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Playlist: super rough sex w Tyler

you and tyler were always very original when it came to having sex. you were both adventurous and open to trying new things. tyler usually liked to play music, so when he told you he had a new mix made for that night, you knew you were in for something much different.

- tear you apart by she wants revenge
- darling nikki (prince cover) by foo fighters
- closer (nine inch nails cover) by asking alexandria
- kashmir by led zeppelin
- tainted love (soft cell cover) by marilyn manson
- o.g. loko by of mice & men
- get naked by methods of mayhem

Moments like these”

I sit down on our couch, put my coffee down on the table and slide my computer onto my lap. I feel your arms slowly latch around my body, your arms and hands are so warm.
“Good morning beautiful boy” she says as she smiles down at me.
I look up to her and meet her eyes with mine upside down. “Good morning my beautiful girl” I reply back to her as I give her a smile back. She leans in for a kiss and I accept.

“What did you want to do today darling” she says 
“I’m not sure babe, I was thinking about going out and get a coffee and read the paper of something like that” I say “We could have a little adventure! You could ride on your skateboard and I can take the bike and we can ride there. How does that sound bub?“ “It sounds beautiful baby, let’s do that.” I say to my girl.

I kissed her forehead and tell her I love her before we left. She liked when I did that and I liked when she smiled. I liked it even more when she smiled at me and did something cute like winked or something. It filled me with joy

We finally get to the cafe after our beautiful little ride. We rode past trees and we were breathing in the morning fresh air. It was refreshing. “Let’s get our coffees now baby” I say to her. “Yes I’ll get your wallet” she replies. My wallet was in my backpack for the ride. I had left everything at home except for my camera and wallet. I just wanted to be outside enjoying every moment and capturing it through my lens. She reaches into my bag and grabs my leather black wallet.

We walk into the cafe with our hands latched and our smiles wide. “I’m holding my girl” I think to myself “this is is my girl. I’m so proud of us. We order our coffee and sit down together when we got them in our take away cup. She’s sitting in front of me. My whole world is right there. Looking back at me and smiling. I’m so lucky. We finish our coffee and leave the shop, waving to the barista goodbye.

We get home and cuddle on the couch. It’s been such a beautiful day. She’s lying on my chest. I pull out my camera from my camera bag that’s on the ground and I take a photo of her. She tries to hide her face but I snap the most beautiful photo of her. She’s half smiling and she’s got one hand over the lens. “Your so cute baby” I say with the biggest smile on my face “Not I’m not cute babe your the cute one” she says to me. I put myself on top of her and kiss her to stop her from talking. She likes when I do that.

It’s dinner time now. I slurp my pasta into my mouth and taste the amazing ingredients that my girl has cooked for me. I’ve just finished some work on my laptop and I sit back. She comes and lays down and puts her head in my lap. “I love you she says” “I love you too” I say back. 
It’s night grown to i and we’re both asleep. She’s laying on my and I have my arms around her. Protecting her. Loving her. I whisper to her “I love you” Not expecting a reply I get one. “I love you too my handsome boy.” I smile and say “Goodnight beautiful” We both cuddle into each other and get comfortable.




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grandmadala can you tell me the story of how you met grandpa

( you see this face ? this is the face of a woman trying DESPERATELY to think of a way to change the subject. ) ❝ well, you see, darling, ❞ she starts, before pausing and casting her eyes to the sky. if you’re listening, just know i blame you for this, ani. ❝ i was the queen of my planet, and a group called the trade federation wanted to take advan––– ❞ she pauses; old wounds run deep. ❝ anyway, my dear, the point is your grandmother landed herself on a planet she was very deeply unfamiliar with, and your grandfather helped her and a jedi master navigate the planet and get back off of it. we would have been stuck there ages if it weren’t for his help. ❞ she makes it sound so simple. ❝ and then he helped me take back my planet…we were just…children, then. stars, we were both so young. i forget, sometimes, how young we were….i didn’t see him after that for another ten years, after the two of us had already managed to grow up. we fell in love, because we were young and stupid, ❞ her tone is endlessly fond and nostalgic, ❝ and because that’s what young and stupid people do. they fall in love with men who hate sand and have terrible political opinions and ask you whether or not you’re an angel. ❞ there’s a soft little pain in her chest, a tiny little ache. ❝ and then we had your uncle and your mother, and, well, you know how the rest of the story goes. ❞

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"I mean, I'd rather die darling" LMAO Maggie is goals tbh.

She really is! The sass is just epic. Plus I just love the fact that one of the truly great actresses of all time can’t be arsed to pretend she likes Downton any longer. Her contempt gives me life lol.

Twilight Princess highlights:
  • cats following you around castle town 
  • like some sorta adorable cat gang can u believe
  • louise
  • being able to talk to the cats 
  • kicking the ball and watching all the kitties chase after it!!!!
  • picking them up in links arms!!!!
  • the cat mini game in the hidden village
  • just the fact alone that theres a village filled with cats 
  • and the western style music bye
  • Louise!!!!! 
  • just that cats were included in general thanks nintendo 

“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”

peggy carter is the best marvel hero. full stop. no powers? no problem she’ll just pick up whatever the fuck she can find and beat the living shit out of the bad guys while jazz music plays in the background and her red lipstick and curls remain pristine