if anyone has been looking for a new anime to watch you should definitely try watching Kemono no Souja Erin! a friend recommended it to me and I finally started it a few days ago on a whim and next thing I know I watched all 50 episodes in like 4 days lmao.

it’s probably considered one of those ~hidden gem~ anime because it doesn’t seem to be too well known but everyone who has watched it (from what I’ve seen) has loved it, and for good reason!

It reminds me of HxH in the sense that it looks like a show meant for kids from the outside but once you get going it gets more intense. 

I’m awful at explaining plots but it basically follows a girl named Erin from the time she is 10 until she is 18. The visuals are awesome (gave me Mononoke vibes on occasion), music is just as good,  A++ cast and character development,MAIN CHARACTER IS A SUPER AWESOME BADASS CHICK WHO GOES THROUGH SO MUCH AND IS CONSTANTLY GROWING AND JUST LOVES ANIMALS AND WANTS THEM TO LIVE FREELY 

Just do it for these two

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i spent five minutes trying to figure out where i heard mr bad evil villain mains right hand lady’s voice before and at first i thought it was katara for some fucking reason and then i went to hama and then i finally settled on obaba from nausicaa aND I KNEW NAUSICAA HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS SHOW I FUCKIGN KNE W IT

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I am reading A Vision of Fire and - Don't hate me for saying this! - the writing is only so-so. But the story is really interesting and I can't put it down! I think it will make a great tv series. Do you think Gillian will play the main character?

I’m not gonna hate you, I haven’t read them! But I’ll definitely watch the show. I think the reason why she wants it to be adapted is because she wants to play in it, but I could be wrong. Maybe she’s just direct or produce, we’ll see!