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Baekhyun. And me. Smiles.

send me a kpop idol and i’ll talk about them✨💖

       I’m gonna be a hundred percent honest–I think I’d pay Baekhyun to punch me in the face. Actually, I’d let him do it for free. Wait, no. That sounds bad. He’s just cute, and his voice is really nice. I’m terrible. As for Anais, she’s a precious princess. She’s so tiny too–Like a little fairy! She needs to study more, though. Likes to slack off on her projects–Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Also needs to come to the cafe more so I won’t die of boredom.

does everyone understand how cute Claire is tho?? like???
- in ep 5 she called Francis ‘honey’. HONEY. let me die tbh.
- have you seen her glasses?
- she says things like ‘heels crossed’
- her laugh could literally make a glacier melt probably
- does origami??? honestly wtf?
- that post coital cuddle with Adam in which she giggles and when he says he should wear clothes for when his guests arrive she says “why would you do that? it’s PROPER?” and giGGLES. I REPEAT. GIGGLES. ( and then grabs his hip/butt region to keep him from moving. )
-she can dance?????????????
- literally so…so painfully adorable

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"I'm not kissing you."

“Seriously?” Bex sat up from where she had been laying dramatically on the floor on the six year old’s playroom – a playroom that was probably bigger than her entire apartment. “So you’re just going to let me die from the witch’s curse? Rude, Kid. Rude.”

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hello it's me again the girl who is falling in love w her best friend Umm so she let me hold her hand today (pls don't ask it's a long story + it just kinda happened) and you kno the fingers entangled thingy well after a while I let my fingers go w/o realizing me and she scolded me and I thought I was gonna die she is so cute Yama I think I'm dying now


Like woah ok this is adorable and I’m not gonna tell you to go for it cause I mean you gotta be comfortable you know you but this is making me happy it’s making you happy and I bet she’s squealing about you too omg

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^whispers^ I hope so because I love her too. ^keeps watching her^ How is it that she still looks cute when she's drinking her milk? Everything she does is just so cute. ^pouts a little before leaning down and kissing her forehead and then turning to kiss your lips^ Just wait till we have our own little one. She's going to be the cutest thing in the whole world and I'm never going to let her go. -CHx

When you look down and she has my nose or your lips and a little combination of the two of us, you won’t even be able to handle it. You’ll die right then and there you’ll be so overwhelmed with emotion. *smiles when you look down at me with a smile and I kiss your lips again and I look down at Annabelle and she has stopped drinking her milk and is asleep so you gently pull the bottle from her mouth*

so today i was at gamestop and i saw this cute cashier who rang up my games for me, awhile later i told my stepmother about it and she let me go back to talk to her. i gathered as much courage and confidence as i could muster and went back to talk to her. when i found out she was 26 i wanted to curl up in a ball and die

Rosie insists on having her paw held while fireworks go off. This is a separate behavior from “shake” on command, where she responds to something scary by running over to me and putting her paw out, keeping it in my hand until she’s calmed down, and insistently putting her paw back in my hand if I try to let go. It’s so cute I might die.

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Can I still tell u bout my pets? I have too many so I'll just tell you bout Ronja, my new cat. The first time she let me touch her she first sniffed my hand and then bumped into it and ran away it was so adorable

yes ofc u can!!! AWE omg honestly if a car did that to me I would die bc of the cuteness aww

Pretty confident I'm the happiest human ever right now

My tortoise turned herself over yesterday and it’s really bad for them, they can die. She was acting weird and I didn’t think she was going to be ok. I wake up to find her sitting impatiently by her food bowl. My baby is going to be fine!

Mine and Brads hairy son (the bunny!) has put on some weight. Possibly due to the deafening workouts he likes to do at 4 am. It’s a really good job he’s so cute or I’d be mad.

I recently saw one of the most wonderful humans on the planet after letting my anxiety prevent me for far too long. She’s got her job and a nice little place to live with her boyfriend and I’m so incredibly happy for her. She’s been through enough, she deserves it.

And finally, as always, my Brad is perfect. I feel like I’ve won the lottery every day. I’m so lucky to be loved by him.

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okay so stay was absolutey amazing ?????????????????????? Lea is a goddess and I wanna be like her (basically I wanna be all your lady characters mixed up together). I really like the contrast of her and Alvaro because he seems like this really cute, romantic, outspoken about his feelings kind of guy and she's like this badass girl who's really romantic/softy at the core but no one knows because she'd rather die than let others know and I love that ??? Seriously, they made a great couple and +

I wouldn’t mind one bit reading about her again, she’s amazing. Also the lasagna part made me very hungry even though I’ve just had lunch, and, yeah, great story, as per usual, I had missed your writing.

awwwww thank you so very much my dear L :’) and i might write some more about alvaro/lea cause the feedback has been quite cool 

Now, I loved Bad Spell, amazingly written and so entertaining. I love stories about one night stands, I don’t know why but they always please me, yours even more, so it was absolutely great. I would like to see it being developed and I’m sure I’ll love whomever you pick as a character. 

i wanna know who you pictured as the individual???? i mean in my head was sergio/fernando and pt 2 is already written i just need to grow some balls and proofread it cause i’m lazy as hell oops

love youuuuuuu x