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I love taylor but I wish her super fans would forget Harry exists, he has been nothing but nice abt taylor & she has found a racist to be happy with so talk abt him and his music and just dont worry abt what harry and 1D are doing damn

Robert Rodriguez created Demi Lovato's 'From Dusk till Dawn' character specifically for her

Robert Rodriguez had been waiting for a chance to work with Demi Lovato since she auditioned for his 2003 movie “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.”

The El Rey Network creator and executive producer of its TV series “From Dusk Till Dawn” told reporters Thursday the show was a nice fit, so a character was written specifically for the 22-year-old.

Aside from her personal connection to the series, which is her relationship with cast member Wilmer Valderrama, Rodriguez said, “I’ve always been a big fan of hers and she’s on tour a lot, so when she’d come to set to visit I threw out that we’d love to put her in somewhere.

And he wanted to make sure it was an episode he directed because “she has a great personality” and “great acting chops.”

Lovato posted photos of herself on set to her Instagram account earlier this month. Rodriguez was cagey about the part, which will be included in the show’s second season, premiering Aug. 25 at 9 p.m. ET.

She was fantastic. She’s really got a great screen presence. If there’s time for her to come back in the series she can,” Rodriguez said at a TV critics gathering.

“From Dusk Till Dawn” is based on the 1996 film of the same name that went on to be a cult favorite. It stars D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz as brothers in roles made famous by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino.


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i dont mean to be rude by this at all but i dont get why ppl stan bryana, and i would probs find it weird if i were her like other than modeling all she does is be nice to fans take pics with fans and date ashton so i dont get why ppl call her mom or queen cos none of us knew her b4 ashton so idk

bc she cute as hell why u gotta be stinky about it

Suggestions for question to ask Gillian at Fan Expo

Ok so I’m coming to Fan Expo Canada this Sep and Gillian will be there. I’m looking for a good question to ask her at the QA panel.

So, if you guys have any suggestion or questions that you’ve always wanted to ask her but didn’t have the chance or if you just want to comment, etc please reblog this and write your question(s) below or contact me directly. Near the Fan Expo date (Sep 6) I’ll collect all the suggestions and make them into a poll so you can vote which question you want to ask her the most. I’ll announce the result before I go to the event :)

Thank you for your ideas and have a gilliovnycious day! =D Oh and special thanks to ES and RM for letting me post this on their site. #LOVEYE

*Send starrynight-over-thepast some good questions you guys! I think we all get pretty ticked off and annoyed at these panels because people ask Gillian the same boring questions over and over. Her favorite episode is Bad Blood. We get it. lol. 

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Literally why are people still talking about Bryana at the Irvine show? When people say "Bryana was taking so many pics with fans that security told her to stop, but she didn't because she /loved taking pics with them so much/ and she was being so nice!!!" ACTUALLY THO SHUT THE HELL UP because she probably didn't stop taking pics with them because /she was loving the fucking attention/ !!!!!!!!!

She’s!! Doing!! It!! To!! Look!! Good!! In!! Front!! Of!! Fans!!

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God Damn Layla has a nice ass! How close where to just touching that ? she was all on you lol

Hahaha, I wouldn’t dream of doing something like that, but she was so sweet. I complimented her before the photo. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was something like “You’re even prettier in person.” She said “Well thank you!” and then posed with me like that, then she gave me a hug and thanked me again and went on to the next fan. She ruled. Such a sweetheart.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but apparently I have to. 


Yes, I know, you love Alistair so much and you want him to be happy and he’s such a sweet baby and she’s mean to him. I get that. I do.

It’s upsetting to see your friend upset, even if your friend is made of pixels. 

It was so hard for him to be rejected by the ‘only family’ he had. (she wasn’t his family, but at the time he didn’t know that. Actually he still doesn’t know that.) 

But look at Goldanna’s perspective. She’s grown up poor, an orphan, entirely on her own at twelve at the oldest. Her mother is dead. She’s been kicked out of the only place she’s ever known, all because of Alistair, in her mind. While he’s been pampered and treated to privilege (he hasn’t, of course, we know that as players, but she doesn’t.) And now he’s a warden on top of that. A hero, who has no obligation to bow to any king. 

And he comes here expecting a relationship with her? Well, then, I can see why she’d expect him to pay for the privilege of her company. He’s cost her nearly everything else in her life, in her mind.

Goldanna’s not a ‘bitch’. She’s a bitter woman who’s lost everything and blames Ali for it. It’s understandable if you just think for a second.

Fans Vs One Direction

Fan: I met the love of my life today

One Direction: We met fans today

Fan: They smiled at me

One Direction: They we’re sweet

Fan: I  took a lot of picture with them

One Direction: We pose and they took a picture of us

Fan: I hugged everyone of em

One Direction: So many of them are hugging us

Fan: I told them they are my world

One Direction: Some of them say nice things

Fan: I wanted to be different

One Direction: There’s a girl who acts different

Fan: I introduced myself

One Direction: She told us her name but we can’t remember

Fan: They are my world

One Direction: She’s a fan

Fan: I love them

One Direction: We love our fans

Sad thing is I like Taylor Swift’s music, but she as a person is just so nasty and fake. Even most of the “nice” things she does is for her benefit. Case in point: promoting her album and improving her public image by giving a fan $1989 to help “pay” for tuition (as if $2000 pays for college).

Then she starts a feud with Nicki Minaj for no apparent reason because she thought Nicki was being cryptic about her. Newsflash Taylor: not everything is about you. Stop silencing black women with your white feminist bullshit about “don’t pit women against each other”. Like Nicki wasn’t pitting women against each other, but even if she was its not like Taylor is any position to talk seeing as her last hit was a diss track about another woman.

But anyway. Done with Taylor and her white feminist bullshit. Like I’ll keep her on my iPod because I like some of her songs, but her as a person I’m just done with.

Story time! So Lorie and I went to Disneyland and all of the sudden she says, “I know where Wade is!” So though I wasn’t really feeling well at the time, I ran with her to meet one of my favorite youtubers. You see, he was at a restaurant and we couldn’t get in unless we were eating there, so I was ready to give up. Lorie didn’t want to. She went up to him and told him how much I was a fan and I got a picture with him!Though we may have harassed a youtuber… it was still awesome meeting him lol. He was so nice too! Thank you for being so awesome Wade!

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why do people hate cat so much?? I'm not a die hard fan of hers but I like her videos and she seems super nice. did she do something that I have missed?

She’s done nothing wrong. But every year when Dan and Phil meet her at Vidcon people are convinced just by watching an edited 3 minute clip of their days that she comes between Dan and Phil or one of them doesn’t give equal attention to the other two (like they’re a mother and two kids or something wtf)
Basically some people are so stuck in their over-analytic “Phan is everywhere even when they lock eyes for 1 second” ways that Dan and Phil publicly hanging out with a female who as far as I’m aware is single makes them uncomfortable bc “omg she’s threatening to get in the way of Phan” and it gets funnier yet more annoying and sad as the years go by :’) x

NOLA Day 1


I took one of my ducklings (former ducklings really, now a colleague) to explore the French Quarter, where we met a bookstore cat, got a surprise Vietnamese lunch (we thought it was a sandwich shop, and while it did serve Banh Mi we ended up getting bubble tea and vermicelli bowls), and investigated a million tiny stores including an antique rifle store, a limoge collection, and a jewelry shop selling the most exquisite masks – I may go back and buy one eventually.

Then we went into a cookbook store and became stranded there when the RAINS BEGAN. We spent probably forty minutes trapped in the cookbook store, but we had a nice chat with the owner and looked at a lot of cookbooks and then I bought


I wanted to repay her hospitality but I didn’t really need a cookbook, but she was selling locally-made mustard and I am a mustard fan as you all well know. So I bought a jar of mustard and as soon as I did, the rain ceased.

Magic mustard. *choir swells*

Anyway I’m back in the hotel now, resting. I should post some photos but I can’t get internet on my phone, only my laptop, so that may have to wait until it wouldn’t chew up my data plan to do so.

I hope you all are well and slightly less damp than I am.

Meeting Taylor (aka literal sunshine)

Right when we got into the loft 89 room, we got in line. Me and my friend both wanted individual pictures so we acted as if we were are own group. ‘I’m ready’ I thought as my best friend went in. The woman asked where my group was and I said I was alone. She looked at me confused and continued to ask if I was in a group. I responded with the same answer. She wasn’t happy. “This is fishy” she said as I nervously laughed. Then the curtain opened and there stood the tallest woman I’d ever seen smiling at me and she had her arms wide open. I immediately started crying as we hugged. She whispered that she was sorry about how the people wouldn’t let her talk to us ( bc she had a sore throat and they didn’t want her to damage it).She smiled and whispered that I was adorable. I couldn’t make out any words I just stood there crying and smiling like an idiot. We took the picture and i waved goodbye as I cried. She smelled like happiness and sunshine and flowers and she was warm and tan and TALL and her legs were gorgeous and her makeup looked so good and her hair was so effortless and her hair is life and I have a total new respect for her. I see her differently and I love her even more. Taylor, thank you for letting me have the best day ever and also, I was enchanted to meet you. (x)

Melissa & Carol Love

Melissa McBride seems like the most genuine and compassionate person. You can tell she wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s so un-Hollywood. I admit, after years of working with actors, I find very few appealing outside of their work. However, Melissa McBride is one of the few exceptions. I get why her cast mates, interviewers, fans, etc. have become enchanted with her. It’s nice to know “real people” still exist in this industry.

And, I believe it was Andrew Lincoln that called her a unicorn (or something similar). She does have an ethereal quality about her, that’s for sure. I’m grateful Scott Gimple and Co. recognized that Melissa had the ability to turn Carol into something special. I was tired of the same “cookie cutter” heroines. (Side note: it’s impossible to mention cookies and Carol in the same sentence and not get distracted). 😉

As I was saying, Carol is not your typical heroine. Her age alone puts her outside the norm. She’s not physically imposing and it doesn’t even matter. She’s smarter and more prepared than most people. She’s learned EVERYTHING the hard way, and, now, if you cross her, you’ll learn the hard way too. When she stood up to Pete, a man twice her size, he was the one that appeared small. I believed, no matter what, Carol could handle him.

Long story short, I don’t think there’s any way we’d have a character like Carol Peletier on television without Melissa McBride. Comic Carol already existed, but Melissa inspired the Carol we see on the show today.

Thank you, Melissa!

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" Well ain't you a pretty little thing ... "(surelyyourejokingright)

She looked over her shoulder and smiled slyly. “Well… I like to think so,” Nichelle replied, perhaps a bit smug as she flicked blonde hair over her shoulder, “It’s nice to see you do, too… Who are you exactly? A fan or something?” {{Hello! :D}}

July 23


Today, Fifth Harmony played a show in the 3,100 capacity Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, MO!

Dinah was all up doing crazy things on her Snapchat again:

And she did say she was feeling a little sick…

But nothing stopped her from coming out during Natalie La Rose’s set (during Somebody) and she jammed out to the song!

Dinah’s video!

Ally met a really nice fan!

And Papa H was doing the Worth It dance omg


Here’s some HQ photos!

Looks like everyone had fun!

Social Media

So remember Lauren tweeted about Jamba Juice yesterday? Yeah. Then this happened:


Today’s motivational Ally tweet:

So 5/5 decided to let loose this barrage of selfies today:



(behind the scenes of this stairs photoshoot)




Here’s Lauren sharing with us socially relevant content:

The Cosmo ES article was published a few days ago.

And regarding the #SandraBland #SayHerName issue:

Dinah too:

And Normani:

Jessie J’s post

The video

Normani creeping on Twitter (as usual) and sharing to everyone fans who have been inspired by her dancing:

Tweet 1  | Tweet 2

Camila’s featured in Jake Miller’s latest music video: (0:32 to 0:37)

Sharing her music taste:

Camila’s feeling better :)

She noticed the trending topic:

Hey, 5H merch! Dinah the promo queen:

Dinah’s tweets about funny things she sees on Twitter:

Tweet 1

Tweet 2 


Fifth Harmony are in this week’s Billboard Pop Shop Podcast!

Skip to 40:05 for Fifth Harmony’s interview.



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Aww, that video just made me really happy Bryana is so cute. My opinions on her have definitely changed over the past couple months

me too !!! i think people (myself included) were distracted by the gross shit she did in like 2012, but then if you think about it 5sos did just as gross (maybe even worse) back then, and they’ve (mostly) grown from that !!! so who’s to say she hasnt yknow?? since shes started dating ashton ive seen/heard nothing but positive things about her, she seems to be friendly to fans and all the pics ive seen her in with fans/taking photos of fans with ashton, she’s had a smile on her face n everyone’s said she’s been super nice !!!! so i dont mind her (but the stuff she did a few years ago isnt to be excused tho)