My thoughts on Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2

Things I loved:


–Cree Summer as the fake Weblum and the quote that came with it!

“If I can’t see ya, I can’t kill ya”

–Zarkon is out of comission now

–Shirtless Klance


–The adorable pet thing that just says YUP

Things I liked:

–Keith and Hunk bonding

–Galra Keith, despite my protests of how stupid it would be, was handled well.

–Keith did not become purple and furry after this discovery!

–Not much screentime about Allura’s problem with Keith being Galra because it’s stupid for her to have a problem with someone she trusts over ancestry.

–Nerdy Pidge

Things I hated:

–I’m gonna get this one out of the way because it’s the main reason I watch this show. LACK OF KLANCE. Granted the elevator scene was funny but it was really the only major interaction between the two all season so I don’t understand why everyone is so happy about it. I liked the slow burn of their relationship in season one but granted none of the characters except Keith really got an arc this season so… I guess I can forgive? Plus Lauren Montgomery says LGBT stuff is on the way so it was probably in season 3 granted how long animation takes to do and they are probably well into production since this season was made before season 1 was airing.

–There weren’t enough character arcs so much of the show was “LET’S GO AFTER THIS GALRA FLEET AND FORM VOLTRON”. There were almost no quiet characters moments or room for the characters to interact (except the glorious mall episode) and become more fleshed out because of the PEW PEW KILL GALRA

–Going off that, way too plot heavy when I could give a flipping quiznak about. I watch the show for the characters not the stupid villains who are honesty SO BAD IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

–the villains just get more boring and terrible. DEAR GAWD, will Prince Lotor be that bland?! I hope not.

–Ladies man Lance is getting real old real fast. Can’t he hit on some boys too? Bi Lance plz.

–No Allura in princess dresses, her outfits were always so pretty. 

Overall Grade: 

B (solid but needed vast improvement, season 1 was better)

Me (a lesbian) watches supergirl (a pretty gay show) for a reason. Now I understand that I have to deal with more than 70% of straight couples on tv and in real life but can we please not have the mayonnaise fuck boi of all people to fall In love with the main character Kara who seems like she can aim higher (Lena, James, preferable lena with rep) yes I am ecstatic to see Maggie and Alex represent us on the show, but it’s still little. Like please I already don’t have a enough representation in my life due to where i live (Indiana oh dear god help me) and I have to look up every book, show, or movie just to feel like I’m real. These girls deserve so much better

i would like to point out to all of you if it wasn’t for the show, i wouldn’t like clary at all

galahads  asked:

So like,, should I watch Dirk Gently? I don't even know what it's about but you've got me convinced it's good lmao

omg I am SO glad you asked me this and I have waited to answer because I have a lot of reasons you and everyone else should watch this show and only my roommate has heard them because I scream them at her whether she likes them or not (sorry quinn)

if you like doctor who or liked it at one point you will love this show. the main character dirk gently reminds me a lot of the eleventh doctor (solves mysteries, really quirky, doesnt really know whats going on a lot of the time, just a precious cinnamon roll all around). its like superwholock for grownups basically and i know we all cringe at that part of our lives (i know i certainly do) but if you ever liked shows like sherlock/doctor who then you will definitely LOVE this show.

the writing is seriously amazing, max landis is a genius. the whole premise is “everything is connected”, so things that seems insignificant in the first episode are actually really important in the coming episodes and the plot twists are great. as well, the characters are beautifully complex and you end up sympathizing with characters that perhaps with less genius writing you wouldnt have before (cough todd brotzmann cough). as well, the female characters are KICK ASS and there are NO romantic storylines (yet) for any of the main characters which is sooo refreshing because it gives the female characters room to shine as themselves is AMAZING.

and because this is tumblr obviously there are some great ships… if you ship lots of m/m then brotzly (dirk/todd) will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to you seriously im in the greatest depths of brotzly hell rn its seriously disgusting. but there is also f/f faranda (did i spell that right??) which is farah/amanda and its GREAT and SO PURE and literally everything i could have ever wanted out of a wlw ship. and theres even some m/f too like bart/ken who are both AMAZING CHARACTERS and have the KEYS TO MY HEART as well as some people ship amanda/martin.

also its only 8 episodes so far and they’re less than an hour each everyone that i talked to watched it in a day and seriously loved it. my ex boyfriend liked it and hes pretty much incapable of love (he didnt like hannibal who the f u c k doesnt like hannibal its an objectively good tv show). so if that doesnt convince you to watch it idk what will.

please join me in dirk gently hell


This was probably the most emotional painful thing I have watched…they killed my main reason to watch the show I love this couple so much.
Wang eun truly became and loving husband and man.
Soon deok trying to save her husband who she insisted on marrying even know he didn’t know how to protect them.
Eun telling so that the only gift that he could give him is to let him die with his wife…his wife who he couldn’t leave alone…
Goodbye my beautiful babies


replied to your post

“junkencat replied to your post “idk im thinking about poor writing…”

YEAH EXACTLY……?like ok one example would be like,,,, sunset shimmer from mlp? she went from being a huge fucking bully to a poor baby the moment she got defeated(she didnt even get lectured or educated. she just. got her ass kicked) and immediately was a good person. and the main characters were all warm and welcoming and loving even though she /literally/ manipulated them into hating each other for? what was no reason at the time?


“junkencat replied to your post  “idk im thinking about poor writing…”

like i guess mlp is a dumb af example but youd think a show HEAVILY based on lessons in friendship wouldve thought something like that a lil more through               

tbh i haven’t watched mlp so i can’t weigh in much on this example specifically but I AGREE COMPLETELY?? i’ve seen examples of this exact same thing time and time again, and its SO frustrating.

and also while i feel that redemption arcs should be well-written in general, for a show about friendships between characters AND thats aimed towards kids its just… twice as important?? so its especially shitty they did that u know


SO Lifetime is not my standard jam. However. Then UnREAL happened. And now I feel the need to suck others into my obsession because the fandom is hella small. There are a lot of reasons to watch Lifetime’s new show, UnREAl. Here are five:

1. It’s based off of the real life struggles that self-proclaimed feminist Sarah Gertrude Shapiro had to endure when her contract roped her into producing The Bachelor. The main character, Rachel, constantly battles with how far she’s willing to go to–as she puts it–”torture women” for entertainment value.

2. Speaking of Rachel. Allow me to introduce this morally ambiguous female MC. Flawed heroine A+. And her flaw isn’t that she’s too perfect. She has real, serious flaws and is massively manipulative on a daily basis.

3. Oral sex. Women receiving oral sex. Remember a time this used to make the ratings people freak out? Yeah. Now it’s on TV. On Lifetime. You’re welcome.

Also bonus points for our female MC masturbating to kinky BDSM-style porn on her phone:

4. Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl trope gets switched on its head with Brooding Girl, Gentle Boy.

5. Real talk about mental illness. Like, real respectful talk. Preach. 

In short: yes I know it’s Lifetime but watch it so I can squeal.

MTH Fancast

Ok, so I’m currently into this new show called Blindspot

maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway its a really good, intense and mysterious show. It also has crime and action, you know if you’re into that, so yea I recommend everyone go check it out. First two episodes are on hulu. 

But anyway,besides shamelessly promoting this show. I also have another motive to this post.

See this woman right here

her name is Jamie alexander and she’s the star of this show. She’s the main reason I even decided to watch this show.

Some of you might recognize her as lady sif from the Thor movies. 

Total BADASS! 

Some of you might know her from as far back as Kyle XY

A really great show that was axed too soon! 

Anyway this lovely lady I feel would be perfect as Buttercup! Right!!

I mean look at her she’s got the shot black hair the green eyes. Not to mention she’s played a total badass/ strong action woman in everything I’ve seen her in. 

She’s a little old, so Jamie is like my head canon of a grown-up, adult Buttercup. 

But yea. Who agrees? I’ve had this head canon of her for years now. Jamie is not an official fan cast for MTH Buttercup but like a couple years in the future maybe?

Anyway I’ll end this with some action shots of Jamie from Blindspot—to prove why she’d be perfect as buttercup :D


OKAYYYYY! I’ve seen spoilers, I know what happened - all I need is to watch it! But now, my little theory to calm some of you down a little…First, yes looks like Bea got stabbed, laying on the ground in pile of blood, we all think ‘right she’s dead for sure’, then Allie wakes up (I believe in last seconds of the episode). Think clearly and logically, what Allie will do without Bea (who’s the majorly main character in the show)? Allie without Bea is nothing and thinking in other way she might end up with suicide coz without Bea - no reason for her to live, especially when she’s so in love and loves her so damn much! Second, chill the fuck down guys…Don’t you think the beautiful Danielle Cormack on her Twitter would sound so hella excited about Season 5 if her character died? And third, clearly in this newspaper it says that she’s gonna continue the roll as Bea Smith in S5…Soooo?? Why shitting your pants? Yes the episode to me looks like am gonna cry my eyes out and end up having Wentworth diarrhea, but I know everything is gonna be just fine - Bea will once again survive death, Allie (as we all now finally know) alive…more of Ballielove storylines… So bring it on May 2017!!

Peace out!

Aria is A. Or IS SHE NOT? RANT!

Once upon a time in the spring of 2014 there was a pll fan who had been watching Pretty Little Liars for 6-7 months. The pll fan really loved the show. The pll thought everything was brilliant! Especially the mystery of A, the main plot. Pretty much like anybody else who watched it. One day, the pll fan came across a video on youtube. Called “70 reasons why Aria is A”.(My very first AriA video.<3) “That’s stupid. Why would she be A? None of the girls are A! Why would anybody even think she has something to with her worst enemy?” But decided to watch it. Just for fun and to see what “reasons” there were for her to be A. And after that, the pll fan’s eyes were opened. There was no way back now. The pll fan became a true and loyal “Aria is A believer”. There was no longer doubts and it was impossible to ignore all the clues around Aria. Once you’re in. There is no way out. That pll fan? Was me. One of the most harcore Aria believers there is.

There are so many things to say about this show. Characters, storylines, writing and e.g. other A theories! There are literally clues for everyone. But Aria is the one with the most clues, hints and proofs. (Or maybe except Wren?) And all the theories about her is just damn good and clever. And making one of the victims, the actual perpetrator, that is what I call a plot twist! They’ve could have done it so very good. And they almost did. It could have been an absolutely amazing story.

After the finale I watched a video on youtube with the spoilers for the original script for 6x10. They did not mention anything about Aria… though IF that would have been the episode in the end, would they reveal Aria later in the series? Maybe as Uber A. Just wishful thinking? At least I feel like there was a bigger chance that she would. ESPECIALLY since she there is connections and parallels to Wren and Melissa, they would both be revealed originally.
Now I kind of doubt it since Marlene said that the story of A is over. Just like that. You can’t drag on a story for that long and then just say “game over” at once, then the story is done and you just immediately makes a time jump 5 years forward?

BUT I will watch the whole show. (Ahh…like the first seasons. The good ol’ days<3 Can’t wait!), I will continue reading Aria theories. I will not hesitate to make my own theories about her. It’s still fun. I enjoy Aria theories more than any other theories. Actually, I would call Aria theories my actual hobby. I became so excited of the idea and now I’m stuck. Not that I want to let go either.

I’m sorry but unless I get a big ass fucking hella good explanation from Marlene and the other writers… maybe then I would sort of accept it in some way… that Aria is… innocent… Well, OK I doubt I would. To be completely honest. I KNOW it’s “JUST” a show and “JUST” a theory etc. BUT it is my LIFE. “Passion” like you Marlene recently called it

I stayed up many nights just to think about PLL and the great mystery and I could only fantasize what it would be like when they revealed Aria as A. I was… I AM, obsessed OK. I had several dreams because I was excited for an Aria is A theory video… This show… has destroyed me. I laughed. I cried. I’ve been so happy and so angry. And of course disappointed before, not like this though. Though I still remained hopeful. And for what? Apparently nothing.

I will always stick to this “Aria IS A. NO MATTER WHAT.” Always. Because… why are they way too many clues for her to not be involved then?If they made Aria A. Pretty Little Liars would be my favourite show… thing… EVER! One of the greatest mysteries ever created. Well, even though I just can’t let go. I am not good of explaining or convince you why Aria would make the best A or why I adore it so much. It’s just my opinion. Including “some” others. I guess I can’t express my disappointment enough. *Never ending sigh*

I’m not saying the theories are perfect. Because they’re not. No theory is. I mean, you can’t be right on every single thing in your theory, right? Of course somethings are far-fetched or was maybe explained later. But that’s not the point. There are still too much convincing and some really huge evidence that points to Aria Montgomery. That shouldn’t be ignored.
The “worst” I was expecting about Aria…. “was if she’s not A… Then she is at least being framed or she has a big, dirty secret.” But I guess “things went from worse to worser.” (To quote Hanna.) Well… “You know what they say about hope? Hope breeds eternal misery.” :( A certainly too accurate quote by Spencer, of course. I used to think that they would actually make something out of it.

Sure, not everyone can be pleased with A. I know there are many people hating on the Aria theories. Sure, you can dislike a theory. I dislike Wren theories, Melissa theories etc. I just don’t like the idea of them being A. But it doesn’t mean I will ignore the facts. (And never be rude to someone because of a theory of theirs.)
There are no coincidences in Rosewood.” Ahh, the (in)famous quote by Marlene King. Used by proably every theorist ever.
Buuut lol, apparenly there were apparently extremly many coincidences in Rosewood.

Well… I guess I take this way too seriously. I am way to dedicated. Too addicted. I need a life. Pll used to be so… I am sorry. I just had to finally say all of this.
In my dream world the episode was just a parody or something and we will get to see the finale soon. A finale that’s been worth the waiting.

That’s all for now.. end of rant. But; just for now.
So if Marlene & Co. decided to “nah” “the Aria thing”. The potential… well… it’s your loss then. Suit yourself. I’m done. (OK, I will continue watching in January obviously lol.) Conclusion: I don’t think they will make her A so much anymore. But I strongly believe she really is the real A. Umm… I need some DAMN good alternative ending… so… I guess the only way is fanfiction. For every theory there is. To make it fair, haha. And in my wildest dreams. Or I may just check into Radley at once!

To ALL of the theorist out there I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! And a special THANK YOU to all the Aria theorists. Thank you so much.

xoxo –Ariathekiller

THE MOST FRUSTRATING thing is that we watched One Day at a Time (10/10, HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and Elena, one of the main characters, is a Canon lesbian character, without a female love interest! It is such a good show, and I relate really strongly with Elena, which is the reason I feel so terrible.

Both my mother and my father said something about how she was too young to be thinking about that, and how the show got wired after it started to tell Elena’s full story. And the sad thing is, I see both of them reacting like Elena’s dad in the season finale, where he leaves before their father-daughter dance at her quinces because she came out to him.

I can see both of them walking away from me.

Can I talk for a minute about how everyone should be watching Blindspot?

#1: Jaimie Alexander aka Lady Sif. This should be reason enough to watch the show. Just saying.

#2: Out of the six or so main characters, only two are male and one of those is a POC.

#3: There are two WOC who have main roles. One of them is the deputy director of the FBI

#4: Said badass lady is a lesbian (or bi…she had a girlfriend/wife?)

#5: tattooed covered Jaimie Alexander kicking ass and taking no shit (possible female navy seal?)

#6: Ladies friends being friends and having conversations not about the men in their lives

#7: It’s a puzzle show- mystery tattoos on mystery women who helps solve a mystery case

#8: a little conspiracy theory here and there

#9: an actual attempt at a let’s be friends and figure shit out together plot line between the lead male and female

#10: characters have believable flaws

Also, did I mention Jaimie Alexander?

So it’s universally agreed Felicity is the worst character on arrow right?

I mean just when you think her character couldn’t get any worse.

Everything has to be about her you can’t even watch the Flash without hearing about Felicity.Never forget 1 of the reasons everyone died in the crossover episode was because of Felicity making everything about her.

Then to top it off they make her walk again.Because she’s such a strong and powerful woman right? Don’t make me laugh.Felicity has gone through nothing compared to main woman on the show.

This is what happens when writers pander to shippers.Good show turns into a needless soap opera.

So. Here’s the thing. I don’t watch Pretty Little Liars anymore. I haven’t seen a full episode since 5x14. I stopped watching because for one, the show just wasn’t as good as it had been before. I think most fans can agree with me on that and I’ve seen a lot of fans say so themselves. Some people still like it and that’s fine, but for me it was far past it’s due date. The other reason I stopped watching was because they took Paige off the show. Paige was undoubtedly my favorite character on the show, which is odd and probably confusing to some people because she was never a main character, but that’s the truth. Paige was a character that felt the most real to me. Like I could be friends with that girl in real life. I can relate to her, I can understand her and I feel like she’s not just some character in some show that I’m going to just forget about.

Paige McCullers is a girl who represents so many people in this world. People that have fallen down and wanted to never get up again, to not even want attempt to push themselves up off the ground and keep moving, but then just before it was too late realized that it was actually worth fighting for. That giving up and giving in to the people who hurt you and tell you that you’re not enough aren’t worth a damn. That giving up wasn’t the right choice. Paige was pushed and bullied,  yes bullied even though I know there are those out there who want to make every and any excuse in the world to defend their evil leader, but it’s true. She was bullied and pushed to the brink of suicide but she survived. She managed to push herself up from the ground and keep on moving. She got stronger, braver and showed more strength, integrity and growth than any other person on that show and she got the girl that she had always dreamed of having. It didn’t work out in the end, but that’s okay. Cause all of those things made her better, made her stronger and gave the life she had wanted to no longer live at one point so much more meaning.

And you know why? You know why Paige felt real and why she’s someone that so many people, myself included,  have connected with and fallen in love with? Because of Lindsey Shaw. Because despite the lack of effort the writers put into her character half the time Lindsey fucking nailed every performance that she was given on that show. She brought Paige to life in a way that nobody else could have and in a way the writers didn’t even expect her to, which is why they brought her back in the first place. Because she made Paige who she was. Brave, strong, caring and the kind of person that you’d want by your side as a friend or girlfriend.

Paige left the show and my interest in it left with her and honestly, I couldn’t be happier about that. Especially when I see how certain people in this show’s fandom behave. I’ve seen some bad stuff. I’ve seen disgusting, hateful and just downright degrading comments posted left and right over the past several years by fans of this show who didn’t like Paige for the simple fact that they wanted a different ship. So for years on end now Lindsey has been harassed on every social media account she has on a daily basis. And to all of the people who want to say it’s only one or two people I call major bullshit. It’s far, far many more people and it would literally take months and months of me sitting behind my computer for all hours of the day to gather all of the hateful comments that have been posted to her twitter and Instagram for no reason at all but to be rude and hateful to her because she played a part in a show that you didn’t like, but fortunately for me I don’t have that luxury to stare into my computer screen all day long like some people do. But it’s not hard to go see for yourself. I mean, it’s literally just about every tweet or picture she’s ever posted and you’ll see the ‘Pigskin’ and the ‘Your ugly ’ and of course ‘Emison’ I mean…really? Is that truly necessary to do that to her on a daily basis? She hasn’t even been on the show in over a fucking year. But none of that even compares to what I saw last night.

You all know what I’m talking about and the fact that NOBODY on this show has ever truly addressed this matter, in the past or even now at all, makes me that much more relieved that I am no longer apart of it’s audience. For someone to actually try and set up a RT session for Lindsey Shaw to kill herself is by far the most foul thing that I have ever witnessed in any show’s fandom. Plus the fact that people, sixteen people I believe, actually went and did in fact retweet it….really? And what for? Cause you thought it’d be funny? Because you think she deserves it because she portrayed a character that you didn’t like? Because that character had the potential to come in between your little fantasy fictional ship? Cause that’s what it is, okay? Emison, Paily, Emara, Ezria, Spoby, Haleb and whoever the fuck else there is…are fictional couples.

They’re. Not. Real.

I am a big Paily fan but at the end of the day i know they’re nothing more than a fictional couple. They’re not real, even as much as I have connected with them and they feel real to me, I know they’re not. I know Paige isn’t real even though I relate so much to her. They’re just made up characters in a TV show. 

Lindsey Shaw however, is REAL. She is a REAL human being with a REAL life and REAL feelings.

Get what I’m saying?

Then…Lindsey responded to the asshole who sent her the tweet and said that she had in fact attempted suicide a few months ago and I found that utterly heartbreaking. The same as I would for anybody. Anyone that gets to that point in their life when the only thing that they believe will make things better is to give up and end their life is a feeling nobody should ever have to deal with. And given the amount of love, support and kindness that Lindsey has shown to so many people, how much help she has offered people and fans not only in her portrayal of Paige, but just in general over the past several years since she got involved with PLL, it was sad for me to think that she had reached such low a point in her life. And while many of her fans were quick to send her well wishes and love to stay strong and know that people do care about her…others were more worried about other things. Like their ship not happening now because one of their members started the RT thing. And again…really? That’s all you care about?

Fuck your ship. Fuck ALL the ships. Again, they’re not real but Lindsey is.

Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, the fact that you’re more concerned about your fandom being punished in the end over the value of another person’s life is just astonishing to me. The fact that you think your ship not being together in the end of a stupid TV show would suck more than Lindsey losing her life is despicable.

Congrats, Marlene. You’ve got some really great fans there. Be very proud.

Well, Chasing Life it’s been great, but after that blindsided ending we’re done. I will not accept it. It’s cruel. The writers are cruel to have even decided to write such a bullshit death twist like that. Scott Michael Foster and Lapril (Leo + April) were my main reason for watching the show and with him gone I no longer have any desire to stick around. In my mind Leo is perfectly healthy, April gets the drug trial which then cures her and allows her to get the bone marrow transplant and makes her healthy so she and Leo can plan their LONG future together and make pretty babies and live happily ever after.

Okay done venting. 

Ok, I know we joke about the Gay Migration, and that we want to see Alycia (she’s the only reason I watch ftwd), BUT ftwd is worse in rep than The 100.

They literally killed 92382 poc characters for drama and manpain, including Alycia’s boyfriend. Matt is like Wells, but far worse. And we have a scene where Alicia hurts herself doing a tattoo because of him, but they are already talking about a new love interest for her.

LGBT+ people don’t even exist in this tv show until now. Everything is so straight I’m dying

The story is centered around men. Even the main blonde woman is sidelined.

They have an actress like Alycia and use her as only the moody teen, because… what else a young woman could be, right?

Is hard to be worse than the 100 at this point, but I think you understand what I’m talking about. I can’t believe this is all we have now.

well, this and elyza lex.

Lexa this episode.

Even with all the pain of her people slaughtered before her. The ways of the Grounders. Blood must have blood. The amount she has done aiming for peace. Her development through out these seasons is just. I can’t say how proud I am to have loved her from the start. And looking past all of the toxic and negative comments. Because the Heda that stands before us all. I would pledge my loyalty to her without hesitation. The sheer amount of compassion and understanding she showed in that last scene. Above all the pain she looked into Clarke’s eyes and let her in. Even for a moment. This is one of the main reasons why I love Clarke and Lexa’s dynamic. Clarke can get through Lexa’s walls. They learn from one another and as season 3 progresses it’s one of the most beautiful things to watch. Seeing Clarke and Lexa in pain under any circumstance absolutely tears at my heart. I admire them both so strongly. I wish one day they both won’t be baring pain. That they can share a smile together again and know that everything will be okay. I’m so emotional after this episode. I just can’t say how proud I am of Lexa. Words don’t do Lexa justice. And I will forever defend her.

Top Ten Reasons Why BONES Fans Need to Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Hey BONES friends, etc. I have a new show for you to watch—Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. If you’ve already seen it, yay! Let’s discuss!  If you haven’t yet, I implore you to get to your nearest Netflix and watch this Australian series!

It is delightful. I haven’t enjoyed a TV show like this in years, since I first started watching Bones in fact!  Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons why, whether you’re a past or present fan of Bones, I think you’ll like MFMM:

1. Strong female main character

The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective, is an amazing character. She and Brennan aren’t exactly alike, but Miss Fisher is brilliant, wealthy, gorgeous,  sexual, independent, and she often gets her way; she also has a soft spot for people in need. She is definitely the main character, and she is excellent. Like Brennan, Phryne has some dad issues and doesn’t like the idea of committing to one person for life. She’s played by Essie Davis, who is just tremendous.  It’s set in the late 1920′s, so Miss Fisher is quite the radical for her time.

2. Good main male character

If you, like me (as I’ve recently discovered about myself), have a favorite type that includes “genuinely good ex-military-turned-investigator, lionhearted, vulnerable, somewhat unlucky in love, majorly gets his mojo back when he meets the one woman he can’t quite keep out of his mind and he realizes all of his thoughts on commitment and love might need revamping because this WOMAN in his life is utterly amazing and sees his true self and allows HIM to see glimpses of her truly alluring self, which allows him to be his truest self… and he’s majorly dazzled, and he’s definitely not a prude, just a gentleman, and also would be great in bed, etc. etc. guy”— then, like Special Agent Seeley J. Booth,  Detective Inspector Jack Robinson is for you.  Take my word for it. Or don’t actually–and watch!

3. Good UST

If 1&2 didn’t convince you, let me continue. Hey, Bones is on season 11 and it is doing its thing, and I’m here for it. But if you sometimes yearn for the early days where B&B had allllll of that tension, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is for you. This is good, old-fashioned, adult UST. Not a ton of angst (sorry, angst bunnies), but a TON of “if looks could, um…make love, I believe the term in the MFMM is Phrack :) ”. They annoy each other, but can’t quit one another; they share drinks after each case pretty much, yada yada yada.  I know hindsight is 20/20, but I would have to say that Jack/Phryne is one of the best UST ships I’ve ever seen. Of course with great UST comes great fic, both for the reading & the writing I assume

4. Fun supporting characters

The show does a nice job with their supporting characters, though they always keep the focus on Miss Fisher.

5. Not too bloody

If you’re like me, you like that Bones, while definitely grody sometimes, doesn’t have a ton of blood on it. MFMM is the same—there is a murder in every episode and a case to solve, but they are fairly tame.

6. Chill fandom

I’ve seen a few related Tumblr blogs out there (and they are great), but there really isn’t much of an online fandom. (edit: after being rightly corrected–there is a GREAT small but mighty online fandom, and everyone I’ve encountered has been nice…seems to mostly be on Tumblr vs. Twitter or FB :) ) 

  • On the one hand, this is incredibly refreshing. You can enjoy the show without worrying about the hashtag of the week or what the blogs are saying or how many people are tweeting the cast and crew with nasty-grams, or the millions of reviews/comments (mine included) about every single moment, etc. I have done some looking (and I apologize if I’ve missed it), but I don’t think any of the cast or show runners (all women, by the way, I believe) are on Twitter. There’s no official account or website really. There’s like this peaceful enjoyment of it. No pressure at all.
  • On the other hand… the idea of contributing to a major US-based fandom from possibly the ground up is intriguing. There is SO much to talk about and between a few of us, we could absolutely run this mother. Someone stop me, LOL.

7. The clothes

Okay, not Bones related, but Miss Fisher’s clothes are glorious. 

8. Australian Accents

Okay…ALSO not Bones related, but still…WATCH THIS SHOW!  WATCH THIS SHOW! WATCH THIS SHOW!

9. There are only 34 episodes so far

There are three seasons, 13 eps in Seasons 1 & 2 and 8 eps in Season 3—that’s cake! Bones is on hiatus…what else do you have to do?

10. It’s Bones-y.

The show has a tremendous amount of heart, it’s about family and the different kinds there are, and they solve murders. It’s based on a series of books (which I have not read) but they aren’t direct translations (as far as I’ve heard). I have no idea if the writers have seen Bones or not (and I recognize Bones didn’t invent many of the tropes they use), but there are a lot of moments that were similar and made me smile. And perhaps they ARE just coincidences, but as we know, in the case of murders and solving them, there are no coincidences!

I’m going to be coming for some of you and basically forcing you to watch it, because I know, deep down in my heart, that you will love this show. If you’ve already seen it and loved it, speak up. If not, get thee to Netflix and then let me know what you think! PLEASE! I need more people to talk about this show!!!
PS…did I mention the UST?