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Melting Of The Ice Cream Girl [ pt.2 ]

PD101 / MXM’s Im Youngmin X Reader [fem ver]

part one

TW: use of vulgar language, mild violence i think… better to put these up anyway

Fluff, mild angst

bullet-point ver.
[ scenario ver. : coming soon ]

• some stuff happens that makes you go all ICE princess where is ice cream girl
• your stare could freeze Youngmin
• can Youngmin still melt you?

oMGgg guys idk what’s wrong with me i’m on a roll right now but i literally re-read part one and got super happy after that like it didn’t even feel like I wrote it okay bye

- admin L
PS: sorry but scenario ver. might take a long time :(((

• it’s pretty awkward still
• you can’t stop blushing
• Youngmin can’t stop talking to you
• and chuckling when you barely nod out a reply
• your face is like a tomato
• what is a regular heartbeat anymore?
• Youngmin’s so perfect you can’t even breathe the same air as him it isn’t possible
• but he seems happy sharing the same table as you
• as much as his sunbae + chaebol™ clique is yelling for him and Donghyun to return to them
• they stay rooted to their seats
• and somehow it makes you really happy on the inside
• but on the outside, it looks as if your glare can get hell to freeze over
• you try to get Woojin or Daewhi’s help but they’re so engrossed in conversation about something personal with Donghyun
• that Youngmin feels that he shouldn’t interfere with because he isn’t interrupting
• he’s just admiring your face and picking at his fries
• also trying to start a conversation with you
• at least he’s trying and you really appreciate it 

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Our store is "24 hours" but between 3-330am our registers are shut down for end of day report. I can't check anyone out during that time. This past night that I worked a woman walked in the door, because we're still open they just can't buy anything, at 3:03. She actually screamed and started stomping her feet and throwing her hands in the air like a child when I informed her the registers were down til 3:30 and it was only 3:03

  • me: you know, considering how cute the actor is I can see why so many people have been sayin they're attracted to pennywise. i mean, i'm sure that at points in the movie he looks like. you know. himself a little.
  • mom: oh, i was kinda attracted to the clown anyway.
  • me: what.
  • mom: yeah he's got a certain kinda "naughtiness" to him
  • me: .....excuse me i have to go to bed now.

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Hello again! Thank you so much for writing the blind s/o prompt! It made my night because I was afraid you might find it confusing or weak. I adore your writing style and loved your take on it! If you don't mind, may I request possessive + stalking Sombra, trying to find the opportunity to kidnap her s/o, but sees their fem s/o getting mugged and gets hurt. How would she react? Thank you again in advance! I hope you have a great day or night! 💖

Hi there! It was no problem at all! I thought it was a really cute ask and, besides, I don’t think I’d ever find any requests confusing or weak so dw about any of that stuff! You’re really too sweet haha, thank you! Sorry if this was a bit late, I’ve been working on most my asks chronologically. Hope you like it!!


Her day started normally enough: doing some work in the early morning and waiting impatiently for you to wake up. One of her screens is set to a camera of your room, a second to your computer feed, and a third to your phone.

It was easy.

All she had to do was follow you home from the grocery store and slip in before you could close the door. She stood as close to you as possible without touching. She was always watching watching watching. Frozen pizza again? She frowned. That was no good. One day she’d have you eat with her: tamales, spaghetti, burgers. Anything but frozen pizza. She even sat next to you on the couch, watching you watch videos as you ate. She made sure to touch your phone and computer with a gloved hand, watching intensely as you typed in your passwords, and taking a sample of your fingerprints.

It worried her. The way you didn’t even notice your bathroom door creak open as you took a bath or how your bed felt warmer than usually when you finally laid down to sleep. It took every ounce of self-control not to reach out and hold you when you curled up. She had already been laying there, waiting, not expecting you to fall asleep right out of the bath. She got up carefully, leaning in to smell you before getting to work. Small cameras, mics, and sensors rigged every room in your home. Checking her phone, she grinned. She would get a notification if you so much as changed rooms. This way she could watch you even if she was busy with a mission.

Those days, she spent a lot of time watching a shifting feed of cameras tracking your movement: from your room to the kitchen to the streets to the store. Security cameras were everywhere nowadays. She kept track of who you spoke to, watching your conversations carefully, and eagerly collecting the selfies you sent to friends who insisted they weren’t receiving anything. Everyone you talked to for too long would suddenly find an emergency at work or school and clamber home, apologizing for the short conversation or canceled plans. On free days, she’d track your movement by the second, following you around the way she is now, pretending that the two of you were on a date.

It took her so long to plan everything right. It was a slow process, finding the perfect location to set you up, customizing her own security system to ensure you’d never leave, and collecting objects that you “lost” from your apartment to fill up your soon-to-be new home. All that was left was to take you. She had to make sure you were in an unmonitored space like this one. An odd shortcut you found on the way home. Did you need more time? Did she need to chloroform you? Lure you out to the middle of no where? Snatch you right from your bed? She imagined it desperately. You would whimper and cry and beg, but she’d make sure you couldn’t scream. Even imagining it was too much. It was almost like she could hear the pain and fear in your voice. It was like she was actually hearing you scream.

A shocking crack pulls her from her thoughts. Sombra’s mouth falls open. It wasn’t her imagination at all. A group of thieves had you circled. One of them had angrily clocked you across the face with his gun. Shut up, he sneered. Shut up! You whimpered on the floor, holding your bleeding face. A nasty bruise was already beginning to form. He kept a gun pointed at you as the others snatched your bag, demanding your phone and wallet. You gave it to them without protest and, right as you thought they were going to leave, he turned and clocked you across the head again. This time, you collapsed.

Sombra saw red.

You wake up in your room.

Was it a dream, you wonder? Certainly not, not with the way your head pounded or face stung. You turn over and grab your lost teddy bear, breathing deep. Your eyes snap open. Your lost teddy bear? You tear off the blankets (the ones that have been on your amazon wish list for weeks), and find yourself in pajamas you thought the washing machine ate.

The door beeps and you freeze. You hear a mechanical whirr and locks clicking before it swings open. Sombra smiles at you in surprise. Her clothes are wet and red.

Yonda!” She greets. She reaches forward to embrace your trembling body. She’s very sorry, you know. She should have taken you a long time ago. “How are you feeling?”

You tremble silently, mouth moving to speak, but no words come out. She coos, gently stroking your face and leaving blood against your bruises. You’re safe now. You belong to Sombra now. No one will ever hurt you again.

This one time #6

I’m going to give you a little more background about my restaurant. It rhymes with B&W. We are known very well around the province I live in for an amazing breakfast choice.

In the particular store I work at breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays are absolutely batshit crazy. I mean CRAAAAZY.

Most of the workers are used to it. We joke and complain but we handle it like we always do.

Jk, we actually usually do fuck all. The teamwork at my store (if on a scale of 1-10) is a -178.

So most mornings is a mess of the kitchen screaming at the front staff, and vice versa.

This particular morning, I was working. Which is weird because I’m always on nights. So I was greeted that morning with screaming and yelling and a lot of coffee. Not really a great start.

So this one customer came in, and all he asked for was his English muffins to be well done. Extra toasted. That’s it.

It sounds so easy right.

So I went and asked the kitchen to toast them twice, so that they would be well done. Now. I did not raise my voice. I was calm, I was actually happy.

My manager. The boss. The lady who was supposed to make sure that every customer left happy… told me no.

Actually she screamed. She screamed and said “I can’t toast it twice. We are busy. I can’t toast it. Give the customer a refund.”

Here’s my problem with that. THIS IS A FUCKING RESTURANT. It is OUR JOBS to serve customers food. My boss just told me to essentially tell that customer “Too bad, get out, we can’t feed you today. Here take back your money and go to another resturant.”

This gave me such bad anxiety that I almost had a panic attack. Because I can’t tell my boss, “just friggin toast the bun, it takes less than a minute you lazy hag.”

So I went to the customer, and apologized more than six times in once sentence.

That’s when my other manager saw this and was like “no.” We’ll toast it. And then I explained what happened. This manager took it in the kitchen. And then there was a row. In which the entire store can hear them SCREAMING at each other.

But in less than two minutes the man received his breakfast.

Now… I wanted to ask the manager “was that so hard?!” But I didn’t wanna lose my job. FML

It’s Valentine’s Day, Tiamat and I are coming home from a romantic dinner, filled with deep, introspective discussion about he direction of our lives and where we want to go. And screaming. A lot of screaming. She’s just a passionate person.

Anyway, we think tonight’s gonna be our first night. We would have done things sooner, but she can’t see humans as anything but horrifying eldritch abominations that she wants to eradicate from existence. Seriously, when we first met she called me a “tumor on the ass of life itself.” Well, all she actually did was scream. But I could tell. I could tell. Love just works that way.

So, I light some candles. Get the mood going, turn the lights down, you know. Things go the usual way.

Now, it’s about this time, about two seconds before everything goes to hell, that I’m struck with a thought. Tiamat always keeps her legs pretty tightly together, you know, unless she’s in her horrifying dragon-thing phase.

“Tia, honey, are you sure this is… safe?” I ask.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” She responds, softly. Well, as soft as a bloodcurdling scream that transcends mortal capabilities can get, anyway. It’s the thought that counts.

Now, assured, I gently spread her legs open. And I’m immediately washed away by unspeakably horrific, tar-black primordial ooze.

“YOU SAID YOU WERE CLEAN!” I felt bad for raising my voice, usually we try and keep things civil, but I hope you can understand where I’m coming from, here. I was pinned to my door by ever-growing puddle of ooze. It was mildly unpleasant, to be honest. This was a pretty big betrayal.


I didn’t really catch anything after that, because, you see, that ooze kinda does things to life.  You know, suddenly you’re as black as the ooze itself, you grow random eyes and limbs, can’t comprehend anything that used to be rational, the usual. 

The ooze did kind of spread all over the planet. That sucked a bit. Ended humanity, the whole nine yards. 

The moral of this story is, you should always wear a condom when you’re going to have sex with horrors that existed before life did. Sometimes your partner might feel too self-conscious to share their medical problems in that situation, especially in the heat of the moment. Protect yourself until you can be entirely sure.

Be safe, kids.

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My friend who isn't even a larrie just said "sorry james, i love you, but i wish it was louis singing that duet with harry instead of you" I actually screamed! She is converting haha

our forces are only growing stronger

I’m not ready for you to leave me - chikariko (fic)

ChikaRiko - Yokai/Fantasy AU: 1145 words-ish (read more)

@hazardtomyhealth@hitomishiga, I love being irresponsible!! hope u guys love pain

gore tw, no death I promise.. sort of….

Riko’s never quite met someone as selfless as Chika.

For all the centuries she’s lived, Riko has always thought of humans as selfish, hunting down and murdering other species of monsters in cruel hunting parties for their own gain. For such a short lifespan, they have made sure the world is wary of them, their sheer numbers posing a threat to any creatures living in their vicinity.

They were strangely fixated on the concept of immortality, believing in things such as Philosopher’s Stones, trying different elixirs, even with no knowledge of the celestial world. They fought amongst each other to get ahead of the rest, and if that wasn’t an indication of their ruthlessness and greed, Riko didn’t know what was.

So why, just why, was Chika so selfless?

Just when Riko didn’t want her to be?

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Bubblegum horror

(Sorry I’m not very good with titles) okay so I work at a store where are return policy is 30 days with a receipt, or if you don’t have the receipt you need an ID and you just get store credit for the price the item Is currently if it had been marked down. So with that in mind let me tell you about one of the worst customers I have ever had.
So one day I was working on the return counter and up walks this old lady who is covered head to toe, from her glasses chain to her toenails, in pink. Everything was pink, her nails, her swade outfit. Her glasses. It was all a Dolores Umbridge pink nightmare.
So this lady wants to return two pairs of sandles. I said “alright can I see your receipt?” She said she didn’t have it. So I was like “okay can I see your ID please?” She then got upset and said it was in her wallet. I thought that was strange but I told her that it was fine, I could wait while she got it out. She then said something about how her wallet was a mess, and that she could just give me the number. I said “no ma'am I need to see the actual ID, it’s company policy.” She got more flustered, but did pull out her wallet and began to half ass search through it to find her ID. After about two minutes she just looks at me and says “I’m just going to give you the number I don’t want these people behind me to wait long” she gestured to the line of literally one other person. But by this point I was just ready for her to go so I agreed. She gave me a number that to this day I don’t know if it was hers or not.
So I scan the sandles she brought in, they were both originally $12 or something like that, but where being rung up at .99 apiece(these sandles were at least 4 months old). Now the lady is mad, she asks if I can give her the original price, I tell her no and explain the company policy to her. She’s getting madder, and demands to speak to a supervisor, the entire time swearing under her breath and calling me names. Luckily my supervisor was on the register next to mine, and I asked him(basically for aperience reasons only)if I could give her the full price of the shoes. He just said a flat no, with no explanation and turned back to what he was doing.
Now the lady was angry, like really angry, she screamed at me to get the manager or she would get me fired. The manager, who was near by came over quickly and explained to her why she couldn’t get the original price on the shoes, and then walked away, leaving me with this pink screaming wrinkly harpy. So this lady has been told by everyone at the store level that she cannot get the price she wanted on the shoes, so what does this bitch do? She grabs a sandle and started to bang it on my counter, screaming awful slurs and profanity at the top of her lungs. I was in a state of shock and indifference at this point that I just let her carry on for a minute.
When she finally took a breath I told her that she would be getting $2in store credit and could I please have the sandle she was holding. She got red in the face again and said (actual quote here, because it will be burned in my memory for life) “You know what f*** you and f*** this store. I’m just gonna keep the sandles and re-gift them. What do ya think about that???” She actually paused and waited for an answer. I just said, “that’s nice and to have a nice day.” She then stormed off into the store to shop, or something, but she was finally away from my counter so I didn’t care. But the kicker was about 15 minutes after that ordeal, as she was leaving she found my manager and apologized to her. Not me the girl she scream and actually said slurs to. But my boss, who was there for two minutes.

The Legend of the Sun and the Moon (Complete)

[Read from the Beginning on AO3]

Pairings: Sheith, Hance, some minor badwrong Shendak
Characters: Shiro, Keith, Hunk, Lance, Pidge, Allura, Sendak, Haggar, Zarkon, Coran
Rating: E (Explicit- please watch the tags)
Chapters: 25/25
Word Count: 165,670

This has been incredible! I can’t believe this story is over, it’s been a huge project that’s taken up months of work and inspired a whole world that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s been so amazing to get to create a fantasy universe from its history, cultures, and mythology, that gets away from the Eurocentric fantasy setting and (hopefully) stays true to the canon show and the characters. Thank you to the readers and to the artists who’ve worked with us! Here’s a round up post for everything related to the Legend of the Sun and the Moon.

If you’re looking for some epic fantasy adventure Sheith and Hance across a fiction Asia with lots of love, angst, and heartache, then here you go! Not to mention a health dose of evil Shiro, mutual pining, arranged marriages, and amnesia. 

If you enjoyed the story, please leave us kudos or nice comments, we honestly live for those. There’s nothing more incredible for a fic writer than to know someone actually liked their story. :) And stay tuned for our next (much shorter, ahaha) Sheith project that starts in a few days. No rest for a Sheith shipper.

Wonderful Art! 

We can’t thank you enough. Please leave lots of love for all these amazing artists, it’s been a privilege to work with you.

Kingdom Gifsets

Kiss Me (Please)


K+ rating, pre-movie au, hurt/comfort and romantic fluff

FFN | AO3 | original prompt

Metro Man tries to explain to Roxanne that her flirting with Megamind has more of an effect that she realizes. But Roxanne is certain that he has to be wrong. Megamind would have to care about her for it to matter, wouldn’t he?

“You need to stop flirting with him,” Wayne says.

Roxanne, in the middle of recounting the story of her latest kidnapping, puts down the coffee mug she was using to gesture.

“Come again?” she asks, arching her eyebrows. “Need to stop flirting with who?”

Wayne looks supremely uncomfortable.

“With Megamind,” he says, lowering his voice and darting a glance around the cafe, as if worried they’ll be overheard.

Roxanne’s heart seems to stop for a moment in her chest.

“Wh—I do not flirt with Megamind,” she says, and forces an incredulous laugh. “That’s ridiculous.”

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