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Our store is "24 hours" but between 3-330am our registers are shut down for end of day report. I can't check anyone out during that time. This past night that I worked a woman walked in the door, because we're still open they just can't buy anything, at 3:03. She actually screamed and started stomping her feet and throwing her hands in the air like a child when I informed her the registers were down til 3:30 and it was only 3:03

So when I was thirteen and went to summer camp we were scheduled to go mountain biking one day, and even though I’m wobbly at best on a mountain bike I tagged along and prayed no one would make fun of me.

Well it got a lot worse than that, since they all rode far ahead of me while I kept falling off this bike that was way too big for me, but eventually I got some confidence. And then we reached a hill. Not just any hill, a steep, rocky hill covered with gravel and sharp, painful objects.

I didn’t know how to stop while going down the hill, so I just started cussing (at church camp, ironically) until I flipped headfirst over the handlebars, flew a few feet, and landed on my head.

My counselor had been biking behind me and proceeded to freak out, but all I did was stare for a long time at my bloody hands and say, “Um, hey, I think I broke my wrist.” So she had to carry me to the nurse’s office with a broken wrist, a puncture wound in my forehead, the skin on my left arm gouged off, the vision in my left eye gone, and – best part – two broken vertebrae. 

I sat at a sink for about an hour while they tried to stop my head from bleeding, and instead of crying I talked to them about how it was churro day for lunch and they better save me some churros or I’d get really mad, how my neon purple shoes were ruined by bloodstains now, and how I thought puke was really funny. A girl came in crying with a splinter; I waved hi to her and she left.

And then I was driven to the hospital, a dinky little place with only twelve beds and no blood for transfusions, where I sat in the waiting room for an hour with a wad of paper towels pressed to my head and my wrist swollen as big as a stereotypical frat boy’s head. After being quizzed by the receptionist and filling out some paperwork with my broken wrist, they wrapped me up in gauze and bandages and everything everywhere, put glue on my head, and sent me back to camp, and then the camp nurse took me to McDonald’s to get a cheeseburger and ice cream.

So I’m more than likely the only person alive who can say they broke their neck and went to get ice cream right afterward.

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My friend who isn't even a larrie just said "sorry james, i love you, but i wish it was louis singing that duet with harry instead of you" I actually screamed! She is converting haha

our forces are only growing stronger


well it was nice knowing you anchan

I’m not ready for you to leave me - chikariko (fic)

ChikaRiko - Yokai/Fantasy AU: 1145 words-ish (read more)

@hazardtomyhealth@hitomishiga, I love being irresponsible!! hope u guys love pain

gore tw, no death I promise.. sort of….

Riko’s never quite met someone as selfless as Chika.

For all the centuries she’s lived, Riko has always thought of humans as selfish, hunting down and murdering other species of monsters in cruel hunting parties for their own gain. For such a short lifespan, they have made sure the world is wary of them, their sheer numbers posing a threat to any creatures living in their vicinity.

They were strangely fixated on the concept of immortality, believing in things such as Philosopher’s Stones, trying different elixirs, even with no knowledge of the celestial world. They fought amongst each other to get ahead of the rest, and if that wasn’t an indication of their ruthlessness and greed, Riko didn’t know what was.

So why, just why, was Chika so selfless?

Just when Riko didn’t want her to be?

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I always ironically say i have witchy blood but in the span of three days (!!!! :o) three people (!!!! :o x1000) to whom i purposely projected good vibes have been selected on the things they had applied to….. COINCIDENCE? It is, and i’m super happy for them


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   Anyone else notice the new killer animations? Billy used to swing you really hard when he was carrying you, now he’s very straight and poised like Mike’s animation. Also, Wraith wipes his weapon off like the Nurse does. Guess we know who the killers have been hanging out with. ;)

Check :5:38 if you wanna see what I mean. Also, that Billy is me. I think Billy is just mocking Mike tho cuz he’s on Haddonfield. It’s like, lookit me, I’m the boogeyman lel. STRUTS THE STUFF.