One of the Guys Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 874

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: So this is part two, you can red part one here ,part three and part four here

It was lunch and you, Ned and Peter were sitting at your usual table in the cafeteria. You were discussing the new superhero Spider-man and how he’d saved a bunch of people last night from a giant lizard. “I think he’s so amazing-guys?…hello?” You waved your hand in front of their faces trying to gain their attention as they started behind you. You turned around to see what they were staring at and felt your heart drop a little.

“Wow, she looks so pretty today.” Ned sighed dreamily as he leaned his chin in the palm of his hand, Peter doing the same. “Yeah, beautiful.” Peter agrees as if he’s caught in some sort of trance as he looks at Liz Allan. You couldn’t listen to this, it physically hurt you too much, the tears started to surface from your eyes. Why couldn’t he feel that way about you? Why did you have to be in love with your best friend?

You can’t stand being there any longer, abruptly standing up and grabbing your bag to leave. The sound of your chair scraping against the floor caused the boys to finally turn their attention away from Liz towards you. “Sorry, I have this thing…that I’ve got to go do. Yeah.” You stumbled out, not really knowing what to say. You quickly rushed away, leaving the boys there with confusion written all over their faces.

You rushed into the bathroom with tears streaming down your face and your lungs burning. Luckily no one was there to witness your breakdown. You slammed the door to a stall shut as you curled up into a ball on top of the seat. Your emotions got the better of you as you blamed yourself verbally for these feelings. “Gosh why am I such an idiot! I know he’s never gonna like me and I’m just going to have to accept it. He will only ever see me as one of the guys, a friend and nothing more. It just doesn’t make it hurt any less.” Your sobbing continues as you finish your monologue, putting your head in your hands.

You hear a knock on the stall door and sit up alert, you thought you were alone in here. “Y/N? Is that you? Are you crying?” You recognize that voice instantly, it belonged to Michelle, a friend of yours. You rub your nose and clear your throat before unlocking the door. As soon as she see’s your state she gives you a sympathetic look, rushing to give you the biggest hug.

“Tell me what’s going on. I swear if someones been giving you a hard time I will beat the crap out of them.” She rubbed your back as you sobbed into her shoulder. “It-It’s nothing like-like that.” You hiccuped, struggling to talk in between your crying. “Peter, I just…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence before you broke down in tears again.

“I can’t take this any longer Michelle. It’s eating me up inside and it hurts, it hurts so much.” She continued to comfort you, rubbing circles into your back. “Tell me what’s going on Y/N, just let it all out. I promise I won’t tell a soul, I swear on it.” You pondered for a moment, this was your biggest secret that’s for sure and you wouldn’t just tell anyone. But you’ve never had a reason not to trust Michelle, so you told her everything.“Okay, uh where do I even begin…”

You had finished explaining everything to Michelle, not leaving out any detail about the situation. It felt good to get if off your chest and speak to somebody about it. “If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call me okay?” She smiled at you as she walked you out of the stall with an arm around your shoulders. 

You returned the smile, grateful for her listening to and comforting you. “Okay. Thanks Michelle, you’re a great friend.” You wrapped your arms around her, engulfing her in a hug. “Anytime.” She broke away from your embrace and exited the bathroom, sending you a small wave on the way out. 

You let out a sigh of relief you didn’t realize you had been holding in. She was the first person you’d ever told and it was such a relief to tell someone about your feelings for Peter. You pushed open the bathroom door, feeling a lot better than you did ten minutes ago. Your relief is cut short however as you see him standing outside. What was he doing here?

Peter notices you and walks up to you with a smile on his face as usual. “Hey I was wondering where you went.” You didn’t know what to say, you were not really in the mood to talk to him since he’s the reason you just spent your lunch period crying in the girls bathroom. 

“Have you been crying Y/N? What’s going on?” He noticed your red puffy eyes and steps towards you, placing a hand on your shoulder. You immediately stiffen at his touch, you couldn’t do this right now. “I’m, I’m sorry Pete, I gotta go.” You stutter out as you take off down the hall, leaving Peter standing there concerned for his best friend. 

ACOMAF: Feyre & Tamlin Wedding Scene

So I saw this new summary for A Court of Mist and Fury and, not going to lie, burst out laughing at the thought of Rhysand interrupting Tamlin and Feyre on their wedding day because it’s so typically him. And so one thing led to another and now I have my interpretation of how I imagine things will go down the day of Feyre’s wedding. Enjoy.

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