BTS reaction when you call them “oppa” for the first time

I will die while creating this


OUTSIDE: -Okay, lets keep calm, youre adult man, thousands fans call you oppa every day, keep calm…-



OUTSIDE: -Do you know, how much I like it, right?-

INSIDE: -She called me oppa for the first time… does it mean, that we’re getting on another level? Do I need to get nervous? Why do I feel so nervous?-




(lol, did you expect smthng else? our happy virus^^)


OUTSIDE: -Oh, yeah, get it babe-

INSIDE: -Argh, just not blush, not blush… BUT WHY IS SHE SO CUTE?-


OUTSIDE: -Wait, what? Is she joking? After so long…?-


-…We are a couple… a couple…-


OUTSIDE: -Oh, jagi, you can’t even imagine, how happy I am.-

INSIDE: -Like, i’m… rEaLlY sO hApPy rN!-


OUTSIDE: -Omfgomfgomfg, she is so cute and I’m so happy, I’m getting shy again…-


Master list

okay im rewatching The Scene
  • “i have a rarely large bed if kaylie would like to take that.” scanlan………………………..youre……….just…..
  • im already ready to die.
  • “are you really cockblocking?” LET VEX COCKBLOCK  P L E A S E
  • kaylie smiling bc she knows the night is going to end in a dagger to the heart
  • zed the drummer falling asleep on the table……me too
  • drunk keyleth used to be so cute now its just Concerning
  • a bottle of wine and two glasses
  • “shes gonna rob you blind” SHES GONNA DO WORSE
  • kaylie continuing to smile as shes literally about to try and kill him
  • “ive already heard a bit about your tales, shorthalt.”
  • i wanna hear scanlans music….the cliffs of dagger bay??? sounds sick as shit
  • me too mari
  • “you know ive heard most of these stories…” I HAVE. TO PAUSE.
  • “from my mother sybil” “who?” 
  • ……..WELP
  • *small voice* shes gonna fight me
  • “first of all…”
  • ashley: YIKES
  • “golden hair” KAYLIE HAS SCANLANS HAIR
  • “if youve come to fight me, youre going to be terribly disappointed because im just going to let you kill me if thats what it takes” i love scanlan shorthalt
  • “every year that youve been alive is a year that i could have been a better person”
  • “knowing youre part of me makes me love you even more.”
  • “stab me right here if you like, and i will not resist.” 
  • TWAS FATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWAS FATE!!!!!!
  • SHE HUGS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AND STARTS CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “why? why cant i do it?”
  • “but i think deep down…youre a shorthalt.”
  • “ive known for a while that theres been something missing in my life. some sort of focus, some sort of moral compass, and maybe, just maybe it just arrived at my doorstep?”
  •  “her arms kind of tense for a minute, like an involuntary–just trying to pull you closer.” I LOVE MY DUAGHETR
  • “you’re still a scoundrel.”
  • no one loves scanlan and kaylie shorthalt more than i, dave shorthalt, do
Exo reaction when their gf always wear oversize sweater

Luhan: i never knew a girl would look so cute in a oversize sweater…

Chanyeol: *thumbs up* i really really like it!

Kai: Tries to cover his face because his face is turning red*  //O/./O//

Baekhyun: why are you still so cute even with out wearing any eyeliners?

D.O: OMG, i think she’s wearing my sweater … you look so cute in it…

Suho: *Blushes*didn’t i bought this sweater for your birthday day…

Lay: *smiles shyly to himself* she’s way cuter than a unicorn

Tao:  what is she trying to do to my… i’m going to die because of her cuteness

Xiumin: *laughs cutely* i just wanna cuddle with you… can be my teddy bear..

Sehun: *smirks*

Kris:  Right there is my galaxy queen…*impressed*

Chen: let me just take you home

Thoughts on FT Zero 11 :

Anwwwwh, what a beautiful cover <3

Askvjelgkjfeds my precious angel omfg

Anwwwh, the first thing he thinks about he’s Mavis <3

Omg no what happened to her ?! Our precious baby. And Yuriy worrying omg  (◕‿◕✿)

OMG NO POOR BABY D: But that means FTZ will last longer than we fought  (◕‿◕✿) (I’d love to see her as an adult)

I totally don’t ship them, I don’t see what you’re talking about


Look how happy she seem when he says he consider her as a friend :3


“You’re the first girl person I’ve ever met that I’ve been able to trust from the bottom of my heart.”


“I want to live for your dreams.” 



“friends” yeah sure Yuriy

Anwh <3

Yuriy, why are you making this face ? You’re scarying me. “Best buds”  (◕‿◕✿)

I’m getting more and more scared…

I knew it was about her… Just look at the cover.

At first I thought he didn’t like her (“I cannot see her” = “Je peux pas la voir”, french expression for “I don’t like her at all”. Idk if we say it in english so…) 

Omg omg omg no… Mavis’s magic is magic illusion, but I didn’t thought she could make herself see things…

KILL ME (This outfit suits Yuriy so well omg (this is out of the question I’m sorry)

This chapter is full of shipping awful omg…

But wait, does this means :


BTS reaction

Hello^^ how would bts react when their gf is around her family her accent comes when she talks (my fam is Chinese but from Jamaica and when we get together its all these Chinese ppl w/thick Jamaican accents Lmao) thank youI hope this makEs sense

Jin: “Oh my God jagi! Your accent is so cute!! Come here let me kiss you!”

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Jimin: “ I like your accent, it’s kinda hot!” *greaseball Jimin is greasy*

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J-Hope: “Is she speaking Chinese? it sounds like it, but it also sounds like a foreign language. I’ll just play it cool and clap and pretend I understand”

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Jungkook: “Speak Chinese for me again? I love the way you speak it” *fluffy romantic Jungkook just because he is a cutie*

Originally posted by jiminuh

Rap Monster: He’d laugh at first because he would be confused about your accent, but then would proceed to die of cuteness because he has neer heard anything like it before and absolutely loves it.

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Suga: “Wait, what? What is this language? Is it Chinese? What?” *Suga is utterly confused because he just woke up from a nap and his brain doesn’t function properly*

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V: Does this need an explanation at all? Just look at that sexy smolder.

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olicity 3x04

oliver talking tech - how cute, explaining felicity’s tracer arrow program

digs asking if felicity will control the program remotely

“Nope she told me an idiot can run it.” - Oliver, so cute hes so tired but at least felicity comes through,or like people say his wifey ahah

everyone telling him to let merlin die by anothers hands, i feel like felicity would have sided with oliver and understood his position

awww, “what did i miss?” - felicity

olivers face, look at it goes from stern to 

he looks pained (and in my mind a bit more relaxed shes back) as well he has so much to tell her, but he will probably let the others

it sucks we didnt get a full talk out or the clip from the stills 

next week olicity with interest!!

“I’m here.”

Request: Hey can I have an imagine? Newt being the guy so I saw this somewhere but I liked the idea it’s where it’s been a few years afire the maze and everything and newts die that stuff but I was wondering if you could have YN be the The daughter of captain America so she’s on the news one day talking about the maze and newt who isn’t really die sees her and then try’s to found her bec they dating though out the whole thing and he founds her and cute stuff Please, Nothing dirty sorry if it’s difficult

A/N: Sorry anon, I changed it up just a bit. I didn’t put in the Captain America thing because it just felt a bit too random for me, but the rest is in there so I hope you still like it! Let me know if you think my imagines are too long because I swear they just get longer and longer each time, I don’t even mean to I just get a bit carried away. Anyways I hope you like it, don’t forget to leave some feedback! :) 

*Newt’s POV*

Noise. Busy Noise. That was the first thing I processed as Islowly emerged out of the darkness that had engulfed my brain for god knows howlong. All the sounds swirling around the room made the word hospital pop into my mind. Machinery beeping pierced the air and there were several voices murmuring quietly around me – discussing things that I couldn’t quite process. Then slowly, I got feeling back. I registered that I was lying in bed with a cool, thin sheet draped over my body. I felt my head resting against a soft pillow and my bare feet felt cold. Then, even slower it seemed, I got motion back. It started with a twitching in my fingers and toes, and then gradually I was able to move all of my limbs. I opened my eyes.

I squinted at the bright lights that blared down on my face – definitely a hospital.

“Ah, Mr. Newton!” A man dressed in a white lab coat addressed me. “You’re finally awake. How are you feeling?”

I ignored the man’s question and eyed him suspiciously, “Who are you?” I asked, not bothering to be friendly. “Another one of WICKED’s pawns? I don’t know what you did to me, but I’m done playing along. Take me to my friends and do it now.

The man gave me a sympathetic look, “You don’t understand yet. It’s okay, you’ll catch up with time. What you need to know is WICKED is gone and has been for about the last five years.”

“Five years? What do you mean gone? And what do you mean by ‘catch up’?” I bombarded him. “And where are my friends?”

The man’s smile only filled with more sympathy – I found myself hating him. “You will be surprised to hear that your friends believe you to be dead, Mr. Newton. Have you no memory of the last time you saw them?”

I thought long and hard, becoming a little apprehensive at the haziness of my mind. The only thing I could remember was running to the Berg from those creatures in the Scorch – me, Tommy, Minho, (Y/N) … then everything went black.

“Yeah we were running for our lives from the hell hole that you put us in.”  I spat.

“I have said it before, Mr. Newton, and I will say again. We are not WICKED. The WICKED program was dismantled five years ago … around the same time that your memories stop.”

Something in his face told me he wasn’t lying, and my heart pounded with fear and confusion. “What do you mean five years ago? How is that even possible?”

“Does the term ‘The Flare’ mean anything to you, Mr. Newton?”

I gasped and grasped the railing to the hospital bed as the term suddenly brought all the memories back to me in a flash.

The Rat Man telling us that I wasn’t immune while everyone else was, saying goodbye to (Y/N) before I went totally crazy, me actually slowly going crazy – a prisoner inside of my own body as I could not control my actions, begging Thomas to kill me with (Y/N) watching – horrified, and finally Thomas taking out his gun and honoring my last request as he pulled the trigger, ending my life …

Only my life hadn’t ended. I was here, alive. And definitely not infected with the Flare.

“Okay what the bloody hell happened, I want answers now.”

The man explained everything and I hung on to every last word as if my life depended on it. Apparently, when Tommy shot me, the shank couldn’t keep his eyes open to watch and missed his chance at a fatal shot. He only grazed my skull, and by some miracle, the bullet dipped just low enough to destroy the part of my brain that harvested the Flare, while leaving enough so that I was able to heal and make a full recovery. After the small price of a five year coma.

“So where are they now? The other Gladers, I mean. I need to find them as soon as possible. I need to find (Y/N).”

“I’m sorry, but as I have said, we are not WICKED. After your friends escaped, it was not our business to keep tabs on them. You are the only who has remained in our care.”

“Who is ‘our’,” I demanded. “Who are you?”

“It’s been five years, Mr. Newton. The world is slowly piecing itself back together – the Flare problem is under control, the solar flares are finally reducing, and the population is steadily growing. My name is Dr. Jacobs. You are currently in a regular hospital – I am a regular doctor. It will take time for you to understand and adapt to these new conditions, but we are confident that life will be much better for you from now on.”

I stared at him, dumbfounded, a million questions running through my mind.

“So how do you suggest I find them?”

The doctor flashed me another one of his sympathetic smiles, “You’ve just woken up from a lengthy coma, Mr. Newton. You need to rest and regain your strength before you take any action to locate your friends.”

“Well apparently I’ve been resting for five bloody years, now let me out of this buggin’ place so I can find them!”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that yet. We need to see how you adjust and make sure that you are healthy enough before you go anywhere.” I let out a frustrated sigh, but my weak body told me that he was right. I needed my strength back. “In the meantime, why don’t you relax and watch some TV?”

TV, I thought to myself, I guess the world really is back to normal. I knew what a TV was, but had no memories of ever actually using one. I looked to my left and saw a small black remote sitting on the bedside table. I picked it up and aimed it at the screen, as if it was something I did on an everyday basis, and pressed power.

“I’ll leave you to it then.” The doctor said before exiting the room.

I flipped through the channels, there were no TV shows or movies – I guess it was a little too soon before the world was able to worry about such things as Hollywood entertainment. There were, however, tons of news stations and talk shows that discussed everything that was happening with the world.

I channel surfed through everything, curious, trying to learn as much as I could about what was going on. It was difficult for me to focus, though, because my mind kept drifting back to (Y/N). She thought I was dead – she bloody saw me be killed. Was she okay? Had she moved on? What was she doing now? Was she with the others?

These thoughts clouded my brain, making it difficult for me to think of anything else. I had to find her and I had to do it as soon as possible. My finger started aimlessly tapping the remote, flipping through each channel, but not really looking. I was losing interest in the TV and was about to turn it off when an image suddenly popped up on the screen that made my breath catch in my throat. I flipped past it so quickly that I almost thought I had imagined it, but when I flipped back a few channels I saw that my eyes had not deceived me. (Y/N) was on the screen.

I immediately turned the volume up and intently started at the screen. She was being interviewed by a news station and I couldn’t help but shake my head at the cheesy title: “WICKED was NOT good”. My heart broke seeing her, her eyes that used to be sparkling and full of life were now dull and unhappy. Her smile that I had fallen in love with seemed to be permanently gone from her face. Her skin was pale and her voice lacked the determination that it once had. Yet somehow she was as beautiful as I had ever seen her and I wanted nothing more than to reach into the screen and hold her.  

Judging by what they were saying I figured I had turned it on towards the end of the interview.

“They took us … us kids and forced us to play along in their little experiment that would supposedly cure the Flare.” She spat, clearly angry. “They cared little for who died because if you died – you obviously weren’t fit for their ‘final candidate’. I watched my friends die.” She had to pause because her eyes were filling with tears – my heart broke even more. Somehow I knew shew as thinking of me. “I had to watch the one person who I cared most about in this world die. I can never forgive them for that.”

The camera then panned away from her, though that didn’t hide the fact that she was shaking with anger and crying. The shot then focused on a polished news anchor, “Thank you (Y/N) for sharing your truly heartbreaking story with us. We wish you the best.” And the screen faded out.

“Doctor!” I shouted. “Dr. Jacobs!”

He burst into the room a moment, “What’s the matter?”

“(Y/N),” I stuttered out. I was so stunned from seeing her that it was hard for me to get words out. “My girlfriend, (Y/N). She was just on the news. I need to get to her now.

“Mr. Newton–”  

“No. I don’t care about my health anymore, I’m bloody fine! She was just on the local news – she’s close. Now that I know that I can’t just buggin’ sit here and wait for me to ‘get better’. You should’ve seen her doc, how sad and defeated she was. I need to see her.”

He paused before letting out an exasperated sigh, “Okay.”  

“Okay?” I asked, a little surprised.

“Okay, I’ll help you.”

For the first time since I woke up, a smile found its way upon my face, “Thank you.”

He glanced at the screen she had just been on, “Fox. That’s easy – biggest station we’ve got around here. I can take you right there.”


“Seriously. That is saying that you can actually walk.”

This proved to be a task. Being bed ridden for that long had taken all of the strength out of my legs. Even with Dr. Jacobs help, it took me a good half hour before I could actually walk around the room without any help. After I mastered walking though, I was good to go. Though much weaker than I used to be, I could move – and that was all that mattered at the moment.

Dr. Jacobs discharged me and after an intense discussion with a colleague, he motioned for me to follow him out the door.

“I’m going to get in such huge trouble for this, but I figure it’s the least I can do after everything you had to go through.”

I found that my hatred for the guy had dissipated, “I really appreciate this.”

My heart jittered with nerves and excitement as we got in his car, I had no clue what to expect when I saw her. The car ride seemed to take forever, but my instincts told me it had only been around fifteen minutes. A part of me feared she would already be gone when we got there – the faster we went, the better.

Finally, we pulled into the parking lot of the Fox News studio. I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to enter and just ask to see her? Would they even let me in? I didn’t have to wonder much longer though, for just as I was about to voice my concerns to Dr. Jacobs, there she was opening the door and leaving the building. She walked across the parking lot with her head down, heading for a vehicle.

I jumped out of the car, barely hearing Dr. Jacob’s “I’ll wait here,” before I slammed the door.

I ran as fast as I could, the adrenaline running through my body giving me strength. I slowed my footsteps as I got closer, not wanting to startle her. After all we’d been through, I knew she’d scare easily. I guess I didn’t slow down fast enough, because she jumped a little and then turned around to face me.

To my surprise, she didn’t look shocked, or scared, or happy. Her eyes filled with … pain and a small rueful smile formed on her lips.

She let out a sigh before speaking, “I know you’re not real,” I was too stunned to speak, “It’s been five years, I thought I was done seeing your face everywhere. I guess it’ll never really stop. It doesn’t scare me anymore though, it’s kind of comforting in a way. There’s just something about seeing you that makes me feel safe – you were always able to do that, make me feel safe.” She paused and her voice became shaky as tears rolled down her cheeks, “I just miss you, Newt.” She reached out her hand as if she was going to caress my cheek, but then hesitated and moved to turn back around.

Before she was able to walk away, though, I grabbed her hand and pressed it to my cheek. “I’m here,” I said, looking her straight in the eyes, “I’m really here.” Her eyes went wide and she stood there, frozen, my hand over hers as it rested on my cheek. “It’s really me, (Y/N). I’m okay.”

She still stood frozen in shock, unable to move or make a sound.

Then she suddenly shook her head, “This isn’t real, this is a dream. This can’t actually be happening. This is impossible.”

I leaned down to kiss her, trying to convey everything I felt through the action. For a moment she didn’t respond, but a second later her lips were working with mine as if they had never been apart.

“Oh my god,” She said. “It’s actually you. Newt, I saw you die! How the hell are you alive?”

I told her everything that Dr. Jacobs had explained to me, and the more I talked, the more the gears turned in her head and she was able to see how it happened.

Her eyes suddenly filled with tears as everything processed in her brain. She threw herself into my arms, burying her face in my chest as she cried. My arms wrapped around her and I hugged her tightly, burying my face in her hair as my eyes brimmed with tears as well.

When she finally broke away from my embrace, she reached up and cupped both of my cheeks with her hands, as if making sure I was actually real. Her (Y/C/E) eyes that were shining with tears looked up into mine and I realized the sparkle that had once lit them up had finally returned. I could see the happiness gleaming in them. She stood on her tip toes and kissed me again.

“I can’t believe it’s really you.”

knives started doing this thing in the last few weeks where if you’re dremeling her nails, she’ll clutch you with her little front stumps SO TIGHTLY as if to say ‘halp! save me!!! oh noesssssssssss!’ and she will just not let go. even though, you’re the one dremeling her :p

she’s ridiculous. it is so cute i wanna die, and also real dumb because hello? who’s dremeling you, lil girl? so whenever aragorn does her nails she will just clutch and clutch like OMG IS IT OVER YET? and then snuggle up in his lap more, even though he’s the one doing her nails! 

corgis, man. they’re ridiculous!


“Let’s sit at the very front.”

“…Are you sure? Are you really, really sure? Ibuki loves the front row the most, but there aren’t many people who wanna sit there with me… Hajime, you’re so nice! As expected of someone who still remembers what it’s like to be a kid…! Now that that’s decided, let’s go sit on the edge of our seats!”

It looks like she had a really good time.


Varzy: And also older Yang wants to keep younger Ruby and cries because she’s so cute oh my god please let me keep her
Xekstrin: SO PURE
Xekstrin: SO SMOL
     Yang: (sobbing) I never… I never thought I’d get to hold you like this again….        Ruby: Oh God… Do I die? Am I dead in the future?
     Blake: N-no, you’re just not as cute.

You Take Away My Fear | Oneshot

A/N: So I had this idea for this cute short oneshot in my head for a while now. It’s based on a song by the German band Jennifer Rostock, I made this little page where you have a link to the song and the translation for the lyrics if you’re interested. The song is called “Du Nimmst Mir Die Angst” what translates into “You Take Away My Fear”, very simple ;). It’s really short, but I really like it and I hope you do, too :).

It’s about how Karma help Amy in a way only she can hep her. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to read more oneshots like that :)

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Jess Rewatches the 100 in a Bellarke-y Way Part 3

EPISODE 4: Murphy’s Law

Wells is dead. Finn brings Clarke a pencil and Clarke decides to open up about Wells. Can you not?

Murphy needs to die. Peeing on a guy that just wants water?

What is Kane/Abby’s ship name? Yes I assume that makes me a masochist. I forgot how much I loved Jactavia. Seriously, they were so cute. He was the loveable nerd and she was the beautiful outlaw.

Another Bellarke fight. Seriously, you guys. Get a room.

I know Charlotte killed Wells, but who wouldn’t want to blame Murphy? Let’s be real. And Charlotte is just going to stand by and let him hang. Charming.

It says something that Bellamy is quick to believe Clarke against Murphy.

Bellamy is not the killer you are looking for.

Murphy hanging.

I guess Raven is supposed to be Glass from the books? Which makes Finn, Luke. Which means, meant to be. Charlotte slaying her demons like Bellamy told her.

Murphy wants to kill Charlotte. Who doesn’t Murphy want to kill? Bellamy won’t let him though.

Finn takes Clarke & Charlotte to a mysterious bunker that he hasn’t told anyone about. What could you want that for Finn? Back. UP. Though to endgame, you have to get the other line of the triangle out of the way. So by all means. It just means you guys will be over with faster. Kane’s mama is a super hippie. The barter queen telling Kane about Abby’s morphine trade.

Charlotte goes to turn herself in. Murphy wants to kills Clarke now. This guy needs another hobby.

Charlotte jumps off the cliff.

I can’t. Their faces. So Murphy not only almost killed Clarke, but Charlotte kills herself because of him. Bellamy then loses his mind. AND THIS IS WHERE THE BELLARKE PARTNERSHIP BEGINS>>>>

We know bb. NO one likes Murphy. We all love to hate him though.

Murphy is banished. I feel like that won’t last very long. He’s like a cockroach.

The Princess and The King are officially ruling.

Monty short circuits all of their bands. The Ark thinks they are all dead. Then Clarke and Finn are in the shady bunker. Finn freaking out (now I realize it’s because everyone, especially Raven, will think they are dead. In turn, that means they will all die because they will think Earth in uninhabitable.) FAVEN ftw.


I am going to try and wipe that from my brain. Jactavia to the rescue.

Aw. Sure you are bb. Man it is really going to suck for you when Lincoln shows up. Oh well! On to episode 5. Raven is on her way!!!! Finn is going to have some explaining to do.

This should come as no surprise but so far I love everyone in Pokémon Moon.

Lillie? Needs to get her shit together but she’s adorable so it’s all good. 10/10 would hold her hand and buy her cute clothes.

Hau? BEST BRO FOR LIFE. HE’S SO CUTE. HIS JUMPS?? DAMN. 10/10 would eat eight servings of Big Malasada with.

Prof. Kukui? Calls me cousin and doesn’t wear a fuckin’ shirt underneath his open lab coat. Incredible. I love this man. 10/10 would let him adopt me.


Ilima? Totally Kukui’s boyfriend. My Rotom ‘dex called him a dreamboat. 11/10 would die for him. He deserves everything. I love him and his bedroom sleepy eyes.


anonymous asked:

Ohhhh that's so cute TT wgo would ypu ship your mutuals w/?

ahhhh let me think ~~

@strawberrywhaliens - tae for sure. tae would get her really riled up all the time, but that’s when she’s most lovable.

@drpuffles - jaebum! she’d probably die within a week of them dating, but hey that week would probably be AWESOME

@jikook-love - this actual math meme deserves a jungkook in her life. SERIOUSLY i can only imagine the memes coming from these two.

@vikooks - ahhh probably tae?? i think she’d love someone as bubbly and energetic as tae, even if he gives her a heart attack every three seconds

@busanie - JUNGKOOK. MEMES. THEY’D BE TOO MUCH KD;AFKADJF;. i can only imagine how much she’d freak out when she starts dating the seagull

@confidenceatitsfinest - yoongi? she deserves a responsible and lovable bf like yoongi. someone to dote and coo over her all the time :3

@kookjikook - hmm… jimin! honestly, i don’t know anyone else who would love and appreciate jimin more

@krushed - jimin for sure. okay, re: kookjikook’s ship, krushed could probably appreciate jimin more… at least for his body ;)

@yahjiminie - jungkook. she’d be the perfect one to dote over this cutie for the rest of his life haha

i have more mutuals but these are the ones i talk to/tag more often on tumblr! i’m sorry if i missed anyone ;_; i love you all <3

yoojoeng  asked:

If you had to ship BTS with your mutuals, who would you ship with whom and why????

B O I im so bad at this *sighs*

Jin: @taenthusiast aka the fake maknae, tries to be smooth but i see right through her 👀

Suga: @hallarina ok so lets see: smol ✔, talented ✔️, güelita ✔️

JHope: @santaes actual sunshine that blesses me all time tagging me in all of my faves and bc of the time difference i always see it when im in class 

Rapmon: @haengah i feel like shes a wise senpai that need to be more appreciated????

Jimin: @1taeng the smolest senpai???? Really pure and cute and they make me smile 

Taehyung: @1ceres we share with each other idols being extra and we’ll die 4 girl groups and i those are things that tae will do too.

Jungkook: @maerinah this meme boi needs someone like martine senpai bc i feel like shes the only person collected enough to put up with extra ass. bless u the nicest and cutest senpai