaelinislife​ 

<< Previous Chapter             I. II.             Next Chapter (soon) >>


Nesta started her Friday like any other Friday, except for the eleven text messages Feyre had sent her by lunchtime, to make sure she wasn’t having any second thoughts about the party. No, Nesta had replied, she wasn’t, the only second thoughts in her head concerned punching Graysen in the face.

Her only class was in the morning, which gave her enough free time to clean the house and hunt for stains of paint to complain about in Feyre’s ears later. Luckily for her sister, she didn’t find any and had a great time reading a nice book after cooking lunch. Nesta wasn’t a good cook, but she could survive and usually Elain would make food enough for dinner and the next day’s lunch, but after what happened last night…  

She rolled over onto her belly on her bed, opened her notebook, just to check a few things – like Graysen’s Social Medias. If he was already seeing someone or partying she would not be held responsible for her actions.  

After an hour or so, stalking him and his closest friends like the control freak she deep down knew she was, Nesta had found a whole lot of nothing. Not even a mention on Facebook, not even a picture liked on Instagram, not even a retweet about his recent break up or what he was currently doing. The only thing he posted was a complaining about some administration paper he had to write and she couldn’t care less.  

Her phone vibrated and she rolled her eyes, ready to tell Feyre again that she was really going when she saw the name on the screen. Cassian. He had texted once, after the terrible incident with Feyre at the party, to know how they were doing and if they needed anything, and that was it, she never gave a reason for him to text her again.  

A small touch of curiosity scratched her insides and she opened the message.  

Cassian: Hey!

Cassian: It’s Cass, in case you don’t have my number.  

Cassian: I was wondering if you have any preference for drinks?  

Cassian: We’re buying everything now.  

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Loved Me Back To Life pt 6/final

Thank you so much for all of the love with this series! I’m extremely excited about ‘Gods and Monsters’ and ‘Moose and Me’ with a few one shots coming as well! Have an amazing weekend and be safe! 


Jensen Ackles and Wife Reader, Jared and Gen Padelecki, Thomas, Shep and Odette, OFC Jaclyn Rose, 

Warnings: You guys know this already! Fluff and sweetness, DaddyJensen, seriously teeth rotting sweetness

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Originally posted by circleofchocolate

              Over the next year Jensen and I watched Jaclyn grow in leaps and bounds. We couldn’t believe she was going to be one tomorrow and both of us were sad to see her growing so fast. It felt like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. Gen and I had planned the birthday party, the boys were still up in Vancouver finishing season 14. She was my little angel but she was a daddy’s girl through and through. There were a lot of times over the year that I had to skype or facetime so she would calm down enough to go to sleep, somedays I would play videos of him singing and that would make her happy just as much.

              We came up with a cute idea, making this a future hunter in training party. Odette would be dressed like Sam and Jaclyn would be dressed like Dean. The cake would have a picture of Jay and Jaclyn when they had fallen asleep on the couch during Christmas break. Her smash cake would be a simple white cake, the food and the drinks were supernatural themed as well. By this point both girls had fallen asleep so we put them down and took the boys out back to do a little swimming before dinner.

              Gen and I just hung out for the day, so, I decided to tell her a secret I had been sitting on for a while. “I’m pregnant” “Oh my God! Really??” I smiled and nodded. “How far along are you?” “I’m about five weeks” “How are you going to tell Jay?” “I have no clue but it needs to be unique” As it got close to dinner time, we got cleaned up and decided to go out for dinner when I heard the door open to see Jensen and Jared with huge smiles on their faces.

              I launched myself in his arms holding him close to me, overjoyed to have the love of my life back in my arms. “How are you here? I thought you had a few more days of filming” “We worked hard and got done quicker than we thought.” “I’m so happy” He just held me close for a few moments then remembering that we were heading out for dinner. “We were going to get dinner, wanna join us?” “I am starving sweetheart” While he went upstairs to freshen up I got Jaclyn changed into a onesie that said, ‘my daddy is Dean Winchester’ and a cute pair of jeans.

              “You wanna go see Daddy?” She started bouncing and giggling, so I brought her downstairs and as soon as she saw Jay she started saying ‘dada’ repeatedly. “There’s my little peanut” He hugged her to him as she grasped his face in her chubby little hands giggling at the funny faces he was making. I decided to say something seeing if Jay was paying attention. “I hope the next one likes me” “Wait What did you just say?” “I hope the next one likes me” “Are you saying???” “I’m pregnant Jay” Gen took Jaclyn so we could have a couple minutes alone. “How long have you known?” “Close to a week, I started not feeling good so I went to the doctor and he told me that I was almost five weeks along”

              I could see the tears in his eyes, I walked over and wrapped my arms around his neck holding him close. “I am a very lucky man” “That you are Mr. Ackles” He kissed me softly and smiled. “Enough with the chick flick moments, I’m hungry” “Ok mama bear, let’s get you fed” We rejoined Jared and Gen who had huge smiles on their faces. After hugging and congratulations we decided on barbecue for dinner tonight and they were happy to oblige the pregnant woman of the group.

              After an amazing night, we said goodnight to the Padalecki’s and went home tired but also happy. I started picking up a few things when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and a pair of lips running up and down my neck. “Jay” I whined, he really knew how to disrupt my train of thought. “I’ll do this, I started a hot bath upstairs for you and put Jaclyn to bed” “I love you so much” “I love you more” I kissed him quickly and went upstairs to my bathtub full of almost scalding water.

              I quickly undressed and sunk into the water hissing at the water warmth but I could feel my muscles relaxing instantly. I was happy and relaxed enjoying the smell of lavender and vanilla, feeling so relaxed I never wanted to move again. I knew I had to get out but I just groaned at not wanting to move, Jay came in to check on me just smiling at me knowing how relaxed I was I invited him to join me. He quickly undressed and got in behind me. “I can’t believe we’re having another baby, I’m so happy y/n. I don’t think you know how much.” I turned slightly and cupped his cheek with tears building in my eyes I kissed him. We just smiled and pushed our foreheads together.

              Once the water cooled we got out and dried off, quickly getting our pajama’s on and crawled into bed falling fast asleep holding each other closely. As I started to wake up I could feel the morning sickness hitting me hard. I made it just in time but felt a hand rubbing my back, telling me that he was there for support. “I hate this part” I groaned as I set my forehead against the cool porcelain. “I know baby I made your favorite” He helped me off the floor and led me to bed where there was a tray of pancakes and bacon. I started tearing up loving him more for remembering what I ate with Jaclyn.

              We sat and ate while Jay watched the morning news. After breakfast, I snuggled up with him before we had to go and get some errands done today. It was going to be a gorgeous day and I was always happy to spend the day with Jay and Jaclyn. While Jensen got his shower, I went into Jaclyn’s room to check on her and saw her beautiful green eyes looking at me. “Hi pumpkin” I picked her up and kissed her all over her face making laugh and squeal.

              I took her downstairs and put her in her high chair, cutting up some pancake and a piece of bacon. I saw her daddy in her as she happily munched on her bacon and saw the same look of love that Jensen got when eating bacon. “You are so much like your daddy” She just smiled and giggled slapping her hands together. The party wasn’t until four so I washed up got dressed and headed out for a few things making sure we were back to set everything up. Jensen tweeted a pic of his girls wishing Jaclyn Rose a happy birthday. The response from the fans was so sweet, tweeting out little pictures and videos for her.

              We got back to the house around 3:30 and Gen was already there setting some things up, Jared and Jensen got the rest set up so that Gen and I could dress up the girls like Sam and Dean. We got them dressed and ready to go really hoping this would be a success. As we carried the girls downstairs the guests were starting to arrive and saw everyone I had considered family. We walked out to show off our handy work and saw Jared and Jensen bent over laughing at their girls looking like Sam and Dean. Both girls had flannel then a shirt that either said ‘Dean Winchester is my Daddy’ and ‘Sam Winchester is my Daddy’ with jeans and converse.

              The entire day was filled with laughter, stories and plenty of pictures to show off to the fans. By the time everyone had gone home the girls were asleep in their daddy’s arms and there was no way that they would be waking up any time soon. We bid each other good night, Jay put her to bed while I got a shower. When I came out with a towel wrapped around me I saw my husband sitting against the headboard a pair of pajama pants on and nothing else. It was like a scene from those trashy romance novels I used to read.

              “Damn Jay, you know how to get a girl all hot and bothered” I said as I blushed fifty shades of crimson. He beckoned me over to him so I took off my towel and walked over there without a stitch of clothing. “Damn baby, pregnancy suits you.” I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to him straddling his lap. I kissed him slowly but passionately feeling him harden underneath me. He flipped me quickly kissing down my neck onto my shoulder, for the whole night we gave each other everything we could.

              I stretched as I started to wake up and noticed Jay’s side of the bed empty, I walked down the stairs to see Jaclyn watching her daddy be a dork. I had a check-up later today to make sure everything was going the way it was supposed to. I slipped on one of Jays tees and a pair of underwear going back downstairs to have breakfast with the two people I loved most in this world. I snuck up behind Jay, then tickling his sides making him jump. Jaclyn just laughed and I just smiled as he turned to look at me with a playful glare.

              After breakfast, we got showered and dressed, heading to the doctor excited to see my second little peanut. We were so blessed that Jaclyn was a good baby, she never fussed or threw a tantrum, she was calm and happy. They called us back and I started to get excited to see our new little one on the way. They put the cold gel over my small bump and started moving it around. We heard the heartbeat and I just let the tears fill my eyes, the tech looked over and asked, “Would like to know what you’re having?” “Yes please” I said quietly. “You are having a boy! Congratulations!” She printed the pictures and cleaned off the goop and walked us out. We made the next appointment and headed home to share the amazing news.

Some Time Later

              I was eight months at this point and ready for our little boy to enter the world, and be in my arms. We had come up with Robert James and he even like that, anytime we said it he moved around saying hi. Season 15 was almost done filming and it was the end of the series, everything had been planned and put together for the fans, the cast, and the crew so that it ended with a shocking surprise. Jay was flying out tonight to come back home, permanently. I spent most of the day vegging on the couch with Jacky watching ‘Frozen’ and singing along.

              She was so amazing and adorable any time the baby would kick, she would just look and tilt her head. “Your brother is just saying hi” she put her hands where he had kicked “Hi brother”. Gen brought the boys over so they kids could be together, playing tag in the back yard as the sun set over the lake. “Oh, hey Jared just text me that they got an earlier flight” I let out the breath I was holding. “That’s good because I think my water just broke” I called Donna and Alan, telling them that I was in labor and they said they would meet us at the hospital.

              We got the kids ready to go, grabbing everything we needed. I grabbed my phone and hit the call button for Jay. It went to voicemail and I left a message that he needed to get here like now. The contractions weren’t that close together yet so he did have some time but things do change. I was settled in a room when both men burst through the door, I just laughed. Gen and Jared left to help with the kids. Once it was time to push it wasn’t long until I heard the most beautiful sound. Our little boy was here, they cleaned him up and brought him back to me. I just ran my finger over his cheeks and noticed his y/e/c and his y/h/c completely smitten.

              Everyone came to visit and Jaclyn was amazing with him, she just watched him with curiosity. Jensen got into bed with me Jaclyn asleep in his arms and Bobby asleep in mine. Jay just watched me and kissed the side of my head. “Thank you so much! I love you with everything I have” I let out a sigh “Thank you Jay, you’ve given me so much love. I will never know how I got so lucky” I kissed him once more “You loved me back me to life”

Thread: The truth about Camila Cabello's departure and the uncertain future of Fifth Harmony.

(note: everything in this thread was made by @exposingandtea on twitter. all credits go to them. this post was requested so it can be used as an archive, in case  some of the videos etc. got deleted. if the videos dont work, please send an ask!)

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Coke and Stars

Anon asked: /crying slightly/ e-expensive headphones soulmate au

Hey so i uh fucking love soulmate aus? So im gonna be a little bitch and plug in my own where the night sky is blank until you meet your soulmate

Michael pressed his cheek up against the cold wet window he was sitting on. Condensation rubbed onto him and now there was a smudge on the window between all the fog. He watched as water droplets built up and raced down to the edge, creating a little tiny puddle by Michael’s thigh. He sighed, which placed more condensation in place of another spot he’d rubbed water off. He hated the cold normally, which was why he was inside right now, his legs over the heater. But sometimes the cold against his face was the most grounding and calming thing, and so he couldn’t find the energy to move. Even as his face went numb. His phone buzzed, and with a sigh he looked down at the message lighting up the screen from his best friend Jeremy. He was leaving messages to him about how beautiful the sky was. Jeremy had met his soulmate today.

So maybe Michael was being a little emo right now.

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Monsta x in Dallas Fan Account

SOOOOO It’s been exactly a year since I have been to a concert? Last year it was Got7 and of course before that it was BTS twice and Topp Dogg. So now you guys get to read all about my crazy ass day. So first off let me say that it’s all thanks to God that I even had the opportunity to do what I did. I do not know if many of you know but I struggled with finding the money for the concert, I had to deal with leaving one job for almost a month and countless interviews before finding another and knowing if I would even have money for the concert and my outfit. And then my outfit came like last minute and so did my shoes. AND THEN I had to cop up $215 a day before the concert to get my car fixed. SO! I ended up driving to Dallas the day of and i took my niece to the Aquarium (yes I will upload photos). And we stayed for a good hour, so when we was going to the hotel it was 4:45. Okay, my dumb ass put the club on my steering wheel not realizing before hand that on my dad’s set of car keys he didn’t have the fucking key for the club. So now I can’t even use my car, and I feel all hope is lost. I kept thinking when six rolled around like damn the concert starts at 7 I still have this club on my car like I can’t go and no one can come get me because I do not have any friends who live here nor did I make friends with anyone going. So finally around 6:45 my mom tells me to walk in faith and go get ready which I do. Because at least if I didn’t go I would’ve looked good as hell for my damn self. So, I go and get changed and do my makeup.. They come in about thirty minutes later to tell me that the club is off my car- they made friends with someone who got it off in less than five seconds. AND on top of that the concert didn’t start til 8. I was so emotional you guys I knew it was nothing but God on my side because I’ve had so many hardships this summer, I needed this concert and he listened to my cry and gave it to me. That feeling- nothing can beat that at all. 

So when I was going to the concert it was like 7:57 when I made it. So of course you guys saw the outfit but if not, I had on a black body suit with a full body white harness it over it, and a see through lace dress over that. I had on white ankle boot platforms and a headband my mother made me(YES I AM A VERY SPOILED CHILD) so when I was walking in the concert venue I felt so nervous. I opened up the doors to go in the concert hall and so many people were looking at me. I felt like i was just so fucking gorgeous and that doesn’t happen a lot because I deal with self confidence and so to see all those females just turn heads to watch me walk down the stairs of course I felt proud. I had so many girls compliment me and I felt so amazing because okay for me it’s one thing for a guy to compliment me but when girls do it of course you know you’re a weapon. So even the crew members that were guys were checking me out and I tried to play it off with little giggles. There was one girl I sat by though she seemed to have a problem and the worse part of it all was that she was black -.- but she made it seem like it was my fault I sat by her at the concert. So I ignored her and partied with the Mexican and white girls that were around me. there was an elder black lady on the row in front of me and she was pretty nice too. A girl behind me asked me to move to the side because she couldn’t see and I was like??? So I gotta be cramped because you can’t see -.- but I mean I tried to be nice. 

When I first got there it was less than one minute before the concert started. I was yelling so loud seeing all of them. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing my boys like I had been waiting for this! Especially Jooheon. HE LOOKED SOOOOO FUCKING. yes. Just yes. When they first came out and started performing I was trying to catch Jooheon’s eyes but low and behold Kihyun was the one who noticed me first. Okay now I was shocked because I didn’t think Kihyun would really pay me attention considering I was plump and he so smol and just beautiful. Him nor Wonho or Shownu because they seem like the healthy kicks ones of the groups. So I saw Kihyun just check me out twice and so I started to watch him. At first it was like we were just feeling each other out- now where I was standing you could see me clear as day and so I could tell a lot of the times I was looking him in the eyes. But after a few times he was smiling and cheesing at me and like waving. So next up was Minhyun I saw him just check me out and it seemed they all really did that at first. Look at me and my outfit and then after a couple of more rounds they were being goofy as hell. Of course I didn’t like that my section as a whole didn’t seem to get much attention but they were really dead and I know that idols vibe off the energy also (there wasn’t that many blacks at monsta x! At least not in my section so I think that’s also why they was like >.> <.<) Lmfao so it was one part of the show I was leaning against the chair in front of me because me trying to be a fucking pretty girl my feet was killing me! And Jooheon looked at me before making the comment a lot of us seemed to lack energy -.- I wanted to fight lmfao. He made us do the wave and it was so adorable. </p>

So all through the night different guys gave me attention. Wonho gave me a crooked smirk showing his teeth and winked at me before turning around. I wanted to fight because who asked you. Shownu was so fucking precious just smiling at me. Though he kept checking me out he was a little flustered baby at times and I loved it. So of course they broke up in sub units and that’s when I really noticed the eyes because Shownu and Minhyuk and I.M did 24k and I just saw a whole other side of them AND MINHYUK ISN’T AS SWEET AND INNOCENT?? LIKE HE SWEET BUT INNOCENT??? GOT LIFE FUCKED UP. Ugh he looked too damn good. They all did. So they came out and was throwing candy to people. Hahahaha. So Wonho tried to throw chocolate at me, he nodded and i raised my hand- because i can’t catch I accidentally hit the girl in front of me in the back of the head. The second piece of candy came from Jooheon and once again it fell from my hands. The third time it came from Shownu and I gave up after that one tipped off my hand and into the seat. So Wonho grinned at me and like gave another nod so I nodded at him but when he threw it, it went to the side and he burst out laughing and he’s so fucking cute I couldn’t help but laugh like he’s so fucking precious guys. I was so in love with him- with them all. 

So when they did Be Quiet I was so lit and I had started to do this dance move on that song and another song that I really started using after I saw Yoongi do it- Kihyun fucking did it!! And so did Jooheon!! I was so happy haha. And like there were moments I tipped my head back to sing to random parts of the song I felt the most and i would look up to see Wonho and Kihyun looking at me. Or if I watched one member sing, then I would see another member looking at me. And the second to last song that they performed I sang the opening to Jooheon and he smirked and was singing it back looking in my direction. He waved at me and pointed which he seemed to do a lot! Minhyuk waved and pointed at me too and so did Kihyun. He kept smiling at me. Many times I would pout and make crying motions with my hands and he would laugh and though I felt embarrassed I kept up with it. And seeing MInhyuk touch Wonho’s ass made my night ten times better. I got to see Kihyun body. I was just living. And I’m sure I’m missing sooooo much but just believe me when I say they were watching me and looking at my outfit. So one part of the harness it wrapped around my thighs under my ass and I was really nervous about letting them see me close up. The only thing I regret was that when they came back on stage because this black girl bumped into me and knocked me down I didn’t go to the stage because I was really upset and I wanted to fucking fight like how dare you be so fucking rude. But I still got they attention anyway I just could’ve gotten more had I went to the stage!! And Wonho threw a towel in the crowd after kissing it causing a few fans to go a little wild and Kihyun put his head down he was so embarrassed haha.

So when the concert was over i had to walk back outside to get my wristband and my feet were hurting but I held my head high and people still kept complimenting me. I got called queen and told to slay and everyone wanted to know how I wore those heels and I just felt like i was a fucking beautiful girl like damn! So when hitouch came, we lined up and waited for them. So when I walked to see them I was nervous my mind went blank and i couldn’t believe that I was in front of them. 

The first person I got to was I.M, he looked me up and down and said “uhuh yep” and reached for my hand to hold it. I SWEAR TO GOD I COULD’VE DIED ON SPOT I WAS SO SPEECHLESS LIKE- I JUST. HONESTLY HE WRECKED MY MIND SO MUCH I FORGOT THE FUCKING ORDER THAT I TOUCHED THEM IN AFTER THAT. IF I’m not mistaking I saw Minhyuk next and he held onto my hand and was smiling. I thought Wonho would just want a high five but this bitch smooth grabbed my hand and held it smiling at me and i kinda jerked away at the end because I was shook up. Jooheon basically gave me a look and was like “high five” but when he gave it to me I held his hand and he was like “alright” and smiled. I would say he seemed a little flustered because though he looked me in the eyes it didn’t last long. Shownu extra ass- he almost leap over the damn table I couldn’t say I wasn’t shocked. He was smiling wide and looking down grabbing at my hand to hold HE ALSO SEEMED FLUSTERED AND HE SAID PPL CALL HIM SHOWNU BEAR LIKE– SO FUCKING PURE. And Kihyun when I got to him he smiled widely and held my hand. I felt shy in front of all of them but especially him. I did not think my hitouch would go that well. I always joked with @silhouetted-beauty about wrecking them or how they would act and she always called me their pet considering what I had on. I won’t say that I didn’t feel like that, but fuck they made me feel special and I am forever grateful to them for the amazing night they gave me. I’m sad I couldn’t see Hyungwon but next time I will see him. Any questions you guys have please feel free to let me know!! I do not mind talking about this shit forever. I’m just sad it ended but I feel content and like my summer is finally complete. Monsta x really helped me take a step back and realize everything would be okay.

I’m Only Saying Because I Love You (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Summary: Anon Request : Can you write a Jim one where the reader is a total badass and is a doctor and she helps him fight and then patches him up? Best friends to lovers too if you can! Thank you :)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence.

a/n: I hope this lives up to the request! I really enjoyed writing this one, I love the whole friends to lovers trope so I hope this fires up the ol’ imagination.

Words: 1,527

“I told you Alan was a jerk.” Jim said so only you could hear.

“You tell me everyone I date is a jerk.” You replied, stepping over a fallen branch.

“Yeah, well I’m normally right,” Jim shrugged, “and Alan is the biggest jerk of them all.” He jumped down a small drop and caught you as you followed suit.

You sighed and continued to walk through the forest on the planet you had been beamed onto. It was a routine survey of a planet, and being one of Doctor McCoy’s most trusted Doctors, you had been sent just in case. It was hot, and humid, and green. Never ending green. Mr Spock had warned the landing party that the slight difference in the atmosphere between here and earth could cause the beings on it to be a big larger. That was all you needed. To be hot and sweaty and to have a spider as big as a car jump on you.

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something borrowed

-  a solangelo wedding planner AU -

In the Solace Wedding Planner agenda, on the fifth page into their summer schedule, there are carefully scrawled out notes reading this:
Bride and Groom -
Hazel Levesque & Frank Zhang
Best Man & Maid of Honor -
Percy Jackson & Piper McLean
Wedding Court -
Annabeth Chase & Jason Grace
Mellie & Gleeson Hedge
Reyna Ramírez-Arellano & Leo Valdez

Ring-bearer -
Chuck Hedge
Flower-boy -
Nico di Angelo
Will plans wedding and now, apparently, Nico stars in one.
Except…sometimes there’s a bit more confusion on that last part.
AKA the AU where Will plans weddings and thinks Hazel and Frank are going to have to cutest, gap-toothed ten year throwing flowers down the aisle, all while wondering why this ‘Neeks’ guy is always hanging around, and what business he has looking that good.

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