Merry Christmas Darling
  • Rachel:
  • Christmas Day! It was something she was looking forward to even more so now that she knew their little family was expanding. That morning when she woke up she smiled as she glanced over at Clay before slipping out of bed and going to look outside. The first thing she noticed was the snow that was covering the ground and the snow that was beginning to fall again. In her mind this was what Christmas was all about, cold days, snow falling and soaking up time with the people she loved the most.
  • After taking her vitamins and having a quick shower she climbed back into bed with Clay and pressed a loving kiss to his cheek. "Merry Christmas darling." She whispered into his ear.

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tell us about the Gay OCs™ por favor

My gay gorls okay…………

Lilethice is my darling baby girl. I love her. She is Badass Mama Supreme. Eldest™ of the Bloodhymn sisters (even though Lilithine and Chloa say THEY’RE the eldest. Don’t believe them. It’s all lies). She’s a former Farstrider Ranger – alongside Lilithine – but gave up the military after Arthas shattered the Sunwell. She moved into mercenary work and gave it up within the last year after some… unfortunate events. She’s pregnant now and very close to having her first child. It was never in the plans but sometimes we have to deal with the hand given to us. Lile’s got her sisters behind her to help; but Lile is very gay and very much in want for a wife, but she’s not in any huge rush atm (she’s pretend married to Aeci, and is hoping this won’t ruin her chances with some nice girls!). She’s just happy to finally be winding down. The life of a civilian fits her well, though she’s trying to convince Aeci to invest money into her family’s farm so they can turn it into a vineyard. (Gotta have some sort of income.)

You heard a good bit about Melarii… she was very much a Huge Lesbian when she was alive, but death has sort of, you know, killed the libido and actual need or desire for romance (amongst other things). But Lis is her girl, likely someone that she would’ve loved very dearly when she were alive and could feel those things. Lis is also the only person that gets Mel, as the girl can’t talk. So in a way, Lis belongs to Mel, and Mel belongs to Lis, and they’re happy that way.

OKAY LIKE THO Clytemnestra isn’t a gay gorl but she’s bi in the very least. Snape is end game but I lowkey ship her with Luna… My friend and I didn’t really think Luna and her would end up being besties but they are and I’m seeing ship potential but I don’t know if Luna’s going to make it out of this current session (because my friend and I are playing this HP plot a lot like D&D) so I’m a little worried about her. :c

She fell in love with cities and towns, oceans and rivers, sunrises and sunsets, rain and sunshine. She ached for adventure and desired nothing but happiness. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and never regretted it. She lived life to the fullest and cherished everything that the universe had to offer. Because one day, all she had to look back on was the memories. So darling, don’t waste your life in the same boring town, go explore, travel and fall in love with the world. The Earth is beautiful and so are you.
Sebastian Stan being a daddy would include

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  • him having that special tiny voice with which he talks to your baby
  • “but doll, you’ve been holding him for like 20 minutes, it’s my turn now”
  • always having the little one cuddled up in his arms
  • “you know you can put him/her down, right Seb?”
  • “in a minute, love, in a minute”
  • and that minute never ends
  • cuddling with your toddler between you two
  • him adoring her baby scent
  • her baby fingers gripping to her daddy’s finger
  • cooing at her
  • “Sebby, are you crying?”
  • “i’ll always protect you, my little angel”
  • “my god she’s so tiny”
  • your baby giggling every time Seb kisses her cheeks
  • spoiling your baby with countless gifts
  • “she’s got your eyes, darling”
  • her crying every time you gave her a bath because she was scared of water
  • that’s why every time she needed one, Seb would get in the bathtub with her and play as your gently washed her hair
  • waking up in the middle of the night to find Seb’s side of the bed empty
  • going to the nursery to see him holding your baby in his arms, softly rocking them
  • him singing Romanian lullabies to your baby
  • “i told you not to fucking swear in front of my baby, Anthony, god damnit!”
  • “oh shit”
  • letting your children sit on his shoulders when you’re walking
  • sometimes they pull in his hair which obviously amuses them
  • him telling your baby bedtime stories
  • “and then, the elf took out his sword and cut the hobbit’s ea-
  • “sweetheart, are you sure that’s a good story to tell our 1-year-old daughter?”
  • sneaking them food in bed even though you told him not to
  • “Seb, what is a bag of crisps doing next to Demetra’s bed?”
  • “i don’t know, darling, maybe she just got hungry and wanted a midnight snack?”
  • “Seb she’s 1″
  • staring at him with a disappointed glare
  • him picking outfits for your baby
  • “yes, munchkin, you should be stylish, like your dad”
  • your baby having space-themed nursery
  • making your baby watch Marvel movies
  • “look, munchkin, that’s your daddy”
  • your baby calling Captain America dada
  • “no no no no i’m the one with long hair, see, the pretty one”
  • him falling asleep with your baby girl on his chest
  • “thank you, darling, for giving me this little angel”

She died for you yesterday. You know someone like this. Someone who would do the breaking for you, don’t worry darling, I’ve got your back. She died for you yesterday. You know her name. She walks above the stars, but on your bad days, she’s the most human you’ve ever seen and you will love but she won’t bend and she… she might be gone the next, but she’ll be back and you know something? It’s going to be okay. She has died for you during those long nights. Tears falling from her face, but fuck, some nights you just couldn’t care. Her heart beating on her sleeve, call her, you idiot. Her heart snapping like magnetic pieces stuck on refrigerator doors from our childish ways, you can’t fuck you enough times to get rid of the pain. Her heart still holding that paintbrush, she used her dried blood to paint those roses, don’t they look lovely? She did it for you, but you still don’t notice. She still fights for you, but you have a boxer’s fracture. She still loves you, but you’re above the clouds and she’s been crying out loud. She died for you last night. She told me about the way you used to hold her, but it was just another metaphor and you were not another reason as to why she can’t breathe because one day, she’ll forever forget about you because you were always remembering about the little arguments. The bittersweet is only nice if we have some sugar cubes for the tea, but it has been left out cold for so long– fuck it, give it to me straight. Steaming hot black coffee poured onto my lungs, for all of the bullshit you put her through, I’ll burn with her. Fuck it, give me every single star and I’ll implode with the shine. She waited for you by my doorsteps, but it was just another metaphor– fuck it, give it to me heavy. I’ll take it with the rain and I’ll take two shots of whatever you’re drinking, fuck it, give me the whole bottle. You’re going to miss her, you know? You’re going to want her back and you’re going to be restless knowing that you messed this up. She really loved you, you know? She died for you a few months ago and let me tell you, that was just another show and this is the curtain and you’re in the limelight, but I promise that this will be the last time. Even though you’re no longer around, she’ll always love you and that’s okay. She’ll always be yours, but that’s all fine. She died for you a few times over the pot of gold, but we see what we want, the ocean is only blue if you’re above it, try drowning– everything is more black and you’re not breathing. Some nights, she still breathes your name, I know it. She needs not utter a sound, I can hear it in between her words and her silence. I can hear her fucking silence– how? Because I love in the same massive way, the way the universe was created. The way the first star felt when it knew it would take years to be born. The way our moon felt when it was full for the first time. The way our skin bled for the first time. The way you kissed lips for the first time. That’s how she loved you, and let me tell you–


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Today we literally experienced the ideal (anime) summer day with out friend Nagara!
We went to the beach and did watermelon smashing and caught (so many) crabs. And then we came home and Klepto made really delicious okonomiyaki. We watched some anime and then did fireworks and DAMN, it was all so lovely.
All the thanks goes out to Nagara!